Mnt Goat Saturday Update - "Going Ahead with “full” National Reconciliation" Part 1 of 2

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Mnt Goat Saturday Update - "Going Ahead with “full” National Reconciliation" Part 1 of 2

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UU6853 – “Going Ahead with “full” National Reconciliation ” by Mnt Goat

Guten Tag everyone,

I could write a book about this week’s events.

The information is pouring out of Iraq and it is very informative only many do not know the news and don’t really care to spread REAL news to you anyhow. All they look for is an ounce of unverified rumors to spread their hype. They are only worried about bank screen rates, talks in the mosques or planned celebrations in Baghdad.

Today I am going to talk mostly about the National Reconciliation since this is the basis and underlying foundation for just about every reform and effort being taken so far during Abadi’s administration.
But also we must not forget about the distractions of fighting of ISIS / DAASH and the economic crisis as these are obstacles to the needed reforms which are impediments causing delays and stalling.

However, in the long run we may have to wait a bit longer but as time passes progress in being made in all directions.

Instead of discouragement we all should be very happy because time has passed and the situation has changed. Remember those somber Maliki days? We only think it should have RV’s already because we hear this over and over again on their daily dose of hype.

What I am going to show you today connects the events we are now witnessing and how they are lining up for the final product of the RV in the near future.

No! - The plane has not yet landed and the pilot is just wating to get out of  the cockpit…….lol…(how foolish)

No! – The RV has not yet happened and we are not just waiting for an announcement…lol…lol…(how foolish).

Again today’s news is all good. I recommend you print it, sit back and relax, fluff up those pillows in your favorite chair. You might even want to get a nice hot cup of coffee or tea. This is going to be long read today.

Today’s News

Today is Saturday January 9th   2016 and yes we have ended the first week of the new year already and still no RV.

Oh- but it was supposed to RV last Tues or Weds according to some rumored bank memo  in Canada…really? A memo that was never seen or verified, yet the rumor was spread anyhow. Really? This was actually said on one of these so called “intel” calls.

So now we are seeing a network of misinformation, rumors and rubbish coming out of Canada. BE AWARE!

You wouldn’t mind it so much and can ignore it, except these so called intel “gurus” get this information too and actually use it on their calls as intel. Really?

So on with today’s news.

Update: Needed Laws

Parliament has been on recess since Dec 16th. This week they told us that parliament will discuss and vote on many important laws in the coming session after the legislation recess ends on Jan 19th, including the General Amnesty law, the law on the Prohibition of the Baath Party and the Federal Court Act.

Also good news on corruption in that they told us they are asking for permission to interrogate a number of officials including defense minister Khaled al-Obeidi , transport minister Bayan Jabar and requesting the judiciary to lift immunity on these MPs.

Article Begins


07:20:15 2016-01-07|(Voice of Iraq) –
Baghdad Legal Committee of Parliament announced the completion of most of the laws entrusted to it through the chapters legislatures past.

The committee member said Sadiq frankincense that "the Legal Committee was able to complete most of the important laws pertaining to the Iraqi street by putting touches on the laws that have not experienced a political consensus and bring in the views.

"He continued chewing gum that" the Commission is working on the completion of the Federal Court Act, the Justice and Accountability and the prohibition of the Baath Party and the law of oil and gas, what you need from a political consensus in the House of Representatives.

"It is said that the House of Representatives, was able to approve the Martyrs and the Law Foundation Law budget and a set of important laws.

Article Ends

WOW! Iraq is really under pressure to complete all of these remaining important laws. You know these laws. These are all the ones I have been talking about so long. Oh- boy this is very good news and we all should be very excited. Why?

I can tell you that Amnesty is part of the National Reconciliation and without there can be no finalization on this process without Amnesty. Remember the National Reconciliation is really the renamed “Erbil” agreement of 2008-2009.

For those of you that are new to Mnt Goat news letters I will explain this again for you since I feel for you and once I too was new to this investment.

So the “Erbil” agreement provisions were rolled over and renamed  the “National Reconciliation” effort in 2014  and there are a couple provisions I now need to address to everyone and once again help you tie together all these needed laws together.

I am doing this so you can see the importance of them and how close we are to having a “full” reconciliation.
First I must apologize since in a past news letter I stated this reconciliation was done and I could not be more wrong. This was another case of listening to someone who I trusted and thus “assumed” he knew what he was talking about. I was wrong and come to you today to set the record straight. I am not perfect and so I also make mistakes.

It has always been know there will be no financial sovereignty for Iraq (no RV) unless they implement the National Reconciliation. This is not up for any discussion and is one of the given facts we must accept and learn to live with. The sooner we accept it we can move on to now learning what it takes to get “full” reconciliation and then to see a possible timeline for it. But remember too this alone is alone in issues to resolve prior to an RV.

