************ Parliament: Thursday vote on the 2015 budget

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************   Parliament: Thursday vote on the 2015 budget Empty ************ Parliament: Thursday vote on the 2015 budget

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Voice of the law and ended the first and second readings of the other three
 BAGHDAD - Shaima Rashid

Raise the head of parliament, Salim al House of Representatives hearing, which was held on Monday to Thursday to vote on the federal budget for the year 2015, after he voted to amend the legal provisions Act.

This comes at a time which confirmed the parliamentary finance committee completion of the preparation of the federal budget law's final report, after having read it and make movements in some doors, as well as a reduction in the unnecessary expenditure of the ministries.

Quoting a press release of the Department of the media to the House of Representatives, "morning" received a copy of it, said the council "Voice Minutes eighth of the second legislative term legislative Psonth the first held under the chairmanship of Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 259 deputies on the draft law amending the legal provisions that prohibit courts from hearing the case law No. (17) of 2005, which came in accordance with the provisions of the Iraqi constitution.

Council ended the first reading of the first draft amendment to the Law of the Federal Civil Service Council Law No. (4) for the year 2009 submitted by the Legal Committee for the purpose of ensuring the participation of the majority of the Iraqi people in the representation of the composition of the Federal Public Service.

Council completed the first reading of the draft second amendment to the Law of the Federal Civil Service Council Law No. (4) for the year 2009 submitted by the Legal Committee for equal participation in the management of various state institutions and federal missions, fellowships, delegations and regional conferences and Atah.kma Council completed the second reading of a bill amending the law trials Code No. (23) of 1971, sponsored by the Legal Committee.

He said President al-Jubouri, during the meeting, the existence of a consensus among the representatives and heads of parliamentary blocs to follow closely the political agreement and resolve problems that hinder Tnivha.oukdm MP Ahmad Chalabi, head of the Finance Committee, a briefing on the latest discussions on the federal budget for 2015, noting that the amount salaries and retirement up to 51 trillion dinars, which means the need for Iraq to 2.9 million barrels at a price of $ 40 to cover the salaries.

Chairman of the Finance Committee said that the security and defense allocations of more than 31 trillion dinars as the oil ministry asked 14 trillion dinars in the investment budget in addition to the need to allocate funds for the popular crowd and displaced totaling more than half a million families.

In the meantime, confirmed the decision of the Finance Committee, Alhaji Ahmed Rashid's "morning" that his committee had completed reading the budget law and the preparation of the final version of him, noting that on Wednesday will be the final report of the Presidency is hoping to deliver the vote on the budget next Thursday.

He added, he has been a movement in some of the doors of the budget of the Ministry of Defense and Interior ministries and some other up to 8 trillion and 500 dinars, and converted to the gates of the displaced and the crowd, noting that the Finance Committee reduced the deficit ratio to 5 percent.

For his part, said a member of the Finance Committee Masood Haider, said his committee has completed the final legal wording of the draft budget, saying the "morning": that the final report will be prepared the day before the Finance Committee and there will be a review of his will on Wednesday to the Presidency for the purpose of balancing the inclusion of the vote on the agenda of the Council next Thursday.

And the MP, said the Finance Committee conducted the transfer of the vertebrae and the doors of the budget in order to reduce the deficit ratio and access to the finalization of the draft budget.

In turn, said Finance Committee member Slevana Sarhan, the budget bill will be presented to a vote on Thursday next after the Committee shall submit its final report to the Presidency on Wednesday.

He Slevana "morning": today the Finance Committee will finalize the budget law and will submit its report and prepare a final version of the draft law for the purpose of voting on it by the House of Representatives on Thursday ».

The MP that there are no political differences on the budget between the blocks and everyone agreed to provide it to a vote, especially as the current circumstance that Iraq is going through does not allow us to delay approving the budget law more than that, indicating that there transfers took place and discounts to some of the ministries and institutions, including the needs of unnecessary .



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