Mnt Goat Friday Update - “The Progress Continues” Part 1 of 2

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Mnt Goat Friday Update - “The Progress Continues” Part 1 of 2

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Hello Everyone,

Today I bring you again the news of the two main paths being worked on by Iraq. The financial and the political paths. These paths will merge shortly as they need to very soon. The protestors in the streets are not going to allow this stagnation to continue much longer I can assure you of this. Once the cabinet is reformed then they will strongly move on to demands for justice to these high level officials next. These protestors will not end.

I have developed a new window which I feel may be our next earliest shot at an RV timeframe. Of course, as usual, Iraq never finishes anything on time so this window may move but let’s see how everything goes in the next 4-5 weeks before we jump off the bridge of despair.

By the way I just wanted to mention that Iraq now has full electricity in ALL the provinces (shut off in Mosul) and this is the first time since the military bombed out the power grid in 2003. WOW!

Today’s News

Today is Friday March 11th 2016. Still no RV. Sorry! No banks stories today or rumors about high rates or info about exchanging…sorry!

Update: Iraqi Economy

We hear that the CBI plans to launch a “national” bond drive and not use the international banks to broker them. Why have they decided launch these bonds this way, this time?

What we do know is the CBI is slowly depleting its reserves in balance of payments for importing goods into Iraq. They need capital and so I believe this is an effort to raise the funds. But the key here I need to emphasize is they are taking the money out of their economy and not attempting to get it from international investors.

Let’s dig deeper,,,,Why are they doing it this way since aren’t they once again experiencing a liquidity problem. at the banks? They just told us they are. Seems this move might be counter productive?

I believe that at this point in time (being so close to the RV) they need to suck up as much currency out of circulation as possible. Did you note the date to begin the effort (mid March)? Buying bonds would facilitate this effort. However just how successful will be these bonds since how much money can the average citizen spare to purchase these bonds? Will this drive just flop like the other bonds drives?

Article Begins


March 9, 2016

Our economy / Baghdad
CBI, Wednesday, announced his intention to launch a national bonds in five categories of the middle of this month, adding that her annual interest rate of 6%, between that can be used as collateral for loans to financial facilities.

The bank said in a statement the agency of our economy News received a copy of that "will launch national bonds (nominal) on behalf of the Ministry of Finance in nominal terms and as of the middle of this month, March 15 and ends on 15 April next year," adding that "Asdarih will offer five categories include (100,000 and 250,000, and 500,000 and 1,000,000 and 5,000,000). "

The bank said that "the value of these funds to be raised will reach 1.5 trillion dinars," noting that "the sale will be at a discount and will be 6% interest per annum and is payable by the Ministry of Finance in March, 142,018."

The bank added that "can citizens and banks all provide purchase orders to the Central Bank directly," pointing out that "he can use those bonds as collateral for loans and facilities or any transactions require collateral, can also be traded on the Iraq Stock Exchange, buying and selling and be deductible the public and private banks. "

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TEHRAN, Mar. 09 (MNA) –

Deputy oil minister said Iran and Iraq have agreed to develop a more coordinate approach in the global market.

Iranian Deputy Oil Minister for International Affairs Amir Hossein Zamaninia made the remarks on the sidelines of a meeting between Iran’s Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh and Iraqi Deputy Minister for Gas Refineries at the Ministry of Oil Fayaz Hassan.

Zamaninia described the five major areas of negotiations between the two countries’ oil officials announcing that Iran will launch gas exports to Iraq in March.

“The session marked the first meeting with an Iraqi delegation following the nuclear deal with the 5+1,” added the official stressing that no major problems existed for the implementation of signed MOUs between Iran and Iraq.

He went on to note that “the two sides conferred on cooperation in three Iran-Iraq joint oil fields while the negotiations will continue in this regard.”

