Mnt Goat Friday Update - "Catching Up With My Old Friends" Part 1 of 2

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Mnt Goat Friday Update - "Catching Up With My Old Friends" Part 1 of 2

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Hello Everyone,

It has been very, very busy at the guest haus these last couple weeks and business has been very good. We must make our money when we can get it…lol…The winter season is slowly winding down and we can see hints of spring already in the valleys of the alps.
Once again we are beginning to plan for our annual Maibaum (or Maypole) tradition. Seems like just yesterday we had this fest where is the time going?

There is losts of planning for this event and it is going to take place the weekend of Pentecost (Whitsun) Sunday this year. This tradition is especially strong in our village in the Bavarian Alps where the raising of the traditional maypole in our square is a cause for much celebration. The pole is painted in the Bavarian colours of white and blue and decorated with emblems depicting local crafts and industry of our little village. Most importantly traditions like this one brings unity and comradeship to all people of the village. It is a time we all gather together, plan and work hard to bring this event.

As you may know we Germans have a beer tradition too and many ask if we do anything special in this regard for Maibaum. Yes- we do have a special beer in my village for this occasion (go figure!). Our very small brewery makes a tasty Maibock in the tradition of the German style Bock beer. The beer is only released in the spring and it is a tasty, rich flavored and fresh beer but very strong. It also comes after the lentil season, a time of sacrifice and prayers for our village.

This beer is the perfect way to say good riddance to a long winter season…lol…lol…. So you can see there are lots of reasons (I only mentioned a few) for the Maibaum celebrations. Wish you all could join us!

So I come to you today after three more weeks more of winter have passed. Today I wanted to fill you all in on just what is going on and catch up to the latest news.

As usual there has been lots of rumors and nonsense floating around about the RV already taking place and these same people keep saying we are just “waiting our turn to exchange”.

Really? This of course is total nonsense and continues to be nonsense as it has over the last 4-5 years. How could we be just waiting all this time? There is absolutely no factual evidence of any revaluation occurring.

So I will tell you one more time – The revaluation of the IQD has NOT yet happened but there is a new target date and I will tell you today what and why I believe this new date seems plausible.

Today’s News

Today is Friday March 4th, 2016 and still no RV.

Once again I will tell you to watch Iraq the CBI, Finance Ministry and Parliament. Only these areas will give us CLUES as to when we can expect any significant increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar. The CBI actually told us out straight that they plan to inform the people on an ongoing basis the steps in the currency reform process. They seem to be doing just that. So we do not have to listen to nonsense about “funds being moved around” or “people already being paid out”. This other stuff is all nonsense with motivation to get you to buy more currency. I also have warned you in the past about this gross speculation on these other currencies especially the Iranian Rial, Vietnamese Dong and Zimbabwe Zim.

So we know the fate of Iraq is in the hands of the Iraqi people as they try to move to a nonsectarian government. As government that can finally work cohesively and effectively together. When we see this happen we will see the full implementation of there constitution and the much needed (and mandated) laws to support it.

The wealth from the oil fields must be shared with the people of Iraq and not horded and manipulated by the government officials in power. With dropping of global oil prices it is more imperative than ever that Iraq find the mechanisms to diversify their economy and find other means of wealth. We all heard about this “other” wealth potential as articles have told us about the customs and tariffs alone could rival the amount of oil revenues not to mention the vast agriculture potential. So we see Iraq is very wealthy and this is not problematic as to why we have not yet seen them get off the “provisional” currency of post war Iraq.

By now instead we all should know that Iraq will not return to Article 8 of the UN Charter with Iraq until they are fully ready. To be ready they need (as I have been telling you for so long):

⦁ absence of terrorism in their country (rid Iraq of these private militias)

⦁ rid them of the post 2011 Iranian influence (after the USA pulled out of Iraq) yes- this means Maliki and his goons too.

⦁ bring the corrupt officials to justice

⦁ unify the country (moving away from sectarians quotas for government positions but rather moving towards technocratic positions). They have seen that the post war organization of the government is just not going to work out and must be changed. Abadi has a new plan and I will talk about it later.

