Mnt Goat Monday Update Post - “Moving Ahead – Juicy News” Part 1 of 2 9/14/2015

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Mnt Goat Monday Update Post - “Moving Ahead – Juicy News” Part 1 of 2 9/14/2015

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 15, 2015 10:38 am

Mnt Goat Monday Update Post - “Moving Ahead – Juicy News” Part 1 of 2

UU6805 – “Moving Ahead – Juicy News” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Today I come to you once again to see what sense we can all make out of this RV saga of the Iraqi dinar.

In many of my last news letters I talked about Abadi’s reforms on corruption and why the Iraqi dinar currency reform was being stalled. Today I want to talk about some ongoing programs and where they now stand on them. I will also elaborate why they are important for Iraq and tie this logic into the RV.

We all know that in order to have the post war “provisional” currency changed over to the permanent currency (the lower denominations and project to delete the zeros) we will need stability in the country in all aspects. So today I will talk once on this subject and what is happening in the latest news on this subject.
Just remember Mnt Goat has said this many times that there will be NO RV until there is a high level of stability in Iraq.

Many have said all the laws were done and we are just waiting for timing for the RV. Really? Just not so!

Many are getting information from high level telling of windows when this event COULD occur. I am not doubting some of this information because I too have the same info coming my way. What is different in my intel is that I am smart enough to see through this info because I know it is all a dependent on certain factors. They are just possible “what if” windows of POSSIBLE opportunity for an RV. So I have realized over years that this info is virtually worthless info and I ignore it. Why else would they leak it out to the general public, especially to some of these so called intel “gurus”.

Is there a laundry list or a honey do list? NO- it is just when Iraq GOI, USA and the IMF feel that Iraq is ready. The key really lies in the articles and they tell us so much.

Folks I have given you so much evidence in the past that my way of analyzing this situation is the correct way to go in finding the path to the RV. If you persist in your every day / any day foolishness that is your problem but please do not come to me to save you when you are suckered in by these self proclaimed intel “gurus”.

There is nothing in the grey side or mysterious about why they are stalling the change over of the currency-

Remember I said (really Iraq said it) they had postponed the currency reforms due to three reasons:
1) money laundering and bad banking practices
2) wide spread corruption
3) security reasons

Nothing grey or mysterious about it …is there?

So Iraq must first make the necessary changes. The reforms and the laws needed to back them up and implement them are needed first. This is very logical and should make total common sense to everyone. Why does it not?

Cause some screwy intel “guru” is playing with your mind and feeding into these every day / any day RV windows of opportunity, information that is simply no meant for the general public and we know why. Why?

Cause it is never going to be accurate but only one time. Yes – just one time. Someday it will RV and they will be 100% correct but this is not my point. The point is this – Why should all you fine dinarian investors have to suffer through this constant every weekend drama and anticipation only later to be let down.

It’s not all about the RV. The RV is simply a by-product of the process of bringing the country of Iraq online with the international community and do it such a way as to created stability and progress in their country and in the region.

Many don’t want to even talk about Mnt Goat any longer on their calls or forums since she too has gotten off this roller coaster and became real with her intel. Yes – no more hype and drama, just the facts. They don’t like her any longer since her type of info does not suite they roller coaster ride and drama. I even heard on one call weeks ago that the lower denomination have been distributed. Really?

Again I challenge these intel “gurus” to give me solid proof this is true. Give me solid proof that people are lined up at the bank to exchange. Exchange what? Over 80% of all the dinars have been already collected from the citizens as Iraq is almost completely now on the US dollar. So I would like to know just where are the citizens going to get all these so called dinars to exchange them? Certainly anyone still with larger amounts of dinar to exchange are not going to stand in a line at bank.

This is also why when the time come for the RV the new currency (the lower denoms) must valued higher than the US dollar since the citizens will want to exchange US Dollar for the lower denoms, essentially buying the lower denoms using the US dollar they now possess. Another reason they will want to buy the new lower denoms is that it will have a much greater purchasing power, thus they can buy more when out shopping with it.

Today’s News

Today is Monday September 14th and still no RV. Well well yet another so called RV window has passed and still no RV. Wondering why? I JUST TOLD YOU WHY! (see above) . Please read it again.

So before I get to the real good news of this period I first need to (once again) clean up the mess left behind from these so called intel “gurus” over the weekend.

