Mountainman and KTFA Members Early Sunday Morning 6-12-16

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Mountainman and KTFA Members Early Sunday Morning 6-12-16

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??? Do You think IRAQ Bought these FIGHTER JETS at 1166...(see article below) Samson's Article Clearly States that 4 Have Arrived and 32 MORE will Be Coming....and that is Just from the U S A, NOT Including the Other ONES from (R U S S I A) that Will Provide What IRAQ Needs for Air Space and Ground Protection/Oversight of their Country.....

And HOW are They Paying for these w/{ALL} Other DEBT Obligations=CONTRACTS w/Other Countries on INFRASTRUCTURE Materials,Equipment etc.....

These F 16's are Noted at Approximately $165 MILLION DOLLARS EACH.........Choke,Choke.....Sorry About that......I Just Swallowed My Tongue......LOL

The HISTORY of this CONTRACT goes back Several YEARS......However, NOW they Give Some CLOSURE Details.................

Mountainman: Yes I Could go On and On.....WHAT {ALL} this Implies is that This Month Into Early JULY will have A NEW REALITY VALUE......

Do You Suppose those LATE NIGHT LONG Hammered Out Meetings W/Jack Lew,The IMF,WB, and ALL the Rest of the CAST and CHARACTERS in this GLOBAL SAGA called "THE GREAT GLOBAL AWAKENING" had Something to Do w/the Above stated said LOAN.....??? ......

Hmmm Do You Think These other GLOBAL Countries are going to Just Sit Back and WATCH their MONEY/Products be Misused and Abused w/Out A NEW VALUE.....???......@#! No.......

So {ALL} other Signals APPEAR as to Show that IRAQ is Moving FORWARD to A VALUE Already in their Possession and is EXPECTED to PAY for these BEAUTIES w/A NEW RATE......

The "SIGNS of the SANDS of TIME" are RUNNING OUT......The IMF said the FIRST Half of this YEAR......So WHY even give them ANYTHING Else, UNLESS the IRAQI Government is going to, or "HAS ALREADY" fulfilled What is REQUIRED for the REST of this STORY.....???.....=A {LOAN}......Hmmm......IMO

Blessings,Mountainman (Cool=New Beginnings........for "THE GREAT GLOBAL AWAKENING"........Coming this SUMMER to A Theater Near You........

Samson: Next month as the date for the arrival of new aircraft and a meal of the F16

11/06/2016 18:53 pm (Baghdad time) : BAGHDAD - balances News
The chairman of the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament of quitting Saturday, the arrival of a new meal of the F16 aircraft over the next month under the deal signed by Iraq with the United States, noting that Maousel yet Four aircraft and one of them idle.

He's Zamili / balances News /, "The Iraqi government had previously contracted with the United States to buy 36 aircraft f16 Iraq and arrived in Iraq so far, including four aircraft and one of them unemployed."

He added that "Iraq has to pay all the money to the US Department of Defense and only a little thing and will be paid by Iraq from the American loan, which is scheduled to offer to Iraq is left of them," pointing out that "idle plane is supposed to serve, but it is still and it is borne by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense." .

He pointed to the Zamili, said that "a new batch of aircraft will arrive in Iraq early next July."

The Ministry of Defense, earlier, for the imminent arrival of fighter jets from Russia to the Air Force and another helicopter of the Army Aviation type, noting that Iraq recognizes the folds of contracted by enough for him to fight to the end of this year and possibly for the year.

F-16s perform the "Delta Burst" over Florida / Air Force photo by Larry E. Reid Jr.

Think of it as a military-industrial complex two-fer — first we invade Iraq, eight years later we’re selling it F-16s. “Iraq has now made its first transfer payment for the purchase of 18 F-16 fighter aircraft,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Tuesday. “These aircraft are going to help provide air sovereignty for Iraq and to protect its territory and deter or counter regional threats.” They represent “the cornerstone of the kind of cooperation that we hope to have in the future to support the secure, peaceful, democratic development of Iraq.”

Iraqi jet jockeys can’t wait. “It was a dream come true to fly in the F-16,” Iraqi air force Brigadier General Ali al-Aaragy said after taking one of the fighters for a test ride at Arizona’s Luke Air Force Base nearly three years ago. The first flock of F-16s is slated to arrive in Iraq in 2014. The U.S. is selling Iraq 18 of the “low end” of the Pentagon’s famed “high-low mix” — F-15s were the more costly “high end.” But these 18 F-16s are no bargain.

The planes are going to cost $3 billion (extra spares and services could drive the total cost to $4.2 billion). That base price, without the options, works out to more than $165 million a plane — more than the current estimated $154 million price tag on the much more modern — so-called fifth generation — F-35. (The Pentagon stopped buying F-16s back in 1995; it paid an average of $17 million per plane).

The good news is the deal will likely keep the Lockheed’s F-16 plant in Fort Worth running perhaps a year longer. The bad news is that only 70% of Iraqis have access to clean water, and only 25% have clean sanitation.