⦁ full implementation of their constitution (in fact they are planning to write may parts to their old constitution, thus the needed laws to implement it).

⦁ streamline the government (save money and rid it of the nonproductive baggage)

⦁ be ready in the banking sector to join the international WTO, World Bank

⦁ decrease reliance on imports and being domestic production. Turn from an importer to a exporter.

⦁ did I miss any?

Okay now so now many of you are saying then in order to fully do all these things it will take 20 or more years. Yes and you would be correct except that I did not say they needed to be do them all fully. What is “fully” anyhow but skeptics and pessimism in your mind as you are always looking for something negative to hold back the revaluation.

Article Begins


Euphrates News
03/02/2016 23:53

{Baghdad} Euphrates News Presidency announced that the "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will present the results of consultations and the work of the Special Committee formed in the special ministerial cabinet change during the coming period on the presidencies Althelat and heads of political blocs.

According to a presidential statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today he was "out of unnecessary success in the task of developing and diversifying our national income resources based on national our potential self to face the consequences of the decline in oil imports , the economic crisis with the need to provide a complete victory over terrorism kits, and a commitment to the principle of necessity constructive consultations in order to ensure this, held this evening Wednesday, 02.03.2016, meeting at the peace Palace in Baghdad attended by Messrs President and the Prime Minister and President of the House of Representatives with the leaders and the heads of political blocs. "

He added that" discussions were held in the atmosphere of frank and positive, was emphasized the need for a cabinet reshuffle in accordance with the professional standards and efficiency , including hurt in a comprehensive reform. in this regard, the Prime Minister will present the consultations and the results of work of the Special Committee formed in the cabinet during the coming period on the presidencies Althelat and heads of political blocs and only in the vein views of academics, specialists and independents including leading to the preparation of a comprehensive reform program is in the service of citizens and face the economic, security and political challenges that hinder the political process. "

The meeting discussed the security situation and has to condemn the terrorist bombings of civilians in several parts of the country and to support and sustain the armed forces and security services in the fight against terrorist groups especially Daash and the willingness to free all Iraqi territory from Conception terrorism ".

Article Ends

So in relation to government reforms. I have told you many times already that we will not see any revaluation of the Iraqi dinar dinar until we see Dr Shabibi come back the CBI and once again take the seat as the governor. I told you it would not be long until we witnessed the cleanup of the CBI. This had to occur.

Many rebuttal this position I take and I say you may have your OPINION but I have mine too and can fully justify mine. Can you justify yours?

Many say Shabibi is already diligently working behind the scenes to assist so why does it matter if he is the “official” governor or not? But by this view you only show me you do not understand and do not fully get my point. Yes- we know Shabibi is working hard behind the scenes but this is only a small part of the effort to bring about the revaluation. There is still corruption in the CBI as he is still officially the head of the CBI but does not sit as the governor – get it? Why? Do you understand. This is corruption!

The current governor will NEVER RV the currency since he is pro Iranian and is not in favor of a prosperous and abundant Iraq. He also not know the mechanism in which to bring about this change in the currency. So do you see there is still a huge conflict of interest. The current proxy governor was selected by the Dowa party (Maliki and his goons) and we know what impact they still have on the direction of the country. But this is all changing but not yet completed. It is hard for Abadi to bring about the full change needed since he is closely aligned with the Dowa party.

Remember also I have said that when Abadi took office as prime minister he asked Dr Shabibi to come back the CBI and head it. Dr Shabibi accepted the invitation but only 1)if he was vindicated of all crimes, 2) have complete autonomy in the CBI vs the GOI and 3) it must be publicly announced he has once again taken control as the governor of the CBI.

Have we seen all of these items provided to Dr Shabibi?

So how to do they correct this situation?