No – the recent blocking of the internet in Iraq has nothing and I mean nothing to do with the preparation for the RV. If you are one in thinking this you are a typical dinarian that I am trying to connect with and make some sense to you and help you. Everything is not about the RV. How about looking for the truth for a change before you go off on all your hype about the RV.

By blocking the internet Abadi has also blocked a strategic means of ISIS and DAASH communications. They are using the internet as their means to coordinate fire power and logistics. They use it too communicate the movement of their fighters. They can not afford the modern self- contained communication systems that a modern fighting force, such as the USA, can afford to put in the hands of their unit commanders. So they are smart and use their cell phones to text , talk or send emails. By blocking this you cut off their means of communications and make it difficult for them to get resupplied, direct fire power and redeploy.

So what this blocking of the internet is really telling us is instead it confirms to us that the coalition forces are about to make a strategic move on ISIS positions in Anbar and Mosul. They about to begin a surge. Do you know that the USA, Turkey, Germany and GB now have over 50,000 combat and yes I mean combat ready boots on the ground around this region. If you would bother to read the articles (which many of you are too lazy to do), you would know this fact and logic would tell you that blocking the internet could help this surge as I explained above. It is about to begin. Today was the day the said they might begin operations there. In the USA you probably will not hear much about it but maybe a small snip it of news after the fact. The government of the USA is not going to boast about any “combat” troops on the ground in Iraq. You should all know by now why I am saying this.

Another rumor to I must also discount today is about the reports that conquerable by military forces by American or Iraqi, that stormed the CBI and confiscated documents going back to 2003.

The news media even all this to be inaccurate and they were cautioned by the government to lend credibility in the news.

So please put these rumors to rest now too. Here is the article on the matter.

Article Begins:


Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -12 September / September denied the Iraqi

Central Bank, on Saturday, it reports that conquerable by military forces was said to be
American or Iraqi, while calling on the media to be accurate and caution and
credibility in the news.

The bank said in a statement. , said that "some news sites and social networking sites deliberated rumors targeting the central bank, including the issue of conquerable by military forces," and denied the statement "the occurrence of any storming of the bank", describing the news that talked about the storming of "rumors
tendentious altogether." She spoke Arabic news reports and local, at dawn on Saturday, for US special forces to storm the headquarters of the Central Bank of Iraq in Rasheed Street in central Baghdad.

The reports said, that the "special of the US military force stormed the central bank's headquarters and expressed reservations on a very large number of documents and documents.Ended

Article Ends

The really hot news of today is of course the surge about to begin on the provinces of Anbar and Mosul. I already talked about this effort and this probably already occurring now or about to occur as I write this new letter today.

Update: NATIONAL (Unified) CARDS

The next piece of juicy news is about the National Unified cards. We all know, as it has been confirmed, the Iraqi citizens currently have a Q- card (or SMART card) and use it daily to shop and purchase goods and services. The government, through the banking system, periodically loads these cards with money for the various programs. It is NOT yet fully international until the currency is turned on in the international exchanges.
In April of this year the told us they wanted to begin payout to the citizens of the oil revenues. They told us this would be done periodically starting in the June/July timeframe. They also told us it would be paid out on the new “National” card and not their current Q –Card of SMART card.

We know they plan to combine the two cards into one card usage since the National card would also act as a national identity card along with other goodies they can store with it. We know this was the source of many of the lines at the banks in the past, as they set a cutoff date to receive these new cards in the process of rolling them out.

Well I have to tell you there were still hundreds of thousands of citizens who did not receive there cards and so they extended the deadline. So know once again the news is hot about these new National cards. Why else?

They are preparing to pay out on HCL oil revenues. Yes – once again this is their intention.

They MUST distribute part of this oil revenue to the people as in the HCL law. The HCL is not complete without these ongoing rolling payments to the citizens.

This must be done prior to any RV. Get it !

I have said this many, many times to you already. This is why these cards are so important. So why would we not want to include this is our intel gathering and tell you about them? The answer is I do want to tell you about them and I am glad we are seeing a resurgence of this news again. This means they are getting serious about it once again.

Here is the significance to the RV-

When they begin using these new National cards they want the ability to make these payments to be an international usage. Why?


