Intel Highlights From Tonights KTFA CC by Lostnq8 at WingIt 8-15-16

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Intel Highlights From Tonights KTFA CC by Lostnq8 at WingIt 8-15-16

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Highlights from Frank26 CC 8-15-16

Lostnq8: Frank26: He is sorry that he is 30 minutes late because of all the new people on the program.

Thanks everyone who donated to st jude.

Talking about Iraq was in the ER. In other words they were sick.

We don't give dates or rates.

The ER is their reform. two by two by two is six weeks. Now we have Falleujah

We are waiting on the announcment of Mosul. We are seeing the morsels of Mosul coming out.

Mosul is a deterrent to keep you from seeing the depths of the reform

The duties of the WTO is to revalue the value of the currency.

There is a task force in Iraq. This is to raise the exchange rate.

You will know when Iraq is international when the WTO accepts Iraqs membership.
Watch Europe.

The GOI signed on Thursday a memo of understanding with the UN which requires the involvement of the international investigators.

WE are waiting and watching for the UN to be successful in their attempts. We will talk about what they are attempting tonight.

Mosul is being given to you like baloney is sliced up. Provinces and villages.

For the next two weeks Mosul will be given back.

they have been taking it and north of it piece meal.....

The GOI is bored to death. They have nothing to do. All laws are passed.

Today five new ministers were appointed by Abaddi.

Parliment is not busy passing laws, but what they are doing is causing trouble amongst themselves.-as they do they accuse each other of falseness.

The oil minister was replaced by Al Jabarri….He is an oldster.

The economic reforms are in full swing. There will be news hospitals, librairies, schools. etc seen soon.

Hillary even invested in the oil companies. He he

They are waiting for their windfall.

UN is dealing with the Iraqis.

Frank would not want to be in their shoes right now.

Family, IMO, He is about to share with you that Mosul is coming in this next 2x2 stage. The citizens have joined forces with their military .

Abadi made it clear we are in the third stage on the fifteenth of this month. They are at the third and last stage.

The third stage is called mopping.

Mopping is the cleaning of the blood that was shed.

Credit to the Iraqi army.

Citizens are bonding with Abadi also. You will read about it in the next two weeks.

The citizens need to go to the bank according to Abadi, but they don't trust the banks. Abadi is telling them to go.

They gave them mastercards to open their accounts, then they will be given dinar and coins.

The citizens seem to be confused about the currencies.

Most of the people in iraq are illiterate.

The banks are trying to guide the citizens on what to do with their money.

Mosul has come back to their citizens.

Parliment may still need to use Mosul or Abadi.

White represents in full bloom

Frank is wearing a navy blue suit with a white tie. Don't really know the meaning behind that one.

Citizens still don't trust the banks but are pouring into them to learn.

IMO the reports from Mosul are weeks old. (See just wait and you will be told)

Once given Mosul the reform will come to you at the speed of light.

All of a sudden you read that the financial crises has been exceeded. They are done.

The UN is going in to remove the corruption from the citizens of iraq.

The US supposedly have given Iraq a plan and is telling them to speed the reform up.

Obama is asking them to please hurry up with the reforms. (wonder why?) he he

Don't open up anymore files on anyone until after the elections. He he he.

Biden doesn't want any more stinking delays..

All laws are passed including the amnesty law.

They were supposed to be all given on aug 15 which is today. HE HE…. all laws have been in position for years but not enacted. They were just sitting on the shelves. They are all keystone cops that were stealing from each other.

The anti corruption laws should be amended but the ministers are saying they don't need to be amended.

Iraq and the UN need to get their s--- together.

The Un is opening up alot of corrupt files and are helping to clean house in Iraq.

They can't activate the MC (?) until they raise the exchange rate and remove the three zeros.

September the ninth is a curious date. Tying it in with Mosul is two weeks. Takes us to the end of August. Frank asked for two more weeks which is the end of August. It is possible you will have everyting about Mosul that is their goal called the reval of their currency.

THis plan was given back in December about floating the currency. It was given to them by the IMF…. It is all part of their plan.

I’d like to tell you another thing. We the US took the stick of the airplane (iraq) which we are in together. December we gave them this plan and it is being used and is working.

We the Us which is the IMF is switching the airplane to the auto pilot. What we have done to this point Aug 15, we will put this plan back on auto pilot because we gave them the stick back.

The definition of 2x2x2 is the 31st of this month. September the ninth or thereabouts you may see all you need to know about Mosul.

Some people are camping outside of the banks.

Stop using the US dollar and use your currency at the banks for goodness sake.

IMF is taking a back stage now. Iraq needs or is taking the stick.

Iraq surpassed the most dangerous stage of the financial crisis. Do you mean the revalue is coming? Per ABADI
The mastercards were supposed to be distributed today but were not. They want to use their SDR reserves to back up their country……To remove all other currencies and use only the iraqi dinar. That is the only way they will reach chapter 8.

Iran is threatening to revalue their money.

There are many countries getting very angry of being in the long line and waiting for Iraq to go first.

Iran will put pressure on the Iraqi dinar if they lift their currency.

Iraq will be in the short end of the stick if Iran does it first. One will eat the other…. Phagocytosis

This is a big problem for Iraq.

They have to keep up with the Jones. HEHE

Iran is going to float their exchange rate. IMO…… This puts pressure on the iQD.

How long do you think Iran will let their currency float. Iran has alot more assets than you do Iraq.

Iraq, you will have to keep up with the jones. (Iran)

Oct 1 is the new financial year for Iraq. A new budget will be made.

Everything seems to be on Cue.

Pay attention to the auctions. They are soon to come to an end because Iraq will only be using their own currency.

This is the last time for this formula. Take the number of banks and the amount of currency being sold you see the amount of currency going down down down.

They are soon going to just use their own currency.

UN is checking out corruption and then the stick will be Iraqs.

All the banks in iraq were told to be electronic by the month of December of 17. this was last week. Per DELTA

Oct would be a good time to join the international community.

We have to have the exchange rate for any electronic action to happen.

All banks ordered to be electronic by Oct 1.

They had been speculating on 2017, oh no not 2017, thats too long. People it is now almost there
Iraq is obeying the monetary reform steps. They are on cue. They are doing well. IMF plan with them. We are the IMF remember.

Increase the value and lift the zeros then you will see the new money.

Why do they talk about shoes when they havent put their socks on yet? Are they wearing flip flops? hehe. They like to throw their sandals at each other. All this is being catapulted by the remainging control of the US.

The iraq dinar will enter the international world before Nov the 8 th. This Presidental campaign is important in this event. This is a marshal plan that went according to plan. Remember Hillary invested in oil.

Frank says Sept1 to Nov 1 is his plan for now.

Everyone in Iraq are untrustworthy of everyone. It is just the way they are.

They are teaching their citizens what to do.

Did you like your conference call tonight? Did you learn anyting tonight.?

Iraq keeps amending everything. That is the way these people are.

They need to stop and get to the point.

WE are in Limbo. We are still waiting. All in Iraq is being kept quiet. Iraq is shutting down many news agencies. They have shut down many many new sites. …. It is because we have a play in their financial future.

Don't give your dinars to anyone else. Hang in there. It is coming. Never give your currency to anyone else. Dont trust anyone who tries to get your dinars.

As your children are a blessing from God so is all this information! Good luck to you
People are feeding off of greed. There is no way anyone can give you a higher rate than what the CBI posts on their website.

If you are that week, Ill pray for you. Stay away from all these groups.

All honor and glory to our Heavenly Father for our relationship but that would not be a smart move to give your money to anyone.

Praying….. That is all folks.


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