Well we see many issues being stalled as a result of the Dowa party and its control and refusal to move towards a nonsectarian government, one that Abadi has tried since September 2014 to bring about. So we keep seeing over and over again yet another plan to help move and bring about the much needed nonsectarian government. All plans so far seem not to take root fully. But there is a new plan and we can watch it unfold. Will it work this time?

So the new plan underway is to form a “Unification” party (called many other names too) and we have seen the very start of this movement over the last many months already. Now to fully implement it, prime minister Abadi will have to break from the Dowa party and in doing so he is taking about 75% of converts with him. This will leave the Dowa party virtually helpless and set the stage for the inevitable breakup and dissolution of the Dowa party. Don’t believe me the Dowa party will every go away? Wake up people and watch it all play out in the coming month.

Now what happens when the power base of the Dowa party is gone? Then we will see true majority rule in parliament and maybe see a quick expediting of the much needed laws to complete the process of fulfilling my laundry list of needed items above in order to see this RV to completion.

Just recently we have heard that three of the religious clerics in Iraq has asked that Dr Shabibi return to the CBI (or other qualified technocrat). We have seen a recent assassination attempt on cleric Sadr for bringing the people together on this subject of economic reforms. We also have heard promises from Abadi he will announce new technocrats for the needed government positions in the next few weeks.

Article Begins


By admin-ri 03.03.2016 11:00 |

Demanded the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, on Thursday, the protesters not to enter the Green Zone this week, but after the deadline.

Mr. Moqtada said in a statement Thanks to everyone who Nasser Iraq to demonstrate peacefully and to support the draft comprehensive reform and the overall recommendations fabricators in your hands, Insurgents Liberal and you patriots brave I'll try you access spite of death threats, and if I could not Vassalkm pray and light and you and God excuse. "

"I was organizing in the previous Friday more remarkable therefore, continue it," urging them "not to attack on one," and urged them "angry demonstrations peaceful form."

He noted that "access to the red zone is not this week replaced, but after the deadline," saying, "I hope he does not end without a major overhaul," adding "Htavatkm and Haaratkm and Avtatkm only for Iraq Dzeetm good, and anyone or any group that violates they are not of you and tried to dimensions of decent roads. "

Article Ends

By the way the cleric Sadr on February 12th gave the government 45 days to bring about a government of technocrats. This brings us to March 28th or let’s just say until the end of March.

Also remember the MOU (memo of understanding) between Iraq and the IMF. I brought this MOU to you in my news letter dated in 12th January. There were many obligations agree to in this arrangement. One of which was to remove all barriers and obstacles to increasing the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar. The deadline was the end of February. So now it is March already and we do not see these obstacles fully removed and so this is why (I believe) the clerics began speaking out against the government for bringing about technocrats that have the experience and knowledge to get the jog done. This is why we are hearing now so much about replacing the current proxy governor of the CBI.

It all makes total sense if you are diligent enough to follow up and read the news on an ongoing basis. One event leads to another and is the reason for the other. But the key is to understand fully you must be diligent and read and stop listening to all this crap and misinformation being pumped out to get you to buy more currency.

So now let me talk about another issue I listed in my laundry list of events prior to any RV. This is the ridding of terrorism in Iraq. The CBI themselves has told us this week that the lifting of the dollar against the IQD exchange rate will be accomplished and they will witness a qualitative leap for the years 2016-2020. They have told us this process can not be completed until Iraq is rid of ISIS and DAASH. We now see the final stages of ridding Iraq of ISIS in the battle for Mosul.

Next let us talk about Iraqi credit rating. In order to do this let me use the determination of your own credit rating for you personal finances as an example to help you understand what is going on with Iraq in this regard. I hope it all now will make sense and you can see the saga with Iraq that has been unfolding. This is NOT Hype, NOT Rumors, just the FACTS.

So how is your personal credit rating determined? We hear lots of advertisements on TV these days to get your credit score and the importance of it. Basically your personal credit score is based upon your ability to service debt (to borrow money) from a credit service provider (bank). Also any obstacles that can prevent in the collect of any debt of any debt you may have borrowed or will borrow in the future from these creditors (banks).

