Mnt.Goat Update 9-30-15: "Full Reconciliation is Coming Very Soon" Part 1

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Mnt.Goat Update 9-30-15: "Full Reconciliation is Coming Very Soon" Part 1

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UU6812 –“ Full Reconciliation is Coming Very Soon” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

In today’s news letter I am bringing you nuggets of information that are so powerful I just had to sit back in my chair in awe and amazement when I read them. Why did I feel this way?

A feeling of FINALITY came over me. Like a vale being lifted when I read these articles. We now know why many of these reforms have been stalled as to why they are taking so long to pass and implement. This is all about to change.

As I suggested many months ago in my news letter the USA will not give full military support to Iraq until they get what they want. We read many past articles about this topic and Abadi’s resistance to give the USA what it wanted.

So what did the USA want?
We will see these next steps in the coming weeks as the USA is now going to get what it wants as Abadi can see that Iraq itself can never defeat ISIS. So now that the USA is going to get certain needed reform laws from Iraq, an in return Iraq will then get the military backing and full support of USA led coalition to fight ISIS.

Iraq can then move on to getting the “full” reconciliation it needs going forward. So we might have to wait a little bit longer to see how this all plays out but I believe we are getting closer than ever to the RV. I am talking maybe weeks at tops not months.

They have to make some kind of “reconciliation” or they will NEVER join the international community. Pressure is just too great from the USA and GB not to conclude this sooner than later. This they want and need so desperately. They also have until early 2016 to get their act together to get fully out of chapter 7 sanctions. This deadline is fast approaching. This was a deadline imposed by the UN of 10 year sanction release period.

Now, with the full backing of the USA, GB, the other coalition countries and many of the middle eastern countries, Abadi knows his direction and to despite the criticisms from the “do nothing” party of the Maliki and his goons days, he is moving aggressively forward. For some he is even moving too quickly and that scares them too, even though they are on his side and totally agree with what he is doing to benefit Iraq. So this too slows up the process somewhat as they need confidence Abadi is not going to be another Maliki. Some even compare his style to Saddam Hussein (Dr Ayad Allawi). Of course this is again Maliki propaganda.

I need to explain to you that a management style is dependent on the situation to which it must be applied. Not all managers are well suited to manage every situations. For instance you don’t take the management style of a minister as applied to managing his congregation and apply it to the situation of General George Patton and his circumstances in fighting WWII. Two separate styles and very different situations that must be managed.

So you must select carefully who is placed to manage the circumstances at hand at the time. Many of the more successful board of directors of major companies too will often change who is at the helm depending on the direction that needs to be taken by the company at the time.

As it is when the current prime minister Abadi was selected, the Dowa party thought he would go along with the Maliki madness and Maliki would actually continue to dictate party lines to him behind the scenes and he would obey. Of course we all know now why Abadi made many trips to the USA back then. What do you think these trips were for? Where they just to sip cocktails and chat with Oboma in the oval office?

We know now why the complete opposite is occurred. In short – Abadi was interviewed by Obama as he was found to be the right manager, at the right time, in the right place. He himself has said it too so completely – nothing will stop my reforms short of my assassination (as they plotted already twice to get him).

One lesson that the USA and GB have learned a very long time ago is this – “National Unity” as a nation is the pivotal foundation to any great nation. Without patriotism and unity you are just a country struggling to maintain a sense of democracy for the average citizen to prevent the wolves from taking full control. Iraq has experienced the wolves and knows fully the damage.

Now it’s time for Iraq to turn the page and to experience the full blessings and abundance that can come from the proper use of all their resources once applied to the global markets. It is my opinion the time is now. The clock is ticking.

Today’s News

Today is Wednesday September 30th and still no RV. We will see an RV this week?

I do not believe there will be an RV this week…sorry. But I do believe we may be on the path to see a change in the value very soon.

There was a target date for Oct 1st and we might be very close to this date as an end result. I am saying this because I have seen some very amazing results come out of the recent UN summits in NYC.

I also want to say that when Iraq is ready to revalue their currency and come back as an international player it will just happen. NOTHING WILL STOP IT. There are no boogie men, conspiracies or foreign countries with issues holding it back each weekend, as some make you believe.

