Mnt Goat Friday Post - “Monday is Almost Here!”

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Mnt Goat Friday Post - “Monday is Almost Here!”

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 08, 2016 10:25 am


Hello Everyone,
Lots of news this week. I have tried to bring it to you as it was delivered to the news channels.

Last weekend I checked in with my CBI contact in Iraq and I brought you good news from these folks too. So we all have the basic plan and outline of what is about to happen next week. We all should know the pieces to this recent puzzle we are trying to see. There is not much we can do now but pray, pray and pray some more this plan all comes together very soon and on time.

NO Hype, NO Rumors, just the FACTS.
Today’s News

Today is Friday April 8th 2016. YES- and still no RV. Sorry for all you “Charlies” out there !

Funny how may of these so called intel “gurus” are still saying there was a reinstatement of the IQD in Iraq and we are now waiting for the RV. Really?

As I said before the CBI will guide us along the way to any significant value change in the currency and when it does happen you WILL know about it and it will NOT be secret. So this alone tells you something about all this phony, baloney information about some RV already occurring…lol…lol.

I can tell you now without a single thread of doubt in my voice that there has NOT been a reinstatement or a revaluation occurred as of yet. The lower denominations still sit at the state banks and in the USA embassy awaiting instructions but have not yet been launched.

We still also wait for news of the CBI and its new technocratic leadership. I feel this may come at or around the same time as the cabinet reshuffle of Abadi next week.

I am optimistic that Iraq is still moving in the direction of their target of mid March to mid April for a window of opportunity to begin the deletion of the zeros project once again. We know the RV would soon follow afterwards. I am hearing nothing but good news from Iraq.

Update: 45 Day Deadline for Technocratic Gov’t

So Maliki and his goons are at it again! They are trying once more to delay the reforms of Abadi. We are hearing reasons such as the unconstitutionality to discharge ministers, the need to the replace the prime minister etc, etc.

The replacement idea of the PM is in part more politically motivated than sensible. It is to do with the ideals of the Abadi reforms on corruption that go against the Coalition of State Law and Dowa party ideals on how to run the country (corruption and more corruption). Remember Abadi took away Maliki’s immunity when he discharged him from his VP position. Abadi is slowly eliminating any Maliki influenced corrupt politicians and his recent cabinet reshuffle is the final sweep thru in this cleanup. This is the real reason for the reshuffle just in case you haven’t fully caught on to what is truly going on. It is the elimination of the Iranian influence in the GOI. Abadi can not come right out and say it since it may cause too much of a stir. So this is the method he chose. You mean to tell me Abadi and Sadr did not plan out together this entire process? Really?

Maliki also knows the trial for his many files of corruption can not far away. He knows judicial reforms can not be held off forever. Either this guy is crazy or just mentally deranged. Months ago he had an opportunity to leave Iraq and did not take advantage of it. Now he is not allowed to leave the green zone along with many of his goons and it is secured off with USA troops.

I have to tell you now all this foolishness is just that. Yet another round of desperation by Maliki to stall and delay change in Iraq and the building of a great nation. Why can’t this man face the inevitable?

He knows what is coming next. Once this new “technocratic” govt is seated they are going to go after these criminals. Don’t believe me? This is not my opinion as Sadr has come out and said it himself. This too is the list of the religious cleric’s demands.

So Maliki will NOT prevail to stop the Abadi reforms or have a no confidence vote on Abadi and this is why:

⦁    A recent ruling by the supreme court of Iraq Article 78 of the Constitution grants the right to dismiss Abadi minister with the consent of the House of Representatives.

⦁    Religious leaders support and demand the reforms

⦁    Parliament has already come out and told us they WILL ratify the new ministers by the10th

⦁    USA and UN support for the reforms

⦁    These reforms are mandated by the UN as Abadi has been told to eliminate the Iranian influence in his government

So I am not going to dwell on this foolishness anymore. I will not bring you any more of the recent articles on this topic. It is much too time consuming to spend any more of my precious thoughts on this subject matter. It is all moving so quickly now as April 10th is soon approaching and this will all be settled. We can already see the movement and direction we need. So hang in there and just ignore all the dust blown up by Maliki and his hot air as it will all soon be settled down again.

We also want to note that Abadi promised that he would publish/single out all parliament members who did not vote or voted against the reforms after the session on Monday. So let the protestors then vent their anger at these representatives.

