Frank26 and KTFA Members Thursday Morning 8-4-16

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Frank26 and KTFA Members Thursday Morning 8-4-16

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MBA Grad: Hi Frank,

Thank you for the Conference Call that you and Jan did last night. I could see that you were very tired and yet you made the effort to bring us the information that you did. It's very much appreciated and I thank you both for having done that.

I just wanted to reconfirm one thing that you had mentioned on last night's conference call. Earlier in the call, you had mentioned that the citizens and the athletes didn't receive their MasterCard's on August 2nd but, near the end of the call, you had mentioned that the Soccer Team Athletes, who were already out of the country, did receive their MasterCard's. These would be the folks who are already in Rio De Janeiro.

The Iraqi Soccer Team plays a game there on August 4th. This is the preliminary round. The Opening Ceremony for the Olympics is supposed to take place on August 5th.

MBA Grad: If the Iraqi Soccer Team already has these MasterCard's, but the new rate hasn't been assigned to their currency, what exactly is on these cards? US Dollars? or perhaps these cards are unusable altogether which is kind of embarrassing if your national team is playing at a World event representing your nation?

I just wanted to clarify this since you mentioned that the MasterCard's were not distributed earlier on in the conference call.Many Thanks.


Notthe1: MBA .... How long will the soccer team be in Reo? It is possible that while they are away ... value will come to the card. Selah.

MBA Grad: Hi, The Closing Ceremony for the Rio De Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games is scheduled for August 21st.

The Iraqi Soccer team has a game today, August 4th.

I don't understand how they can give MasterCard's to a handful of Athletes, who can't even use them, and not distribute these cards to the citizens like they do with the Qi Cards.
That's embarrassing for a nation to do that to their national team at the Olympics, In my Opinion.

Frank26: As i said ................ " Soccer Team .......... Just stare at them for now ......."

BUT ............... IMO this is BECAUSE IF they raise the value while they are in Rio ................ They are NOW in a position to have their MC's activated WITHOUT having to WAIT until they return home....................

KTFA Frank............ TA DA .










Walkingstick: Launch civilian pensions


Launched a national board of retirement, Thursday, civilian pensions.

According to the Authority in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that he "has direct paying civilian pensions for a meal in August."
He pointed out that " the exchange will be for holders of the Smart Card Key Card] and retirees manual exchange."


Walkingstick: Parliamentary Finance adopts a new law to organize the work of government banks


Parliamentary Finance Committee unveiled on Thursday a new law to regulate the work of government banks, is done within the Commission. As it pointed out that this law will cancel all previous laws on banks.

The committee member said Ahmed Sarhan, L / balance News /, that "there is a special law the government banks, and that this law is under study and discussion in the Finance Committee."

Ahmed said, "This law will cancel all previous laws on banks, and will have a uniform law of this law."

He continued, "The Committee began the first reading of the law until now has not been completed, being composed of 22 illegal substance was writing several observations around."

He pointed to a committee member, that "We asked the managers of banks to provide their comments on the law," noting that "the Commission is working on a new version out by law and legal texts serve the banking of movement for citizens and the government."
Ahmed stressed that "next week, will also be addressed with this law within the Commission, for the purpose of accelerating done," .anthy

Samson: Wed, Aug 3, 2016

Europe’s crisis-hit banks could topple the entire WORLD economy

SOME of Europe's biggest banks are a key risk to the world economy, with Italian firms posing the biggest worry, a top think tank has warned.

Warning over Italian banks are a risk to the global economy

Growth of the global economy been revised down for next year to 3.3 per cent from 3.5 per cent by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR).

The outlook for the eurozone has taken the largest hit, following Britain's vote to leave the European Union (EU), the institute said.

Italy's banking system is particularly weak and is now looking even more fragile, the think tank said.

And the crisis threatens the eurozone's governing of financial firms across the bloc which could end up in an increasingly fragmented - or balkanised - system, according to NIESR.
Europe's economy growth has now been shaved by 0.4 per cent by the think tank.

Dr Angus Armstrong, director of macroeconomics at NIESR, said: “Balkanisation of EU finance comes at a time of financial fragility in the Eurozone banking system.

"This has added to the financial pressure on some of the largest European banks and the whole banking sector in Italy.

"As a consequence, growth in the Eurozone is revised down from 1.7 to 1.3 per cent in 2017."

It comes as experts warn contagion from Italy could easily spread through the banks in Europe.

At the same time investors fear central banks don't have enough ammunition to tackle another financial crisis.

Share prices in top European banks have plunged this week as panic increases.
Michael Hewson, chief market analyst at CMC Markets UK, said: "Investors are slowly realising that with every spin of the central bank policy chamber the magazine is getting emptier, and in the absence of any will or ability of politicians to step up, central bank policy will continue to move into the realms of the more experimental with every passing day.

"If last week’s European bank stress tests were designed to bolster confidence in the European banking sector it is becoming quite clear that they have failed abysmally.
"Far from boosting confidence they appear to have helped undermine it by focussing attention on what wasn’t tested, as opposed to what was."

Mountainman: Do You REMEMBER Playing w/ WEEBLE WABBLES as a Kid.......??? You Know.......Webbles Wabble but "They Don't Fall Down".........

If that Only Could HOLD TRUE for the EURO ZONE........But It Won't......As The NEW DIGITAL PLATFORM Approaches Between August 19 and SEPTEMBER 2 the European Countries are On "THIN ICE"........And {ALL} the "Fillers" they Try Will NOT Prop Up a {FALL} from Within........

Yes the BREXIT Created the INTENTIONAL CRISIS and Now ITALY Appears to Be the Next to Be Thrown Out of the EURO ZONE NEST.......And One by One they Will FALL........If Only they Were Truly Weeble Wabbles.......Yikes........

Remember, in the NEW GLOBAL REALITY A Country {MUST} Be INDEPENDENT w/ It's Own CURRENCY and VALUE......As The NEW FISCAL YEAR Approaches We Will See an ACCELERATION of Events LEADING Us to OCTOBER 1,2016.....

.As I have been Saying AUGUST is definitely Shaped Up to CRAZY 8's in this 8th MONTH.......INDEED IMO

Cool=New Beginnings.........for the COUNTDOWN to the GLOBAL MELTDOWN........
DEFCON .......


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