So if I was to group the issues of the National Reconciliation effort I would put them into three main areas of concern:

1)The government must “fully” implement the new Iraqi constitution (need the govt to be fully formed).

Why is this important to us?
Sometimes we forget that Iraq was a post war occupied country and with the help of the USA they wrote a new constitution to implement their newly found republic democracy.  This new constitution is no good just on paper. So unless it is implemented then how will the rest of the world know Iraq is serious about their democracy? This implementation is being used as the gauge by which the developed nations are observing Iraq .

This is important because this must include implementing Article 140, HCL and especially the Federation Council (renamed now to Federal Council). The constitution also specifies provisions of the Judicial branch and so we see serious reforms too needed in this area

This was all supposed to be accomplished by the end of the 1st Iraq Parliamentary session year ago. It is now the year 2016 and they are now entering the 3rd parliamentary session and yet they still have not yet implemented these agreements. This was supposed to be Maliki’s primary job in his last 4 year term. Yes – he had 4 years to do it and could not. We also can’t lose site of the fact that the new prime minister Abadi was also given the same mandate as Maliki in order to allow him to form his government and he too is now over a year in his office and still no “fully” formed government and completed National Reconciliation. So there is extreme pressure for him to act.

2) Part of the National Reconciliation also includes the General Amnesty law (letting  political prisoners out who were wrongfully accused of crimes without due process)   

In reality these were political prisoners who spoke out against the Maliki government and so they found a way to lock them up to silence them. This reconciliation process will release these prisoners and sort out the ones who should remain in jail (justifiably) and those who should be immediately released. There are  thousands of prisoners that fit into this category. To do this they will need a law and this is the Amnesty law.

Iraq just recently told us they fully plan to pass and implement this law in early February. This is a WOW news since we have been waiting for four years for this to be done. Will they really do it now? I believe they are now sincere at it this time.

3) Another part of the National Reconciliation is the “Decentralization” of the government. What does this mean? Decentralization the government is allowing the provinces self governing powers. Oh – but it is much more than that. It is an insurance policy against future corruption and dictatorship by the Baghdad government.

We have witnessed the implementation of this decentralization process over the last summer months (remember?). The first job of each of the new Abadi ministers was to supervise the rollover of the ministries to the provinces. Remember some were late and they had to play catchup.  This effort was concluded late but by mid October 2015 all but the National Guard part of it was completed. This law is still being held up for political reasons and the careful timing. But I assure you it too is coming soon.

For those that do not know, the National Guard law is the means to accomplish this effort and is very political and probably one of the most resisted and controversial of all the reform laws. Essentially it will take all private militias and outlaw them (this includes the occupying Iranian Kud forces). These militias will be given a chance to roll into a provincial Guard unit to be legal or be elliminated. So this process will identify who the real enemy is as they will use the rule “If you are not With Us you are Against Us” to sort them all out, then to fight those apposing the new law.

Remember back to 2011-2014 whenever we heard about all the daily bombings in the streets or mosques in Iraq?  Many said there will never be peace in Iraq. I jumped on those who made these statements since they are very short sited. I then said man can accomplish anything  if only he puts his mind to it. Remember man is made in the likeness of God and God is good. Peace is ALWAYS an option and is the natural state of mankind not war. War is brought on by evil entities that thrive and survive by the misery of others and war certainly is miserly on the planet earth.

Who do you think was instigating these daily bombings? Many of you thought these bombings to be random acts of madness and terrorism. Really?  Random - hell they were ! Just shows how much you really did not know about Iraq and the overall plans for the country. Do you think the citizens accept this violence everyday?  How would you like to see your children grow up and be threatened with this constant everyday violence? So the citizens know they desire peace and if there is a will there is a way.

These bombings were well thought our reprisals acted by the Maliki and his goons using their private militias. When the USA army left at the end of 2011 Maliki and his goons saw this as an opportunity to resurge the Saddam Hussein mentality and try to take of the country. They instigated this terror (bombings and killings) anytime they did not get their way politically. They did this  to show parliament and the people who was really in charge. So do you see how this is all so interconnected with getting rid of the private armies and how this change can affect the political side too.

Now can you see that these men were the perpetrators of terrorism in their own country?  These were acts of treason. These bombing didn’t just happen as they were well thought out by the highest level leaders of Iraq perpetrated on the people and any political opponents. This is why you can’t have private armies / militias running around self subservient to politicians. So part of the Reconciliation effort is to clean up all these private militias and you can now see why this is important.

