Start of the World Economic Forum on East Asia

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Start of the World Economic Forum on East Asia

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Posted: 19.04.2015 | 12:51 GMT | Money and business

More than 700 representatives from 40 countries, including 180 heads of leading companies in the world the World Economic Forum on East Asia, which begins in Jakarta on Sunday, April 19 / April.

Russia represents the Forum which will be called "Davos Asia" held this year in the period between 19 and April 21 / April Arkady Dvorkovich, Russian Deputy Prime Minister, who will meet the Indonesian leadership and the Secretary General of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Le Luong Minh.

Dvorkovich said during a meeting with one of the Indonesian media: "We intend to focus on trade and investment, our prospects for the expansion of bilateral cooperation in the field of agricultural products, as well as great opportunities for investment, including railways and industry, aluminum, aircraft and in the field of nuclear energy."

The East Asia countries of the fastest and most populous in the world economic growth, where projections indicate that the average growth of the economy in 2015 for the countries of this region will exceed 7%, and includes East Asia some of the most prosperous economies such as China, Singapore, South Korea and Japan, in addition to Australia associated with the East Asian economy.


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