Frank26 and KTFA Members Early Saturday Morning 7-9-16

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Frank26 and KTFA Members Early Saturday Morning 7-9-16

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Nadita:  Frank

1.  I thought Iraq had a meeting with IMF/WB/UN sometime in May or I am just imagining things.

2.  500 iqd out a week ago and now 250...will we see the rest soon...??

Frank26:  Yes.    Yes.     KTFA       Frank

Nadita: Frank, Is your answer yes to my no. 1 question...?  if so, UN approval will not be a problem.. it's a matter of a nod or a signature to go?

Frank26:  Yes.There in lies ONE of the KEYS of our TEAM STUDY.

On MONDAY CC we will TEACH ...................... UN.

Why?   Tell You Monday.

KTFA  Frank.......... Fascinating the NET is not seeing the 500 and now 250 and for that matter The DONG'S NEW 100 !!! C U and The NET .............. Monday.


ADFSBike:  100 dong    Vietnam central bank to issue commemorative 100-dong bill

Frank26:     Well done ............... Or Dong..........


Nadita:  Frank,   Watching yesterday's video which is full of colors.  I gather Mosul is done because flag is raining from the heaven.  If in fact, article 8 is pulverized by SBA... Iraq is already gotten off the shakles and they are free to push the international button anytime they want. I guess we are just waiting for the final push of the button.. is that so..???

When they come back in session on 11th... Iraq needs to take care of the MCP (multi-currency program)  by stopping the auction and raising their value???

Frank26:   Like the Space Shuttle Launching................. You can not take the count to zero based on one Function.

There are many things that MUST come TOGETHER all at ONCE........... Or the MR will fail !!! We do not SHARE all our STUDIES but suffice it to say ............. Like what we ....... Can see and understand.   KTFA   Frank


Lavendar:  Hi Frank, Do you believe there will be a time limit that we will be able to keep our Dinar after the RV?

Frank26:  That rumor is from "others" based on the many calls i get daily.
IMO ........... No.............. Because more important investors than YOU .............. Would not be pleased.   KTFA.   Frank


Purifiers:  Frankie, by way of what "METHODS" (for example, Television, Leaflets, Banks, word of mouth, big screens, seminars, etc) were the Iraqi citizens introduced to the 500 and the 250 IQD notes... how were citizens notified? AND, are they NOW able to physically have them in their possession?

Frank26:  Mainly TV.They do not have the NEW ones yet ............. Only introduced to the CITIZENS.

They are eliminating their currency's restrictions............ We are impressed.   KTFA  Frank

Purifiers:  Thank you for the reply sir...more... CLARITY NOW!   SO MUCH PROGRESS!!!

Frank26:  Yes ........... But like TWO CITIES ................. Where much happened MONTHS ago ............. The MR will also be told in it's entirety when the TIME is well ............. FRAMED !!!

It is a form of .............. SECURITY.   KTFA   Frank


Meathead:  May I jump on this wagon? If the method is "mainly tv" is it your opinion that all LD's will be released at the same time? And what is the significance of back to back Friday's with the introduction?

Frank26:  IMO ............. 20 and below at once but right now some above 20 ......... Individually.     KTFA   Frank


Steven:  It would seem then that, IMO, if there is a constant pattern of weekly new note releases, we are maybe a few weeks away until the release of the 20 IQD note.

1. The announcement of the release of the new 500 note - July 1, 2016 (thanks Delta)

2. The announcement of the release of the new 250 note - July 8, 2016

3. The hopeful announcement of the release of the new 100 note - July 15, 2016

4. The hopeful announcement of the release of the new 50 note - July 22, 2016

5. The hopeful announcement of the release of the new 20 and lower notes - July 29, 2016

(just in time for the IMF rate changes on July 28 - August 1, 2016.

Thank you Frank and everyone for all you have done, do now and continue to do.

Don961:  Urgent .. Abadi awarded on Sunday a public holiday

Saturday 09-07-2016 | 8:30:04

Twilight News / granting Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Sunday a public holiday across the country.
According to a government statement, he said the orders of al-Abadi, the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers declares that Sunday be within the Eid al-Fitr holiday


Don961:  Kurdistan receives more than 100,000 tourists during the days of Eid

Saturday 09-07-2016 | 8:41:53


Twilight News / announced the Tourism Authority of the Kurdistan Regional Government, for that more than 100,000 tourists meant areas of the province during the days of Eid al - Fitr.

A spokesman for the Authority Nadir Rosti in a press statement seen by Twilight News, said thepast two days of Eid al - Fitr holiday visited 108 000 tourists Kurdistan region in all cities and tourist areas.

He said that the percentage of draws tourists to the region has increased significantly compared to last year, pointing out that tourists movement toward the region are still ongoing escalating pace.

He added that the Commission will disclose full statistics for the number of tourists during thedays of Eid the next few days a detailed form, as he put it


Frank26 Video:

Ransom:  Id love an explanation of the video......for simple folks.... Thanks by the way for the videos I look forward to them every day!

Frank26:   Internationalism.


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