Mnt Goat Monday Post - "Watch for Certain Events- Its Time" Part 1 of 2

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Mnt Goat Monday Post - "Watch for Certain Events- Its Time" Part 1 of 2

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UU6827 – "Watch for Certain Events- Its Time" by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

So this past week there was much news again. Yet more of the long awaited laws dealing with implementing the Abadi reforms were accomplished including the Investment Law, National Guard law and the National Unity Card law. I have talked about these laws and why they were important prior to any RV. Now we have them and we will begin to see their effects.

My last news letter was dedicated mostly to the fate of Maliki. I need to emphasize again that most of the needed reforms prior to the RV are already done but a couple areas still need to be addressed – that of getting rid of the stench of Maliki, the judicial reforms, amnesty and others. It is by far not all completed.

I bring you the article below to show you that the people will not settle for anything less than to see all the high ranking officials responsible for the past corruption brought to justice. So will the Dowa party now stick my Maliki and his goons or will they change their attitude? See article that follows this one. Amazing how it is all playing out! We can expect a big shake up in the Dowa party coming soon.
Article Begins


Thousands of Iraqi in 10 different governates in the south and centre of the country gathered on Friday to protest against slow reforms pledged by the government, Anadolureported.

Hundreds gathered in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad amidst tightened security measures imposed around the capital city’s Green Zone, where the Iraqi government and parliament are located.

One man present, Abdul-Latif Yasser, told Anadolu that the protesters faced many difficulties on their way to Tahrir Square due to the closure of streets leading to it. “We were prevented from protesting against the government’s policies regarding reformation and prosecuting corrupts,” he said.

“The reforms that have been made by the PM are superficial and there is an intentional slowdown regarding the reforms,” he added.

“We know that some of the measures need only courageous decisions…Corruption still lacks real accountability.”

Most Iraqi governates have been witnessing increasing protests for months, calling for improvements to public services and people’s lives, as well as carrying out the reforms pledgregarding financial and administrative coed by Prime Minsister Haider Al-Abadi rruption in government institutions.

Forces Union, a mainly Sunni group in the parliament, announced on Thursday that it “was not consented” about the reform measures taken during the past three months.

About a week ago, the State of Law Coalition headed by former PM Nour Al-Maliki, withdrew the mandate given to Al-Abadi that authorised him to carry out the reforms. The coalition accused Al-Abadi of “breaching the Constitution”.

Article Ends

Article Begins


Baghdad -arac Press October -30: Shura Council announced the Dawa Party, on Friday, his support for the reforms, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to draw a severe blow to sixty deputies from the coalition of state law (the biggest parliamentary Dawa party blocks) had made the decision, Wednesday , the prime minister to withdraw their mandate to hold government reforms.

Information Office of the Islamic Dawa Party, said in a statement received / Iraq Press / copy of "The Shura Council of the Islamic Dawa Party, met on Friday and discussed the political, security and economic developments in the country and draw the appropriate attitudes around.

The party said in a statement, "support for the reforms undertaken by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, which came in response conscious to the appeal of the Supreme religious authority and in response to popular demands," stressing "the importance of rationalization and developed in the framework of the Constitution and so as to push the wheel of the political process forward."

And across the Shura Council call for "pride in addressing the heroic and the supervisor of the armed and security of our troops and popular crowd in the right battles against the wrong party in the face Daash terrorist is in passengers", praising "the magnificent victories recently achieved in Baiji and cutters and other operations."
The statement continued that "the Shura Council adopted several resolutions and in line with the developments and events in the Iraqi arena and partisan matter, and select the appropriate mechanisms for its implementation."

Stone announced deputies from the coalition of state law, last Wednesday, to withdraw their mandate to Ebadi in reforms, and while underlining the lack of responsibility for the decisions issued by the Prime Minister, who accused him of exclusivity in the decision and the lack of consultation with them or other political blocs.