They already passed the Parties law and this law makes it illegal to affiliate with any militia or terrorist group if you are in a political party. Since politicians are associated with a party they too can not be affiliated with these organizations. Not only can’t they then hold a political office, they can be convicted of  terrorism since it is also a provision in the new Terrorism law. Gottem coming and gottem going…lol…You must be totally impartial to be a politician once all these laws are completed. So as long as they still exist there can be no reconciliation. No Reconciliation -No RV !  Get it ?

So you see how delicate,  interwoven and maybe even use the word complicated to describe it all. It is not all that simple to just RV when you want to RV. There is a lot going on yet to resolve and fix.

In my last news letter (LINK) I talked about many of these needed laws and presented timelines being given to us by the government of Iraq. So today and going forward I will continue to give you updates on these timelines.

I suspect these timelines will be adjusted as time goes on and we need to track them. Once we see progress in these needed  laws, progress with ISIS and DAASH in Mosul then we will see the Reconciliation being molded to conclusion like a ball of clay being molded by its potter. As we move more into January I have no doubt the news about currency reform will once again heat up as it will be then time for the CBI to address it and begin the process to delete the zeros again.

Article Begins


Iraqi security guards outside the main door of the Central Prison Baghdad -

Twilight News / Federal Authority confirmed that it is not the role of the general amnesty the controversial law, to Avnh that the government is one of the submitted a draft law to parliament.

The judge said Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar spokesman for the judiciary in an interview with Lord of Twilight News, "The Council of Ministers is of the submission of the draft general amnesty law."

Bayraktar said that "the project and according to our information exists in the House of Representatives responsible for the approval," adding that "the power Federal Judicial no role in the enactment of the law.
"He added that" the role of the Supreme Judicial Council was confined to form a committee made observations about the law. "

And who is due to the Iraqi parliament voted on the amnesty law next Tuesday, after the amendments and postponing lasted for more than a parliamentary session.

Article Ends

Article Begins


Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: announced the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives by a sound Shawki, on Wednesday, said the general amnesty law completed all his readings and discussions and vote by the parliament at the beginning of next February, while pointed out that disabled the Federal Court Act for the Kurdistan Alliance. He said Shawki's "


THE FEDERAL COURT ACT ALSO COMPLETED OUR READINGS OF LAW AND DEBATES AND VIEWS ON IT, AND REMAINED ONE ISSUE PENDING A COURT MEETING AND VOTE IN THE COURT, "noting that" the majority opinion says that the court meeting is two thirds and vote on decisions also the consensus of the two-thirds , but contrary to the Kurdish side view and wants the court meeting also unanimously and unanimous vote.

 "He said Shawki that" blocs objected to the opinion of the Kurds and promised to disable the role of the Court, Aftrhawwa opinion, another to be the voice of the President of the Court and his deputy within two-thirds, because one of the Vice-President will be Kurdish " . He pointed out that "their opinion this also he did not find acceptable, but that it is still in dispute, but during the next legislative term will be to resolve all differences on the law," likely that "during which the vote on the laws amnesty and the Court."


Article Ends
Here is the article earlier from in the week.

Article Begins



Parliamentary Legal Committee announced that the new legislative term will vote on three important laws in the forefront of a project of the Federal Court Act.

A member of the Committee to Morshedi: "There is a set of laws has first and second reading and completed discussions on them between the blocs and parliamentary committees and you just need to vote in agreement with the leaders of the blocks."

"The ready-made laws of the vote is the Federal Court and the Federal Service and amnesty, as well as a draft e-Crime Bill and the Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law."

He pointed out, "it was narrowing differences in the Federal Court Act except for paragraph 12 of the draft law concerning the quorum convene and vote on decisions of the Court."

"The general amnesty law is still under discussion for the study of the compatibility of the draft law with constitutional provisions and then introduced to a vote," noting that "the parliamentary Commission included a proposal for the inclusion of liquor within the project Drug and Psychotropic Substances Act, which is currently prepared with the Committee on Health and Environment in Parliament."

Morshedi pointed out that "the inclusion of liquor that the draft law came as psychotropic substances according to the opinion of the Committee on Health and the Environment of the proposal adopted by a number of deputies," pointing out that "the House vote to adopt that view will make the liquor is prohibited by law."

Article Ends

Next let us talk about the Customs and Tariffs law.

Mnt Goat Saturday Update - "Going Ahead with “full” National Reconciliation"  Part 2 of 2


Next let us talk about the Customs and Tariffs law. According to sources in Iraq, parliamentary finance reveal activation of customs tariffs starting from Friday 01/01/2016. We wait to hear the results. So far we see that progress is very slow. We are getting bits and pieces of them trying to establish common boarder crossing procedures such as announcing today the launch of the ePassport and electronic gates at border crossing points in the country.