“Iran has voiced readiness to deliver a gas shipment to the neighboring country at the borders,” underlined the official expressing hope that the Iraqi side will be ready to receive the cargo since 20 kilometers of the pipeline in their territory is still under construction.

Zamaninia further stressed that the construction of Basra-Abadan crude oil and products pipeline was also dealt with at the meeting; “with regard to educational operation, a detailed instruction set has been prepared by four companies of Oil Ministry which will be given to Iraqis."

The official also announced the formation of a joint committee between the two countries adding “the representative of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) in Iraq will be the Iranian president of the Committee while Iraq will introduce its own representative.”

Deputy oil minister also confirmed that “some talks have been conducted on technical collaborations for renewal of Iraqi refineries which will be undertaken by Iranian private companies.”

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Twilight News


Twilight News / Ministry of Electricity announced on Wednesday that all the engineering and technical staffs and retaining the other was able to re-run the entire national electricity system, feeding the capital Baghdad and the provinces all electrical energy midnight last night.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity Musab teacher, said he "has re-run the system in record time did not exceed ten hours after the alert all the cadres of the ministry in the work and the headquarters of the district sites, to repair the technical viewer and restore electrical power separated and operation of the generating units in production plants in all governorates of the country's transmission lines."

He said the "development of the national electricity system is now stable and processing power in Baghdad and the provinces between 20 to 24 hours."

(Say what? 20 to 24 hours of electricity a day(anywhere in Iraq)??? It took someone very powerful to pull this one off(no-one like loosing electricity for any amount of time).)

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Tomorrow Press / Follow - up: Producers Organization "OPEC" seeks to lift crude prices to $ 50 a barrel by freezing production levels.

The Minister of Nigerian oil, Emmanuel Ebi Katcheko, the main OPEC members plan to meet with other producers of oil in Russia on March 20th to conduct new talks on a freeze on oil production levels.

The news agency (Bloomberg News) for the Nigerian minister, as saying that there will be "sharp movements in prices , " after the meeting he noted that " the Saudis and the Russians everyone will return to the negotiating table." He said the oil minister Nigeria, the producers in general are seeking to raise the price of crude to $ 50 a barrel.

Article Ends

Personally I would gladly pay $6 a gallon for petro if I knew it would get us this RV….lol…lol…

Update: 45 Day Deadline for Technocratic Gov’t

I Quote from the article below –“Sadr, heir to a Shi'ite clerical dynasty persecuted under dictator Saddam Hussein, said on Feb. 12 that Abadi had 45 days to deliver on his pledge of a technocrat cabinet or face a no-confidence vote in parliament”.

That brings us to March 28th ,just 17 days from now, to complete these needed reforms to a technocratic cabinet.

Remember once this cabinet is formed it should bring about the rest of the needed laws we are needing and things should move quickly from that point forward. But this is only one path, the political side path (as I described there were 2 paths being followed). The other path if the financial path of currency reform and we have seen just recently three huge articles telling us about the currency reform. This is reassurance that they are working on it and deciding on the next move. When will it occur? I have given a new window that I felt was very plausible of mid March to mid April for the lower denominations to be launched. If you have been reading my analysis of the situation of these two distinct, yet merging paths of progress, you know how I am justifying this timeframe. If you haven’t already ready my 3/5, 3/7 and 3/9 news letters please go back and read them. They are giving some compelling evidence that this RV is not too far away.

Next I need to explain to everyone why this change in Abadi’s cabinet of ministers is so important to us and also why it is so controversial to many prior officials in Iraq. I have gotten a lot of questions on this topic. So let me cover them now.

We have all heard about the all the corruption. So this is the main driving force since most of the existing ministers are being indicted for crimes. According to new laws they can not serve in the government anymore anyhow. So this is one of the driving forces behind this change too.

Secondly, in the past the constitution called for a quota system (which is a slotted number % of Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds in the government positions). From the start, this quota system this was an effort to avoid sectarianism and create peace in Iraq and a check and balance. In the past they filled these positions based on the need to fill the quota rather then on experience and skill level to do the job (technocrat).

