Mnt Goat Wednesday Update - “The Thursday Deadline”

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Mnt Goat Wednesday Update - “The Thursday Deadline”

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MNT GOAT NEWS LETTER Edition: UU6916 Dated: March 30, 2016
Title: “The Thursday Deadline”

Hello Everyone,

Today’s news is mostly about the pressure and more of the same ongoing saga of the movement to the new technocratic government of Iraq. The prime minister Abadi has extreme pressure to show his list of candidates and submit them to parliament by tomorrow (Thursday) or it may even get violent in the green zone. Already the protestors have entered the green zone and now camp there. The security forces guarding the green zone have been given warning not to favor and join the protestors (which is very, very likely to happen).

We also know that part of Sadr’s demands upon the government (maybe not by Thursday but soon) is to bring to justice these high level corrupt officials (referring to Maliki and his stug goons). Also we know Sadr’s had come out earlier and stated he demanded that the CBI be cleaned up from all corruption too and the proxy governor also be replaced to a more technocratic position (and recommended Dr Shabibi return).

I believe this does not mean we should not all be very optimistic.

If Iraq could get this new technocratic govt installed and these pro-Iranian politicians (namely Maliki and his goons) out of the govt matters and prosecuted for their corruption and clean up the CBI then we have a wonderful chance of moving forward with the economy and affairs of Iraq. I believe everything else will just fall into place and the RV is just one of the resulting events that will occur as a result. This all could happen in 2-3 weeks as it is not complicated tasks and just takes will.

So I reaffirm the next opportunity for an RV window of mid March to mid April. We might go slightly beyond mid April but I do not (at this time) believe we will go much beyond this point.. This week’s progress is very pivotal in this effort and will determine a much later or on time my window of RV opportunity.

I have justified my timelines with you over these last couple months with solid articles and FACTS so don’t let anyone tell you Mnt Goat just predicts and throws out RV dates to you.

NO Hype, NO Rumors, just the FACTS.

Today’s News

Today is Wednesday March 30th 2016. Still no RV. Sorry Charlie!

So once again I have to clarify the madness of some of these so called intel “gurus” these past couple days. Some are saying the IQD is now international and we are just waiting for the new rates to appear. Really?

Have we not been waiting for the new rates on the so called “bank screens” to appear fro over 4 years now? So what is so new about this intel? Well they have to make up something to keep your callers pressing their “donate” button.

Didn’t these same people tell us just months ago it went international and we were just waiting for our turn to exchange? Really?

Are all these people living on the same planet earth? Who is feeding them this garbage intel? They have absolutely no concrete proof of what they claim. When asked they simply say it’s from a “secret” source and they can’t divulge their sources. Why?

BECAUSE THERE IS NO SOURCES…get it? Its all just lies. Of course later when they are caught they simply then say it was rumors to justify their stupidity.

So everyone relax! Iraq still has work to do prior to any RV of it’s currency.

I want to tell you all a secret “THE IQD IS NOT INTERNATIONAL”.

This is not why U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the head of the World Bank where in Iraq over the weekend. Instead they were there for a progress report/checkup from the GOI. Would like to give permission to RV? Yes- but not until all the mandates are completed and Iraq has the STABILITY and SECURITY it needs.

This silly, stupid, almost insane garbage intel must stop! It is way beyond rumor it is now reached the level of pure insanity!

I hope this clarified this last set of rumors and we can put them all to bed.

However…..having said all this I believe this does not mean we should not all be very optimistic. If Iraq could get this new technocratic govt installed and these pro-Iranian politicians (namely Maliki and his goons) out of the govt matters and prosecuted for their corruption, then we have a wonderful chance of moving forward with the economy and affairs of Iraq. I believe everything else will just fall into place and the RV is just one of the resulting events that will occur as a result.

Update: Iraqi Economy

I am presenting an article today telling us more insight to what the U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the head of the World Bank and the head of the Islamic Development Bank in expressing. They are expressing solidarity with Iraqi leaders.

They also told us what they felt Iraq needs to do in order to put its economic house in order.

I quote from the article - "needs to put its economic house in order" by reforming state-owned enterprises, enacting more even distribution of oil revenues and addressing chronic shortages of electricity.

Did we not just witness over 12 state owned banks get privatized?

Did the World Bank say more distribution of oil revenues to the people?

So did we not also hear just recent pressure from the cleric Sadr on this subject matter too as part of the needed reforms?