The statement, signed by sixty deputies of the coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki, and received / Iraq Press /, a copy of which has "already supported us Government Haider al-Abadi, since the first day of its formation in 2014, the past, and we stood with full force to its part to help overcome the financial and military crises and security plaguing the country and threaten the unity and sovereignty, "noting that he" did not score on the coalition for the last time that the general policies of the Government of the internal and external viewer. "

The deputies of state law, has "supported the Ministerial limbering packs reforms announced by Abadi, despite the observations that we had, so as to avoid entering into political confrontations may benefit the organization Daash and his allies of Baathists and Nakecbandian and those who stand behind them outside the border", Mstdrickan "Unfortunately him, that Abadi rejected the principle of consultation with the State of Law bloc and other political blocs including exacerbating the general situation in the country by about a threat of catastrophic incidents in the next phase. "

The undersigned, in their statement, "We learned Ministerial Baltrchiq packs reforms of the media as the rest of the other political blocs, have failed all our efforts to discourage Abadi not override the Constitution and the laws in force under the reform banner with the supreme religious authority has stressed the need not to skip the Constitution and the laws in the implementation of reforms that we believe need and useful. "

He said the signatories to, that "the lack of consultation policy produced serious negative effects on the holy war against terrorism through financial and armament and logistics decisions taken and led to fold the popular crowd, which had a major role along with the security forces in thwarting the draft organization Daash backed by some international bodies and regional and who planned the invasion and destruction of the capital Baghdad and the violation of its holy sites. "

They concluded their statement by saying, "The House of Representatives signatories no longer responsible for the decisions of the prime minister and the effects and consequences of non-commitment to the constitution and laws," revealing "pull our mandate that its curve to Ebadi in the House of Representatives on the reforms, which was conditional on respect for the Constitution and laws." Ended (1)

Article Ends

There words not mine. NO Hype, No Rumors and just the FACTS!

In line with getting rid of Maliki and the judicial reforms Iraq needs to have their “Reconciliation Conference”. They will only do this once they feel all matters of agreed to reforms implementations are completed. Why else would they tell us in many articles they plan on holding this conference in December if they are not targeting the completion of these last reforms by then?

Folks many of you talk about this conference and agree it needs to be done but you do not truly know the history of this event and why it is important. It is not just an event. Instead it will the “THE” event and a major milestone for Iraq.

This conference is the final conclusion to the many non-sectarian and unity agreements made over 11 years ago now. Just as the title of the conference states it is a conference for unity and healing in Iraq for the tribal differences. Will there always be some differences and harsh feelings?

Yes- and I am not saying they are going to hold hands and form a circle and sing kumbaya. There will always be differences at least in our lifetime between these tribes. Much of the differences go back hundreds of years and have deep religious and immigration roots. This is what happens when you allow too much religion in politics.

But the key is this - Can the government, that they agreed to make Sheite (top power position of prime minister), be responsible enough and take care of the people, as these reforms suggest should happen. This was the charter made by the Kurds and Sunnis with the Sheites to allow them to have this power in the first place. Remember this was part of the post war agreements that the USA facilitated.

If the Sheites can’t perform these needed reform this time, the Sunnis and Kurds are not going to allow this government participation by the Sheites (seen as Iranian Sheite influence) TO CONTROL THEM MUCH LONGER. They have already seen the abuse over the last 8 years of Maliki. Now the Sheites have to make it right and prove there are honest and good Sheites too. I fully believe they will and this Abadi government is not going to fall apart.

The Reconciliation Conference is a timeline for conclusion when all the work towards a unified Iraq (as agreed to over 9 years ago) is going forward for the benefit of all the citizens. The December date is just a tentative timeline. Will they be ready?

So in knowing all this don’t you think all the obstacles in the way of allowing for this to happen must be first cleared (meeting all the agreed to reforms)? They are not just having this conference to smile at each other and shake hands. This meeting is symbolic of years of the effort to heal and reorganize Iraq post Saddam Hussien, post Baath party era. Do you get it now? Can you see it? Right now this is all the really matters in the long run to get us our RV.

So again I have to lay it all out for many of you to understand since you simply are not capable of seeing it for yourselves.

That is okay since you did not do multiple tours in Iraq in the army intelligence corps and maybe you have not read 1,000+ articles over the last 10 years either. This is where I chose to help you all understand this RV process. I do not have to. I volunteer for this duty. This is how I am paying it forward. Right now ALL OF YOU are the needy ones. You need desperately to pull away from these wolves in sheep clothing.

I make no money, have no forum and ask for no donations. The only thing I do ask is for RESPECT of my knowledge and experience. I am hear to help all of you see through these so called intel “gurus” and their ignorance. I am not perfect and this darn process keeps changing. So be patient.

Instead you would rather listen to these intel “gurus” leading you as sheep? Okay go ahead this news letter is not then for you.

Now knowing the purpose of this reconciliation conference do you believe they need these reforms all implemented prior holding it?
Do you believe they must have a trial for Maliki and his goons and other high ranking corrupted officials first?

Do you believe they must try to recover some of the billions of stolen revenues from Iraq stolen during this 8 years of government first? To show good fate? Can you see it all now?

