Wednesday Mnt Goat Update - "More WOW!!! News" Part 1 of 2

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Wednesday Mnt Goat Update - "More WOW!!! News" Part 1 of 2

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 12, 2015 5:33 am

UU6831 –“ More WOW!!! News “ by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

I want to wish everyone in USA a Happy Veterans day and to all members who served, not only in USA forces, but in any armed forces around the globe, in any country that supports freedom, compassion and love – Thank You!

Being a prior member of the armed forces myself for many years I am fully aware of the sacrifice and dedication that is needed.

Often while on military leave, upon returning home, you see a different perspective on the place you left behind. Sometimes you witness the folks going about their daily lives, their comfortable jobs and just living and enjoying their families. While your life is turned upside down fighting the bad guys and living often in harsh conditions. But you persevere and you sacrifice because you know there are going to be better days when it is all over. Soon someday this day does come and you are discharged. But the bad guys never seem to go away.
I now have my own family and we live in southern Germany now. I do enjoy the freedoms and I have two children and a loving hubby. Our business is good for our Gasthaus. We do not ask for much. Simply raising our children and having opportunities and money to enjoy my family is all I ask. What is wrong with just living simple and enjoying the small things. These so called small things may be small to others but I have come to realize I could not live without them. They are HUGE for me. They include my favorite hikes up the mountains, the peaceful times when I can sit with my two girls or watch them play in the alpine meadow, and then what about the loving hands of my hubby as he gracefully stokes my hair, looks kindly into my eyes and I know he loves me dearly. This is all simple freedom.

Some say that FREEDOM is not cheap and there is price to pay for it. I say they are foolish idiots. FREEDOM is totally FREE and there is no price for it. God has given us this gift. It is us who take it for granted and abuse it upon our fellow human beings. It is we who are stupid. We throw this gift away and then think we have to fight to get it back. We never learn our lesson and it seems we keep throwing it away and keep fighting to get it back.

We teach our children too that violence is being strong, that offense is the best defense. We spend so many hours a day watching violent TV and we keep telling ourselves it is only entertainment. Really? Do you not think this violence impacts your moods, dreams, and reactions? Could it maybe be at the root of some of the violence?

So why do be let it continue? Some say it is our freedom to watch what we want. Again I say to this we throw away our freedom by our daily choices and then we wonder later where it has gone. How about thinking about these choices for a change and realize they may be the wrong choices?

It is totally up to us as to know that this FREEDOM is a privilege only God has given us. Like so many privileges we do not understand the responsibility that comes along with them. Yes- it is a responsibility as to how you decide to treat other human beings. You always have a choice. You can decide to treat others with dignity and unselfish love or you can let those evil desires take control over you. There is always a choice and you just have to realize this choice too is part of the FREEDOM.

I am not saying it is always easy. I know it is hard. Oh boy there are times when I would just like too hammer someone. But in respect I reframe and remember they may not realize they have just hurt me so much and sometimes a not so violent reminder like a kind word does more good then harm.

Unfortunately there are those that do not realize this gift and do not want to work for opportunities to get ahead. They are lazy and would rather use excuses (like religion and ideals) for this laziness to plunder and take what is rightfully not theirs and others work hard to get. They abuse their own freedom. We see it now in this terrorism movement. If nothing else during this terrorist crisis you all need to truly understand the motives behind this terrorism movement.

Learn for yourselves but make sure you truly know the true motives and not just the ideals and propaganda used to recruit. In doing so you will see just this laziness and extreme need and struggle for world control, dominance and power and once again the plundering of the world’s wealth. There is nothing else. There is really no high and almighty ideals of freedom fighting involved or protecting loving families. Plain and simple - it is a struggle of greed and power.
So many of you now might be asking - what does this lecture on choices and freedom have to do with Veterans day? To all you who have to ask yourselves this question all I can say is this is my point. We simply do not understand what freedom is and truly how to be free.

So on this occasion of Veterans day I want to say - War is hell on earth and is evil. It should be banned permanently from the face of the earth. This should be the basis for all discussions on this matter.

You want to truly understand war?

Then join the military and get sent to the front lines. Or better yet have one of you own children go to war and lose that child. Or maybe experience having one of your siblings injured and see how it impacts his/her life. Yes- these are parts of the sacrifices we mention so many times. I guarantee you will soon become an anti-war activists.

There is nothing wrong with peaceful people or those apposed to war. Since this should be our natural state and someday we can become this too. Yes we can all truly be free. But this will not happen in supporting violent TV shows, video games, sports or any activity that fosters these tools of brainwashing of violence. We have become a violent society. Do you wonder why? It is up to us to tone down this violence. In fact it is part of our responsibility of our freedom to do so. You want to talk about freedom and preserving it? Well this is it.

So often we ask where does all this perpetual war come from? When will we finally have peace?

All I can say is in my life so far I have come to realize that it all begins at home with each and everyone of us.

When will we finally have peace on earth?
We will have peace when enough of us truly want it. It is really that simple!