Thirdly, they agreed to give the Shiite the main presidential position, namely the prime minister and this, in my opinion up to now has been the major mistake, since we all know about the Shiite, Iranian influence in Iraq and the Maliki syndrome. I my eyes the prime minister position if the main position of power and must have a responsible person in charge. Did they not know about the background of Nori al-Maliki when they decided to give him his first term in office. They based on his progress of the first they support a second term? Really? Something right from the start sounded very fishy and it feels like CIA to me. Also the fact that the USA backed fully Maliki too did not help and only magnified his power.

So the old quota system encouraged yet more corruption, sectarianism and incompetence and simply did not work and was abused. Legislation was stalled, contracts were falsified to get allocations for projects never started, and efforts to marginalize the Sunni and Kurds continued. We all know the results all too well. This all was not the original intent of the quota system. It was apparent something had to change if Iraq was to flourish and become a whole democracy. So how can the foreign policy of the USA be so bad to let this all happen?

So now, as usual, they have to clean up the mess…sad isn’t it?
Right from the beginning of Abadi’s new government in 2014 he laid down the law on his chosen ministers. Remember he was on a tight deadline to form the government and had to quickly set it up. So careful selections in all ministries did not and could not take place. But he did warn everyone (we read many articles on this in 2014) that he was giving notice that he would review their performance in the coming year and make some changes as needed. So late last year, around October, he declared more reforms and he would select a technocratic cabinet rather than based on quotas. Since he himself was a Shiite and came from the Dowa party, the Sunnis and Kurds wondered if he was once again planning to marginalize them and take these positions from them and fill them with Shiites. So it has taken him almost 4 months now to put his plan into action.

So over these last recent days we witnessed Abadi meeting with the Kurds and all the main religious leaders to explain to them just what he planned to do. He just now did this due to pressure from the Sadr movement. So Sadr did all of us a huge favor. I think we may have been waiting yet another 4 months if it was not for the Sadr pressure. Why is it now March already and Abadi plans for this cabinet change were done in October? Why so long?

Abadi told them he was more concerned about getting qualified leaders in the positions more than filling quotas. He did promise to maintain the 20% quota with the Kurds and so they were happy.

Meanwhile we know that the cleric Moqtada al – Sadr had given the Abad government a hard date that they needed the reforms accomplished before moving demonstrations into the green zone. He is tired of all talk and very little action. So this is good for us since it puts pressure on Abadi to move quickly.

I am telling you all this because we need this cabinet change and changes in parliament desperately since they can’t get these final legislation passed in parliament within the current situation and need to have more decision making based on experience rather that prejudice sectarianism agendas. To get our RV we need these laws completed, especially the General Amnesty and other bills done. We need some kind of pressure from somewhere to kick this government into action to move.

Trust me when I say this – The PTB WILL NOT put this kind of wealth, that will come from a global traded currency, back in the hands of bandits that will plunder this wealth as they need to see the average citizen also get payment based on the UN mandate in their plan for democracy (oil royalties) and long term sustainability in the region (UN plan for underdeveloped countries). I presented this link to the plan to you in previous news letters. (LINK)

I know this was a long explanation to get to the point, but I am trying to educate all of you and not just give you a date and a rate. This is my goal in providing these news letters and so of course they are going to be long. I want you to understand just how foolish it is when some so called intel “guru” is telling you it is going to RV any day/ anytime now. They can not back up what they say and give you foolish, unreasonable and illogical reasons why they feel this way. This is just not true and we all should now truly know what is going on so you can challenge these people more and more on their Q & A sessions. From all this you can decide actually when we can expect to see the RV and see the reasons why it has not yet occurred. Folks it is not rocket science! ​

Mnt Goat Friday Update - “The Progress Continues” Part 2 of 2

​Back to our intel.