Next let us discuss two more very important laws that also must be passed or no RV. I have also told you many times about these two laws including 1) OIL AND GAS LAW (HCL) and 2) FEDERAL COUNCIL (FEDERATION COUNCIL).

So recently out pops this article that is telling us the current status of these laws.  These laws are mandated by the UN and the USA and are part of “fully” implementing their constitution, which is needed prior to any RV.
Update: HCL

Let’s talk about the Hydrogen Carbon Law (HCL)

First of all do many of you really know what the HCL is? I just told you what the acronym stands for but do you know what it means?

Remember that oil right now is 90% of the cash cow for Iraq. There is little diversification for revenues (future plans). This of course will change over the next 5 years since Iraq has learned their lesson over this latest economic crisis such as in the drop of oil prices. So how do they manage this precious commodity of oil?

The coalition forces were not stupid. They knew that when they help draw up the new constitution for Iraq they must put some provisions in it to mandate that oil revenues be used appropriately for the country as a whole and not scarped up by some powerful politicians, neighboring countries and used for personal wealth/gain.

Thus the new constitution included provisions allowing  for sharing of the oil revenues which include: How the revenues will be collected, held and distributed? Who will make the oil deals (sell the oil) ? Who will pump it?  How will the quotas be established?  Mandated distribution of excess oil revenues must go to the people, much like they do in the USA Alaskan oil pipeline. After all if you have a democracy the wealth belongs to all the citizens. So how do they implement this oil and gas provisions in the constitution?  This is the oil and gas law or so called the hydrogen carbon law (HCL).

So I presented just a brief outline of the issues in dealing with the Iraqi oil and creating fairness. I can assure you it is much more involved and so can you see why they are taking so much time. It is also very controversial.

But there is a more important part to HCL. This is the part you all really want to know about. Some say this part is the reason why HCL is being  intentionally with held from the final gazette publication . What I am about to tell you is the connection between the RV and HCL. LISTEN CAREFULLY!

In the new constitution it specifies that the oil revenue sharing to the people will be equivelant to about $1.17 of US dollars. What does this mean?

This is the LEGAL EXCUSE for the CBI to jump the rate of the dinar up to and just over the par value with the US dollar. In fact it is a mandated excuse by the Iraqi constitution. Did you hear me? I told you many times that all of a sudden on day the CBI will pop out the new rate. This in one source that gives them the mandated legal right to do it.  Certainly the rate is not going to float from where it is like many are following…how foolish!  There are a couple other ways too and I will talk about them next. But the key is once they do pop out this new rate they must be prepared to sustain it and let the free markets drive it going forward. Are they ready? NO!

But what does this really mean?
It means that when they pass the HCL and president Masuam ratifies it we could see a change in the rate to meet this mandate. But this is only true when and if they decide to pay the oil shares to the people. They could still hold back longer if they wanted. But why would they?  Maybe because they need a delay due to their economic situation? Anyhow…..

Now the other reason to that mandates a significant increase in the value of the dinar is the payment of on the long term government pensions. Again the constitution mandates that pensions will be paid out on an equivalent to $1.13 to the US dollar. These payments coincide with the launching of the new National Card (new SMART card). We have seen them struggling now for over a year attempting to get these cards completed. The delays were caused mostly due to ISIS occupying the regions. Now that they are being cleared will we see a completion of this effort? We are now hearing this may happen very soon as they now are distributing these cards to people in the areas just free of ISIS occupation. So this is the second way they are legally mandated/obligated to pop out an increase. Again I say they can hold if back due to the economic situation as long as they need to but certainly not forever.

But there is a third way too to legally allow the increase in the value of the dinar. This is through the launching of the lower denominations and the minted coins. This is the “official” process of the reintroducing of the permanent currency (going from post war isolation to international) through currency reform.

What do I believe will happen?
I believe all three events will happen consecutively started by the currency reform and then payments out on the National cards will be loaded with the new rate for Pensions and HCL funds. These will all occur simultaneously. This is the plan I am hearing from my Iraq government contact.

So if you are smart you can connect the dots here and see that they are trying to plan all these three events together since they do not want to payout HCL or Pensions money with the new rate unless they are ready to launch the lower denominations at the same time. Is it hard to understand?

You can’t mix apples with oranges and expect to get the same juice (results) so it is too with this process.

Think of it this way – How could you pay out $1.17 for HCL and manage the currency? How could this be done unless you had the lower denominations out. But remember too these payments are on the cards and the cards are debit cards to be used at the markets so no real cash is transacted  unless you go to an ATM machine or the bank to get cash (hard currency). This is where it would get sticky and hard to manage without a paper currency in the lower denominations to back up these new rates.

