Mnt Goat Wedn. Post - “Major Economic Changes are Coming” Part 1 of 2

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Mnt Goat Wedn. Post - “Major Economic Changes are Coming” Part 1 of 2

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Hello Everyone,

So today I want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter !

In my village we have a very important event coming up right around the corner. We are all very excited. It is our annual Maibaum fest (or May Pole fest). The committee has been working tirelessly in getting all the preparations completed. Our village holds the festival on May Day or Weekend of Pentecost Sunday. Will you come and join us?

The news just keeps getting better and better as we can now understand the full scope of the problems facing Iraq in their crisis. This crisis is not only an economic crisis or a crisis in fighting ISIS or DAASH but a moral crisis at the very root of the heads of their government.
So today I bring you yet more news of this RV ongoing RV saga. I know I sound like a broken record again but this is the news. I don’t like some of the news anymore than you do and I wish they could just RV and get it over with. But we know great efforts are being made to fix it all and this is in itself very good news.

Can you please look at the glass as being half full with me, instead of half empty? It will make you feel much better and give you comfort in knowing this RV must happen very soon. I will explain in more details today in what I mean by this statement.

I know my news letters are long, after all I write them…lol…lol…Please, please take the time to print the news letter, sit in a comfortable chair and slowly read it. A cup of strong hot coffee often helps too. It all makes a lot of sense today in what I bring you. If you chose not to pay attention then I can not help you. There is a saying “you sleep- you weep”. You must make some effort on your own to educate yourself on the reality of the Iraqi situation and what they are about to do.

NO Hype, NO Rumors, just the FACTS.

Today’s News

Today is Wednesday March 23rd 2016. Still no RV. Sorry Charlie!

Update: Needed New Laws

Oh – so I thought these so called intel “gurus: were telling you many times that HCL was “all done”. Really. See article below.

How many times have these “gurus” told you this and with strong convictions too. They even sounded so convincing. It is very frustrating to me to attempt to bring you honest and straight forward news on Iraqi situation when I have to deal too with all these misguided people suckering you in with all their misinformation. Please try to understand. For every step we take forward in learning, they take you back two steps in brainwashing you with their garbage intel. You luv their intel because is hype not factual. My advice is stay focused on the issues in Iraq and never mind about all this everyday / any day stuff for an RV. I do not know why the banks expect an RV every week and they must be just as misinformed. I do not know why the UST is telling them constantly that the RV will occur when they too should know better. Maybe it is to fool everyone so we can’t predict when it will actually occur? Well they are certainly doing fine job at fooling us.

Today I will try to cover many questions that are still being asked of me and since we have many new readers I will take the time to address your concerns.

So with HCL they are wrong once again…dead wrong. I have been telling you all along HCL still is not all settled and the citizens have not yet received their share of the oil revenues.

They can load the funding on the Qi cards all they want but until they activate them (new rate or old rate it does not matter) they have not yet paid them. The GOI does not want to pay out oil revenues since the government has mismanaged the great wealth of the nation and the money is simply not there to payout. Instead it is all in the pockets of the crocked politicians.

These HCL payments to the citizens are not just nice to have but mandated by the UN and the USA. Now we see the religious clerics too fighting for the average citizen for them to get what is rightfully theirs.

HCL is guaranteed by their new 2005 constitution as the PTB that helped them write the constitution forced this upon them as a check and balance to any politicians who sought to enrich themselves by depriving the Iraq people of some of this great wealth. But to spite the constitution the previous administrations in Iraq have played cat and mouse games when it comes to sharing the oil revenues with the average citizens. They agree to the concept, talk and argue about it over and over again, but do not walk the talk. So the it is once again the average citizen who suffers and is felt powerless to do anything about it. This is only one example as to why many of the Sunni’s join ISIS.

Just remember I keep telling you that their new constitution must be FULLY implemented or no RV.
Mark these words carefully by Mnt Goat since I have said them many times, not as a rumor or conjecture, but as FACTUAL. I have been told this directly by some very strong politically connected people, people who don’t lie and would have no reason to lie.