Today’s News

Today is Wednesday November 11th. I know I just wrote a news letter yesterday but all the news is just so good I had to come to you again and tell you about what is now happening.


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Re: Wednesday Mnt Goat Update - "More WOW!!! News" Part 1 of 2

Post  Admin on Thu Nov 12, 2015 5:40 am

Wednesday Mnt Goat Update - "More WOW!!! News"  Part 2 of 2

Today is Wednesday November 11th. I know I just wrote a news letter yesterday but all the news is just so good I had to come to you again and tell you about what is now happening.

Can we possibly see an RV this coming weekend? I hesitate to give a timeframe so close to seeing many other events, that I believe still must happen prior to any RV, however I will say that the news on the currency reform subject matter is just amazing and all of it is just what we should expect prior to any RV. From it all we know that we are very, very  close to something happening in regards to the currency of Iraq.
We are soon moving into the third week of November already and we see this movement to get the budget completed by the end of the month. We are also now witnessing new pro-reform blocks arising. These new blocks have been the handy work of the Sadarist, Kurds, Hamid and of course orchestrated by Abadi.

I fully believe that they are doing this in order to slowly over take those apposing a free Iraq such as all these so  called Abadi reforms will bring. This new movement will create such a majority in parliament it will quicken the pace of the reform movement and we will finally see the needed laws that have been stalled.

I presented the article below. NO Hype, NO Rumors, just the FACTS.

I like this article because it is telling us many things that we suspected already.

First it is telling us the mandate to withdrawal confidence from the Abadi gov’t will not happen and I quote from the article -  “withdrawal of the parliamentary mandate of the head of government, except for the issuance of some individual statements of some of the characters that may not represent the opinion of a particular”

So all this garbage about any withdrawal of Abadi’s govt is just that – propaganda and foolishness from Maliki and his goons.

Again I quote from the article – “Revealed political sources, what it called the invisible hands which is seeking to block government reforms, indicating that the majority of those who damaged their interests and have lost their privileges by the implementation or the issuance of a number of decisions which they considered a violation of the mandate granted by Parliament to Ebadi as prime minister.

Remember everyone I told you to look for a breakup of the Dowa party and the State law coalition. This is happening as I write this news letter. This would have to happen to segregate Maliki and his goons yet more and isolate them politically. Looks like Maliki will no longer be heading the Dowa party. What does this all mean?

As I said in prior news letters too this isolation makes Maliki and his goons very venerable to the justice system since they no longer have any real political base to stand on. Also with the passing of the Parties law, this is the final nail in his coffin since the Dowa party or any party member for that matter can not longer support him due to his military affiliation. Since he was acting commander and chief of the armed forces in Iraq (refused to designate a permanent defense minister) he is automatically excluded from politics.

Maliki must be brought down prior to any RV. I still FIRMLY stand my ground on this conviction. Why? Because this will be the end to the Iranian influence, the level of influence that has disrupted and corrupted Iraq since the beginning of post war and the pulling out of USA troops in Dec 2011.  It is time for a new Iraq! We have been told over and over again this Iranian influence and its connection to terrorism and corruption in Iraq MUST END prior to getting fully out of sanctions. What is left for sanctions over Iraq?

Just the giving back their currency under Article 8 of Chapter VII sanctions. So do you see the connection?

In my last news letter (LINK) I also mentioned news of a swat team now being formed to serve arrest warrants on these “high” ranking officials for crimes as evidenced in the files from Chalibi. This is all happening so fast. We watch for this news in the coming days too.

Article Begins


A visit by the prime minister and the speaker of parliament to Najaf to meet with religious authorities there, mixed reactions in the popular and political circles, accompanied by visions variation on the implementation of government paper reform and anti-corruption campaign launched by the Prime Minister recently decisions, some led to the threat of the need to re-demarcation of the relationship between the three authorities and arrangement of the powers in accordance with the the meantime, see the corridors of Parliament Achtdada political ferment and split the parliamentary blocs into two streams, one in favor and supportive of the government and another conservative on some of those decisions and the mechanism for its implementation, which he described as «were not responsive to the ambitious».

According to sources close to the government, the prime minister is leading a quiet political mobility and an undeclared form a parliamentary bloc in support of his government to ensure the implementation of reforms and pass laws and legislation in the House of Representatives away from obstacles differences and rivalries between the political blocs.

Revealed political sources {morning}, what it called »invisible hands» which is seeking to block government reforms, indicating that the majority of those who damaged their interests and have lost their privileges by the implementation or the issuance of a number of decisions which they considered a violation of the mandate granted by Parliament to Ebadi as prime minister.

In the midst of these interactions, it did not announce any block so far and officially for real mobility for the withdrawal of the parliamentary mandate of the head of government, except for the issuance of some individual statements of some of the characters that may not represent the opinion of a particular block.

لا مواقف مضادة للحكومة No anti-government positions

The leader of the Supreme Islamic Council, Hamid burdensome, denied in an exclusive interview with «morning», the existence of any permit or formal talk of any party adopts an anti-government stance or reforms approved by pointing to the existence of some of the deputies who share in some reservations and observations, expressing It hoped that exceeded there to be real and meaningful, useful and fruitful reform process, stressing rejection of any party and its mass stand against reform or rejected or hindered.

