Sadoun: economic laws will go to Parliament and must start from the legislation oil and gas law

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Sadoun: economic laws will go to Parliament and must start from the legislation oil and gas law

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He said in the parliamentary legal committee member, said there are a number of economic laws will go in the Council of Representatives of legislation in the next stage, stressing "the need to begin legislation oil and gas law."

He said committee member Mohsen al-Sadoun told all of Iraq [where] "There is a body of laws we need it in the next phase and the Committee on Economy and Investment and the Commission services in the House of Representatives two which provide economic bills that fit the size of the budget in order to benefit the Iraqi people."

He pointed out that "there are a number of laws to be submitted two committees in the next phase of the development of important projects come to the benefit of the Iraqi people and help the budget in supplying them with money."

He stressed Sadoun "start legislation oil and gas law, which is an important requirement to regulate the relationship between the KRG and the federal government and how to invest these resources."

The appearance of Mohammed Saleh economic advisor to the prime minister said Wednesday that the "general direction of the state is to end the sale of oil and the distribution of imports salaries for staff and operating expenses with the trend toward product people," expected to "witness Iraq's progress in the field of investment and the creation of a new investment climate and the first steps that the signing of the contract to build a petrochemical plant with Shell, and we consider it a breakthrough in depth Basttosmar oil wealth. "

For his part, said the economic and investment commission parliamentary member Ahmed Salim, for [where] all committee agreement with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the legislation of new laws for investment and the private sector, in order to attract investors and encourage them to enter the Iraqi market. "

The House of Representatives has approved on Thursday the federal budget for fiscal year 2015 of $ 119 trillion dinars towards $ 105 billion and a deficit of 25 trillion Danar.


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