KTFA Members Early Sunday AM: "From the CBI"

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KTFA Members Early Sunday AM: "From the CBI"

Post  Admin on Sun May 22, 2016 9:24 am


Purifiers:   There is no date of when this publication was put out... from the CBI...
It "is" however, the most RECENT...

If this has already been presented... please forgive...

Last sentence in this long PDF "IS" interesting...

ALSO... the fact that this PDF can be copied from Arabic, then could be translated... was "different"...


Date: Sun, 22 May 2016 00:28:22 GMT

Last-Modified: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 06:06:10 GMT


Mr. Ali Mohsen Keywords ( Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq )

Reconsider the structure and presentation of the state budget in the macroeconomic framework.

[url=http://www.cbi.iq/documents/Governor of the Bank article.pdf]http://www.cbi.iq/documents/Governor%20of%20the%20Bank%20article.pdf[/url]


The lack of transparency in the presentation of the budget does not help, but more devoted to the negatives and the growing

Risks to the economic and financial situation of Iraq, the time has come in the light of the challenges

Financial faced by the country of the comprehensive review and evaluation hard real reform process

The key to that is the main state budget
What we presented proposals to improve the presentation of the budget are possible within the available

Currently in order to bridge the large gap between the current structure of the budget and what is needed

And product to view, either the necessary future steps in the framework of addressing the deficiencies

In the preparation, structure and presentation of the general budget, they need to work on the completion of the steps

The following:

1 .alasiraa the completion of the reform project and display the budget tab, initiated by the Secretariat

General of the Council of Ministers two years ago and reached the advanced stages of the adoption of the budget

Programs instead of the traditional budget items.

2 .tgier methodology and style of preparation of the general budget, which is currently based on the collection of such estimates

Estimates from the bottom up in the pyramid of government and her Cabinet, and the shift towards building

Estimates from the top (the Economic Committee in the Council of Ministers and the Council of Ministers

And in coordination with the Finance Committee and the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives) and ceilings

Estimates on the level of sectors and ministries and departments based on the government's plan

The targets that seek to achieve them according to priorities.

3 .aadh restructuring of the ministries of planning and finance and private circles concerned with the economy

Overall, revenue, national accounts, the general budget, and improve their performance,
And linking their work and outputs regulations and related data, which is found
Originally, such as:

- System of National Accounts.
- Government financial data system.
- The balance of payments system.
- Documents and publications issued by the International Monetary Fund

4 .asiraa the Ministry of Finance in the completion of the proposed central bank of a new system

To manage cash budget, by the introduction of a key account for the balance in the bank
Central Account SingleTreasury, can the Ministry of Finance through

Cash management efficiently and provide them with the flexibility needed to respond to the requirements of


5 .dharorh benefit the Ministry of Finance of the studies and research in the financial arena
And the general budget and has made over the past years, experts and specialists
In addition to academics and research institutions and international organizations, and those hiring

Studies to serve the development of the required operations administration and fiscal policy
And the general budget in the macroeconomic framework.

We call on the Ministry of Finance and the task of a sincere invitation to take what we have said and we asked, take the position Interest and grandfather in coordination with the authorities concerned for the welfare and the interest of our dear and generous people.

Mounainman:  AWESOME Purifier.....I have Never Seen this.....However it is Quite In depth on IRAQ'S MR......Thank You for Digging this Up......

If I were to "BITE IT" it would Break My Teeth,like A GOLD NUGGET......

Blessings to You Sir.......Mountainman   (Cool=New Beginnings......for.....I See Nuggets......GOLD NUGGETS......INDEED.....


ReddStarr: Purifiers...very good find....just when I thought we were going to have a quiet night....first off...if it has today's date...it's been updated....from before....obviously....but we know the IMF had asked Iraq to work on the budget as part of the SBA....cutting the deficit...reducing arrears...stabilizing debt...etc, etc...so the title says it all...."reconsider the structure and presentation of the state budget in the macroeconomic framework".....

I believe Allak has made the CBI adjustments....and is asking/showing Zebari....that it is ready...."we call on the Ministry of Finance and the task of a sincere invitation to take what we have said and we asked, take the position Interest and grandfather in"....

To me this is saying what has been asked...is done...your taking the "new adjustments"....and "grandfather" them in...whoa....IMO...very BIG...

very good find...lets see how this plays out...take it to prayer....salute....


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