ورقة المجلس الاعلى Sheet of the Supreme Council

He revealed burdensome for the most important paragraphs contained in the paper of the Supreme Council to support the government, noting that the Council had announced in advance, first and foremost is that the reforms in order to be realistic and real it is necessary to be unconstitutional and intersecting with the law so that it can not object to them from any of the parties political.

He added that the second paragraph states that the reforms must be comprehensive and not partial or Trgiah lest he look just like to soak up the street congestion and response to the demands of a transient, but comes in the framework of an integrated vision of a package of reforms ».

And the third paragraph, said the leader of the Supreme Islamic Council, said he «must be balanced reforms and that has the support of all political forces to be based on a strong and stable base without being challenged and be the focus of controversy and give and take, so that Parliament could be passed easily».

He added that the fourth paragraph indicates that the reforms must be radical, not cosmetic solution such as certain ministries, when we look at it realistically we find it just as the integration of the ministries remained ministries that are supposed to have been abolished and all its employees and their belongings ».

انطباع القوى السياسية The impression of political forces

And on reading the Parliament of government measures and reforms, Maaleh said the impression among some political forces is that the reforms «were not meet the ambitious», stressing that the current phase

Witnessing political mobility in order to translate those reforms and head of government paper and develop a program to achieve its objectives which they were intended.

He also stressed Maaleh need the government to support the parliament and support the parliamentary blocs to implement and pass legislation that supports the reforms, so there motionless sustained political with the prime minister, adding that the meeting, which was held last week and which was chaired by the Prime Minister with the political body of the National Alliance, was not a meeting in order to Collect supporters of the blocks present to the government, but rather was intended to reach understandings and communication between the political forces to be the House of Representatives on a line parallel with the government in its reform program, noting that consultations were on the level of heads of blocs and the presidencies of the executive and legislative authorities.

القاعدة الداعمة للاصلاح Support base for reform

He stressed the need to Maaleh that al-Qaeda Parliament in support of the march Government Reform provides, noting that the meeting was to discuss the demands made by the delegation of coalition forces, which were not not outside the framework of the political consensus paper, which was formed on the light of the government.

He said Maaleh that there is confusion between the rumors about the withdrawal of the mandate of the government and the withdrawal of confidence, saying, «We do not know whether this confused intentional or unintentional», pointing out that the withdrawal of the authorization is the process of redrawing or three of the powers of the authorities to install rights so as not to invest vote the former on the reforms package beyond what is likely to bear the vote.

Article Ends

In my last news letter (LINK) I talked about many GOLDEN NUGGETs. Wow!  In fact it seems almost weird how just in the last couple news letters I talked about looking for these signs to give an indication that an RV was on the near horizon. Do you remember these signs? Signs like Iraq telling of the project to delete the zeros, the launching of the lower denoms and coins, launching the 50k and 100k notes, float vs fixed, going international, etc, etc…

So then what happened?  Out pops all these articles in a matter of just days. Yes just days. All of them about the monetary reforms and setting up for the revaluation of the currency. I got to tell you I was not surprised since I expected this news any day and it had to come soon, since December is just around the corner. But I was shocked that this situation now could be so predicable and so logical.

As a result of this news I know someone from Iraq news media is reading my news letters. Probably getting them tweeted or reading Dinar Recaps. So I then thank whomever delivered this news to us and I can ask to keep the news media real, honest and keep it coming….lol….

So in this regards today is Wednesday and out pops another one of these GOLDEN NUGGETs. I included the article below. This is one for the launching of the 50k notes. Again it WOWED me !

We know the CBI can not launch these notes without also soon launching the lower denominations and coins and they can not do this unless they also have some kind of revaluation or significant increase in the value of their currency.

Something is going on here!  Lets see in the coming days what comes from all these GOLDEN NUGGETs as of lately on the currency reform subject. Seems possible too that maybe an RV prior to December could happen after seeing all this news lately. The rate they are moving is amazing.

Again it would not surprise me if they did move quicken even more on this currency reform program since the IMF has what they needed namely - the Investment law, cleaned up these money auctions, conducted IMF bank audits, Anti-money laundering bill, and soon a realistic 2016 budget, fully funded.

Article Begins


Sumaria News / Baghdad
Announced the Central Bank of Iraq, Wednesday, for issuing a new banknote fifty thousand Dinars category, attributing this to the completion of the Iraqi Securities monetary structure and the development of high-class value in circulation, as he emphasized that it contains "structures against attempts at counterfeiting.

Balastantsak." he said Bank in a statement received Alsumaria News, "it was issued banknotes category 50,000 thousand dinars dimensions of 65 mm width, 156 mm length, which is dominated by light brown except Framework decorations that took bold color," adding that "the purpose of the issuance is to complete Iraqi papers monetary structure and the development of high-value category in circulation. "

Article Ends

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat


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