So once again we are in the middle of a new week and all the hype about an RV window by the end of September is passing as Oct 1st is tomorrow. Sorry you so called intel “gurus” you were wrong once again….lol…lol…. !!!!

Watch in their next intel conference calls these same gurus will tell you September is over but it was supposed to RV and got held back. Held back….really? No Kidding!

No kidding it was held back. I HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU ALL ALONG IT WOULD BE HELD BACK if the reforms were not completed for the needed STABILITY and SECURITY of Iraq necessary to get out of chapter 7, Article 4 ,the last remaining sanction still imposed upon Iraq. If you read what I have presented to you in the last section of this news letter today (under update on fighting ISIS) you will see that these reforms are all but now done and why the hold up in the past.

Now Oct 1st is tomorrow and then what will they tell you next?

Oh- will they will simply give you another outside window for the RV without any facts to back it up?

Oh- but they will say - you want to hear the minute by minute inside intel don’t you? Did you ever tell them that this is what you desire or did they just tell you that you wanted? So what do you really want?

Ridiculous and Insane! I say trust in the articles from Iraq. It has been proven over and over again.

Let me also say this from my own experience - Sources of information from “boots on the ground” in Iraq is very unreliable and they often don’t know anymore than we do. In fact in most cases they know even less. The fact that they are in Iraq has little significance. Any news from these sources is often totally misinterpreted as they do not have a strong handle on the Arabic language and customs. They often give you the western viewpoint too looking through their RV glasses. We could do a better job just reading the articles ourselves.

The article might not be as timely as we want or even easy to read sometimes but believe me the articles have a hell of a lot more of a reality check on the pulse of Iraq than most of these so called intel “gurus”. My advice is simply stop listening to them unless they clean up their source of information. It is your choice. By the way many of them simply make up their intel anyhow to suite their own agenda.

So what is now happening in Iraq in this RV saga?

I will do my best to present to you what I know with NO hype, No rumors and just the FACTS. If I have an opinion I will tell you it is just my opinion.
I came to you earlier this week and stated I thought something BIG was brewing in Iraq.

Well we now have our BIG event! By BIG I meant an event such as the “full” reconciliation. Today I will present to you the breakdown of some of these obstacles that have prevented this reconciliation from occurring.

I thought this because there seemed to be a lull in the news last week of anything very significant. We know from the past that often Iraq does work through the holidays, such as Eid, and they normally keep the news down to a minimum during these timeframes. So now Eid is over. What have they been doing?

I asked how will they present this “full” reconciliation to us? The answer was given to us the next day. Funny too how president Masum told us just last week we can expect this “full” reconciliation shortly after Eid. I am presenting an article below about a proposed National Reconciliation conference. Will this be the vehicle they will use to conclude this effort? You see you can not forget the past news since its all a continuing saga.

They have stated in the recent article and I quote- “The head of Iraq Scholars Mullah Khalid had called in a press statement the federal government to conduct genuine national reconciliation between moderate political and religious authorities of the Sunni community.”

We can see they are working on setting up this conference as they know they are very close. Will it be this week? I believe it will be within the next couple weeks at most, but first they need the rest of the reform laws passed in parliament and at least some form of implementation started in good faith. What will get them to this point?

I am saying this because you have to ask another question - How do you come to the table to reconcile differences, when the agreed to reforms to overcome the obstacles preventing reconciliation, have not yet all been met? So we know they can not yet have this conference but they know it is coming shortly since all the needed laws are now in play and just need the final voting process in parliament. Maybe one big “package” of laws for one vote is on the horizon?

What will happen in the National Reconciliation conference?
They are telling us in the article I have presented below and I quote – “a joint paper gathering all parties”.

They are also telling us the UN, representatives of each of the parties, and the representatives of the branches of government (the three presidents) will be present. The joint paper is a translation issue and means a paper treaty (a document of some sort) will be signed by all parties present.

The VERY interesting part (and I need to emphasize VERY interesting) in the article is this – They explain - Who will be allowed to attend this conference?

I quote from the article – “to hold a special conference of national reconciliation and the introduction of those who want to contribute to the building the state and the new Iraq, provided that these authorities are not supportive of terrorism and is stained with the blood of innocent people.” Oh boy this also sounds like the amnesty law too doesn’t it?