Did the World Bank say they must address the shortages of electricity?

So did we not just recently read two articles about General Electric and Seimans (Geman Firm) signing contracts Iraq to bring the electric grid back up 24/7 and convert many of the plants to using gas?

Article Begins



BAGHDAD, March 28 (UPI) -- Faced with threats from terrorism and low oil prices, the world community is ready to help, but Iraqis make take initiatives, the U.N. secretary-general said.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon joined the heads of the World Bank and the Islamic Development Bank in expressing solidarity with Iraqi leaders struggling to ensure financial and national stability. From Baghdad, the secretary-general said he was calling on regional and international partners to help support a threatened Iraq, though the Iraqis themselves needed to take responsibility to resolve crises.

"These reforms must include measures to empower women and young people, and to bring [about] greater social cohesion," Ban said in a statement.

Iraq's $200 billion economy is one of the largest in the Middle East, though several decades of conflict have taken on a toll on state infrastructure, while the recent collapse in crude oil prices has strained its financial coffers.

The International Monetary Fund more recently warned Iraq is facing twin economic shocks in the form of the national security threat posed by the Islamic State terrorist group and the steep decline in crude oil prices.

Conflict, the IMF warned, was hurting Iraq's non-oil economy because of trade disruptions, a loss of investor confidence and the destruction of infrastructure.

The World Bank, meanwhile, said Iraq "needs to put its economic house in order" by reforming state-owned enterprises, enacting more even distribution of oil revenues and addressing chronic shortages of electricity.

"Through demonstrating a commitment to such real changes, we hope Iraq can find the support it seeks to relieve its immense fiscal pressures in the light of significantly reduced oil prices," World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said.

Article Ends

Update: 45 Day Deadline for Technocratic Gov’t

Early last week, the cleric sent Abadi a list of 90 names of Iraqi professors, experts and economists whom he described as "independent and professional volunteers" who would "serve Iraq for free" in the new administration.

Sadr's step was seen by his Shia rivals and partners as a coup against Iraq's power-sharing quota system, and increased fears of fighting between Sadrists and Iraqi security forces.
Details of their discussion were not released but Sadr has vowed to continue the sit-in until politicians tackle corruption and create a new unaffiliated "technocratic" government. He had originally given Abadi until Tuesday to meet these demands but has agreed to hold off until the final list is released on Thursday 3/31.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow, Thursday.

Article Begins


03/28/2016 13:11

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} House of Representatives to raise its regular to Thursday next after the deadline for submission of the new ministerial cabin.

According to a parliamentary source told {Euphrates News} that "the House of Representatives to raise its meeting to next Thursday after they decided to determine Thursday deadline for the government of new ministerial cabins and if it does not offer deadline mentioned the House of Representatives will withdraw confidence from the government and question the prime minister Haider al-Abadi

Article Ends

But wait a second…is it the blame of parliament or Abadi? This question is what it come down to in the end if and when the Thursday mandate is not met. Watch and let it play out. See that Mnt Goat is correct…lol…lol…

More pressure on Abadi. He has until next Thursday? I can see all points and Sadr’s point since they do not pressure anyone it will simply go on forever. No one wants the blame. So they all must step up.

Article Begins



Information / special / ..
House of Representatives panel on Monday the resignation of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the formation of a new government IF it fails to submit the last ministerial his booth for the new Parliament and the application package of reform, as pointed out that al-Abadi did not specify Minister covered the change yet.

He said council member Siham Moussa told / information / "Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi did not have a clear vision about the cabinet reshuffle expected because of the political blocs have not reported so far names covered by the Minister for change, as well as ministries, which will cost the new candidate managed personalities."

She added that "the House of Representatives will resort to the formation of a sub-committee limited its tasks on forming a new government emerges from within the parliament to conduct the business of the country, as well as the dismissal of the prime minister from office after being questioned," indicating that "the steps will do in the event of Abadi failed to submit his booth cabinet next Thursday ".

Announced Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on the ninth of February last, the formation of a new government adopts the principle of technocrats in the selection of the characters, while the House of Representatives called on to give him a mandate to do so.

And gave the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Monday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi two additional days to submit his booth cabinet on Thursday.

Article Ends

Article Begins


BAGHDAD / .. A member of the National Alliance for the rule of law Haider Mawla, Sunday, that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reached preliminary agreements with the National Alliance for the relocation of some ministers.