So do they have their constitution FULLY implemented? Have we seen HCL payments, have we seen the Federation Council announced, Article 140, etc, etc,,,? I could go on and on and you know what I am talking about. So how can we possibly expect an RV this weekend or any other weekend until all this is done? You tell me cause it’s not a surprise to me we have not yet seen the RV. But I will say, like you, I too am very frustrated it is taking them so long to complete the very last part of a long journey. Some say it’s always the last part of the journey that takes the longest since the obstacles seem greater to overcome when you are tired. But this is where fortitude and will power must prevail and are important. I believe the average Iraqi citizen has what it takes to complete this long journey.

So the article below is living proof now and you should take this information to these so called intel “gurus” out there and challenge them. Ask them why then we are seeing Sadr talking about the how the citizens should now get their fair share of oil revenues, if HCL was “all done” then they already should have gotten paid - right? Challenge them for they are wrong! Ask them why they said this in the past and it was not true.

Incidentally how would you feel if your government was stealing billions and you couldn’t even get the buildings reconstructed from a war, have electricity, clean running water, pension payments or even pay your salary as a government employee when it was due? What about the dysfunctional parliament and the parties that withhold any progress and stall and delay the needed laws to correct this mess?

Do you seen the mess they are in. Would you RV their currency knowing that the same old process is still in place for yet more of the wealth would be squandered by crocked politicians. NO ! NO ! NO !

By knowing all this - Do you think the PTB are doing Iraq a service or disservice by holding back the RV and thus forcing Iraq to get their newly formed democracy in order?

Article Begins


MARCH 21, 2016

Influential Iraqi Shi'ite Muslim cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, leading protests to demand a technocrat government to fight graft, urged authorities on Monday to give every Iraqi a direct share from the nation's oil revenues.

Iraq, with crude oil reserves among the largest in the world, ranks 161 out of 168 in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index in 2015.

``Allocate a share for each Iraqi citizen from the oil revenues,'' he said in a speech detailing proposals to end graft, improve public services and revive the economy. He gave no detail on how this might be done.

Sadr's followers have been staging protests for about a month demanding a new government be formed with technocrats not affiliated with political parties in order to fight rampant corruption.

The cleric didn't specify if his demand on distribution of oil revenue to the population was a condition to end the protests.

Article Ends

Next its time to talk about the General Amnesty law Yes- once again they are filling the people in on the current status and reinforcing to them about the dysfunctional parliament. They say the final version of the law has been sitting in parliament for over 15 days already. So where is the much needed law. Can they have it legalized ? Enough already!

Article Begins


Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed by Salim Chawki, said on Tuesday that his committee ended the final wording of the law of general amnesty and sent to the Presidency by more than 15 days, indicating that they are covered by the law , who have no influence on society.

He said Shawki in a press statement, " The Legal Committee ended the final wording of the law of general amnesty, and submitted by more than 15 days to the Presidency , " noting that " the final version took into account that they are covered by the amnesty of no effect on the community, taking into account the lack of loss of rights victims. "

He noted that "covered by the general amnesty drug users, and the killer who pay (blood money) for those with the victim was ceded the right person, and thieves of public money if the money back to the state, and kidnapping if they do not cause harm to the kidnapped."

He said Shawki " The amnesty does not exclude, incest, sodomy, rape, drug trafficking, terrorism and others."

Article Ends

Update: Iraqi Economy

So many keep asking – What else do they need to do to fix the banks? I don’t know about you but I am getting tired of hearing about all these banking issues. Just fix them? Pass some banking laws and get it done. Then enforce the laws.

Well if you pay attention and read the articles below you will find out that there are still serious problems with the banks and need to be corrected. Now they are telling us a possible solution to the corruption in the banks is to go ELECTRONIC. Sound reasonable to me. Thought they would have gone in this direction already? But we know they just privatized a bunch more banks and are up to over 50 private banks, almost double from a couple years ago. So maybe they need to catch up. Remember these laws are important because Iraq will need the western society to establish branches of their banks abroad in bring the needed capital investments with them. Will they want to open up branches in this current banking environment? NO ! NO ! NO !

Article Begins


March 22, 2016
Special – balances News
Confirmed member of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Najiba Najib, on Tuesday, an electronic system in private banks only solution to curb corruption.

She said Najib’s / balances News /, that “the sale of the dollar in private banks is one of the largest species of corruption to the different prices of the bank to Achar and lack of agreement on a fixed price,” asserting that “the system electronic in private banks only solution to curb corruption.” She added, that “the system is under the direct supervision by the central bank.”

