Frank26 and KTFA Members: "5 Videos" 5-20-16

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Frank26 and KTFA Members: "5 Videos" 5-20-16

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Nadito: WOW... WOW.. Frank Thank you so much for the videos (see videos below) You are a very smart man with your videos. May I take a stab to summarize the videos :

Video 1 : the graves of our veterans who have sacrificed their lives in different wars and Hawaii has a nice way in displaying the history of our veterans which also points us to Memorial Day weekend.

Video 2 : How Frank's father survived the Korean war no one knew. He served in air force for 22 years. He served in Korean and Vietnam wars. Iraq is doing so many things behind the curtain and we will never know all details because they are not explaining things to us but doing their reforms and one of them is monetary reform.

Video 3 : When you put Monday and Wednesday CC together plus the articles posted by WS. Iraq has done amazing things with the push from IMF.

They have entered Article 8 on April 28th. IMF didn't do any big announcement giving money to Greece but so many articles coming out of Iraq as this baby that they have incubated for the last 10 years is about to make its debut to the world.

Iraq has gotten the certification to enter Article 8 and telling the whole world they are ready to do business with their banks and the banks in the world.

Nadita: Video 4 : Fireworks in the next 48 hours to a week, we will see the shadow which Delta says " blink blank blink" and we are on top with some cherries... is that 3 cherries to win the jackpot in slot machine..???

Video 5 : Frank loves banana and the cost of banana is $75 - $1.25... anyone has a dollar or quarter???


Robdel: Video #5 I think since bananas cost 1.00 each, he asked for either a quarter or a dollar. If he can buy one for a quarter that means its value is 4 times greater. .25 = 1.00 so the IQD may shoot out of the gate much higher than we ever thought?

Frank also said in video 3 that we were much 'Higher' Keep em coming Frank. Thanks you


Frank26: Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5


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