Frank26 and KTFA Members Saturday Afternoon 8-6-16

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Frank26 and KTFA Members Saturday Afternoon 8-6-16

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Gem: Good morning Frank is there any new news on the Iraqi Banks issuing their Master Cards to their Olympians in Rio and is the will have a rate on them?

Frank26: No .......... They are in the LL (long line) ........ As many things are at the moment. KTFA Frank

Gem: Frank with the next 2x2 ending on the 15 of this month does this mean within the last 2x2 we could or should see Iraqi give us Mosul and a new Gov. Of the CBI in your opinion based on our studies?

Frank26: You repeat our CC NOTES. KTFA Frank

Mountainman: and IF You Think VIETNAM is NOT READY........Notice Who has Bought Up The VIETCOMBANK.......SINGAPORE......Hello Rothschilds/OZ.........and What does this tell You as You Read this about Investing and Why w/VIETNAM........

Answer=They are going to be HUGE.......and this is What they do Along the Way as the NEW GLOBAL REALITY becomes Just that......REALITY.......

Blessings,Mountainman (Cool=New Beginnings.......for Forget IRAQ.......Hello VIETNAM says OZ......

Frank26: MM .......... I believe Nam is HOT IMO ....... TY for Your report. KTFA Frank

Samson: GIC 'eyeing 7% stake in Vietnam's biggest bank by value'

Vietcombank will issue new shares to Singapore wealth fund if deal goes through

GIC is in talks to own a stake of at least 7 per cent in Vietcombank, sources with knowledge of the matter said yesterday, in what would be the Singapore wealth fund's second major investment in Vietnam this year.

Vietcombank will issue new shares to GIC should the deal go through, the sources said.

A successful stake sale in Vietnam's biggest lender by value would be a vote of confidence in the country's banking sector, once ridden with bad debts.

Vietcombank has been planning to issue new shares equivalent to 10 per cent of existing stock to foreign investors. That would total more than US$600 million (S$805 million) based on current value.

The stake offered to GIC is at a discount to market prices, the sources said, declining to be more specific.

The deal would need the approval of Vietnam's central bank, which is Vietcombank's biggest shareholder.

A GIC spokesman declined to comment, while Vietcombank did not reply to a request for comment.

With a 7 per cent share, GIC would be the third-biggest investor after the State Bank of Vietnam, which owns a 77 per cent stake, and Japan's Mizuho Bank, which holds a 15 per cent share, said the sources, who declined to be identified.

In March, GIC bought additional shares to own more than 5 per cent in leading Vietnamese food producer Masan Group.

Vietcombank has said it expected a deal with a foreign investor this year.

Vietcombank's net profit in the first half of this year jumped an estimated 39 per cent from a year earlier on strong credit growth and lower provisions for bad debts.

Moody's Investors Service said Vietcombank's retail business will grow due to a strong funding franchise and client base.

Vietnamese banks have enjoyed solid credit growth backed by a rebounding economy, while bad debts in the banking system have fallen from historic highs in 2012.

Bad debts rose to as much as 17.2 per cent of total credit in 2012. The ratio improved to 2.55 per cent last year, central bank data shows.

But reforms in the sector have been hampered by complicated cross-holdings and a 30 per cent foreign ownership cap.


Sed45: Well IMO the outcome of the Monetary reform will take place this time around and I feel it will happen before the USA election. It should have happened back in 2008 before the election and in 2012 before the election.

There was a few things that held up the RV/RI from happening in past years, that was Maliki with his corruption and his buddies that stopped it from taking place. We all know from the studies of the Monetary reform that the goi/cbi has passed the point of no return we are on a one way track that can not be reversed.

We have been finding out just how deep the corruption of Maliki and his buddies really was. We have seen in the pass year all the corrections that were made because of the corruption that was uncovered.

We all know how bad things were and how much better it has become in this time frame. Everyone should know that Iraq and the USA fiscal year starts in October and that is coming fast.

We all know about some of the low denominations being released with the Kurdish language on it and we also know that wouldn't have happened if we were not on track.

So with all that being said, O's administration will get the credit for balancing the USA budget after the Monetary reform of the Iraqi dinar has been completed before October IMO.

Like it or not O is currently the sitting President of the United States of America. Just like Bill Clinton and his administration was and did it way back then and got the credit and left office with a surplus, like wise Obama and his administration will do the same.

Now what the next president will do with the new budget and surplus we will have to wait and see.

Don961: Vice calls to stop the work of the parliament for a year and boot new elections

Date: 08/06/2016 18:18

MP for the coalition of state law, Mahmoud Hassan, Saturday, to the need to stop the work of the House of Representatives for a period of one year and pave the way for parliamentary elections come after the setbacks experienced by during the last period and failing to perform his constitutional duties.

Hassan said in a statement received / information / copy of "The duties of the House of Representatives is the control over the performance of the executive authority and that the failure of her to a malfunction nature of his work building on the basis of political blocs holds the nomination of the works the executive power", calling on the Iraqi government to "stop the work of the parliament for two a year and a boot for new elections after failing to perform his constitutional duties. "

"The interrogations witnessed by the House of Representatives was a drama begins and ends without any avail," explaining that "the investigative committee, which was formed on charges of Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi will end without reaching any result."

Hassan said that "the House of Representatives has passed a law which gives the Cabinet the right to issue implementing regulations have the force of law for the conduct of the country, the validity of things," noting that the executive branch has no right to them under the regulations mentioned the establishment of a sovereign legal centers or strategy. "

And saw the Iraqi Council of Representatives, at its meeting last Monday, verbal altercations and Mnacfat among the members of the political blocs after Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi revealed that head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri and the movement of the solution Mohammed Karbouli and Muthana al-Samarrai Bmsahumich on armament contracts and the food the soldiers at the Defense Ministry, as pointed out that Haider Mulla asked him a financial amount of two million dollars to cancel the questioning of the prime movement will Hanan al. Finished / 25's

Don961: Hmmmmm..... Wonder if this has been the plan all along ?? ...

Suspend the work of Parliament for a year ...there's a valid law in place that would allow the Cabinet to issue regulations ... as long as Abadi can get his chosen for him... technocrats in place .... and not just a bunch of "Party" people according to quotas ... which would just keep hindering progress ... this may be the way to go ...

Can you imagine how rapidly things would move forward if Abadi / DRS didn't have to drag around the ball and chain of the existing Parliament ???? IMO


Aggiedad77: Good point Don......I believe there is one point in the Constitution that calls for the Prime Minister/Abadi having the authority to suspend Parliament.....sounds good that he and his Cabinet would then have the authority to make things happen in the absence of Parliament.....

I seem to remember he has to also have the approval of President Masum as well.....will see what I can find on this. Aloha Randy


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