What I see is happening today

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What I see is happening today

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 19, 2016 6:07 am

It looks like the president of Iraq sent of an plan for holding a meeting for today, but the protestors rejected that plan and it looks like it went back and forth tell there was some kind of an agreement.

So hofefully today there will be a HoR but Jabouri will not be leading it.

So in doing my do dilligence of reading from all kinds of areas, if there were 170 members that were protesting and 26 of them left on Sunday and then today another 6 of them left today, there would on be 138 members that are protesting the Iraqi Government.

We have articles backing what I am saying.

Lets see what happens at todays meeting, and see if it takes place first!

I believe it may take a couple of weeks to settle this mess down first, like I have stated in the last 2 postings I have made. Also Mnt Goat is in the same feeling as I am.

About the meeting with the IMF and the World Bank, to me it sould like they put things on hold tell they get this mess resolved first, I have posted a couple of papers about this.

It also looks like there will be another meeting with the finiance ministers of the G-7, that will be held the last week of May.

the US is going to review all of the transcripts that Iraq had a meeting with and go over them and we will have to wait and see what transpire from there.

Some of you that I have talk too on the phone I had mentioned that on the HoR web site that they had posted meeting of the HoR till the end of the month, and I have also posted in our room, well the site had cleared all of the HoR meetings from their web site. So that is telling me there are no meeting of the HoR and everthing has changed.

They removed all of the dates they have planned for the HoR meeting to pass any bills at the moment.

Lets be patient and see what comes out of today, if they hold the meeting or not.

The Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, has been watching this very carefully and so has everyone else.



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