Revealed for the economic and investment commission in Parliament, earlier, that the existence of fraud within the government and private banks because of their dependence on the old system of management, while pointing out that the old ways continue to deal affects the economy of Iraq .
From: Haidar Almitm

Article Ends

So now we hear of yet more liquidity problems. Same old saga….only complaints but nothing is ever done about it for a permanent solution. We should know by now every time the CBI cuts back on the currency auctions it creates less US dollars in the banks to pay the bills to foreign importers, thus a liquidity problem.

Maybe the final solution is to cancel the currency auctions and just go global with the currency so they can instead pay their bills with Iraqi dinars?

Article Begins


March 22, 2016
Our economy / Baghdad

Confirmed private banks association, said Tuesday that Iraq is suffering a shortage of liquidity due to lower oil prices, revealing that the main problem in Iraq lies in the management of funds.

The executive director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy News that "there is a shortage of Iraqi cash because of the economic conditions experienced by Iraq," he returned that "the main problem in Iraq lies in the management of funds and liquidity

He said Tariq, that "there are a lot of government institutions, which owns a financial surplus, as opposed to another number suffering from a fiscal deficit," revealing that "there are several proposals for the management of the funds and cash in Iraq, including consolidation, especially since there are disclosed a process under way to inventory the existing funds in institutions, in order to clear the financial position of the country.

he Executive Director of the Association of banks, that "the economic cycle and the liquidity crisis has affected the work of private banks," asserting that "private banks association is cooperating with the Iraqi government today to enable the banking sector to take a role and contribute to the exit from this crisis.

Article End
Update: 45 Day Deadline for Technocratic Gov’t

First me let tell you something about this new concept of a “technocratic” government. In fact the concept is not new and Abadi did not just come up with this idea for reform. He has a close panel of advisors and set up committees for the reason of finding areas in the government that are causing the delays and stalling in the needed legislation and needed reforms process. So this “technocratic” idea was conceived almost 3 months ago but nothing ever came of it. So can you wonder why just recently Sadr put some FIRE under the GOI to get it done? If Sadr didn’t act we might be waiting months more, maybe a year.

Remember not all the ministers are being replaced. Many are just be reshuffled around to positions they are best suited to work in based upon their education and prior experience. This is all being done in disregard to the quote system now in place which caused the misplacement of the ministers since they were placed in positions to fill the tribal sec quote and not by knowledge. Also remember too many of the ministers are going to jail for corruption and they too need to be replaced. Abadi has also consolidated many of the ministries and so less ministers are now needed in his cabinet to get the job done. So this effort goes beyond just the “technocratic” aspects and is way over due.

Let me shake the dust off an article I included in my 3/18 news letter. It talked about the three presidents getting together to discuss the cabinet reshuffle. Do you remember this article? So now we know the results of this meeting in this article I bring you today. See article below. They plan to complete it within a week which tells us by the end of this month, that’s just about 7-8 days away.

See these articles do make sense and we all should pay more attention to them if we really want to know what is going on in Iraq, thus they give us an idea of when the RV might be more likely to happen. They tell us a lot. So much for these so called “gurus” who tell you to ignore the articles and only listen to their form of information …lol….lol…Of course this is how brainwashing works…lol…lol…

So what else does this article tell us?
1) It tells us the Judicial side (the Supreme Judicial Council) needs a kick in the butt to start prosecuting the corrupt officials. I mean the high level officials. So they too need some pressure exerted upon them.

2) Next it tells us they are aware and will work on the “stalled” and long “delayed” legislation in parliament.

3) then it tells us Abadi’s cabinet reshuffle will be completed (new ministers assigned) within a week

Their words not mine…lol…lol…No secret intel here from some secret sources…lol…lol….

I quote from the article below – “that would follow up the implementation of the reform measures and alterations ministerial week and activate the work of the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption and speed up the resolution of independent bodies”

I quote again from the article below – “for the work of the House of Representatives on the completion of stalled and delayed the legislation of laws”

I quote again from the article below –“follow up the ministerial reforms and adjustment in a week”

Why is this all such VERY GOOD news to us for this RV saga? ​

Mnt Goat Wedn. Post - “Major Economic Changes are Coming” Part 2 of 2
​Why is this all such VERY GOOD news to us for this RV saga?

Because we all know these are the three main areas of concern (besides ridding Iraq of ISIS and Iranian Kud forces and militia influence) that must be accomplished prior to any RV. WOW!