Now we see Abadi asking for more time and saying he will keep them informed of the progress in this effort and move on his cabinet reforms as fast as he can. Some members of parliament called for 6 months to do the job, and we all know this would be an unacceptable timeframe as it will take but rather maybe a week at the most, but certainly past the Sadr deadline. Giving 6 months of course would mean falling into the same old, same old stuff.

They also told us the Abad is sacking all his ministers but three of them. Abadi decided to sack the minister of finance Hoshyar Zebari too. Sorry to all those who stick by this guy since he is one of the corrupt bastards bringing Iraq down and I agree he needs to go.

I have also seen another article (not presented in today’s news letter) that already shows the entire new technocratic cabinet. So I believe they are much more ahead in the effort to move towards a technocratic government than they are telling us.

I quote from the article below – “Sadr to convert the demonstration scheduled next Friday when Apopa Green Zone earlier Kaljmah to Tahrir Square in central Baghdad to grant Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi opportunity to implement reforms.”

I quote from the article below – “Tuesday, for the selection of five figures each ministry technocrats for the purpose of submission to the parliament and choose one of them, while indicated that the next few days will see the provision of ministerial cabin”.

I quote from the articles below – “that the political agreement to change most ministers of the current government and retaining only the ministers of interior, defense and oil” , “He said the four ministers from the Sunni universe Sitalhm change in addition to the minister, a Kurd, and the Minister of Finance.”

Article Begins


Wednesday, March 9 / March 2016

Najaf - instructed the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr to convert the demonstration scheduled next Friday when Apopa Green Zone earlier Kaljmah to Tahrir Square in central Baghdad to grant Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi opportunity to implement reforms. Sadr said in a statement , addressing his followers: Nglaba of mind , wisdom and presentation of interest public after it heard the speech Abadi , who announced the he was determined to comprehensive reform without leaning to the party of power and authority of the party and after that announced your right project to demonstrate peacefully and he with you in Hndq one , it became necessary for us to give an opportunity for him to complete his reforms. "

He called to "pretend this Friday in Tahrir Square after Friday prayers not near the gates of the green Zone in the event we have seen real reform is not just a media statement , there will be other Toiedih steps."

He pointed Sadr "either in case we have seen that that word was just numb and just talk thou , O people gallant hero and after he yielded Mazahratkm response to initial them ye free to express your opinion and to choose the place Tzahrkm or Aatsamkm or Ahtjajkm voice of the people is higher than the voice of the government and the dignity of the people above all dignity. "

He concluded the leader of Sadr his statement by saying , " Vhyakm God , obey the rules of the same your system and arranging and have maintained your reputation and peaceful Tzhardkm do not be afraid and Aathmiloa weapon never we reform students and students of peace and peace. "

the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi has been renewed in a speech on Wednesday, that" our consistent position to guarantee the right to demonstrate peacefully in accordance with legal procedures and within the specified places by the security services, He told the demonstrators from the outset we are of you and with you in the same trench and we are not in Khandeghin. "

He stressed , " We can never allow armed appearances outside of the state and threaten the security of citizens and overtaking on the checkpoints and the passage of militants from which "adding that" the implementation of the reforms should be done in cooperation and not by imposing a fait accomplished and to destabilize the security of our beloved capital Baghdad and other governorates security policy. "

Article Ends

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Balances News
03/08/2016 20:52 pm (Baghdad time)

It revealed a member of the Selection Committee of Ministers technocrats peace Sumaisem, Tuesday, for the selection of five figures each ministry technocrats for the purpose of submission to the parliament and choose one of them, while indicated that the next few days will see the provision of ministerial cabin.

The cleric Moqtada al - Sadr withdrew, yesterday, from the meeting , which was compiled with the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, leaders of the National Alliance in Karbala angry.