Samson; National: The government is trying to appease Bank and the International Monetary through reforms

6.12.2016 at 10:05 (Baghdad time)


MP for the National Bloc Abdullah al-Jubouri, said on Sunday that the reform in a manner born president of the Council of Ministers of the mess by offering reforms to cancel Ministries to provide a closed envelope.

Jubouri said L / balance News / "The reforms are not to cancel or merge ministries, and this will generate another problem affecting the public money, even if the purpose is to please the World Bank," adding that his handling of the President of the Council of Ministers is incorrect and generated chaos in the State Administration ".

He Jubouri that "blocks, which entered with Abadi in this way is to hold the scene, as well as a lack of credibility in the frankness of the people and clarify things for what they are in order to avoid all those problems which signed the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives."

He said al-Jubouri that "the real problem is the World Bank, who spoke on condition on government downsizing, taxation, and other conditions made things up to this level, and therefore the public does not know how the prime minister handles the saving and other money deficit to continue in the work of the state."

Jubouri and "Iraq has been receiving over the past decade amounts for oil source, and no support at the level of the European Parliament and some countries allied with the United States to occupy Iraq, under the slogan, inter alia, a replay of the reconstruction and support of the affected provinces, but today arrived deficit is not likely to be a loan from international institutions filled. "

He Jubouri that "the World Bank put pressure on Iraq in order to reduce the number of ministries and institutions in the state for control of Iraq's economic situation, and this is born a real crisis, where there are no jobs may extend to five or ten years to come."

Iraq has suffered from difficult conditions Atsadah Ntjah lower oil prices, big mistakes in Turakhad rounds that Iraq has signed with the oil companies. LINK


Walkingstick: Does soon sell Iraq's palaces, "Saddam Hussein" to cover the budget deficit? !!

Iraqi media sources over the weekend reported that, in an effort to cover the government deficit, studying in the corridors of the Iraqi government 's program will be sold according to him government buildings to the private sector. He claimed a government source, who asked not to be named, that thestate owns 600 thousand buildings.

Masood Haider, a member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament, told the "long" The sale can enter into the state treasury about $ 150 billion. However, Haider has warned of the possibility to exploit the parties and personalities of influence this sale to buy real estate properties at bargain prices.

There are in the list of property in the possession of the state, and to be offered for sale, many of theformer Iraqi President Saddam Hussein 's palaces. According to the "long", estimated at 1000, and there are 200 of them in Baghdad. After the fall of Saddam Hussein 's regime in 2003, most of which turned into buildings , parties and government institutions.
It warned Magda Tamimi, another member of the parliamentary finance committee in Iraq, from the sale of the former regime failure. According to her words, they are the property of the people, and must convert these palaces into museums, so that the income yield per day of its visitors.

Don961: Sounds like world economic policies need a makeover ...

QuietStorm: To put it into Baseball turns, That there is a hangin curve waiting to be smacked out of the park! Seems to me that the IMF is serving up a"reason" for a "big event"! IMO Thanks for this Don!

Sunday, June 12, 2016 - 02:00

Financial Policies Threaten Global Economy

World Economy

The global economic crisis has left the economies of developed countries with huge challenges. Most of the governments resorted to set quantitative facilitation programs (assets’ purchase) as an easy measure to pump liquidity in the markets. Also, the sovereign debts increased across countries following both the jump in the revenues of assets and bonds, and the expansion of loans to attract new liquidity.

These developments steered more dangers that threaten the global financial stability, along with regression of growth perspectives in developed and emerged economies, which have led to a liquidity crisis that attacked a number of markets, accompanied with a drop of the asset’s value, the Egyptian economic researcher, Salma Hussein, told Asharq Al-Awsat.

The global economy has reached a stage of deceleration and recession in some countries due to the accumulation of the global financial crisis’ indexes, in addition to new developments such as drop in oil prices and raw materials, which has led to an unwanted decline in deflation rates in some countries like the United States and the eurozone countries.

Moreover, the world witnessed a jump in poverty rate along with these financial consequences, and a shrink in the middle class, while the fortunes of wealthy people have increased with the support of current financial and monetary policy, which urges a reconsideration of financial policy.

Hussein said that the economic theory collapsed facing the crisis that erupted late 2007.

The International Monetary Fund recently stated that it is ready to reconsider its financial approaches. A senior economist at the IMF Maurice Obstfeld said the shock caused by the international crisis led the academic society to implement a wide review of the macroeconomic policy and the impact of their decision on the world countries.

Yet, Hussein said, the acknowledgement of international institutions like IMF about the committed mistakes didn’t lead to alternative policies.

In April, the IMF issued a report on global financial stability, showing that the drop in prices of oil and raw materials led to an increased level of dangers in the emerging economies.

Hussein called for cooperation to put an end to this crisis, saying the solution can be found regionally and not solely, and that the international community was unable to face this crisis in the 21st century.


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