Can you see the connection? Imagine taking your $25,000 note to the market place and it is now worth $25,000 x $1.17 = $29,250.00 USD.  How would the merchant make change for you? They would need all these $25,000 notes exchanged first so the risk of using them in the market would be less. Remember too they would also need the adjust the prices down for inflation adjustment (now deflation) and so they would need the lower denoms to do this.

Certainly the CBI is NOT now floating the rate of the dinar as we can watch and see the CBI can not control the value of the dinar. So if you are watching it daily in expectations that it will float up to the needed rate just over one US dollar – good luck with that since it is a waist of your time. But then again those that do this do not know the process or listen to those that do. They are stubborn and will have it only their way which is the wrong way.

I know many of you are confused over the HCL since you heard from Iraq in the past it was passed many times already. So let me address this concern now.

All I can add to this is we must be careful on “what” legislative branch completed and where they were in their process of the law. We must pay attention to what the article is referring to when they say “passed”. I have warned everyone of this mistake in the past.

We must ask ourselves – Where is the law being passed? Was it in the council of ministers?. Was it passing in the Kurdistan parliament? Was it passing in the house of representatives - parliament ?

Remember these are three separate legislative entities and all must at some time “pass” the HCL through. But the final voting will be the GOI parliament and this is now what they are talking about. This is now what we need.

What the past news did tell us was the HCL was passed and completed in the Kurdistan parliament and then we witnessed the passing in the council of ministers. Just recently we read more on the amendments going through the Kudistan and the council of ministers again dealing with the Kirkuk oil issue (I talked about this many times).

So where do they stand today as I write this news letter? The HCL must officially go through the GOI and be voted on and passed by parliament. I believe the are stalling this for reasons I described above. According to my explanation above is that once they do pass the HCL in parliament of the GOI and implement it they must launch a significant increase in the rate of the dinar, as mandated. So can you see why they could stall this as long as the want until they are ready for some kind of RV. Places they can still stall it – taking the final vote, ratify it by president Masuam and then they must still  publish it in the gazette. So three more hurdles to go…lol…lol…

There is no sound or logical basis to back up this claim that is all done and passed.

Today  I present three very important articles on the HCL. You can see the timeline and sequence of what they are planning to do and how it will all play out. I have never seen so much pressure and enthusiasm before about getting HCL done. Why?

I have just told you why in my above explanation as they need to soon pop out the HCL money on the National cards to the people and coordinate this effort with the launching of the lower denominations with the project to delete the zeros.

So from this news letter you now know the three ways they can significantly increase the rate of the dinar and how they need to coordinate all these 3 events carefully as not to foul it up.

So remember this going forward and apply it to what you read and hear

So thinking about this we are told they intend to continue the project to delete the  zeros in late  January / early February 2016. Can you now see the urgency to getting 1) the National Cards done 2) HCL done 3) getting whatever they need to do to complete the National Reconciliation (the needed laws). All of these events will bring the power needed to significantly increase the value of the Iraqi dinar. Can you see why I am so excited and so should you. The only question is can they do it on time? I believe strongly this is their new target.

I quote from the articles below - "Iraqi news agency", that "all outstanding problems between the Kurdistan Alliance and other alliances have been resolved once and for all, but the oil and gas law, which is still pending until the moment."

So what is the timeline for the vote on the HCL?

Again I quote from the articles below – “A member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, beauty Panthers, Sunday, continuing disagreements political blocs legislation on oil and gas law, expected arrival at the Parliament of the government DURING THE MONTH”  (meaning the month of January 2016).

So we wait and watch as this month is going to be another pivotal month for Iraq. I suspect that if we don’t get the RV in January and we have to move into February we will be soo do damn close to the start up of the currency reform again that the hairs will be standing up on our necks in anticipation….lol….lol…

But do yourselves a favor….please do not tune into these so called “gurus” conference calls that do not give you any real news. Spend your time instead doing your own research and re-reading the articles. You will be much better off and with less anxiety when the RV does not happen tomorrow as these people claim it will. Just remember too the law of Karma – “what goes around, comes around”.  There is no escaping this principle as the universe works in strange ways to right the injustices.

Article Begins


Deputy for the coalition of Kurdish blocs stressed the need to pass the House of Representatives legal oil and gas and the Federal Council during the current year 2016.

Said Abdul Bari Zebari told all of Iraq news, "THE APPROVAL OF OIL AND GAS LAW IN 2016 should be among the priorities of Parliament, as it will be a modern arena during the coming days, the fact that most of the problems arising because of him."