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Re: Mnt Goat Monday Update Post - “Moving Ahead – Juicy News” Part 1 of 2 9/14/2015

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 15, 2015 10:39 am

Mnt Goat Monday Update Post - “Moving Ahead – Juicy News” Part 2 of 2

Here is the significance to the RV-

When they begin using these new National cards they want the ability to make these payments to be an international usage. Why?

This is the million dollar question and I almost want to challenge some of these so called intel “gurus” to us all why, being that they are sooo smart in their intel. But I will not rely on them meeting this challenge since they will only some back with some rhetoric or other intel for us. So I am going to tell you myself.
It is because of the huge refugee influx into Austria and Germany from Iraq and Syria. These refugees are Iraqi citizens and will need this money to live in their new country. These countries to not want to include them on their social programs and have had many discussions already with Iraq on this subject. They agreed to take them in but only conditionally. They are screening them carefully. In the future these National cards will also act as a more true identity card for them too since many mass refugee efforts typically to do not travel with visa or passports. Do you remember these articles about Abadi having meetings with representatives from these countries? Can you add two and two?

So the importance of getting these cards online and paying out money to these people has gone to a higher level than ever. Something we definitely want to pay attention to.

Article Begins:


BAGHDAD / Sky Press: interior ministry said on Sunday, for a real springboard to project a unified national card, saying he was fully facilitate all transactions smoothly.

The ministry said in a statement received "Sky Press," that he "was the actual starting point for the draft standard national card in the conditions of the bridge circuit," indicating "it was greeted citizens to walk all the smooth flow of transactions for the national card."

"The unified card project is a dream for the Iraqi people and the long-awaited and now has become a reality," noting that "he will be applied gradually in all governorates of Iraq."

It is said that Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban called on 2 September to present a redoubling of efforts to speed up the completion of a unified national card project.

Article Ends

Article Begins:

Baghdad (AIN) –The Parliament starts on Sunday 2nd reading of the Iraq's National Unified ID Law. /End/

Article Ends

Article Begins:


Interesting article.

Article Ends

Update: Sovereign Bond Drive

In my recent news letter I mentioned the news about Iraq returning to international bond markets for the first time since the end of the US occupation as volatile oil prices weigh heavily on the country’s finances.
The success of Baghdad’s first issuance, expected as early as last 9/7 week, is likely to hinge on whether the US Federal Reserve will raise short-term interest rates on Thursday 9/3.

Investors said Iraq’s plans to raise up to $6 billion via a number of bond issues will bear the brunt of a shift in sentiment away from emerging markets if the Fed raises rates, with both the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

I also mentioned why they were having this bond drive and it was to cover the deficit for 2015 and they through the remainder of the year 2015. I did not say it was going to cover any cost of any RV or this was and intent of theirs so please do not put words in my mouth.

On this subject matter I also presented you with an article telling that as part of OPEC and GCC the Saudis were planning to cut production hoping to drive up the price of oil in order to assist Iraq in there economic crisis thus with higher oil prices more value to the Iraq Sovereign bonds and also more oil revenue being generated that we know the gauge is already set at $65 barrel for 205 budget.

So is it succeeding to expectations?

Let’s see what they are telling us now after a week of the bond drive.

I included many article on this topic since it too the hot news of the day. Seems they await to see the effects of the Saudi oil production reduction.

Article Begins:


Follow-up scales News - He warned a report by the Reuters news agency from the deterioration of the financial problems of Iraq in the long term, following the presentation of dollar-denominated sovereign bonds in the international bond market at high interest rates to cover the deficit in the budget because of the war against Daash.

Reuters said in its report, seen by / scales News / It seems that "Iraq is on its way to a successful return to the international bond market after an absence of nine years to collect billions of dollars at high interest rates may lead to a deterioration of the financial problems in the long run."

Organized Baghdad, "a promotion to investors last week for a series of dollar-denominated sovereign bond issues, which hopes through which you can measure up to six billion dollars."

Iraq has been under "financial pressure because of the war on the Islamic militants to organize the state and the tensions between the central government and the Kurdistan region in addition to the drop in oil prices."

When allocated, "Standard & Poor's rating (B-) credit for Iraq this month, no fewer than six degrees of classification investment institution said that the risks related to security and institutions in Iraq among the highest level between all the countries that institution shall be classified and on a par with Egypt and never Both Greece.

It maximizes internal risk the instability of the global market environment and the trend is expected to begin to raise US interest rates may be starting this month.