I do not know how to paint the picture any clearly for you. The Reconciliation Conference is now scheduled for mid December so how can we expect an RV this weekend or any time prior to the conference? You tell me since many of you seem to bash me and be so brilliant?

Just does not make any sense folks. Do you not think that all of these agreements (from “Erbil Agreement” changed to “Unity Agreement”) now in the Reconciliation Law must be completed first and expected by the USA (who incidentally controls the RV process and not Iraq).

Good Luck to you all if you can’t see it by now!

Today’s News

Today is Monday again November 2nd and still no RV. Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be surprised if you have been reading my news letters.

So we all heard once again a possible RV window for this past weekend and I quote – “This is our weekend I am more positive than ever before”. “Everything is at a new level of intensity”.

Seems these so called intel “gurus” just can’t get it right…lol…lol…(lol = laugh out loud)

Folks all I can say is for you to stay off this RV roller coaster. Stay way from this stuff and anyone and any conference call that gets you on it. It is your choice.

On with today’s wonderful news of reality.

No prospects for an RV either in the coming month of November. Sorry Folks! Later December and possibly early January has prospects but let’s all listen to the news first before we go off half cocked and hyped up.

We need to see how Iraq progresses in all the areas in the coming month as we have been talking about in these news letters. There is a target and a plan I can assure you of this. They are moving at lighting speed to get there.

So what can we expect soon?

How soon is SOON? I will tell you.


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Re: Mnt Goat Monday Post - "Watch for Certain Events- Its Time" Part 1 of 2

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 03, 2015 12:08 pm

Mnt Goat Monday Post - "Watch for Certain Events- Its Time" Part 2 of 2
We need to see how Iraq progresses in all the areas in the coming month as we have been talking about in these news letters. There is a target and a plan I can assure you of this.

They are moving at lighting speed to get there.

So what can we expect soon?

How soon is SOON? I will tell you.

I believe our next HUGE announcement will be the passing of the Accountability and Justice law. This law includes many of the reforms to the judicial system. It is very much needed before any RV. I believe it will be passed in the next couple weeks. Why?

The accountability and Justice law will allow for the establishment of the checks and balances between the judicial system in Iraq and the legislative bodies (meaning the council of ministers and parliament). So it will clearly define how political corruption must be dealt with in the future, even for high ranking officials. The part in the law I like the most is it clearly states NO ONE WILL BE ABOVE THE LAW and will have a harder stance on officials that are convicted.  Additionally it will clearly define due process procedures for speedy trials and limits for sentencing on many of the common crimes. Most importantly for the RV, it will establish the legal groundwork for investors to come into Iraq. From this aspect it will include how disputes will be settled, suits filed, etc, etc.

Once the accountability and justice law is passed, we can almost certainly expect the prosecution of the ex PM Nori al-Maliki. This too is needed prior to any RV. Why?

The prosecution of all of these high ranking officials involved in corruption must be cleared from politics in Iraq and brought to justice. Many say that Maliki in particular is on the top of the list solely because he is still on the top of the demands from the millions of protestors. This is true but for us it is important too because over a year ago now the USA asked Iraq if they could take custody of Maliki and deal with him. Iraq refused and pleaded that they would handle him in their own way. They had a year to accomplish this task. We all know since August, when Abadi came back from his trip to the USA, he has picked up the now open smear campaign against  with Maliki and  his goons. This was done because the USA also openly announced total support for the new prime minister. Seems his first year was very successful.

So this timeframe of a year has been over already and still Maliki interferes with political affairs in Iraq. Just recently we learned that in fact his trip to Iran post elections in 2014 was to reassure Iranian support for his future tactics to regain the power seat of prime minister for a third term (even though he lost the election). During this meeting with Iran he was given a list of items that Iran needed executed during his third term and how Iran would continue support for him if he could regain the power seat and fulfill these promises.

We witnessed articles telling about Maliki’s meeting with Abadi and how the “ghost” commander of the Qud forces in Iraq namely Quasem Soleimani goes public and shows up announced at this meeting. We all know the purpose of his presence was to intimidate Abadi into conforming to Iranian rule. Of we know this did not work when Abadi confronted him and gave him the riot act…….lol….

We are now seeing more of the Dowa party separating themselves from Maliki. Remember Abadi is from the Dowa party too and was chosen by them to lead the country. Maliki still resides as the leader of the party but not for long. They must bring him down first out of the Dowa party. Then they will come to pluck him from his almighty pedestal. Watch for this it is coming.