Sumaisem L / balance News /, that " the Commission is still in the selection stage has not been resolved candidates technocrats for all ministries," as it pointed out that " the Commission has chosen efficient personalities of technocrats and identified a selection of five figures per bag Ministry for submission to parliament and choose Alacfi of them."

She added, "The coming days will witness providing ministerial names once and for all to the Abadi brought to cycle to the House of Representatives."

He revealed Sadrist official source on Tuesday that the cause of the chest out of the meeting angry Karbala is the insistence of the National Alliance leaders to grace the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi six months to implement the reform and change minister.

Article Ends

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March 9, 2016
Our economy / Baghdad

Private sources, according to the news agency of our economy, Wednesday, that the political agreement to change most ministers of the current government and retaining only the ministers of interior, defense and oil.
The sources confirmed that the semi-settled agreement reached by the leaders of the National Alliance to change the foreign ministers, transport, higher education, justice and industry.

The sources added that the alternative names nominated and agreed upon, but it refused to disclose the names at the present time.

He said the four ministers from the Sunni universe Sitalhm change in addition to the minister, a Kurd, and the Minister of Finance.

The Prime Minister has launched a few days ago an initiative to Geyer government and the selection of new ministers and technocrats.

Article Ends

So later on during Thursday 3/10 out pops the list of the candidates for the new GOI. As I said it would not and could not take too long to get them announced. They still must be ratified by the parliament to be official. See article below.

Article Begins



Mashreq , said sources close to the committees formed by the Sadrist movement to nominate independents to take up ministerial posts in the upcoming change, at dawn on Monday, said that these committees reached nominations for nine ministries and is still looking at naming ministers fundamental occupy the external and internal positions and defense where no clear until now features independent personalities that can be found to fill these positions.

The sources said the proposed ministers were as follows:

First: the MINISTRY OF JUSTICE: Wael Abdul Latif, the strongest candidates, along with other candidates are Hussein net Caesar Rubaie and Abdul Latif Tohme.

Second : the MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY: nominated her two Yahya Dujaili in the name of Antoine.

Third ,the MINISTRY OF FINANCE: nominated her Obaid al -Dulaimi , a former deputy secretary in the cabinet.

Fourth: the MINISTRY OF WATER resources: nominated her Mazen slave.

Fifth: the MINISTRY OF HEALTH nominated her six people notably Hammoud Rashad Jeweler and Imad Mashat.

Sixth: the MINISTRY OF OIL: nominated her Abdul Mahdi al -Amidi He is Director of licensing at the Ministry.

Seventh: ELECTRICITY: nominated her Mahdi Hantoush Adel Mahdi Hameed.the Ministry of transport: nominated her Amer Abdul -Jabbar , despite the objections of many members of Committee on his nomination because of a personal nature observations and other related to poor management of the previous period.

Eighth: LABOR AND SOCIAL AFFAIRS: nominated Khadija al -Mashhadani. he received otherwise a large variation in the nominations to the Ministry of Higher Education, as nominated attendees seven figures to fill the position without agreeing on one or two them.

The Commission Sami Al paste and chairs, and members include Dr. Sumaisem safety and care Qassim , a director general in the Ministry of planning and Jabbar and coffee , a former director general of the SOC and others.

It is expected to provide other candidates for other ministries is that of the hardest things facing the Committee found independent figures for FOREIGN, DEFENSE and INTERIOR, and still discussions ongoing.

Article Ends

Article Begins


Prime Minister's Media Office: Dr. Haider Al-Abadi ends to political blocs the document detailing comprehensive reforms and ministerial changes, which includes the criteria and mechanisms

Prime Minister's Media Office
10 March 2016

Dr. Haider Al-Abadi sends to political blocs the document detailing comprehensive reforms and ministerial changes, which includes the criteria and mechanisms.

The document includes 10 files include including choosing technocrat ministers and evaluating the performance of ministries and the fight against corruption and simplification of procedures and the government program and reform packages in various sectors.