Article Begins


A political source – Macgork put three conditions for the political blocs in Iraq to pass ministerial cabinet. Detection and a source close to the side of the discussions under way to form a government of technocrats for the presence of US pressure to pass the ministerial cabin provided by Abadi of the parliament.

The source confirmed that the representative of the US president special envoy to Iraq Bert Macgork three conditions put in front of the political blocs to pass ministerial cabin was the first of retaining Abadi, head of the government and the second is the US withdrawal of support from fighter Daash in the case was dismissed Abadi. The final condition represents not exceeded Abadi political technocrats whose candidacy political blocs, which means that the Americans have put two conditions for the benefit of Abadi hurt in the last requirement in the interest of the political blocs.

Article Ends

This next article is interesting. On one hand Kurdistan told Abadi a month ago they wanted to keep their 20% of the seats in his cabinet, yet they never delivered a proper list of candidates to him. So now once again we see the Kurds putting a monkey wrench in the process. Late as usual and always disruptive and their timing is always off. The Kurds tend to want to be part of the problem rather than the solution in many of their decisions. to simple “stay out of the process”.

I quote from the article below - ." Noting that "the competent parliamentary committees, which sent the names of the candidates by the presidency of the parliament, also did not agree on any of those nominations."

Can you see how difficult Abadi’s job is and how difficult it is to work in Iraq to get anything done? I feel for the guy,,,, I really do.

Article Begins


Scales News
04/06/2016 14:10 (Baghdad time)

High-level Kurdish delegation is visiting the beginning of next week, to discuss the cabinet reshuffle.

The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance Tariq friend, L / balance News /, "The Kurdish blocs in the House of Representatives, declared the vote on the new cabinet of the cabins." Noting that "the competent parliamentary committees, which sent the names of the candidates by the presidency of the parliament, also did not agree on any of those nominations."

He said a friend, that "the Kurdish groups want to nominate figures from before to fill ministerial portfolios," pointing out that "the candidates of the Kurds who Rahmn by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, they do not represent the political opinion of the Kurdistan region."

He pointed to the MP for the coalition, that "the leadership of the Kurdish parties will send the beginning of next week, high-level delegation for talks with the government on the cabinet reshuffle."

Article Ends

Update: Fighting Corruption

I have talked to you about this “Unified National Card” many times already. Do you remember? Almost 9 Months ago now Iraq introduced these cards to us and they told us the importance of getting these cards out to every Iraq citizen and why this was so important.

These cards are to be used as an identity card for Iraqi citizens. I will also be used as an ATM card for the transfer of oil royalties to the citizens. These cards must be linked to a banking account and the holder must first establish an account and then relay the account number to the interior ministry committee running the project. Also the new member must come to the office and establish identity by proof of birth and finger printing.

So in the future, when they stop someone in the streets for a suspect incident, if they are not a legitimate citizen and can not produce their National ID card, they will be detained until they can figure out who they are. This is being done now mostly due to the necessity to sort out any Iranian militia or outsiders interfering in Iraq.

So what do they accomplish with these new cards (to replace the existing Qi cards):
⦁    provides for a national ID that is very hard, if not impossible, to forge
⦁    force the use of savings in the banks (increases liquidity in the banks)
⦁    makes Iraq a safer country (ID the good guys from the bad guys)
⦁    provides a more secure means to pay benefits to the citizen (cards are state of the art w/ more security features)
⦁    avoids carrying around rolls of cash (less likely to get robbed)

So months ago we heard all the details and the rollout plan in the news. Now we are seeing it first hand again from the interior ministry who is in charge of this effort. This effort is a slow rollout. Now we they are telling us about the rollout to eastern Baghdad’s Sadr City.

Could this be why they are waiting so long for the HCL payments?

When will this project complete?

We where told it would be completed last summer but due to ISIS it has been stalled in the regions held by ISIS and DAASH. I suspect they plan to conclude these cards very soon. We wait for them to tell us.

Article Begins


Search and Interior Minister Mohammad Al Ghabban, with the Supreme Committee for the draft national card, ready for the opening of Aloutnbh card circle east of the capital Baghdad.