And approached a return swaps in exchange for the commitment of Iraq to ensure the five-year used in the insurance of sovereign debt defaults from its highest level in almost six years if the risk rose 77 basis points to 576 basis points.

However, reducing the risk of potential oil industry unit in Iraq's second-largest oil producer in OPEC.

Iraq has raised crude oil production to 3.8 million barrels a day in June from 3.05 million barrels per day a year earlier.

Baghdad has said it aimed to raise its production capacity to total between 8.5 million and nine million barrels a day by 2020.

Among the factors that work to slow down the increase in oil production, bureaucratic hurdles and security concerns and inadequate pipes and storage capacity lines.

But most of the southern fields where production has survived acts of violence Iraq is expected to be able to pay its debts with satisfaction if achieved at least a part of its oil plans.

Said Ram Mohan, director at Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, which holds the review of the bond issue prospectus before deciding on the decision to invest in this version, "Iraq now has foreign exchange reserves approaching $ 65 billion and certainly contribute to higher production in increased even further."

So fund managers say that Iraq will not find buyers for its bonds only if you pay very high returns.

Baghdad has not announced the size of the first issuance or for the entitlement But bankers expect to be in the range of two billion dollars and have him from five to seven years.

The yield on the Iraqi jumped dollar bonds maturing in 2028 to all-time highs of up to 10.80 percent last week from 8.3 percent at the end of 2014 partly due to expectations of an increase of supply in the market.

He said Raza Agha sovereign bonds of emerging markets analyst at VTB Capital "in light of the Iraqi bonds that mature in 2028 exchange rates and the level of the standard price would have to be a coupon for a new version of Iraq for a decade 10.75 percent, consistent with the bond existing" In the market.

He added that the version in the pricing of those limits mean that Iraq will become the highest return bond issues between the oil-exporting countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Iraq and systems to promote meetings for investors in London on Thursday and Friday is due to this activity moves to New York, Boston and Los Angeles this week.

Focus on the Western financial centers and indicates that Iraq might be targeting large part sale of bonds to hedge funds and professional investors willing to accept the level of risk is high not to Gulf banks, which tend to buy high-yield bonds issued by the region.

Xuan said Taha Ibrahim, the founder of Spring Securities Company in Baghdad, said the bond issue came at the wrong time due to low oil prices and increased spending on Baghdad battles in the war on the organization of the Islamic state.

"It's the first you turn a huge surplus into a huge deficit. But the impact of that on the spot is a trend to very conservative fiscal policy is not to borrow money."

But if the release is part of a coordinated program to strengthen the financial position of Baghdad may be investors reacted positively. According to the prospectus that it might as well be as stating that Iraq will use a range of options such as domestic bonds and loans in addition to the Special Drawing Rights of the International Monetary Fund.

In early June, the IMF agreed to lend Iraq $ 833 million is expected that the World Bank is providing $ 1.7 billion for Baghdad.

Taha said the positive is the first time that people are thinking about all that and thinking about what happened and how to correct economic path.
Some fund managers believe that the bonds issued by Iraq priced in a manner attractive pricing compared to Egypt bonds that mature in 2020 and classified as a higher degree of one of Iraq as that Egypt faces major political and security problems.

And those bonds are trading at a price of 4.68 percent, ".anthy 29 / d 25

Article End
Article Begins:


Alsumaria News / Baghdad - He saw a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Najiba Najib, Monday, that the financial bond issuance will not meet the financial obligations of the state, as pointed out that Iraq is suffering from the provision of financial liquidity.

She said Najib in an interview with Alsumaria News, "The issuance of securities is one of the means resorted to by the state after the drop in oil prices, and comes from the phrase measures to increase fiscal revenue," indicating that "the House of Representatives to grant powers and vacation legitimacy to issue bonds and sell them in international markets ".

Najib added that "the issuance of bonds, amounting to six billion dollars will not meet the financial obligations of the state and be covered under the current circumstances," pointing at the same time that "Iraq is suffering from the provision of liquidity, but the government is moving to increase revenue."

The Central Bank announced, in (July 26, 2015), his intention to put up bonds for the benefit of the Ministry of Finance worth two billion dollars, and as pointed out that the bonds due and payable by the end of 2016, confirmed that it can be used as collateral for loans or facilities require collateral.

Article Ends


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