He said Zebari to "THERE ARE OTHER LAW JUST AS IMPORTANT AS OIL AND GAS LAW, THE FORMATION OF THE FEDERAL COUNCIL, because the constitution stipulated that formed during the first parliamentary session and we are now at the third session and the project remains unclear."

He stressed that "the Federal Council is the guarantee and the bumper of any law imposes a majority in the House of Representatives and is also a guarantee of blocks, components and Afez their rights, because he can now majority to impose any law you want to do, especially with the absence of a right of opinion for the Presidency.

"He was a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Razak Mahabs, expressed in 13 of October in 2015, for the determination of the committee drafting a new project for oil and gas in the event of the government delayed sending to the House of Representatives.

The Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, said in a 30 June 2015, the oil and gas law still hang at the government.

The oil and gas law of important laws , but he had previously introduced in the previous legislative session of Parliament, did not get the agreement passed.

It is said that the Federal Council Law also still hang not be approved

Article Ends

Article Begins


Baghdad - INA / A member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, beauty Panthers, Sunday, continuing disagreements political blocs legislation on oil and gas law, expected arrival at the Parliament of the government during the month.

Joker and said the "Iraqi news agency", that "all outstanding problems between the Kurdistan Alliance and other alliances have been resolved once and for all, but the oil and gas law, which is still pending until the moment."

He added that "there is substantial negotiations are in full swing in order to resolve the enactment of the law after receiving the Council of Ministers during this month."

He pointed out that "the enactment of the law will ensure the right of the provinces producing oil and gas in the coming budgets without entering discussions and speculations on the legislation."

Article Ends

Article Begins


BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab

Confirmed for the Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives it is continuing to work to accomplish for the regulation of oil exports and imports generated by this wealth bills, stressing the need to oil exports increase in practice through the preparation and the creation of laws pertaining to this matter, to be presented for discussion at the Council House and voted on and then approved.

The Chairman of the Commission on oil and energy Ares Abdullah, the "morning": that "the Committee examined and discussed in their meetings laws referred to it projects, for the purpose of submission to the House of Representatives, to read a first reading, and to address the government on its position on the formula that you have sent in Previous laws to the Commission, and the formation of a sub-committee members, to determine the priorities of the laws referred to, such as the draft second amendment to the law on investment in the crude oil No. 64 filter for the year 2007, and the law exempting foreign companies and sub-contractors and foreign contractors in licensing rounds of fee contracts in the bill law ", adding that" The committee expressed its observations on the recent law.

"share petrodollars
said Abdullah," The Committee also discussed the draft law to determine the provinces producing and non-producing share, as expressed observations on the wording of a number of materials, particularly Article 3 of the law relating to the validity of the Council of Ministers reconsider the percentages granted to the provinces producing oil, as the Commission decided to agree on the abolition of this article, and voted to proceed introduced a draft law on the presidency of the Council with a view to legislation.

 "He continued that" the Committee also discussed the topics finance the federal budget for 2015 and accruals oil companies operating in rounds licenses and Midland Refineries Company in the presence of the parliamentary finance committee. "

Statement of the oil agreement
He revealed Abdullah, for the issuance of the Commission statement on Baghdad and Erbil oil agreement, with the announcement that the Iraqi governorates outside the Kurdistan region will get the 83 percent of imports exporting oil region in the event of the success of the implementation of the agreement Alnafty.odaa Committee's statement, all parties and political blocs to ensure the success of this agreement in the best interest of the people, especially that this agreement will support the Iraqi economy and contribute to bridging the deficit in the general budget of the country through imports of oil Alakulaim.obin that "the supervisory role played by the committee was important to discuss the issue of lack of staff of the Ministry of Industry companies pay of being self-financing companies and unproductive now, where it was agreed to discuss the matter with the Finance Committee to reach a solution, and discuss the reasons for non-arrival of the product to the citizens in Anbar province and sell it on the black market or smuggled to Daash ".

Alternative energies
Furthermore, said Chairman of the Oil and Energy Committee, to the host and Electricity Minister Qassim Fahdawi and officials in the ministry, came to discuss the ministry's plans for electricity production until the year 2020 and to activate the investment side in the sector and re-pricing of Alkahraba.oadav wages "as members of the Committee discussed ways to achieve reliance on alternative energies, and the factors that hinder the arrival of the oil product to Anbar province, where it was agreed to Overture Anbar Operations Command and other security agencies to make a list of the names of the liberated areas and finding safe ways to deliver these products.