You do not automatically have a credit score when you are born….lol…lol… You must earn one and you must borrow money to do that. As you borrow more and more money and consistently pay it back (or not) your credit rating can increase (better score) or decrease (worst score).

 It is this ability to manage you debt that is important. But unfortunately first you must go into debt. Funny how those that don’t need the credit the most are the ones that can qualify for the highest amount of credit.

So now can you see why Iraq must pretend to have a deficit? Yes they do have financial difficulties since oil prices did in fact drop. They have been advised to clean up their long term expenditures and they are very top heavy in government officials payroll and benefits.

So there is work to be done in this area. But remember they ended up post 2003 war virtually debt free. But how do you establish a good credit rating when you never borrowed any money? They also borrowed very little money under Saddam Hussein regime too. So how can you assign now a good credit rating to Iraq? What do you use? But there is a solution.


Yes we all do it too. We buy homes, cars and store purchases all on credit. It’s a way of life for the western society. Over time our credit score increases as we prove we can be responsible with money and manage our debt. As long as we keep any adverse issues off our credit report and can prove we have income to pay it back we will be prime candidates for yet…….. MORE CREDIT. We all know this is problematic and is part of the source of our national debt and the reason it is so high. I do not want to get into politics today on this issue but instead only want to show you what Iraq had to do and used this debt issue to get what they wanted (needed) and will soon get a class A rating.

So where is all this Iraqi debt coming from? Well if you now understand the basic principle of determining credit ratings you can now see that Iraq must borrow money on credit, pay it back to increase their credit rating. I do not want to over simplify this rating process but the class BB credit rating announced in 2013 was felt not to be what Iraq needed so they had to create a situation where they had to go into debt and borrow money. We witnessed this spree of taking on so much debt all of a sudden. Did you wonder why? We were all told it was to solve their debt crisis and it was. But who and why create this debt in the first place is the real question? Was is coincidental?

Mnt Goat Friday Update - "Catching Up With My Old Friends" Part 2 of 2

​So now that Iraq is proving worthy of being responsible in this area, their credit rating is going to rise. See article below. Boy that process didn’t take too long….did it? …….lol…

Many of the credit bureaus agree it could reach an A rating this year and maybe an AA in a couple years. Can you now see what has been going on here? Can you see how their economy is being manipulated to get what they need to fulfill strong requirements to set the stage for the global economy of Iraq?

Also remember who benefits the most when someone is in debt. It’s the banks of course and who owns the banks? But remember you as consumers benefit greatly since these bankers infuse capital and allow society to prosper (jobs, new homes, cars, etc..). In capitalism everyone must benefit! Be careful when you hear amounts of national debt figures and be knowledgeable as to what makes up those figures you are hearing. Let us use Iraq as our example to see how the system is manipulated right in front of our eyes.

So to make a long story shorter I will say that what you see on the surface is only the tip of the iceberg and not the entire iceberg. There is much more going on than meets the eye with Iraq in this areas. An example is if they are going towards an in-country paper currency free society they will need a good credit rating to allow multiple credit/debit card companies to some into Iraq.

I quote from the article below – “growth of the country that he will remain steady in the medium term due to the significant increase in oil production. It will ease budget pressures. He returned to favor confirms that the liberation of the Iraqi cities from terror. Certainly in the high temperature rating, hoping to be the class to a class A during the next six months.”

Does Iraq need or require a class A rating to RV? NO!

Article Begins


2/3/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Mustafa Al Hashimi
confirmed Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Dr. adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh possibility of improvement in the degree of Iraq 's credit rating to a higher degree during the current year.

Saleh added in a statement »Sabah» that the degree classification will rise certainly after the liberation of Mosul and some cities in Anbar, stressing that high oil prices and the gradual recovery that would contribute to the progress of the degree of Iraq 's credit rating. Known credit rating GCR, which is an acronym for (global credit rating) as a measure to assess the possibility of the borrower to meet its obligations in the face of lenders , or in other words , the risk of non - payment the lender (issuer) to meet its obligations (loan to value and benefits) of the borrower (bondholder) .