This is WOW news since it will not include Maliki, his goons and any parties associated with these terrorist militias or past corruption. How can it possible include them and we all should know why by now.

Folks – this is a brand new Iraq being built from the ground up and this National Reconciliation and its reforms to back it up is the foundation. I have been telling you this for years now. Hope you have been listening.

This reconciliation process along with the economic and security provisions will get us the RV we have been long waiting for. Remember there is much overlap too since it is all interconnected. But we must be patient since Iraq will choose when they are ready.

Again I will list these needed reforms (did I miss any? )

-Justice & Accountability reforms

-Establishment of the Provincial National Guards

-Full implementation of the Amnesty

-Formal announcement of the Federation Council


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Re: Mnt.Goat Update 9-30-15: "Full Reconciliation is Coming Very Soon" Part 1

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Mnt.Goat Update 9-30-15: "Full Reconciliation Is Coming Very Soon" Part 2

In my past news letters I have talked in detail as to why I thought each of these reforms were important to Iraq and why they must be implemented prior to any reconciliation being completed.

These laws are all in motion already and much groundwork is completed so they are not starting implementation from scratch once the laws are passed.

Remember this - No reconciliation thus No RV!

Note: I believe Iraq also needs the Investment law and Banking laws (already passed) and this too is holding back the RV but not needed for the “full” reconciliation.

You see there are also economic reforms that the government WOULD LIKE TO PUT IN PLACE too that can ensure a smooth transition to investors and international players doing business in Iraq prior to the RV.
Article Begins

09/29/2015BAGHDAD - Al-Sabah

said Reconciliation Commission and the Justice and Accountability in Parliament, she addressed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives in order to provide support to the Committee and activate its role with a view to the success of a conference of reconciliation in Iraq.

A member of the committee MP Mohammed Naji military told (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network):

The Commission is seeking to introduce some national parties that want to engage in the national reconciliation project and build the political process, however, that the Commission needs to be supported by the House of Representatives. He continued military that the Commission formally addressed the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to hold a special conference of national reconciliation and the introduction of those who want to contribute to the building the state and the new Iraq, provided that these authorities are not supportive of terrorism and is stained with the blood of innocent people.

He said committee member Hisham Abdul Malik earlier this month: The reconciliation project a bad project for a long time, the United Nations began its activities after it was inactive with national reconciliation has been working to collect Securities of the three presidencies, because each side has as well as the United Nations Project will be consolidated in a joint paper gathering all parties , adding that it is difficult to launch a conference bringing together components of all, because the result is far does not satisfy one of the conference will be held one case is mature and reach a solution agreed upon by everyone without exhibitions and in this case we get to genuine national reconciliation.

The head of Iraq Scholars Mullah Khalid had called in a press statement the federal government to conduct genuine national reconciliation between moderate political and religious authorities of the Sunni community

Article Ends

Article Begins


Monday 28-09-2015 | 8:32:37

Twilight News / Rafidain Bank announced on Monday for the rehabilitation of its branches at home and abroad and the introduction of modern technologies and advanced in the banking business in line with the reforms announced by the government package.

The general director of the bank on behalf of Kamal al-Hassani said in a statement, said that bank branches abroad, including (Beirut branch - Oman Branch - Bahrain branch) have been rehabilitated and developed properly in line with the reputation and the location of the bank and provide better services to citizens. He is adding that he has approached a number of countries where we do not have bank branches to identify the instructions and controls on the opening of branches.

Article Ends

[Update: CBI Corruption]

I will say this again. That Iraq has plans to clean up the CBI prior to any RV. They would not even consider an RV unless they know the wolves are gone from the CBI. From my last post you know who these wolves are?

Simply put they must clean up this money laundering and get to root of the problem, like who is involved and who is the instigator. Another reason why Dr Shabibi was chased out of the CBI in 2013 on false charges. Can you connect the pieces to the puzzle yet?

The article below tells it all and I need say nothing more.

Article Begins


Tuesday 09/29/2015 15:16

Former central bank director Shabibi; Former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki ordered the appointment of four members of his ruling party in the bank to control the money laundering department.

He explained that al-Maliki appointed four of singled out his ruling large positions within the central bank and they are not with jurisdiction even affected Bank Central and took a random hit Otunabh They Director-money laundering department, and director of the Legal Department, and Director of the banks control, and Director of the Economic Department, "pointing out that" corruption was rife within the central bank by co-Maliki in the party.