So do you seriously believe for one second the USA is going to allow Maliki his goons and these Qud forces in the post Iraq any longer considering all the damage they have already imposed? How can they? They must clean the way prior to the RV.

This has been the root of all the corruption and street bombings in the past. How can they have the level of stability needed with this Iranian influence at this current level. The key, operative  words here are “at the current level”. No one is surely saying there will not always be Iranian influence in Iraq. Of course there will be since they are neighboring countries. Iran is predominated Sheites and Sheites occupy almost a third of Iraq.   So please do not take my words out of context and twist them to suit your purposes. I

Maliki must go plain and simple. The USA is not going to allow the IQD to go international as long as this dirty task is not accomplished. They have told Iraq this over and over again, just as I am telling you over and over again. This is why I even dedicate entire sections and news letters to the demise of Maliki. BECAUSE IT IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR THE RV EVENT!

I do not just waste my breath taking about this evil demon for nothing. My personal belief is that Maliki and many of his goons are demonic, evil and satanic. How else can anyone sit back and watch his brother human beings suffer so much and yet not blink an eye. How can someone watch millions of their own citizens suffer for lack of  clean water and electricity yet have a palace to live in. How can someone be in such a high ranking position with all the power and influence to really make a difference and yet squander, rape and pillage the wealth of his own nation and generations to come.

If you can’t see the evil and demonic stuff going here I can not help you. Sorry !

So what is left to accomplish (if you need a laundry list)?

-Amnesty law needs to be passed and fully implemented (coming before parliament this week)
-Mandates of the three presidencies (second reading is today)
-Accountability and Justice law (cleaning up the judicial system, will lead to the final straw in prosecution of Maliki and his goons)
-Final announcement of the Federation Council law
-Ffinal report card and unity meeting for the mandate for Reconciliation called the “Reconciliation Conference”.

Now when we see these events come to pass we must be alert.

Soon we will being to read more article about the starting up again of the process to “delete the zeros” from the CBI. This timeframe should be around early to mid December.

So low and behold what do we see in the news on Saturday. Out pops this article (see below). They are now bringing up the Amnesty law once again for discussion. Is this item on my list? Is this coincidental…well oh well!

Told you this has to be completed. It has to be done. They need these prisoners to fill the ranks of the National Guard units. They need the locked up experienced leaders to lead the army. Remember the National Guard law just passed last week.

Do you now see the timing on these laws and why they had to wait for some to go forward with them before others could be fully addressed? They are multi-tasking. When are they expecting to discuss it? Not next month or next year but on this past Saturday. Do you see the urgency too? We wait for the outcome.

Article Begins



Parliamentary Legal Committee requested the inclusion of a general amnesty law on the agenda of the House of Representatives session of business on Saturday.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee Muhsin al-Sadoun told all of Iraq where he "has read the draft general amnesty law first and second reading, adding that" Parliament has required its inclusion on the agenda of the work session tomorrow, for the purpose of discussion. "

The House of Representatives ended on the fifth of July, the first and second readings of the draft general amnesty law, while President of the Council Saleem al-Jubouri called for political blocs to need to agree on their differences on the draft law. "

He is scheduled to hold its House of Representatives on Saturday to discuss

Article Ends

Then when we see them launch the 50k and notes and the CBI should begin to sell off the new lower denominations notes and coins (the replacement currency) to the local banks. Watch for this carefully.

The objectives of launching of these notes is two fold –

1) to suck in the remaining 3 zero notes from the banks since they can’t just give out free money the banks must exchange their hoards of the older 3 zero notes for these new notes. They will also be allowed to buy these new notes with USD or other currencies

2) These 50k and 100k notes are not for the general public use but are to be used solely for inter-banking and international trade for large sum accounts. But the point is their plan is to have these large 50k and 100k notes coincide with the new lower demons as the permanent currency going forward post RV. They have already told us they intend to launch the 50k notes in 2015 and the 100k notes later in 2016.

Update: The National Reconciliation Conference

Knowing the time for the Reconciliation Conference as mid December then so where is the timeline for the RV? Do you see why now I say late December 2015 , early January RV window?  Is this all rocket science?

So there is lots of talk that the National Reconciliation is done.

You base your input solely on one tiny article from Oct 24th stating and I quote- “President of the Republic Fuad Masum, confirmed in each message to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon design on the completion of a comprehensive national reconciliation in Iraq to exclude terrorists”.