And is rated the world 's credit rating ladder consists of four grades are A, B, C and D as well as variables that represent signal + or - different Petkrarat. The credit rating agencies of the three, the Standard & Poor 's , and Moody's, Fitch in general risks related to religion versions for both corporations or governments evaluate. The rating agency Standard & Poor 's , the largest credit rating agencies in the world, confirmed Friday its credit rating for Iraq at B- / B in spite of the fluctuation of oil prices and a height of caution and gave him a stable outlook, adding in a statement that the decline in the price of oil has kept the financial pressure and external.

However , the «Standard & Poor 's » pointed out that Iraq has huge reserves and has substantial oil exports, thereby reducing the concerns in this area, so attached to the agency classified the prospect of a stable, usually the growth of the country that he will remain steady in the medium term due to the significant increase in oil production is It will ease budget pressures. He returned to favor confirms that the liberation of the Iraqi cities terror Sather certainly in the high temperature rating, hoping to be the class to a class A during the next six months. He explained that the agency conducted a review of the degree classification every six months during a meeting of financial institutions and the Ministry of Planning and the security agencies and other relevant departments, stressing that the indicators confirm the liberation of the cities of Iraq during the current year of terror.

He stressed that the stability of Iraq would give him the highest degree of rating with a stable outlook given global reputation in the payment of its financial obligations as well as possession of resources that qualify to ascend to the highest credit ratings.

Rated: $ 30 billion of Iraq's debt last year

Announced today [S & P] credit rating, high debt of a number of Arab governments more than doubled last year , predicting that remain high through 2016.

The company said in its report that " the debt of 11 Arab countries have undergone classification, including the GCC oil - rich, rose to $ 143 billion last year , compared with $ 70.6 billion in 2014". The report included the 2015 figures for the debts of Iraq [$ 30 billion] which were added to the list for the first time.

It pointed out that " the governments of the Gulf cooperation Council ( GCC ) borrowed $ 40 billion last year, including $ 26 billion borrowed Arabia, the largest oil exporter in OPEC."

topped Egypt 's existing borrowing $ 44 billion in 2015, according to Standard & Poor 's . the company predicted lower borrowing for these same countries in 2016 increased by no more than 6 percent to reach 134 billion, so that would borrow GCC $ 45 billion. are

based on forecasts of 2016 on the assumption that most of the Gulf cooperation Council ( GCC ) will withdraw from its reserves large financial to finance their budget deficits caused by the drop in oil prices.

It is expected that the volume of total commercial debt to Arab countries $ 667 billion at the end of this year, an increase of $ 85 billion in 2015. by
way of comparison, the Gulf cooperation Council ( GCC ) recorded a surplus of 220 billion dollars in 2012.

For the first time .. Iraq as part of most Arab countries in debt in 2015 for $ 30 billion
02/03/2016 11:05

Tomorrow Press / follow - up: the debt of 11 Arab countries rose, including the oil - rich Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC ) , to $ 143 billion in 2015, according to the announcement , "Standard & Poor 's " Company 's credit rating, while Iraq , including comes for the first time and $ 30 billion. and announced , "S & P" company credit rating, the debt of a number of Arab governments to rise to more than double last year, expected to remain high through 2016. the company said in a report, seen by "tomorrow Press", that " the debt of 11 Arab countries have undergone to be classified, including the oil - rich Gulf cooperation Council ( GCC ) , it rose to $ 143 billion last year, compared with 70.6 billion dollars in 2014 ". and included the 2015 figures, Iraq 's debts amount ($ 30 billion) , which was added to the list for the first time. She pointed out " the governments of the Gulf cooperation Council ( GCC ) borrowed $ 40 billion last year, including $ 26 billion borrowed Arabia, the largest oil exporter in OPEC." topped Egypt 's existing borrowing $ 44 billion in 2015, according to "Standard & Poor 's ," the company forecast lower borrowing for these same countries in 2016 by no more than about 6% to 134 billion, so that would borrow GCC $ 45 billion. based on 2016 forecasts, on the assumption that most of the Gulf cooperation Council ( GCC ) will withdraw from the huge financial reserves to fund their budget deficits caused by lower oil prices. and predicted that the volume of total commercial debt to Arab countries $ 667 billion by the end of this year, an increase of $ 85 billion in 2015. by way of comparison, the Gulf cooperation Council ( GCC ) recorded a surplus of $ 220 billion in 2012.