According to a ministry statement, received / balances News / copy of it, "Ghabban hold weekly meeting with the Supreme Committee for the draft national card in order to stand on the latest developments for this project in the presence of the concerned authorities and chock him, where participants discussed the preparations for the opening of the card department in eastern Baghdad's Sadr City , which will be in five phases starting from the tenth day of this April. "

He stressed Ghaban "the need to pay greater attention to the opening of the national card circle in Sadr City to the fact that this city is home to a large base of citizens," noting that "this circuit will offer service to a wide cross-section of people there, in addition to the rest of the card departments in various provinces of the country."

He pointed out that, "the opening of the meeting also discussed the conditions of Kut circle process, and human resources for the project in the province of Diyala, as well as the rehabilitation of conditions of Kadhimiya circle, and temporary and permanent site for the conditions Mansour circle."

"We also discussed meeting the distribution of a special file on the card mechanism includes a simplified explanation on civil figure and the method of access to the website of the card, and will be in the form of a question and answer for everything that goes on in the minds of citizens for the national card and procedures of the project, which will facilitate the registration process and other things related to the project. The meeting discussed other issues related to the training and qualification of their own national card buildings. "
The Interior Ministry announced last Monday, the opening of a unified national card project, in the city of Kut province

Article Ends

Update: Fighting ISIS

The news about fighting ISIS and DAASH is nothing but good news. The fighting will continue as most of it comes down to house to house fighting. Once they take a stronghold the soldiers must then come in to the town/village and clear ISIS house by house. It is long and it is dangerous work. They do not know what to expect around each corner they turn.

We know the ISIS in the region of Mosul has been cutoff of all oil that was paying for re-supply. They are cut off of any electricity, water, food, cell phone, internet and more ammo.

As we have seen the USA envoy to Iraq, Macgork, put three conditions for the political blocs in Iraq to pass ministerial cabinet. Now we also see John Kerry, secretary of the state also in Iraq putting yet more pressure on this situation and negotiating with Erbil to get their candidate into the process if they do not like Abadi’s choices. They do not have much time.

So what does this all mean and why do I bring it all to you today?
All these visits by USA representatives and putting extreme USA pressure to pass the ministerial cabin provided by Abadi of the parliament. Remember we also have the cleric Sadr still demanding this cabinet be voted and seated by Monday 4/10

Abadi is trying to detour any blame by basically CYA on this entire process. He is telling parliament it is now in their hands since he has done his job. A month ago we have seen many articles from Abadi requesting the list of candidates for his cabinet to articles about the parties finally responding just this week only to object to any cabinet changes at all and still not buying into the process.

We have seen all the corrupt officials too instigate a possible coup in an attempt to get rid of Abadi hoping his reforms would go away along with him. Also those parties or political groups that chose not to cooperate Abadi promises will be make public for the demonstrators to deal with. Do you know what CYA means?

So we can do nothing more now than to wait and pray that this all turns out for the best. The best first for the Iraqi people and then for us as investors.
Article Begins


By LOLITA C. BALDOR - Associated Press - Wednesday, April 6, 2016

WASHINGTON (AP) - A senior U.S. military officer says the Pentagon will consider opening more small outposts that would provide artillery support and other aid to Iraqi forces as they prepare to retake the northern city of Mosul.

Rear. Adm. Andrew Lewis tells reporters Wednesday there may be situations where the U.S. would either open a base or reopen one that was used in the earlier Iraq war. He says the base would be behind the front lines, and would be used the way U.S. Marines are operating out of what is known as Fire Base Bell.

Article Ends

Most importantly please, please, please let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe our prayers are in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing.

Remember too to pray to the princess of peace – Our Blessed Virgin Mary. She has the ear of Christ and she can intercede in heaven and bring us the peace we all desire here on earth. We can not do it alone. I believe that if we all make this our daily prayer you will see change. It is already working even in the short time since I have been publishing this prayer section. It does not matter what religion you believe, if you pray then to your oven beliefs entity it is still the same powers and good for all of mankind. Ultimately it is all the same God anyhow.

“Lord, protect Abadi and all who stand with him in righteousness, the Iraq and coalition soldiers who are fighting the good fight against terrorism, that they would be shielded from the enemy and would be victorious against them in the battle for Mosul! We ask that the victory comes swiftly and healing of the Iraqi peoples and all whom have been effected by these evil doers can begin!

We pray for the speedy process of all reforms against gov’t lead corruption and that all those responsible in the past are brought to justice.

We pray for currency reform, the full implementation of the Iraqi economy to full international status and the bringing of prosperity and wealth to its people“ Amen!

Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat


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