Article Ends

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BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Powerful Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr urged Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Friday to press on with plans to form an independent cabinet of technocrats to fight graft despite "political pressure" to desist.

Earlier Abadi asked political blocs in parliament and "influential social figures" to nominate technocrats as candidates for ministerial positions in the new cabinet, state television reported.

"I want the prime minister to continue his reform plan with no fear of political pressure," Sadr said in a pre-recorded speech aired during a demonstration held in Baghdad by his supporters to demand political reforms.It was not immediately clear whether Sadr had recorded his speech before or after the state television announcement on Abadi's call.
Last month Abadi, now a year and a half into his four-year term, said he wanted to replace his ministers with technocrats to challenge the system of patronage that encourages graft by distributing posts along political, ethnic and sectarian lines.

Sadr and his supporters have held regular demonstrations demanding reforms to tackle corruption, which is eating into Baghdad's resources even as it struggles with falling revenues due to a slump in global oil prices and high spending caused by the costs of war against Islamic State militants.

Sadr, heir to a Shi'ite clerical dynasty persecuted under dictator Saddam Hussein, said on Feb. 12 that Abadi had 45 days to deliver on his pledge of a technocrat cabinet or face a no-confidence vote in parliament.

Article Ends

Update: Iraqi Corruption Cleanup

We keep seeing article after article about these high level corrupt officials yet they ever see to be done. See article below.

So my opinion is we are waiting for two main laws for this process of justice to begin. These laws are the General Amnesty and the Accountability and Justice. When we see these two laws passed in parliament two events are not far away – the RV and the prosecution of these three individuals below. NO- they can’t just let them walk away from what they have done. I don’t care how rich they are. Their funds will be frozen and this is not hard to do. Soon Sadr will also put a time limit on this effort but this will probably not happen until these laws are completed. Wait and watch that Mnt Goat is correct…lol…lol…The crowds that are protesting now in the streets by the tens of thousands are not just protesting for cabinet reform. They are presenting once again hang-man loops. What does this tell you? When and if they ever storm the green zone these are the characters they will carry away and deal with themselves if the law does not do it very soon and I mean VERY soon. They are tired of the stalling.

This all sounds kind of like the Wild West days of the USA where justice was taken in the hands of the citizens if the sheriff did not react. Personally I hope something is done soon since this corruption led by these three main individuals IS AT THE ROOT of all the problems facing Iraq. Don’t you feel that way too?

Article Begins


Mohammed Fakhruddin
Friday 11 March 2016

Abadi, a request from the general public and media private expose corrupt and providing him with information about them and here it is glued recipe excessive stupidity upon ratification goodwill him and away from the corruption of the blocks a whole is clear evidence and to prove Nord in order to help him the most important and the most dangerous and the biggest and mightiest whales corruption and we'll see Masevolh and certainly Mr. Abadi will not lift a finger and would be satisfied with (and will even frankly) and Silom people on the corruption of their politicians and citizens will be punished because he is the first punishment will depend argument Daash security situation of ethnic and sectarian and ethnic and Altnavq to escape and promises to provide most notably whales and corruption.

1. Nuri al-Maliki accused of corruption and treason and waste of the state budget over the eight years and by his own admission to the media failure and default.

2-Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud accused of abuse of power and the removal of the opponents of Maliki and his inclusion ablation and accused of squandering more than four billion dollars allocated to the Board of blind judiciary and turned it into a special for him and his daughter balance and his brother-in America and bought through which a piece of land (600 m) in the al-Mansur in addition to the pieces given to him by al-Maliki in Utaifiyya with a large palace in the green Zone.