Article Ends

So there seems to be a lot riding on March. Let’s see how it all plays out.

I hate to do this but I must move out any timeline for an RV. Sorry! It is not my doing but Iraq still has issues and I can’t write to you and lie. I do not see any RV until at least mid April at the earliest. Could this date be moved out? Yes and might if Abadi can not pull of his move to form this new “Unification” party and get parliament to finally move on these new laws. We also must watch the battle for Mosul and we will see a timeline trickle in as the region is slowly retaken.

So please, please I encourage everyone to read the news and listen to the truth of the events happening in Iraq. Stay away way from these nonsense and rumors being pumped out to you about this RV.

Let’s hope this RV is all accomplished prior to the USA elections as this too could bring more delay as we do not know how the new president will react. Please also look at your presidential candidates carefully and VOTE. Your VOTE does count both in the primaries and the national vote that comes later.

Update: Fighting ISIS

Oh so all you gurus bash Mnt Goat for telling you that there will be no RV until after ISIS and DAASH are gone from Iraq (see my laundry list above). So why are these gurus so stubborn on accepting this information? The fact is they are stubborn on any news that tells the truth. The latest scam is the selling of the Iranian Rial and I have to say many of you fell for it too hook, line and sinker… and I do not pity you one bit!

I warned you but you are stubborn and insist in believing these people over my expertise and knowledge. I can not correct stubbornness. I can try to correct ignorance with knowledge but you must take the next step and execute on it.

Next I really like this article below because it is confirming to YOU (not me cause I already know) what I have been saying all along are some of the obstacle preventing the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. But I caution you in reading this article because it has the hands of the current proxy CBI governor all over it and does not really give us solutions and only addresses the same old issues all over again. We want solutions, we already know the problems.

First they are telling us an obstacle is the currency auctions and we should all know why the dollar is preventing the rise of the dinar rate since they now operate in a closed economy and need only US dollars to pay for imports. But we know these can not end until they go global with their currency. So where is the timeline to the solution to the problem? Do you see why now the religious clerics are coming forward and trying to force the government to do something. They too want solutions not the same old rhetoric over and over again about the problems.

I quote from the article below – “It cautions that "most of the foreign exchange earnings of Iraq has nothing to do with the Iraqi dinar directly because everything is usually purchased in US dollars”

So I say then RV the damn currency and bring about the real value so they don’t have to use dollars any longer. What is the hold up?

Next they are telling us the rate of the dinar will be stronger after ISIS and DAASH are gone. But again no solution just the problem. I will tell you this will not fully bring about the deletion of the three zeros. Yes the rate may go from 1180 to 1166 again or something like that when Mosul is over. but not what we are looking for. So again they are NOT talking about solutions only the problems as the current proxy governor of the CBI does not have a solution or know how to implement it (since deep down we all know they do know the real solution but find excuse after excuse to implement it).

I quote from the article below – “expects a recovery of Iraqi currency after the end of the war with Daash he says it will be stronger after the federal government control over the vast supply of natural resources revenues is over”

Really? So again no solutions and just more of the same old problematic stuff from the CBI.

In order to get what we need (the RV) is for the CBI to get off their @ss and continue with the “deletion of the 3 zeroes” project completion, the launching of the lower denominations and for Iraq to fully go global. Thus no longer a need to trade using US dollars (from the currency auctions) and to use the IQD directly when dealing with international trade. Fighting ISIS and DAASH will soon be over and then what will be their excuse?