He said the Lord's "Eye of Iraq News," "The list Abadi will come to parliament during Monday's session," pointing out that "the list will include the names changed seven ministers."

He said. "Delays which won by the prime minister not to provide part of his booth for non-ministerial enriches Bbadi comes to agree with the parties to the National Alliance."
Mawla that the "comprehensive change can not be done in one go for violating the constitution, forcing al-Abadi to provide partial reform."

This is done during the day an emergency meeting of the National Alliance in the office of Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari, to discuss the cabinet reshuffle and the latest developments Alssayash.anthy MG

Article Ends

Article Begins


Baghdad -Arac Press -28 March / March:

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, said on Monday that determine the time limits for government reforms put those national mission on track, referring to reshuffle reform first, followed by sweeping reforms in the fight against corruption and reform of state institutions and to address the situation displaced.

Jubouri said in a speech at a session of Parliament, the "battle of the reforms on the extreme importance, should not divert attention, efforts and attention from the battle to liberate the Iraqi territory usurped by the forces of terror."

And that "any reforms do not take into account the priority of maintaining Iraq's cohesion and national partnership and unity of the social fabric and overcome past failures are not available on the constitutional and legal standards and the preservation of the political process will only be adding a new crisis to crisis that has plagued Iraq basket."

He pointed out that "the development of specific time limits for making repairs betrays a desire in the marketing of those national mission to goals only proper, since the reforms mean a thorough review of reservoir failure and dysfunction, treatment and promotion of reservoirs success factors developed within a specific and well-known period."

Jubouri and pointed out that "reform is not a desire or an attempt to evade responsibility as What is the responsibility lay on the shoulders of all important break the impasse on less sacrifices and a shorter time."

He criticized "quota system that abused for the political process," stressing that "the reshuffle reform first, followed by sweeping reforms in the fight against corruption and reform of state institutions and to address the situation of the displaced and everything associated with maintaining the prestige of the state."

Iraq's parliament has given Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Monday, two weeks to submit his reformist and for 3 days to submit its candidates for ministerial change.

Article Ends

Article Begins


Baghdad -Arac Press -29 March

National Forces Alliance announced on Tuesday 3/29 that the alliance decided to withdraw the resignation of the ministers of planning, Salman al-Jumaili, agriculture Falah Zaidan, from the government, because of the some of the ministers of the National Alliance to their posts.

A source in the National Alliance, at dawn on Tuesday, the alliance president Ibrahim al-Jaafari, who asked not to touch his job as foreign minister in exchange for continued support Abadi, with pressure on the Supreme Council to bring out the Transport Minister Baqer al-Zubaidi, compared to the survival of Adel Abdul Mahdi and Abdul Hussain Abtan in office in the oil and youth.

A member of the coalition forces Raad Aldhlki, in a press statement, said that "coalition forces, when he decided the resignation of the ministers of planning and agriculture from the government this week, the aim of granting Abadi, the opportunity for a comprehensive change in his government that includes the change of other political blocs."

He added, "After we found that there is a rejection of the ministers in the National Alliance to leave their ministries, which we have received information that al-Abadi, who wants to be a reshuffle in some quarters, without other, we decided to withdraw the resignation of the ministers of planning and agriculture."

He continued, "The current demand of coalition forces, to be a comprehensive change both ministries in the government, or to provide the Prime Minister, an assessment of the Minister who wishes to make a change for him, and not put forward the idea of ​​change without introductions."

And it gave the Iraqi parliament, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, until next Thursday, to give his new government, which includes ministers and technocrats

Article Ends

Article Begins

Muqtada al-Sadr's response to Ebadi's speech last disappointing to the Iraqi people oppressed

The leader Sayyed Moqtada al - Sadr's speech last Abadi disappointing Iraqi people , oppressed by the following: -

First , I would advise the brother prime minister not a lot of speeches and promises especially that most distant from the aspirations of the Iraqi people , oppressed speeches.

Second , I advise him that scorn on peaceful protests, which proved specialists legality but scorn on corruption and the corrupt and reluctant to get the needed reforms.

Third: The Iraqi parliament has given you a date no later than next Thursday and did not limit ourselves to questioning in the parliament , but to get to publicly to withdraw confidence.

Fourth , we look forward during the official news channel news that you get a sermon shortly after you announce though the first stage was disappointed oppressed people and prepare , so if there is no next Thursday shops will not stand in the hands and we are shifting from commodity to commodity gouge.