"He noted the Chairman of the Commission on oil and energy to the host committee for the Oil Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and a number of general managers in the ministry, to discuss the recent oil understanding between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and discuss plans developed by the Ministry of Oil in regards to the production and export of crude oil for 2016, its future prospects and benefits companies within the licensing rounds.

Distribution of wealth
In turn, Deputy Chairman of the oil Bahadli, "The visits of the Commission to the Kurdistan region, discussed the oil policy in the region, and the willingness of the Ministry of Natural Resources to cooperate with the federal government to resolve all outstanding issues and agree on communication and coordination between the two sides and work on the convergence of views as part of the role Supervisory Committee.

"said Bahadli" morning ": that" it was agreed to a legal oil and gas, financial resources and the equitable distribution of the wealth of the Iraqi people and the concerted efforts to fight Daash approval, being the enemy of all, "revealing the conclusion of a memorandum of understanding between the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary and the Committee on Industry and energy and natural resources in the region's parliament, includes a number of principles and see, supervision and follow-up on the agreements between the federal and provincial government in the oil, power, gas and natural resources areas of agreements and work on sustainability and implementation and to identify the obstacles they face and to express an opinion to the convergence of views, pointing out that the note included the principle of joint cooperation to study the draft laws relating to oil and gas, energy, natural resources and other relevant laws under the Constitution.

Bilateral agreements
Draw Bahadli that the committee visited the Maysan province, to attend a conference Exhibition and Conference Misan Second International Energy and Construction (science, technology and means of development and innovation), and visit one of the oil wells in the Halfaya field for the functioning of the said meeting field with a field project Halfaya Chinese company manager ( Petro China Halfaya) for the company's work mechanism and put the problems and constraints affecting the Amlha.obin "The committee met with French Ambassador Marc Baretti to Iraq, economic adviser at the embassy to discuss the situation in Iraq in the areas of security, economy and ways to develop relations and common interests to serve the two countries, especially in the oil and energy sector Coinciding with the decline in oil prices in the world markets
and lack of stability. "

Article Ends

Update: Currency Reform

We still await for the “official” word from the CBI to allow the distribution of the new lower denominations. We know this must first be accompanied with a significant increase in value and we are told it will be a 1:1 par value with the US dollar.

This is NOT the RV but an inflation adjustment and only an incentive to  “dedollarize” the economy and reverse the trend in demand from the US dollar to the Iraqi dinar thus increase the demand for the new lower denominations. This would thus allow Iraq to withdraw or “de-dollarize” their economy as they would suck up US dollars are replace them with the lower denominations. This would happen because the citizens would migrate towards the new dinar since it would be worth more than the dollar.

Do they need a very significant increase in order to do this?
NO! All they need in-country is a value to the new dinar to be just over a dollar to create this incentive.

Is this the RV we have been waiting for?

NO! – this move to a 1:1 par with the US dollar ($1.13, $1.17) is just an inflationary measure they will undertake. The full RV ($4.00+) we are waiting for will come later  and will depend on how stable the economy is and how this whole process works out. It may take longer or it may be shorter.   

Next I am presenting the article below to tell you not to panic over this news. Again this news is only a suggestion not an action.

This article talks about a proposal. It is only a PROPOSAL put on the table by parliament to try to find a way to pay the salaries since they are under such pressure to do so. Some news station got a hold of it and published an article on it. So relax.

I quote from the article – “"The central government has received proposals by some parliamentary bodies and a number of ministers, requires raising the value of the dollar to 200 thousand dinars per hundred dollars”

Article Begins


Tomorrow Press / Baghdad:
Heading the Iraqi government, during the current year to raise the value of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar to 200 thousand dinars for every $ 100, instead of 120 thousand dinars, including an attempt to cover employees' salaries.

A source in the Finance Committee of the House of Representatives, who declined to reveal his name, in an interview for "tomorrow Press", "The central government has received proposals by some parliamentary bodies and a number of ministers, requires raising the value of the dollar to 200 thousand dinars per hundred dollars, in order to fill The cover staff salaries, which have become the government unable to pay in light of the continuing decline of oil prices. "The source added that" the only aggrieved of this procedure is the employee, where the prices of goods will rise in full, as the Iraq imports simplest things from abroad because of the lack of local industries and the payment of such goods prices. "

Article Ends

Next I present to you an article about these gold coins, many of you have already heard about. So what does this article tell us and why is it important to the RV?

First they told us they were planning this effort back last January 2014 but postponed it. Why?
I believe they postponed this effort back then because they were not ready to move on the process of currency reform and move to the next step. I believe these coins will such in yet more of the 3 zero notes but more significantly will create some stability in the existing currency and help to push up its value overtime.

Second they have come right out and told us this move is related to currency reform since what is the mandate for the CBI?