Article Begins


03/03/2016 21:20 pm (Baghdad time)

It can not ignore the fact that Iraq is a big changes in the economy if the available investment opportunities and appropriate planning strategy to take advantage of its resources properly.

Iraq is on the verge Anfjarmen financial growth, which encouraged him to promote foreign investment in infrastructure, oil and manufacturing, this is what you go to him Wall Street Journal, the US, and provides a quick inventory of factors to achieve this, including that "Iraq is a country of over 30 million people with the active workforce and education as well, which is a very attractive country for foreign investors and can attract Iraqi companies, foreign investors' willingness to open a huge investment projects. "

Despite the announcement by US President Barack Obama to end military operations in Iraq it may take some time before the country reaches a stable and peaceful situation.

The paper says that "in spite of all these facts, we can not ignore the fact that Iraq's solid state resources if placed under the authority of the administration to create investment opportunities and enormous changes occurring in the economy."

And it stresses that "with economic development in a very short time when Iraq becomes one of the world powers."

And it draws out that "the Iraqi government has taken several critical steps to boost the economy in Iraq, such as the government seeks to reduce the inflation rate from 19% to 6%."

And it suggests that the "government of supply and demand equation for funding opportunities in the local market, where the Iraqi government has carried out several contracts with international companies to increase oil production, is expected until the end of 2020, oil production up to the level of 10 million barrels per day."

Also it notes that "by this date, it is expected that Iraq will be one of the largest suppliers of oil."

He says Iraq may become a timely manner, "the state's largest supplier after Saudi Arabia and Russia," but she pawned it to "the stability of the current oil prices."

He believes that this "will move significantly the revenues from Iraqi oil which is actually good marks for the developments of the Iraqi economy."

Health and find that "despite the fact that the increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar is still weak, it is still surprising a small increase but are continuing in the value of the Iraqi dinar, despite the economic recession all over the world."

And explains that "at the present time, locally traded Iraqi dinar only, and not in all parts of the world. It is likely to remain in this situation for a long time, depending on the ability of the country's importation, and assess the level of consumption to ensure the preservation of the welfare of the Iraqi state," noting that " currently the actual determination of foreign currency and actually depends precisely on the ability of the state in the completion of raising oil exports and the way they will try to organize the use of oil within the state. "

It cautions that "most of the foreign exchange earnings of Iraq has nothing to do with the Iraqi dinar directly because everything is usually purchased in US dollars."

The newspaper expects a recovery of Iraqi currency after the end of the war with Daash he says it will be stronger after the federal government control over the vast supply of natural resources revenues is over.

Article Ends

The battle to retake the Mosul is now ongoing.

Article Begins



BAGHDAD / long-Press
Officials at the US Department of Defense confirmed that recent gains against Daash eastern Syria, helped to cut off vital supply lines to the organization inside Iraq. They felt that this created suitable for the process of the "Great" floor him of the battle of liberation of Mosul, which may take several months and be much harder to edit gray.

Gen. Joseph Dnford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the US Army during a joint press conference with Defense Secretary Ashton Carter , held at the Pentagon, according to a report the New York Times and I followed ( the long - Presse), " the Iraqi armed forces , backed Btiran international coalition, began initializes the decisive battle in order to isolate the connector for the coming of the Syrian tenderness city Daash supply lines."

for his part , defense Minister American Ashton Carter, that " the recovery of Arab and Kurdish forces to the village of Shaddadi, eastern Syria, last week, constitute a serious blow against the organization, where he was cutting another artery him between tenderness and Mosul."

quoted by The New York Times, all were US military commanders warn that the "battle retrieval of Mosul may last for months, would require the Iraqi forces, is experienced in urban warfare, to submit Bzhvha of the street to another through amalgamation ground IED, in a big city , home to more than a million people. "
He revealed the Pentagon for" his initiation using electronic information war against Daash networks between the cities of Raqqa and Mosul, "noting that it" is an electronic attacks jamming communications regulation and blocking their ability to use social media in recruiting militants. "

the newspaper quoted Patrick Martin, an expert in Iraqi affairs at the Institute of war studies, saying that" the recovery Mosul will serve as a major Daash blow , "adding that" the loss of regulation of the connector will support the coalition forecast to be Daash chased inside Iraq, and it will also lead to the destabilization of his being and demoralizing the armed men around great. "