"He noted that" the Director-laundering department funds "allocate money laundering Iraq in favor of the ruling party and legal director gloss upon the Director of the banks control traders taking sold dollars to private banks associated with the ruling party and the prime minister, less than the market amounts making Iraq millions of dollars lost every day due to this corruption and the smuggling of the government's budget funds abroad in favor of al-Maliki and Gelaozath.

"He continued that" when he decided to Governor of the Central Bank change them in order to maintain the nation funds from theft came to him a letter from Prime Minister prevented him from removal of these corrupt and between the lines of the book veiled threat, "he added," when beyond the first corrupt gang is mad al-Maliki issued for Using his partner and his friend Medhat al-Mahmoud arrests on Shabibi after that was the last in Switzerland lectured about the new monetary policy in a global seminar for International Monetary Fund.

"He indicated that he" then appointed al-Maliki cousin named Ali al-Moussawi, the governor of the central bank to plunder every provision of the Iraqi state and the amount $ 67 billion in the last days of his dominance on the government to hand over power to Ebadi and the budget for Iraq empty and the Reserve Central Bank ravished to enter Iraq in a major financial crisis for the Advancement of which can not after a decade even if oil prices improved today.

"He added Professor Kadhim Jawad, quoting Professor Sinan Shabibi: that "al-Maliki receive more money than all the rulers of the Republic of Iraq" together "of Abdel-Karim Kassem leader Saddam Hussein, it was being investigated by any unfinished mention the Iraqi people and homeland, it was enough to build a new home according to the latest international standards, can accommodate up to 30 million people live in which the well-being and stability of the security of all human beings in the world in which to live. "

Article Ends

[Update; Fighting ISIS / DAASH]

Looks like all these meetings in the UN and in Washington are paying off as the USA is now going to lead an international coalition to organize a counter against ISIS / DAASH as it did with al Qaeda. I say its about time!

I present to you two articles below on this subject matter. So what does this mean for the RV?

In the very last paragraph in the second article below is nugget of information. If you don’t read it carefully it is easy to overlook. I believe a compromise has been negotiated during these last few days in these summits / meetings that will overcome the stalling of these much needed bills from Iraq. So what is the compromise?

This is the compromise:

USA is now going to give support to lead the international coalition for Iraq against ISIS / DAASH, (and I quote from the article) - "subject to the passage of the National Guard and forgiveness, accountability and justice laws", believing that the Abadi "Cisael by the international coalition leaders delayed approval".

This coalition is much different than the support now being given by the USA. I believe the USA has been holding off in giving the kind of support necessary to rid Iraq of ISIS until it got what it needed. The USA is now getting exactly what it wanted, thus Iraq gets what it wants. You see even in the fight against ISIS there are political moves being made.

One side note – It is my opinion also that they need this security first in Iraq (National Guards) and to cleanse Iraq of ISIS then onward in full force in an all out coordinated effort with Russia, Iran and Saudi to deal with this Syrian crisis once and for all.

So we just might be seeing the conclusion of the following laws very soon and I mean very soon. So what are these laws they are talking about?

Pay attention!

National Guard law

Amnesty (forgiveness) law

Accountability and Justice law

Article Begins


Editor: AHF 2015/09/29

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Search Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday, with US President Barack Obama, the bilateral relations between the two countries and increase US support for Iraq in the field of economy and armament, as also discussed the strengthening of the international coalition to fight (Daash( . nformation Office of the Primei Minister, said in a statement received by AFP term copy of "The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi solo meeting held on Tuesday in New York with US President Mr. Barack Obama."

The statement added, "During the meeting, to discuss bilateral relations between the two countries and ways to strengthen and increase US support for Iraq in the field of armament and the economy in addition to the situation in the region and the strengthening of the international coalition to fight Daash terrorist gangs".

The United States is leading an international coalition to organize a counter the so-called Islamic State (Daash), as it did with "Al Qaeda".