I quote from the article itself – “the foundations of an independent Iraqi Central Bank as a bank under the law issued on the sixth of March 2004, as an independent body, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies being sessions daily for buying and selling currencies.”

So they are up to something with these gold coins and there is much more than meets the eye…lol…let’s watch and see how all this plays out.

Article Begins


Alsumaria TV
Thursday January 7, 2016 15:09

Alsumaria News Baghdad   Central Bank, Thursday called on banks to purchase gold coins gold, while noting the arrival of a coin 100 dinars, the price reached 720 thousand dinars.

The Bank said in a statement the Sumerian news copy, ' with a view to diversifying public savings and to ensure he receives 24 karat gold has partnered with an international company of 5000 minted a commemorative gold coin ', adding that ' coins are of class 100 dinars weighing 15 grams to eighty-fourth anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi Monetary Authority 1930, plus a 5000 JD 250 class coin weight 22 grams to mark the eighth anniversary of the founding of the Iraqi Central Bank in 1947.

The Bank said it received the first of these coins that weigh 15 gram ', stating that he ' will be offered for sale through banks that will define them.

He said that the bank was determined the sale price of banks on the basis of cost and out of Baghdad International Airport plus administrative Downloads 1% of the cost to be the price per minted from this category by 720 000 dinars. '

 The Central Bank, in January 2014, its intention to sell gold different weights for those wishing to purchase it from the citizens, adding that he began contracting procedures for imported and then sold through the banking system.

And the foundations of an independent Iraqi Central Bank as a bank under the law issued on the sixth of March 2004, as an independent body, which is responsible for maintaining price stability and the implementation of monetary policy, including exchange rate policies being sessions daily for buying and selling currencies.

Article Ends

Iraq News Sources-Self Education

I have talked about all of you dinarians getting control of your own news and finding sources first hand to get all the news you need to know for yourselves. How can you trust these conference calls and info they distribute the to public?

Stop listening to these so called intel “gurus” and their conference calls who think they know it all and yet know very little of nothing of any value that you truly need to know.

Now I am giving you the links to some common online news sources s that you too can research for yourself. Good luck and happy reading!

Please copy these down or save this news letter.

Note: This is the last time I am going to publish these news sources.

Here is a very good translator engine if you need one. I do not recommend the google translator.


NO Hype, NO Rumors, just the FACTS !
Update: Fighting ISIS

Article Begins


History of edits:: 2016/1/7 18:56 • 47 visits readable

Carried out the Iraqi air force and the international airline alliance raids targeted several hideouts and gatherings of terrorist gangs Daash in Salahuddin and Nineveh.

A statement from the Joint Special Operations Command, received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "the aircraft air force carried out strikes targeted a gathering of terrorist elements Daash in Samarra Island resulted in the killing of tens of terrorists and wounding others and destroying 12 wheel, according to the CIA and federal investigations Information in the Ministry of internal.

"The statement added that" coalition aircraft carried out an air strike targeted locations and concentrations of elements Daash terrorist in the district of Tal Afar, Sinjar and urban areas, based on the agency's knowledge.
"The statement continued, the raids resulted in the destruction of a number of the wheels and killed 15 terrorists and processing store an improvised explosive device in Alaaadih Pasha longitudinal area at the entrance of Tal Afar, Osafaran fully stored destruction and killing a number of terrorists.

"The strikes have killed a large number of terrorist Anasrdaash including Arabs citizenship and the destruction and burning of a number of Jlathm, in the urban area." addressed raids also a number of mined wheels in Village Tmarat and the Hranh, and resulted in the killing of nine terrorists and injuring seven others and destroy all the wheels.

In addition, the raids targeted a large gathering of terrorist elements Daash in hand Alkiroan- Blige south of Sinjar and 3 wheels bomb Cyril type resulted in the destruction mined wheels and killed 18 terrorists and injuring 9 others.

"As the raids targeted Crane and two leaders in the village of Mullah Daash Jassim of the district of Tall Afar were used to booby-trapping wheels and rocket manufacturing, where Alucran been destroyed completely and kill all the terrorists inside"

Article Ends

One more item today:

Let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe their success is in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing.

“Lord, protect Abadi and all who stand with him in righteousness, the Iraq and Coalition Soldiers who are fighting the good fight against terrorism, that they would be shielded from the enemy and would be Victorious against them! We ask that the Victory comes swiftly and healing of the Iraqi peoples and all whom have been effected by these evil doers can begin!

We pray for the process of the currency reform, the full implementation of  the Iraqi economy to full  international status and the bringing of prosperity and wealth to its people“  Amen!

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
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