The announcement of the start of the World Congress of oil and gas in the Maysan soon

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The announcement of the start of the World Congress of oil and gas in the Maysan soon

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10/26/2015 10:07

In the presence of Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and under the slogan "hydrocarbon wealth to ensure a better life."

The Oil Ministry announced the start of the third scientific conference of oil and gas in the Maysan province on Wednesday.

He said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said the conference, which carries the slogan "hydrocarbon wealth to ensure a better life" is part of the concerns of the ministry and its eagerness to support national capacities in the areas of science and research and competencies in the oil, energy, environment and occupational health and safety sectors as well as advanced technology in this area.

He said Jihad: that the conference will discuss over on 28 and 29 of this month (49) search through (10) sessions include the extraction and filtering affairs, environment, energy and Nanotknlogi.

For his part, Kareem Abdul-Hassan Alwan, director of research and development center Chairman of the Preparatory Committee that this conference is an international scientific demonstration in the oil and energy sector, the ministry has been held every two years in the oil our provinces, emphasizing the scientific and research significance through presentation and discussion of papers submitted to the conference, which allows for workers and those interested in the oil and energy affairs access to the latest scientific and technological developments.

The chairman of the Preparatory Committee of the Conference on the participation of researchers from Iraq, Russia, China, Malaysia and Iran and the European Union through the 223 summary submitted to the conference has been nominated (194) of which were then receiving (115) an entire paper was chosen (60) of them for presentation at the conference.

It is noteworthy that the first conference of oil and gas held in the province of Basra in 2011 The second conference was held in Baghdad in 2013.


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