Article Ends
Article Begins


Baghdad Jamil al-Rubaie
Expressed parliamentary blocs expressed optimism including carrying Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to New York, predicted that the new international-led coalition Moscow will top the discussions the leaders of major countries, after the "failure" coalition of the United States in eliminating the "Daash", noting that the economic file "It would be present" in the al-Abadi talks on the sidelines of meetings of the General Assembly, but politicians assert that many of the heads of state would put the prime minister questions about the delay in approving the legislation, the National Guard and the accountability and justice, amnesty, which mortgaged the United States and its allies to support Iraq approval by.

and arrived Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the ministerial delegation accompanying him yesterday morning Monday to New York City for US participation in the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations, in a two-day visit, cast in which the word Iraq in the meetings of the General Assembly of the United Nations, as the Prime Minister held a number of meetings with heads of state address search to strengthen relations bilateral and face the political, security and economic challenges and the war against "Daash".

will participate Abadi also, according to a statement issued by his office, at the international conference to combat terrorism and to support Iraq in the face of terrorism, which will be held in New York of an international presence and wide.

He said Habib Terminal, a spokesman for the citizen Bloc , that Iraq "needs international position Aaazarh war and economic crisis," and expressed optimism about the talks to be conducted by Abadi on the sidelines of the meetings to document the international relations and upgrade them.

It is believed Terminal in an interview to the correspondent of "the world", that "new alliance" will have an impact on the ground, after the alliance said the United States "a failure".Moscow and Tehran, Damascus and Baghdad governments and plans to launch a new alliance against "Daash" the leaders of the coalition led by Washington State, in the meetings of the General Assembly.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Monday, in a speech before heading to New York to participate in a United Nations meeting, that "Russia in the recent period have shown interest in the fight against Daash to the presence of Russian citizens in its ranks, and they pose a threat to Russia's security in the event of their return. " He stressed Abadi said, "We are going to break Daash military and we need to prosecute intelligence."
He added that "Iraq has established committees intelligence with several countries to fight Daash," noting that "Iraq has the intelligence cooperation with Germany, Jordan and several countries interested in fighting organization."

And see Abbas al-Bayati, MP a coalition of law, that the post-Abadi in the Assembly meetings "have a significant impact on the country in the current stage."

He said al-Bayati, a member of the Committee on Foreign parliamentary relations, in a telephone conversation with "the world", on Monday, that "al-Abadi will carry to the chief and the leaders of all countries terrorism file and the progress made on the ground by Iraqi security forces and the importance of strengthening this progress in greater armament and intelligence support to speed up the pace of the elimination of Daash.

"and between al-Bayati said the prime minister" will urge the United Nations to implement its commitments and decisions concerning dry up the sources of terrorism, and cooperation between the neighboring countries and prevent the recruitment for the benefit of Daash, cut networking Web them on social networking sites.
"and added that" the economic situation of Iraq will be present in the talks between al-Abbadi and other international actors.

"He said al-Bayati said," Abadi will participate in an important conference, called by the United States US and attended by more than 140 countries under anti-terrorism address.
"After that al-Bayati stressed that" Russia will not allow that are drawn region Lines window, away from its interests ", he referred to" the Syrian file and the intervention of Moscow would be strongly present, through the new alliance ". Iraq seeks to strengthen its relations with the countries of the world and specifically the regional surroundings, especially a locked in a heated battle against al "Daash"; the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in more than one occasion his country's keenness on building good-neighborly relations with surrounding countries.

In turn regarded confident Hashemi, observer and analyst of political affairs, Abadi participation in meetings of the General Assembly "a major opportunity" for the biggest rally towards strengthening the role of Iraq in its war against "Daash". Hashemi said in a telephone interview with "the world", said Monday that "al-Abadi would send messages of reassurance to allay international fears of a Russian alliance of the Iraqi Syrian-Iranian agreement, that it would be for the purpose of sharing intelligence information." According to Hashemi, there will be a meeting between Presidents Obama and Putin on the sidelines of the meetings "to discuss the developments of the situation in the Near East, and the formation of the new alliance." He was a diplomat, a military source in Moscow revealed Saturday an agreement between Russia and Syria, Iraq and Iran to create my information center in Baghdad, comprising representatives of the bodies of Staff of the armies
of the four countries.

Hashemi believes that the support of the international coalition for Iraq, "subject to the passage of the National Guard and forgiveness, accountability and justice laws", believing that the Abadi "Cisael by the international coalition leaders delayed approval".

Article Ends

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat


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