But, if this is not good enough, yesterday Iraq came out with a commentary once again about these currency auctions and how they will bankrupt Iraq if they continue. So we know why these auctions are held as I explained them to you in previous news letters (go back and reread them if you don’t understand). They are being held because Iraq is in a ‘Closed” economy and to pay for imports, the banks must go to the CBI, get US dollars for their banks to exchange with the merchants for dinars to they can pay the importers for the goods and services. The process is the auctions.

But problem is they overpay dinars for these US dollars and the dollars come out of the CBI reserves. Do you see the corruption? If this continues much longer the reserves will be depleted. With the financial crisis the CBI reserves are not being replenished at the rate necessary to sustain this process. Instead the CBI collects almost worthless dinars in the process. No country’s wealth is stored in reserves using their own currency.

So the only practical way out of this mess is to restore the Iraqi dinar back to it’s original value, place it on the global exchanges (thus RV and going international) and use the dinar to pay for imports. (As a side note – we go to the bank and exchange our dinars when they do).

So why won’t the CBI just do it? CORRUPTION - just too many people making billions over the currency auction process and they are raiding the coffers of the CBI reserves.

You can see it, the good guys see it and so when will it end? What are they waiting for?

We know what they are waiting for! I have told you many times already.

The IMF simply will not allow them to RV (go global) until all these other pieces are done. It is a catch 22 situation, dilemma for the good guys, like Abadi, who is trying to make a difference. But the mess is so large to untangle and fix.

I have explained many times to you what these piece are. I certainly hope you now understand their predicament. YES- it is a predicament since they too want to RV but the stalled legislation, ISIS, and the backwards banking practices are delaying the plan.

So we also see a recent cut back in the amount of US dollars sold in the auctions and of course, as expected, it is causing liquidity problems in the banks once again. Many article yesterday on this topic.

Folks I just have to tell you again - The only way out of this vicious cycle of corruption it to go global with the dinar by moving Iraq into Article 8 as a member nation of the UN. They must STOP the auctions!

So this process of currency auctions can not continue much longer and they know it! What will they do? It is part of the solution to their economic crisis. But Abadi did tell us that some “major economic changes are coming soon”. Does he first want to complete the reshuffle of his cabinet, then he can get the necessary reform laws passed, then he can force the judiciary to do their job, then we can RV?

The article is very long and I did not include the entire article today but here is the essence of it for you below.

I quote from the article by one of the economists –

“Said David Zayer told all of Iraq that ” the decline in central bank sales, confirms that its reserve is unable to secure the required in the market , ” pointing out that ” the political misconceptions followed by the central bank will push Iraq into bankruptcy.”

“He pointed out that “there is a process looting systematic bankruptcy Iraq from its reserve of hard currency , “stressing that” the central bank assumes this responsibility. ”

“and labeled a member of the parliamentary finance committee Majida al – Tamimi, the Iraqi Central Bank ‘s policy in the auction to sell the currency as “serving the corrupt.”

Article Begins


Three presidencies decided at the conclusion of the formation of the first meeting of the two committees to follow up the ministerial reforms and adjustment in a week and the other to communicate with the protesters.

According to an official statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic it was forming a committee represented by all political factions and representatives of the three presidencies that would follow up the implementation of the reform measures and alterations ministerial week and activate the work of the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption and speed up the resolution of independent bodies.

You were also at the meeting approve the formation of a committee of the two communities and their representatives liaise Palmatsaman, was emphasized at the meeting on the need for the work of the House of Representatives on the completion of stalled and delayed the legislation of laws.

This rolled reactions of the political blocs about what was announced after the three presidencies and political leaders meeting yesterday.

Where House Speaker Salim al – Jubouri confirmed that it was agreed to hold a round of dialogue with the protesters , with an emphasis on the importance of preserving the prestige of the state while the head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al – Hakim stressed the need to move forward with comprehensive reforms in accordance with the program and clear policies with re – examine administrative clades in Iraq starting from the post of the minister to the agents and general managers, while the leader of the Front confirmed Saleh al – Mutlaq dialogue that the meeting of the political blocs praised the high discipline of the demonstrators and reiterated his support for a radical change in the political process , while a coalition of state law , the protestors attacked considered mobility violation of the Constitution and poses a security challenge and a gateway to re – scenario Mosul and Anbar.

