Frank26 and KTFA Members Friday Afternoon 5-27-16

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Frank26 and KTFA Members Friday Afternoon 5-27-16

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Michael:  Frank,... waiting for the puzzle to be piece at a time.  Seems we are in the speed round!

Frank26:  No. Not until they open the info doors on Mosul.......... To the World.
Until then ........... The RV is only in a fast walk.  Your CC NOTES.  KTFA Frank

Meathead:  You've said something like... Dr. S wanted 3 days because he wanted something to happen in Iraq first and then will announce it to the world (as in legally he must) 3 days later. Here's my question... Will you know when it happens inside Iraq first? And will you share that with the KTFA family? Thank you.

Frank26:  Maybe ........... DELTA ................ Either way ............. Oh %$#@! ....... NO !!!  

lol  Remember what was suggested in Dec 2015............... 1 to 1 then a float on the World Markets.

KTFA   Frank

Aggiedad77:  G-7 stands with Iraq to the tune of $3.6 billion.....good news.....and it is meant to "compliment" what the IMF/WB are doing....just as our CC's have related would happen.....

They are realizing.....what we've known for a long stop a threat you need to hit it in the heart......evil has a way of lurking in the the weeds and undergrowth.....ready and poised to strike when your guard is down and you are not expecting anything......

Now these leaders are ALL finally locking arms we hope in an effort to root out the true source of the WORLD threat from terrorism.....that which has been allowed to get a deep seated hold in both Iraq and Syria.....too little too late.....I pray not....may their efforts help Iraq rise as a great nation in our international world.  Aloha Randy

Walkingstick:  Seven: We support the sovereignty of Iraq and we are working to provide $ 3.6 billion to help it expanded {}

27.05.2016 14:33 •

{International: Euphrates News} assured the leaders of the seven major states their commitment to support Iraq's unity, sovereignty, noting that "their countries will be mobilized to provide more than $ 3.6 billion in the framework of bilateral aid."

He said the Group of Seven leaders, today in a joint statement after the summit ,which was held for two days in Japan, "We are committed to continuing our support for the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq and the Iraqi people, as well as the support of the Iraqi government 's efforts to accelerate political reforms, economic, and promote national reconciliation . " .

State leaders praised the "efforts of the Iraqi forces in their fight against Daash", calling on the international community to support the Iraqi government to achieve stability in the areas that have been liberated from the Daash.

They confirmed according to the statement commitment to accelerate providing support for Iraqi efforts in the face of financial challenge, and promote its economy through reforms, in coordination with the international Monetary Fund and other international financial institutions.

the statement "in this context, the Group of seven nations will be mobilized to provide more than $ 3.6 billion in the framework of bilateral assistance, and other forms of financial support to complement the support from international financial institutions . " it is
noteworthy that one of the main themes in the Group of seven summit is the danger of extremism and terrorist attacks around the world, especially in the soft public places, as leaders called for collective efforts and coordinated to combat this menace {future} to threaten global security.

They renewed their emphasis on that "it is necessary for the international community to make further collective efforts, urgent and coordinated fight against this global security threat, and we applaud the efforts of combating terrorism intense that have already been made ​​globally and regionally at the bilateral level and at thelocal level."

He said the leaders of nations in their statement, "We continue to work together to prevent the flow of foreign fighters , terrorists, and materials related to terrorism and equipment , "renewed their commitment to" combat the financing of terrorism. "Ended h

Mountainman:  With The ARMS EMBARGO Lifted from VIETNAM and {ALL} The COOPERATION and COORDINATING of The GLOBAL CONVERGENCE of DEVALUATIONS.....This Meeting Is TIMELY and STRATEGIC in Nature.......For their is an ALLIANCE here that IMO,Indicates A [COLLECTIVE] Agreement to Have Each Others Backs and (V I E T N A M 'S).....

Thus the REASON "O" is In this Picture at this POINT in TIME......When He Leaves Office the Framework will (LOOK) as though He was The Reason for(WHAT) will Be Our FUTURE GLOBAL GROWTH and the USA'S Most "PROSPEROUS AGE" Yet......
NOTICE the URGENCY for GROWTH and {ALL} New Rules in this NEW REALITY are the REASON for the STRATEGIC (Transition)

that Is CASCADING In Front Of Our EYES......Well this isn't going ANYWHERE Until the DEVALUATIONS and NEW VALUES Transpire.....So This Very GOOD and NEEDED at A TIME these GLOBAL STEPS of PROGRESS to the NEW REALITY are Needed.....
The NEW TAXES for the So Called "CLIMATE CHANGE/GLOBAL WARMING".....are Not Happening w/Out The Said "NEW REALITY" Change.....How About Some TPP.....Here (IT} Comes...... IMO

Blessings,Mountainman   (Cool=New Beginnings........for The G-7 ALLIANCE.....