First of all please go back and re-read it. The statement from president Masum is not saying the reconciliation effort is done but he is saying that the terrorist reform is completed meaning the “anti-money laundering and terrorist act” as part of the reconciliation effort is done, meaning the reform is done. It was just passed in parliament in August. Do you remember. Since the UN asked them to meet even a later deadline he is now telling them Iraq is done.

Next I want to present to you two more articles about the reconciliation. It came out over the weekend from Iraq. It is from Jabouri speaker of the house. He is telling Iraq (mostly the members of parliament) they need to “active the reconciliation”. Do know what this means? This means they (parliament) need to complete the rest of the remaining needed reforms laws ASAP needed for reconciliation. It is also telling us that the reconciliation process involved getting these needed reform laws implemented, just in case you doubted this in the first place.  The are driving hard to getting it all done by mid December but sooner than later. 

The language in this article is as I interpret that they have taken too long already for these reforms in parliament and member now need to get it done.

I know many of you don’t like it when I debunk your foolishness when you say reconciliation is already all done but many of you have no business making statements because you really don’t know what is going on in Iraq. Reconciliation is NOT done as this article proves. So if you don’t believe me here it is in black and white. Two articles, their words not mine. No Hype, No Rumors, just the FACTS.

All the needed reforms, as requested and agreed to, going back many years must be completed for FULL Reconciliation, then it will be DONE.

I quote from article two below – “For his part, the Speaker of Parliament stressed the importance OF THE COMPLETION of the comprehensive national reconciliation file so as to enhance the country's stability and security".

See articles below.

Article Begins



AGHDAD / obelisk invited the Chairman of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, Sunday, to activate the national reconciliation file, and as he emphasized the importance of addressing the problems left behind by the sectarian conflict, the description of the power of the clans are expected to weaken the prestige of the state, especially in the current circumstances B'allowahm '.

Jubouri said in a speech during the conference held by tribal clans parliamentary committee published on his site, The 'bridges tribes contributed to the strong cohesion and saved the country from the quagmire of blood and strife'.  He called al-Jubouri, a 'national reconciliation file according to activate the process of contributing to harmony between the components of society measures'.

The head of the parliament on the 'importance of addressing all the problems left behind by the sectarian conflict, and give the tribes an active role in this regard', and expressed the hope that the 'fatwas religious authorities contribute to help the displaced in these difficult circumstance

Article Ends

Article Begins


Shafaq News
Monday 11-02-2015 

Shafaq News / The President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, the Council's determination to vote on laws pertaining to the Iraqi minorities to preserve it.
According to a statement issued by the Information Office of the Jabouri, the latter met in his office, on Sunday, the private Secretary-General of the United Nations Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng.
The statement added that Dieng presented to the Speaker of Parliament a detailed review of his interest in the war committed by terrorist groups and Daash all crimes, stressing the keenness of the United Nations on the need to hold accountable all perpetrators of these crimes and bring them to justice.
Dieng pointed out that all the components of the Iraqi people have been subjected to these crimes and to the need to preserve the diversity of Iraq and to contribute to Parliament legislation laws that maintain no Iraqi reunion.
For his part, the Speaker of Parliament stressed the importance of the completion of the comprehensive national reconciliation file so as to enhance the country's stability and security, adding that the Parliament is keen to support any effort that would preserve the unity of the social fabric and national cohesion, and enhance the unity and synergy to meet the challenges and crises.

Jubouri said the House of Representatives of many of the laws that are waiting for approval by the vote, and that the laws of the jurisdiction, including the Iraqi minorities to preserve them and give them all the rights of Iraqi citizens.

Article Ends

So please stop all this chatter about this reconciliation being done. It is not for debate. How can it be done. Did you read my above explanation as to where we are?

It is far from being done. Stop looking for any crumb of evidence to support your so call intel “guru’s claim that this is done. Take off your RV goggles. Think for yourselves! This is getting very frustrating since many of you now can’t even read. 

Their words not mine, NO Hype, No Rumors just the FACTS.

Update: Iraqi Economy

I am including an article below that I believe is HUGE. I have listened to a couple of these recent intel calls and what I heard about analysis of this article just startled me. I do not understand how people are thinking about what is happening in Iraq.

Let me explain why I believe this article is very important.

First it is telling us there is shortage of the three zero notes in circulation in Iraq, of any dinar to use. They need more paper money to conduct business. We all know why 80-90 % of these notes have already been sucked out of circulation. It is in preparation for the newer notes, the lower denoms and the RV.

