Mountainman From KTFA: "A Global Rush for the Banks" 6-28-16

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Mountainman From KTFA: "A Global Rush for the Banks" 6-28-16

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Mountainman:  "A GLOBAL RUSH for the BANKS"

Now Just READ this Article at it's FACE VALUE.......Look at the Intentions, Objectives, and the Sense of URGENCY of {N O W}= {T I M I N G}.........(see article below)

As The "GLOBAL TRANSITION" to their NEW VALUES and DIGITAL IMPLEMENTATION is Not far Away.....per the DIGITAL PLATFORM scheduled for it's LAUNCH,(Not) LUNCH on September 2,2016......LOL........

There is No More TIME for PLAY, No DELAYS, but [ALL] was Done Along the Way to (PREPARE) the Countries for this NEW GLOBAL REALITY.....and {ALL} the Stupid "TALK" of Today, This Week, Next Week RV, etc.....Was Pure HYPE for Others Objectives.....IMO

As I wrote 10 Days Ago.......The TIMELINE of the BREXIT forward would Set in Motion for A "DOMINO EFFECT"......

The Emerging Countries like INDONESIA,VIETNAM,IRAQ, and Many Others are READY.....The TRADE DEALS were necessary to Create A "FLOW of REVENUE"........


FORGET about the "PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE LADY"=(Flow).......LOL............The DIGITAL RIVERS are At the BANKS and this NEW GLOBAL REALITY is Poised w/ the {RUN OFF} of the HEAT of the FIAT BANKING SYSTEM in GLOBAL MELTDOWN MODE......and THE GLOBAL CASCADE of FALLS are at (Full Speed) Ahead......

Have You ever tried to STOP A Rushing FLOW in the CURRENT/CURRENCY of A RIVER and it's BANKS.....???   Good Luck w/ that.......

So too.....This "TRANSITION" of the  OLD to the NEW is (NOT) going to be taken Seriously, UNTIL it is in Ones FACE like the POST BREXIT REALITY/REACTION......The GLOBAL BANKING SYSTEM is UNDER WATER and the CURRENCY-CURRENT is Sweeping Many DOWNSTREAM w/in these GLOBAL BANKS.........

By JANUARY 2015, was the Timeline given for Banks to become BASEL 3 Compliant...... the IMF began GLOBAL BANKING "STRESS TESTS" to PREPARE and Show Where BANKS were Vulnerable and Needed ATTENTION to Comply w/ the NEW GLOBAL Standards.

This was from the GLOBAL on Down to the LOCAL BANKING Levels......So w/ [WHAT], Not"IF" is Coming to a GLOBAL BANKING THEATER near You.......As DOC so well stated what ALAN GREENSPAN said, "This is the TIP of the ICEBERG".....

Well {ALL} this is HEATING UP for A GLOBAL BANKING REALITY that Already is and has been Hitting the CENTRAL BANKS.....and this {HEAT} will Find it's Way to the LOCAL LEVELS w/ the FORCE of GRAVITY as the Global Meltdown Reaches the BANKS at {ALL} Levels......

Then they will be FORCED to Deal w/ this NEW GLOBAL REALITY in Ways that TIME will Not Give them Any Longer.......

This SUMMER sure is HOT is it NOT......???  The TIME is RIPE and the COUNTRIES are ARISING w/FRUIT to Bite Into......and as  the NEW VALUES begin to FLOW......So too, shall the INVESTORS.....Looking for SAFE HAVENS/SHADE from the HEAT of "GLOBAL UNCERTAINTY".......

In TIME the SPEED of UNCERTAINTY will Subside......but that is  Quite a Ways Off......Naturally The "MELTDOWN" will LEVEL OUT

when the ICE has Melted Totally and Gravity/TIME has Carried it to its NEW LEVEL GROUND.......

The PROBLEM is How Many and How Much is Lost in the RUSH of the "GLOBAL MELTDOWN".......Take the TIME Now as Doc suggested in his Opinion to HELP/ PREPARE......

Many won't LISTEN to the Voice of REASON......but the RUSHING FORCE of the WATERS CURRENT/CURRENCY, will Be HEARD......Come !@#$ or HIGH WATER/S.......Yes, INDEED......{ALL} IMO


(Cool=New Beginnings.......for A "RUSH on the BANKS".......GLOBALLY.....


Samson:  Indonesia : President to launch task forces to expedite economic policies` implementation

Selasa, 28 June 2016 07:09
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo plans to launch four task forces on Tuesday to lead and expedite the implementation of 12 economic policy packages issued by the government so far.

"Tomorrow, these (task forces) will be officially declared. The President has asked for the establishment of the task forces. A press conference will be held to explain these and their assignments," Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution said after a coordination meeting at his office here on Monday.

The four task forces include Task Force I on policies, campaign and dissemination, Task Force II dealing with completing regulations and expediting them, Task Force III will be in charge of evaluation and impact analysis and Task Force IV will deal with case settlement and handling.

Darmin informed that as chief of Task Force I, the trade minister would issue a statement about his task force tomorrow.

Sofyan Wanandi, the chairman of the vice presidents expert team, will be the chief of Task Force IV and will announce the extent to which the economic policy packages have been realized.

"Tomorrow, it will be made known which regulations have been successfully implemented and which ones need to be accelerated. Also, it will be known as to which cases have been settled. We will give out as much information as possible tomorrow," he stated.

Darmin explained that the four task forces have been specially established to coordinate and settle cases found hindering the economy and investment.

"We have received many kinds of complaints. In a lot of cases, the announcement will be made by the President. Small cases are not included here," Sofyan stressed.(*)


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