Strategic plans to adopt extractive industries

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Strategic plans to adopt extractive industries

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Oil sector centered challenges
BAGHDAD - Hussein Tgb

Represented the oil sector challenges and extractive industries hub of strategic natural resources Governance Institute, who discussed all these challenges with specialists and interested members of the civil society organizations, the media and their roles in the creation of sophisticated extraction sector is characterized by high level of transparency in access to information in all aspects of the oil work.

Institute in Baghdad Coordinator Berg Peter said at the beginning of the seminar: The Institute discussed during three experiments oil countries years and today we began to discuss the most important joints that should be included in the strategy for the next three years, where our concern that there will be representatives of the parties have a link to this subject as well as experts economy.

The representative of the Institute Mohammed Wafik pointed out that the seminar examined the biggest problems and the most expensive in the extractive industries sector in Iraq, governance, and what needs to be changed in the future and what kind of change that can Institute achievable and realistic within the strategy of Iraq with respect to the extractive industries present and future? Add to undergo over the decision-making process and performance in the natural resources sector accountability, as well as the development of information transparency in the extractive industries sector, and is the national oil company contribute to addressing the needs and gaps related to the governance of extractive industries?

He hunted to the Institute examines the role of parliament and civil society organizations and the media in the promotion of extractive industries and the best ways to raise awareness about the governance of the sector.

While the economic expert on behalf of Jamil said the oil ministry has worked a lot for the development of oil production, pointing to the importance of the adoption of the oil and gas law, which disrupted due to political pressure.

He said that the Iraqi economy problems worsened after low oil prices toward $ 50 a barrel and this effect in supporting the federal budget and in developing nations economies and lost large sums of money, noting that the government program focused on increasing oil production, and here the need for mechanisms to implement and people show their expertise in Therefore, pointing out that the effect of oil rents in other sectors such as agriculture, industry and drifted away from the development and continue Alanteg.alkhbayr oil D.kvah Jeweler pointed to the importance of transparency in the oil contracts and the detailed contents and whether to consider the interests of economic development? Pointing out that the large country imports last year did not address the influential economic problems such as unemployment and the low level of medical services, illiteracy and economic sectors productivity and Alkhaddmah.aly that said the official spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad: The ministry supports the orientations of disclosure and transparency across the joints of her work, especially with regard to exports and imports derived from it, indicating that the oil information when announcing it charges the world oil market, noting that Iraq's acceptance of the TI step direction Asahih.ama affairs specialist oil d. Adnan Bahia has said that Iraq is not the only country that Iatmdaly oil, indicating the importance of the adoption of the oil revenues in the development of productive and service sectors, and not to adopt this approach in the past years has exacerbated the problem of falling oil prices on the Iraqi economy.

He noted that the annual budget less than the countries of Iraq was able to achieve diversity in the financial revenues through activation of the productive sectors.

Industries problems extractive addressed head of Transparency International in the extractive industries Dr. Ali's grace and pointed out that the organization of work in the oil sector needs to enactment of the oil and gas law and its role in the differences between the center and the region, noting that the extractive industries sector in the country needs to be more transparency in obtaining on accurate information.


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