Allawi calls for the formation of saving the Council and the involvement of the tribes in the political process
For his part , President of the National Coalition , Iyad Allawi , to form a rescue board to oversee the political process and the formation of a new cabinet of ministers independent of the parties indicated during a press conference to the need to achieve national reconciliation and the abolition of political quota system as well as change the electoral system to ensure the integrity and the enactment of the law of parties , stressing that the previous elections have involved a great imbalance.

Article Ends

I like these articles below because they are telling us the main concern of the GOI is fighting terrorism in all avenues including the ISIS and DAASH threat as well as Iranian influence. They did not come right out and say “Iranian” but if you read between the lines is all there.

Making the ministerial changes too are important, as Abadi and Allawi says, but lets not forget there is still a way going on with ISIS.

I quote from the article below – “during a meeting with Chairman of the National Coalition , Iyad Allawi, support reform and the importance of walking him and the fight against corruption and support the government and the victories of our security forces to the terrorist gangs and protect state institutions as well as the deepening of relations with the regions.”

Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe it is the chairman of the National Coalition , Iyad Allawi, who is pushing in the background for the reforms? Maybe it’s Allawi who is working through the religious clerics to put pressure on the GOI to move forward more rapidly on these reforms. This is all very good for us.

Article Begins


3/22/2016 0:00
BAGHDAD - morning
And continued Dr. Haidar al - Abadi Prime Minister meetings with the Committee of Experts tasked with developing a comprehensive reform programs and consider the selection of candidates for senior positions, have been through it to make decisions and recommendations that will contribute positively ministerial change to very soon, while called to take the necessary measures and procedures to protect the residents in the city of Taza and hand Bashir discussed with the President of the Council 's strategic foreign relations in the Supreme leader Ali Khamenei , the Office of the unification of the region’s efforts to support Iraq in its war against terrorism.

According to the information Office of the Prime Minister data received this morning copies thereof, that Abadi held a meeting with the Commission experts in charge of developing a comprehensive reform program which discussed everything that would form a technocrat government to raise the level of all sectors in the country as a result of the big challenges it faces.

The statement added that the meeting came out with many of the decisions and recommendations that will contribute positively ministerial change time is very close and the reform sought by chairman of the board Ministers and citizens.

On the other hand, search Abadi, upon receiving Kamal Kharrazi , President of the Council 's strategic foreign relations in the Supreme leader of the Islamic revolution Ali Khamenei 's office, the bilateral relations between the two countries and ways to promote them in various fields and the situation in the region, and the importance to unite the region 's efforts to support Iraq in its war against terrorism.

On a related matter , he stressed the Prime Minister, during a meeting with Chairman of the National Coalition , Iyad Allawi, support reform and the importance of walking him and the fight against corruption and support the government and the victories of our security forces to the terrorist gangs and protect state institutions as well as the deepening of relations with the regional ocean.

In the meantime, chaired by Chairman of the Board Minister Ministerial Council for National security meeting, discussed the measures necessary to protect residents and procedures in the city of Taza and hand Bashir and equip the ministries of defense, interior and body the popular crowd with arms necessary for the battle against the terrorist gangs.

The statement said the media to his office that the meeting also discussed the plans and strategies of security and military to sustain momentum victories achieved and the liberation of every inch of the land of Iraq and a review of previous resolutions and recommendations.

Article Ends

Article Begins


Confirmed Iraqi civil society initiative to monitor and evaluate the reforms that the formation of committees negotiating with the protesters do not serve the program of reforms, but is an attempt to stall and procrastinate intended to buy time.

The Ibrahim said Sarraji general coordinator of the initiative was supposed political blocs should initiate a package of laws that contribute to supporting the reform plan, according to the legislation roof timetable is displayed on the entire community.

He noted that the Iraqi society as a whole are expected political blocs comprehensive reforms of political, administrative and economic apparatus package based on the article version (78) of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq as ((prime minister is the direct executive responsible for the general policy of the state)) assumes the political blocs and during the Iraqi Council of Representatives to take over the legislative process and by the constitutional powers of the legislative authority.

He added that the meetings held by the political blocs to discuss the reform program seems like it resulted in a lack of cooperation between the political blocs and try to hold on to its ministers corrupt part of the current government which is a big shock for the whole community of Iraq, and far from the demands of the people as expressed through demonstrations and Yards sit.