3-Alaa al-Saadi prime property disputes body accused of colluding with Medhat al-Mahmoud and orders directly from al-Maliki to liquidate opponents through the fabrication of corrupted files, and cover up the corruption of members of advocacy and wasting party files, and ownership of real estate state officials and spoofing and issuing forged bonds them as well as carrying out the composition of a major construction company with Essam al-Asadi In addition to both functions as a minister and abuse of power and smuggled 120,000 dollars to Saudi Arabia while traveling for Hajj and stealing donations employees amounting to 140 million dinars, and gathered himself popular for the crowd when he was president of the bodies of integrity and property and we'll show to Mr. Abadi later other names they want knowing that he will not do it justify that information is lacking evidence and the proof is in the integrity and knowledge of Mr. Hassan Yassiri, which is expected to launch his hand held accountable according to the law is not in accordance with the compatibility and belonging posed by al-Abadi al-Maliki ordered the independent bodies

Article Ends

Update: Monetary Reform- The Countdown Begins

The articles below are golden nuggets of information for us today. We need to closely look at these articles and see what they are telling us. We know that for months now the IMF has been working with Iraq bringing in economic and financial experts from all over the world to help resolve their economic crisis.

As of lately we know that even Allen Greenspan is in Iraq and working closely with Dr, Shabibi at the CBI. I have been bringing you so much information on the developments of this financial sector path in my recent news letters. I have been mostly concentrating on these matters. We are now seeing the results of all these agreements, MOU and mandates of the recent past.

So what solution did they determine will now help Iraq?

The article below is telling us they are about to go global with their currency. Yes – you are hearing it correct, but only if this article is telling us the facts and not rumors. I have no reason to believe this article is propaganda or rumor but is FACTUAL. We will see in the near future.

We know that when they do go global they will have to list the new rate on the currency exchanges and trade the currency on the global exchanges. Then also the banks will have the new rate and we will be allowed to exchange our currency at the bank as we have been desiring to do for so long. The IQD currency will essentially be out of Article 14 and moved to Article 8 of the UN charter requirements for member nations. See article below. They will probably put the currency on a float.

What will this do for Iraq?
⦁ move credit rating to class “A” (talked about this in my last recent news letter)
⦁ will bring investors to buy Iraqi Bonds
⦁ bring in investors to ISX
⦁ bring liquidity to the banks of Iraq (recent articles are telling us they have a major liquidity problem AGAIN)
⦁ ability to work within the World Banking system
⦁ become a full member of the WTO and with all its benefits (such as loans)
⦁ tie into global markets
⦁ achieve the final plan for customs and tariff collections (remember I said this revenue alone could rival the oil revenues alone)

You may never hear them call this effort a “revaluation” since this is the result of their action for us investors when the currency is placed on the international currency exchange markets. As I have told you they will guide us through their actions with the currency and they are not doing this just for us but for the citizens of Iraq.

So this week out pops yet another article about the current currency. I really like this article because it was the third article on the topic of the currency in only a week. Like in November 2015, when we see this happen we must pay attention. We have not gotten any news on this topic for over 3 months and now three articles. Earlier in the week they told us they are canceling the launching of the 100k notes. They are adjusting their plan and we can see it happening now in front of our eyes.

Did I not tell everyone that putting yet another 3 zero note (50k note) into circulation would eventually lead to hyperinflation, if the CBI was not careful? Well here it is in black and white for all to read. Seems all those economic experts now in Iraq are giving the proxy CBI governor, Ali al-Allaq a lesson on how to run a country’s economy…lol…lol…

But we know there is also a long term benefit for what they did back in November when they launched this 50k notes. Only it was supposed to be accompanied very shortly with the launching of the lower denominations. But this part of the plan did not yet happened as planned, and so they are now in a pickle once again since they did not follow through with the entire plan.

So what was wrong with the 50k notes? The citizens did not readily accept these new 50k notes since they do not want more inflated currency (more 3 zero notes), they wanted the final currency of the country, the new lower denominations. This is what they have been promised and this is what they wanted. Instead they got more 3 zero notes. Do you get my point?