Second this article is a debate among many of the Iraqi economists. Each of these economist gives their own opinion on what to do about the faltering economy as related to the lack of currency.

Some economist think that printing more money will give Iraq more wealth and purchasing power. Later in the article this is disputed as printing and circulated more of Iraqi three zero notes currency would only “create more inflation and stagflation of their economy”. It would also “cause deterioration of the dinar exchange rate against the dollar and creates ill-high distribution of cash currency in the market becomes runaway inflation economy”.

Then Mr Mohamed Ali told / JD /: explains that  "Iraq today is fully dependent on import, so the reprint currency would not work in dealing with any economic problem."

Yet others say “The former Iraqi regime resorted to printing additional Iraqi currency, and put on the market during the nineties of the last century, when Iraq subjected to an economic blockade of an international led to financial bankruptcy and stop the economy in the country”.

The fact that they are even debating this issue and addressing the need to do something with the currency once again is excellent. This is what we want to see. So what will they do? Probably nothing since the CBI has the power to print more of the 3 zero notes and they are not about to do it now since they are so close to going international and they will have new currency already at the CBI for this event (the new lower denominations $5,10,20,50 etc,,).

How many article recently have we read where they are talking about doing something with their currency? At least one or more a week now. 

Remember this too – most of these economists do not know the overall currency reform plan and I can bet we know it better then they do. They do not know just how far the plan has already progressed. They do not know what is in stored for them coming up shortly.

Article Begins



BAGHDAD / JD / .. ruled out a number of experts and specialists in the financial and economic affairs the country's vulnerability to financial bankruptcy in the event of continued decline in oil prices, noting that Iraq has a large cash reserve and coming to the big his business cards production and export of crude oil increases, while underlining that in the event the country's vulnerability to bankruptcy government will resort to several options, including printing new currencies to address the crisis by the inflationary financing to create futures economic movement.

An official source at the Central Bank, said that "the country's vulnerability to financial bankruptcy is unlikely for several reasons, including that oil prices fall, but not up to Zero, as well as that Iraq is on the verge of significant increases rates of export of oil, as well as Iraq Atlk large cash reserve from which to create development projects as it is now in the Central Bank's program of six trillion developmental dinars, in addition to the existence of other non-oil resources can be activated such as agriculture , tourism, industry, taxes and other ", adding that" Bankruptcy is exposed to him under an international economic blockade, or states that it was fighting a major war.

"The source, who requested anonymity, told / JD /:" There are several options on the table with the government in the event that the country Financial filed for bankruptcy, including external borrowing from international banks as well as the printing of Iraqi currency and create inflation, stagflation, or the so-called funded budget to inflation, and this would convey the bankruptcy of the state to the community, as well as it will create layers in society wealthy layer and layer crushed and dramatically.

"He explained that" This option is bad because it will create a futures economic movement and located him severe accumulations, including the deterioration of the dinar exchange rate against the dollar and creates ill-high distribution of cash currency in the market becomes runaway inflation economy, the government may resort to this option, but not completely, but partially.

"The expert Alavtsada lion Mohammed Ali warned of resorting to a proposed Iraqi currency printed in the case of the country's vulnerability to financial bankruptcy, stressing that he could not repeat the nineties of the last century, the experience of the fact that Iraq at the time was the subject of the economic blockade and the international limited currency on the local trading depending on what is sold in the markets of local produce, as well as limited Iraqi economy and then on the internal circulation.

Mr Mohamed Ali told / JD /: "Iraq today is fully dependent on import, so the reprint currency would not work in dealing with any economic problem."

He called the economic expert to develop an effective and radical solutions from which to contain the crisis and the lack of impact on society.

For his part, an expert on financial affairs spokesman Hadi al-Tamimi, there are many solutions that can be resorted to in the event that the country's economic crisis Kberh may lead to bankruptcy, to encourage deposits and increase profits and the granting of loans by the Central Bank in accordance with the development programs to create an economic movement, in addition to supporting the private sector and make it a competitor for a year.

He said al-Tamimi told / JD /: "The launch additional Iraqi currency into the market could be a solution but it will cause great economic inflation will have future implications for the economy and will affect the dinar exchange rate against the dollar , it is partial and timely solution to the crisis, but for a limited period not exceeding 18 months. "

The former Iraqi regime resorted to printing additional Iraqi currency, and put on the market during the nineties of the last century, when Iraq subjected to an economic blockade of an international led to financial bankruptcy and stop the economy in the country.

Article Ends

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All, 
Mnt Goat


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