Samson: G7 Summit: Leaders vow to bolster economic growth, maritime security

MAY 27, 2016

The G7 leaders have committed to enhancing cooperation to achieve sustainable growth in the global economy and to ensure maritime security, including in the South China Sea (known as the East Sea in Vietnam).
The G7 Summit took place in Ise-Shima, Japan, on May 26 – 27, with the participation of the leaders of the G7 countries: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, and the US.
In the final statement released on May 27, the G7 leaders voiced their concern about the risks to the world economy and commit to seeking strong and sustainable growth.
They say in their Declaration that: “Global growth remains moderate and below potential, while risks of weak growth persist,” and so, “Global growth is our urgent priority.”

They underscored the importance of all countries refraining from competitive devaluation, and reiterated that excess volatility and disorderly movements in exchange rates can have adverse implications for economic and financial stability.
The leaders reiterated their commitment to peaceful dispute settlement, and to respecting freedom of navigation and overflight.
They also reaffirmed the importance of states’ making and clarifying their claims based on international law, refraining from unilateral actions which could increase tensions and not using force or coercion in trying to drive their claims.

During the summit, the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, the US, and the European Union pledge to take a leadership role in putting into effect the Paris Agreement on Climate Change as soon as possible. They support the enhanced efforts on energy efficiency and use of renewable energy, and will work to ensure stable oil prices in global markets.
At the talks, participants said they were concerned about China’s building of artificial islands and militarisation in the South China Sea.

They also discussed the construction of quality infrastructure to fuel sustainable growth in Asia and other emerging markets.


ReddStarr: Boy oh boy.....don't look now....but the making it's name the Iraq banking more messing around...the time has come...why now? you gotta ask?....... and on a side note...could we be seeing the stop to the currency auctions.....seems like that to me....IMO....of course....

The Central Bank stopped 300 companies transforms financial and banking deals!

Detecting a news article published on Friday, announced the arrival of the Commission of a competent US combat financial intelligence department staff to Baghdad and set up at the US Embassy for the purpose of expansion for the purpose of coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq.

The writer said he "was deprived of 300 company financial and banking transfer deal, where they are provided with the central bank's weekly information on Iraqi companies and the banks that the suspicions of money smuggling, fraud, money laundering,"

Pointing out that "the bank literally implement the recommendations of this committee, which provide him with weekly information on Iraqi companies and the banks that the suspicions of money smuggling, fraud or money laundering."

The central bank is committed to "fully committed" the instructions of the US Committee, according to the article, which he said "was amended and revised instructions that allow the entry auction currency writer."

The article says the owner of a meeting held by the governor of the Iraqi Central Bank on the Keywords last Wednesday, to employers Iraqi banking and financial institutions informed them that the policy of the central bank is past and that the central bank would accept to keep the Ten banks operate only in the Iraqi financial market, also threatened the adoption of "degrees of classification "by the central bank.

According to the author of the article, the Keywords that "wants to protect the country and its assets and announce the time of separation cuddle and Aldla banks", he also knows for sure disaster that might get, "warning of the possibility of the US Committee in the US embassy Posting the names of a number of companies are freezing or off for work with them for the purpose of investigation, or issue a command to stop these companies once and for all the work and to bring to justice to all, not just fined by the Central Bank of Iraq.

And warns the writer of the article from the collapse of the credit situation in Iraq in the event of the Commission in the embassy informed the US Central Bank of Iraq for "five or six Iraqi banks names", where it is freezing its work and forwarded to the judiciary and the courts, to be the central bank obliged to act in accordance with the Commission's recommendations.
And can the Americans, according to the author of the article, Shell any bank financial ability of feeding it with the correspondent bank outside Iraq, pointing out that the application of the central bank to these instructions mean that Iraqis depositors' money at risk, and that thousands of employees will be in the dismissed government and are added to the unemployed Army for work in Iraq, in addition to the offending effects of such decision

Aggiedad77:  Big news.....BIG NEWS.....indeed.....who's your DADDY......yeppers....we came to town and we took control.....Allak....oh yes want control to protect your assets.....I mean our assets....of course.....from your Embassy.....I'm sure we can make that happen.....oh you've already got everything set in may we help you further.....

Just get out of our way.....go sit in that chair and watch.....we know who's been naughty and nice.....and your Judicial brothers are being informed as well and soon they will be knocking on doors.....those who were's been nice knowing you.......

As for the auctions......well you know what must happen......all that extra baggage in your government.....dead weights......well the army has places for them.....and if they work hard they will get paid too......oh snap....was I dreaming again......opinions....opinions....well you know.  Aloha   Randy


Mountainman:  [SIDEBAR] Please......With {ALL} these GLOBAL Essential Pieces that Had to be MOVED/POSITIONED and [Implemented] In A TIMED/SYNCHRONIZED Manner......How MANY Think that IRAQ would have Been ALLOWED and COMMANDED to Move "BEFORE"the GLOBAL FIELD was {POSITIONED/READY}= Fri May 25, 2018.....??? .....IMO

Blessings,Mountainman   (Cool=New Beginnings......for.....SYNCHRONIZED TIMING.......


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