Article Ends

Update: Needed Laws

Once again the speaker of the house puts pressure on parliament to resolve their differences and settle the Amnesty and Judicial Reform laws. Again we here Amnesty is needed. Do you all now understand how important this law is for national reconciliation and then national reconciliation for the RV?

Why these two laws? These two laws are the basis for any hopes of a national reconciliation. I believe both laws will go together or very close proximity.
Article Begins


3/28/2016 0:00
BAGHDAD - Muhannad Abdul Wahab
discussed Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , with the head and members of the Legal Committee of legal amnesty of the Federal Court, stressing the need to determine the timeframe for the resolution of important laws as part of there form project.

According to a statement of the Office of the Chairman of the Media House of Representatives received the "morning", the Jubouri was held, on Sunday, meeting with the President and members of the legal Committee of parliament in the parliament building and took place during the meeting discussed a number of important laws, notably the law, amnesty and the Federal Court. "

The head of the legislature need to determine the timeframe for the resolution of important laws as part of the project reforms that parliament is seeking to achieve in the current phase, stressing the importance of reaching positive results and overcome all obstacles to expedite the completion of the two laws.

Drew Jubouri, according to the statement, the relevant committees to intensify their meetings in order to find convincing and acceptable formula of all the parties that have the notes on some of the points of contention.

He urged the House Speaker to complete legislation relating to judicial reform and resolving the issue of the completion of the Federal Court legislation and draft general amnesty law, calling to make every effort to complete its study of the exceptions contained in the draft law, including the respect of those who stripped them of confessions under duress and under torture and trials based on confessions without evidence dolly, addressing judicial mistakes and abuse for those who suffered in justice and oppression and injustice through the texts included in the law.

It concluded the legal committee later examined the general amnesty law to set up a commission for judicial review to adapt the proceedings in accordance with law to address these judicial errors and the reasons for re - investigation and trial through the courts of appeal, also it decided to authorize the chairman of the board of Deputies of understanding with the judiciary to develop appropriate mechanisms and harmonized with the provisions of the law to the effect that all of the extracted confession under duress or moved upon a complaint based on the confidential informant or the recognition of a person or another suspect him reinvestigate or trial or both. On the sidelines of the meeting, said a member of the Legal Committee of Alia Nassif: The general atmosphere in the country is moving toward reforms and the law of amnesty a most important reforms that can advance the political process as well as the international community to pledge assistance to Iraq 's reforms.

Nassif confirmed, in an interview for the "morning" , said about 53 law whatever awaits vote on them , and most importantly, amnesty and the Federal Court, pointing to the presence of the President of the House of Representatives to the legal Committee to finalize the law and place it on a list of laws that will vote them in addition to tours of the other and listening to members of the Kurdistan Alliance as blocking the law of the Federal Court of in order to bring the views and to find solutions.

She member of the legal Committee that it was agreed within the legal Committee on the general amnesty law on Article contentious and paragraphs relating to terrorism and the mechanism of re - trial investigation, indicating that almost all the political blocs agreed to the law , except for the alliance of Iraqi forces. Nassif and showed that it was agreed between the Chairman of the House of Representatives and the President of the Federal Court Medhat al - Mahmoud on some judicial procedures to complete the general amnesty law, pointing out that there is effort and political will of the clear legal amnesty of the Federal Court to accomplish.

Article Ends

Update: Fighting ISIS

Most importantly please, please, please let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe our prayers are in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing.

Remember too to pray to the princess of peace – Our Blessed Virgin Mary. She has the ear of Christ and she can intercede in heaven and bring us the peace we all desire here on earth. We can not do it alone. I believe that if we all make this our daily prayer you will see change. It is already working even in the short time since I have been publishing this prayer section. It does not matter what religion you believe, if you pray then to your oven beliefs entity it is still the same powers and good for all of mankind. Ultimately it is all the same God anyhow.

“Lord, protect Abadi and all who stand with him in righteousness, the Iraq and coalition soldiers who are fighting the good fight against terrorism, that they would be shielded from the enemy and would be victorious against them in the battle for Mosul! We ask that the victory comes swiftly and healing of the Iraqi peoples and all whom have been effected by these evil doers can begin!

We pray for the process of the currency reform, the full implementation of the Iraqi economy to full international status and the bringing of prosperity and wealth to its people“ Amen!

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat


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