Article End

Article Begins


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

(Information) BAGHDAD - The President of the reform committee set up by the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr for the selection of the new ministerial cabin Sami Azarh, Tuesday, for the lifting of the names of candidates for the ministries to technocrats Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi.

He Azarh told / information /, " The cabin chosen by the Committee of Ministers includes 90 personal Iraq , mostly university professors and deans of faculties, to take up ministerial positions, agents , " stressing that " it was raising thenames of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi."

It Azarh, it "has been selected four to five people each ministry," adding that "the rest of the names will be Trahaha to fill the deputy ministers."

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr announced earlier in the formation of a committee is their choice of candidates technocrats to fill the ministerial posts

Article Ends

Update: Ongoing Fight Against Corruption

Many of you have said to me that not enough is being done in Iraq to punish these corrupt officials for their crimes. I agree but a lot has been done too. What we really need now is for the highest gov’t officials like Maliki and his gang to have the judiciary open their files and set trials for all their crimes. We need them out of politics completely.

Why won’t they just prosecute them?
If you have been following my news letters all along you should know why. I told you some more news on this topic today. I also told you there is a coming wave that will sweep them out of politics forever. Just give the process time to work it self through. There is a plan. Let’s watch it all play out.

Isn’t this saga all very interesting to watch unfold?

Article Begins


Tuesday 22-03-2016

Twilight News / federal judiciary on Tuesday announced the organization of 726 arrest warrants against fugitives accused of corruption and sent to the International Police for the purpose of prosecution, confirmed judges specialize integrity and economic crimes, the investigation is accused of terrorism financing companies.

The judges confirmed in a press conference held by the presidency to resume Rusafa follow new mechanisms to speed up the resolution of corruption cases, as revealed on the number of cases completed recently and made it clear that senior officials were convicted and subjected to trial.

According to Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar spokesman for the judiciary to "form a committee of senior judges to speed up the completion of the federal judiciary code currently in the House Rules in collaboration with the Legal Committee of Parliament", and pointed out that "Entries are laws; judicial organization and supervision of the judiciary and the Supreme Judicial Council public administration and the judiciary and the Supreme Federal Court. "

In another matter Birqadr Speaking to reporters that "the public prosecutor 726 systems warrant sending to the international police have not been implemented yet, although the 163 defendants in this Marovo places in the states added the issues."

For its part attributed the legal adviser in the public prosecutor Faten Mohsen Hadi delay in resolving the cases of corruption to the "administrative delays in the completion of investigations by inspectors general and the legal departments of the institutions and offices delayed BSA reports and answer slow circles about the value of the losses sustained."

As Hadi revealed "soon hold a meeting comprising judges of integrity and the presidency of the Public Prosecution and Investigation Department of the Integrity Commission and the Office of Financial Supervision and the offices of the inspectors and the chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Commission to put speed up the resolution of the files of corruption according to law mechanisms."

Hadi said that "most of the files that announce forwarded to the eradication of corruption charges that they are merely being a minor infractions do not conform to the Integrity Commission Act."

In turn, draws the judge Jassim Mohammed Aboud Prime resumption of Rusafa to the lack of preventive measures to save public money, and confirms the "lack of real mechanisms to tackle corruption before the occurrence of the crime."

And as pointed out that "most of the cases of corruption in government contracts", he stressed that "the judiciary does not neglect any complaint moved in front of him and performed in accordance with law."

Iyad Muhsin ligature money laundering and economic crime in Baghdad, the judge revealed that his court check "with 37 money transfer company has dealings with hot spots on charges of financing terrorism."

He completed ligature Speaking at a press conference that "some of the defendants were being arrested, but the others were still at large."

And the proportions of completed corruption cases recently, the first judge of the court of inquiry integrity in Baghdad, Mohammed Salman said that his court resolved the "3298 issue of investigative related to corruption over the past year and 611 cases since the beginning of this year."

As Judge Jumaa al-Saadi Prime Criminal Integrity reported that his court accomplished "103 cases during the current year and 642 last year," and that "some of them related to senior officials and most of the decisions have been ratification of the Federal Court of Cassation."

In turn, Radi Fartusi misdemeanor court judge in Baghdad confirmed the integrity monitor his court "irregularities in the work of 28 banks waged," pointing out that "the elimination of forced it to pay what amounts Bzmtha timetables with fines beginning of last year."