Article Begins

Central bank: coin replaced the 50 thousand to avoid inflationSince 03/09/2016 20:23 pm (Baghdad time)

Media revealed the central bank, on Wednesday, the currency of the 50 thousand in other currencies replace to avoid inflation.

It is said that the central bank said, earlier, that the issuance of 50 thousand dinars category will not be accompanied by the withdrawal of any other category of trading, noting that the issuance of this class or any other class does not affect the inflation and deflation.

He said Acer Jabbar's / balances News /, "The central bank is unable to put up a" substantial "amount of 50 thousand dinars category in the market, considering that put forward depends on monetary policy to the process of currency trading and therefore that the increase put forward will increase inflation in the markets."

He added that "the central bank worked to replace the currency in other currencies in order to prevent this inflation," noting that "the process of currency trading you need to for a long time."

The central bank also revealed, earlier, the bank had a reserve of between 57-61 billion dollars, while stressing that the bank can not lend to the government of the Treasury or the Reserve.

Article Ends

Update: Fighting ISIS

Many articles in recent times have given us confirmation that the battle to retake the Mosul is now ongoing and is concluding. We know this battle has in fact been ongoing now for weeks already.

I can tell you the city is surrounded, communications, water and food (and other military logistics) are cut off. Once the civilians are out of the way the main thrust is going to begin to liberate Mosul.
Article Begins


Wednesday, 09 March 2016

Officer Iraqis said the country continues its preparations to receive the large wave of displacement expected with the launch of a military operation led by Iraqi forces, to liberate the city of Mosul, north of the country from the control of the organization "Daash."

The deputy head of the provincial council, "Nineveh" (north) Noureddine Kaplan Wednesday, the Iraqi authorities decided to set up three camps on the outskirts of the city of Mosul in preparation to accommodate prospective displaced when the city begins the process of editing, which conducted its military preparations. He continued, "We wanted to take the necessary measures from now on in order not to repeat the tragedies of displacement, and will be directed ambulances and emergency health teams to the areas that are likely to go to the displaced, as will alert neighboring municipalities management in preparation for emergency conditions."
He noted that the organization "Daash" assesses the main its headquarters in residential areas of civilian houses "deliberately" pointing out that the Iraqi air force dropped leaflets on the city of Mosul, where the population calls to move away from the headquarters of terrorists, support for security forces, which will liberate the city. "

A spokesman for the leadership of the "international coalition" forces to fight al "Daash" Colonel "Christopher Carver," he said in a press statement on Saturday, said that "30 thousand Iraqi troops, taking part in the attack on the city of Mosul, northern Iraq, in order to recover from the terrorist organization ".

On June 10, 2014, dominated by "Daash" on "Mosul" Nineveh province (405 km north of Baghdad), before it expands its control over large areas north and west and east of Iraq, as well as northern and eastern Syria, and announced in the same month the establishment of what he called " caliphate State ", which prompted the United States to the formation of an international coalition of more than 60 nations to fight against the terrorist organization.

Article Ends

One more item today:

Most importantly please, please, please let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe our prayers are in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing.

Remember too to pray to the princess of peace – Our Blessed Virgin Mary. She has the ear of Christ and she can intercede in heaven and bring us the peace we all desire here on earth. We can not do it alone. I believe that if we all make this our daily prayer you will see change. It is already working even in the short time since I have been publishing this prayer section. It does not matter what religion you believe, if you pray then to your oven beliefs entity it is still the same powers and good for all of mankind. Ultimately it is all the same God anyhow.

“Lord, protect Abadi and all who stand with him in righteousness, the Iraq and coalition soldiers who are fighting the good fight against terrorism, that they would be shielded from the enemy and would be victorious against them in the battle for Mosul! We ask that the victory comes swiftly and healing of the Iraqi peoples and all whom have been effected by these evil doers can begin!

We pray for the process of the currency reform, the full implementation of the Iraqi economy to full international status and the bringing of prosperity and wealth to its people“ Amen!

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
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