European Bank advised clients to sell everything except bonds

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European Bank advised clients to sell everything except bonds

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January 12, 2016 15:29
"Royal Bank of Scotland" bank recommended its clients to prepare for a catastrophic global crisis, warning them that the major stock markets could fall by a fifth, the price of a barrel of oil will decline to $ 16.

The team wrote the credit of the bank in a note sent to clients and the bank Aguetbsthe newspaper "The Telegraph": "We recommend to sell everything except high-quality bonds."

According to analysts, "Royal Bank of Scotland," the markets appear similar to those indicators saw before before the global crisis in 2008.

He predicted Andrew Roberts, head of the credit department of the bank falling European markets and Wall Street Stock Exchange by about 10% -20% this year, while the predicted landing the British stock index "FTSE 100" less.

In the energy markets, oil prices fell by about 20% since the beginning of this year under the weight of mounting supply glut and the deterioration of the Chinese economy and stock market turmoil as well as the rising dollar, which makes oil more expensive for countries using other currencies to buy it.

He said traders and analysts said the growing glut of supply and a slowdown in the Chinese economy are the main reasons for the price fall more than 70% since mid-2014 and began to also point out that the dollar put pressure on the crude factor.

Ouestaan ​​Princeton Managing Director of transactions in the trading of crude oil Strong in Singapore Petroleum Company believes that the primary driver of price is oversupply, and that the oversupply turn into a surplus products storage and start running out prices will experience more pressure and collapse.


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