The New York Times reported that" the Pentagon has refused to announce expectations on when the Iraqi forces attack on Mosul, "but General Dnford said that" the battle of Mosul is not something that happens in the very distant future. " The head of the Iraqi government, Haider al - Abadi, said two weeks ago, according to the newspaper," the Iraqi forces could begin the process military full recovery of Mosul during the March current, while a US military official said, last Sunday (28th of February 2016), that the Pentagon was confident of the readiness of Iraqi forces to launch a military attack pick him. "

However , US military officials acknowledge, according to the newspaper, that the " the battle of Mosul will be arduous." said Richard Clark, commander of ground US forces in Iraq, General, in his remarks last week, said that " the battle of Mosul will be difficult and arduous."

In addition , US military officials said, " the battle to liberate Mosul will be a lot harder from those that led to the liberation of Ramadi (110 km west of Baghdad), "Aazin to the fact that" Mosul , five times larger than the gray. "

They added that" Iraqi forces sent two divisions census eight thousand troops for the Liberation of gray, while that number is much lower required for the Liberation of Mosul ", stressing that" the Pentagon official estimates, the need arises for about 30 thousand fighters for the liberation of Mosul. "

He said those military officials, according to the New York Times, it is" hard to imagine how they would battle to liberate Mosul without an air base close to the attacking ground forces that may require the presence of helicopters (Smteat) offensive US, which was not requested by the Iraqi prime minister, Haider Abadi, of the American forces until now for political reasons. "

She explained that the " liberation of Fallujah (62 km west of Baghdad), al - Qaeda militants in 2004 , requests that the 13 thousand troops , mostly from the elements trained US troops well, where the process took about two months in the face of three thousand armed people in the deadliest battle during the Iraq war, in which 95 US soldiers were killed and wounded 560 others. "

According to many military experts, the battle of Mosul will be much worse, and that Pentagon officials are not sure of the size located in the city Daash forces almost two years ago.

The newspaper quoted Patrick Maratn, an expert in Iraqi affairs, as saying that " the international coalition free of Ramadi, while Mosul , the largest of gray, and that the soldiers who Christrrunha not from the US forces. " In turn, the commander of Iraqi counter - terrorism forces, Major - General Taleb Kanani," The units that will be involved the process of liberalization of Mosul has been selected, and that leaders have moved to the nearby town of Mosul to complete final preparations for the battle. "

he said Kanani, as quoted the New York Times, that " the Iraqi army is coordinating with the Sunni tribes in Mosul against al Daash", pointing out that such "tribes provide Iraqi forces with information on the areas that have been mined with explosives and improvised explosive devices as well as the morale of the militants Daash and put them into the connector."

Article Ends
One more item today:

Let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe our prayers are in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing.

Remember too to pray to the princess of peace – Our Blessed Virgin Mary. She has the ear of Christ and she can intercede in heaven and bring us the peace we all desire here on earth. We can not do it alone. I believe that if we all make this our daily prayer you will see change. It is already working even in the short time since I have been publishing this prayer section. It does not matter what religion you believe, if you pray then to your oven beliefs entity it is still the same powers and good for all of mankind. Ultimately it is all the same God anyhow.

“Lord, protect Abadi and all who stand with him in righteousness, the Iraq and coalition soldiers who are fighting the good fight against terrorism, that they would be shielded from the enemy and would be victorious against them in the battle for Mosul! We ask that the victory comes swiftly and healing of the Iraqi peoples and all whom have been effected by these evil doers can begin!

We pray for the process of the currency reform, the full implementation of the Iraqi economy to full international status and the bringing of prosperity and wealth to its people“ Amen!

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat


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