Parliament calling on the government to freeze the "oil and gas law," and proceeds to have a new draft

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Parliament calling on the government to freeze the "oil and gas law," and proceeds to have a new draft

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06/06/2015 (18:01 pm)

BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

The federal government has canceled all previous versions of the law of oil and gas, and formed a ministerial committee headed by Prime Thamer Ghadhban the advisers in the Cabinet to prepare a new draft is consistent with reality and current conditions.

Ruled out of the Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives pass the oil and gas law during the next few days, attributed to the political differences, but it confirms that the preparation of the new draft will then negotiate with all political blocs.

And it spins a sharp disagreement about who holds the export and marketing of oil, while the federal government believes that the export of oil must be cross-SOMO, demanding that the Kurdistan region will be done through a private company.

He says Razak Mahabs, a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary told the "long", "The Oil and Gas Law of the contentious between the political blocs, specifically between Kurdish blocs and the central government laws," pointing out that "there is a paper political agreement was drafted during the formation of the government states the adoption of this law. "

The Commission on oil and energy in the House of Representatives confirmed, earlier, it is working on legislation oil and gas law for the service-producing provinces.

 The move drew to the enactment of laws to cover all provinces in petro-dollars, noting that work on the legislation the law of the Iraqi National Oil Company.

He adds Mahabs "There is a committee set up within the government, headed by Haidar al-Abbadi undertook a review of all the controversial bills in the forefront of the oil and gas law," stressing that "this law is under study within the Council of Ministers."

Explains the parliamentary energy commission member, he said "the Cabinet formed a committee headed by Thamir Ghadhban, head of the advisory board, to prepare a new draft of the oil and gas law for submission to the government for approval and sent to Parliament in the coming periods."

The Oil Ministry has called, in December last, to expedite the enactment of the oil and gas law, to regulate the relationship between the federal and Kurdistan governments and ensure the distribution of oil imports to the producing provinces about their rights guaranteed.

He continues bloc member Badr, saying that "the government told Parliament that all previous drafts of the law of oil and gas have been canceled, and she began writing a new bill," pointing out that "this draft will be written by the ministerial committee, headed by Ghabban that, then you will be asked later to negotiate and discussions between the political blocs. "

Mahabs says that "the legislature and awaiting the arrival of the new draft to be submitted for the first and second reading and then vote on them once the blocs of the negotiations and discussions on them."

Zaher al-Abadi, in turn, the other member of the Oil and Energy Committee, said he "says during the past year, the life of the current parliament, the government did not send the oil and gas law for the existence of significant problems encountered in its own legislation."

He adds Abadi, he told the "long", that "pass this law needs to be political consensus between all components and blocs in the parliament," stressing that "the government sent a letter to the House of Representatives lingered bill sent by the year 2011".

Enactment of the oil and gas law that would organize and manage the oil wealth produced and exported between the federal government and the Kurdistan and the cities of Basra and Missan, Kirkuk and end the differences accumulated.

And confirms a member of the Energy Committee that "the new draft will take into consideration all the problems and innovations that have occurred in the current time within the oil and political reality."

MP calls for visual to "solve all the problems between the region and the Centre and the oil-producing provinces across the enactment of this law, which is preparing for the new drafted." He believed that "do not enjoy some of the political parties the necessary flexibility contributed to delay the arrival of this project to the House of Representatives."الحكومة-تطالب-البرلمان-بتجميد-قانون-النف


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