Article Ends

Update: Fighting ISIS

I do not like the second article below on commentary from a group of Iraqi “volunteer forces” who “ have called on the US marines, recently deployed to the country under the pretext of fighting Daesh, to leave or they will be treated as “forces of occupation.” Really?

Sorry Maliki we don’t buy your propaganda as this article as it is one to be ignored. We all know first of all the USA military has been asked to come to Iraq. They are being given support by the government and made deals to help in fighting ISIS. The USA does not want to occupy Iraq nor does it want to be there. Who else is going to protect Iraq and remain neutral? Will you let the Iranian Kud forces do it? Will you let the Russians or Turkey do it? The USA really is the only driving force of neutrality in this fight against ISIS. I thank God everyday that the USA has the will power to still return to Iraq.

Article Begins



Announced the US Department of Defense Pentagon, the establishment of an independent US military base in northern Iraq, it is the first since the return of US troops to Iraq in two thousand and fourteen.

At a news summary, he said a spokesman for the international coalition Col. Steve Warren, said that the establishment of Fire Beers Bell base, in the town drunk, which lies between the cities of Mosul and Kirkuk in northern Iraq, came to provide protection to Iraqi forces and adviser to the international coalition, stressing that the presence of power at the base was at the invitation of The Iraqi government and in coordination with them.

Between Warren, that the population of the Marine force in al-Qaida is less than two hundred fighters, and they will stay there for the survival of American advisers in a drunken, stressing at the same time, that their role is limited US forces announced the creation of its own military base for the first time since returning to Iraq

Article Ends

Article Begins


Tue Mar 22, 2016

A group of Iraqi volunteer forces have called on the US marines, recently deployed to the country under the pretext of fighting Daesh, to leave or they will be treated as “forces of occupation.”

Washington announced Sunday that a detachment of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit, an air-ground force of 2,200 troopers, had arrived in Iraq to join the fight against the Takfiri Daesh terrorists.

“The forces of occupation are making a new suspicious attempt to restore their presence in the country under the pretext of fighting their own creation, Daesh,” Iraqi Asa’ib Al al-Haq forces said Tuesday.

US officials did not disclose the exact number of the marines that were dispatched to the Arab country.

Pentagon says there are about 3,500 American forces stationed in Iraq, a figure that according to US Army Colonel Steve Warren, stationed in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, is an underestimation.

In late February, a US official said that the US army’s elite Delta Force units were preparing for operations to target, detain or kill what is said to be the main Daesh operators in Iraq.
On Saturday the US Defense Department acknowledged the death of an American service member in Iraq’s northern region, where American forces are leading air strikes against alleged Daesh positions as part of a US-led military campaign in Iraq and Syria.

Iraq has on several occasions complained about the ineffectiveness of the aerial campaign launched by the US and its allies since June 2014.

Iraqis say a significant number of attacks have been carried out without coordination with Baghdad, increasing the likelihood of the coalition fighter jets targeting Iraqi civilians and military forces.

In mid-December last year, several Iraqi soldiers were either killed or injured by a US airstrike as they were advancing on the positions of the terrorists near Amriyat al-Fallujah, west of Baghdad.

Syria has also submitted complaint letters to the United Nations, accusing the US-led forces of huge damages to the country’s infrastructure and leaving behind many civilian casualties.

The US began withdrawing its troops from Iraq in 2007 and allegedly completed the process in 2011, eight years into a chaotic invasion of the country under the false pretext of finding weapons of mass destruction.

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Most importantly please, please, please let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe our prayers are in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing.

Remember too to pray to the princess of peace – Our Blessed Virgin Mary. She has the ear of Christ and she can intercede in heaven and bring us the peace we all desire here on earth. We can not do it alone. I believe that if we all make this our daily prayer you will see change. It is already working even in the short time since I have been publishing this prayer section. It does not matter what religion you believe, if you pray then to your oven beliefs entity it is still the same powers and good for all of mankind. Ultimately it is all the same God anyhow.

“Lord, protect Abadi and all who stand with him in righteousness, the Iraq and coalition soldiers who are fighting the good fight against terrorism, that they would be shielded from the enemy and would be victorious against them in the battle for Mosul! We ask that the victory comes swiftly and healing of the Iraqi peoples and all whom have been effected by these evil doers can begin!

We pray for the process of the currency reform, the full implementation of the Iraqi economy to full international status and the bringing of prosperity and wealth to its people“ Amen!

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
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