Frank26, Delta and KTFA Members Wed. Afternoon 8-17-16

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Frank26, Delta and KTFA Members Wed. Afternoon 8-17-16

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Boxman: Why would counting machines be Great find ...hehe

Bill5858: Why would Iraq want counting and sorting machines for foreign currency?

Simple: Reserves are built up by countries to promote the use of their currencies as global currencies in the long run.

Eli: Family. Last night I gave an opinion piece about Iran saying they are going to float their currency.Well after the CC last night and the Iranian MC article today. I recant my previous It would appear as Frank said that Iraq better poop or get off the pot because Iran is very impatient.

FRANK would love your opinion on the following statement. Please.

In the end and IMO, if congress doesn't allow Iran access to our (USA) banking system then Iran floating their currency won't do Jack for us.

This part caught my eye. " if congress doesn't allow Iran access to our USA banking system"

What are the chances that they don't allow access?

What do we know about this? How nice does congress want to play with Iran? Eli


Frank26: I have avoided this on my thread and on LIVESTREAM CHAT ............. For i do not agree with the exaggeration "others" are attaching to it.

Your first Red Flag is ............ "IF".

This is nothing more than huffing and puffing from our NE bozos.

YOU ............. Need to realize our Congress will do nothing stupid with the IQD. IMO ............ It's not part of ......... A Plan.

Why? Because many of them have a high ............ IQ on the IQD and Rial. KTFA Frank


Jay: So basically ur saying the Congress refusal to allow Iran to have access to the US banking system is a BIG FAT SQUIRREL. ...I COMPLETELY AGREE.

Eli: That is what I was feeling as well. Our congress is a funky monkey and they have lots of stuff up their sleeve that we don't know about.

But I do feel they will give into this eventually .... It's just a matter of time.


Don961: I Believe Mosul Bank's fortunes and Mosul's future are about to take a dramatic turn ..IMO

Mosul Bank profits fall 57% in the second quarter

Bank profit fell to 1.51 billion dinars in the first half of the year - the picture from Reuters Arabian Eye

August 17, 2016 15:23

Direct: the financial statements of the Bank of Mosul for Development and Investment showed ( BMFI ), the runway Iraq market for securities, the bank 's profits fell by 57.19% in the second quarter of the current fiscal year, compared with a profit the same period last year.

Bank profits amounted to 741.26 million dinars (622.29 dollars) in the second quarter of this year, compared to a profit in the second quarter of 2015 valued at 1.73 billion dinars ($ 1.45 million), according to the financial statements.

He pointed out in a statement to the Stock Exchange, it saw a decline in profit for the first half of this year's level by 55.46 per cent to 1.51 billion dinars, compared Borabahh in the first half of 2015, amounting to 3.39 billion dinars.

He pointed out in his bank, to a decline in net current activity revenues during the first half of the year rose 44.04 percent to 3.29 billion dinars, compared to 5.89 billion dinars in the same period of 2015.

The bank saw a decline in quarterly net profit for the first quarter of this year increased by 53.67 percent to 768.59 million dinars, according to its financial statements on the bourse website, compared Borabahh quarterly in the same period of 2015, amounting to 1.66 billion dinars. LINK

Frank26: The Mosul Bank activities and War ................... Are not for ANYONE to understand.

How can they NOW tell You this about Mosul's last 3 months when isis was in control?

How can they give this data when terrorist were in possession of Mosul banks all year?

Because news from this area is about 3 months behind ........... You........... With Purpose.

Mosul is coming .......... Maybe in pieces ............ BUT IT"S COMING ............ IMO September 9th beckons me in my STUDY of Mosul.

Opps................ That's for 2nite's CC ...............C U in ........... 8. (Dessert Intel Call ) KTFA Frank


DELTA: Mosul Bank IS NOT IN MOSUL......... IT'S IN BAGHDAD !!!

Frank26: OH SURE .................. SPOIL DESSERT WITH THIS DESSERT !!! lol


Reposted from Monday Night CC Notes:

Frank26 Quote: ”The GOI Signs on Thursday a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations that Requires the Involvement of International Investigators in the Files of the Grounds of Corruption”

Frank26: the UN is there a degree…The UN is going in remove the corruption...We are waiting…and watching for the UN to be successful in what they are doing…me and my TEAMS only care about the UN, the WTO, the IMF and the USA right now...

Monetary Reform is out right now in front of our eyes...even before they release Mosul to you as liberated...they have already passed all the laws for the Monetary Reform...once they give you Mosul...what did we tell you...IMO the Monetary Reform will come at you with the speed of light

Bondservant888: "The Bride in the Gulf of Iraq" Skyscaper

RETURN OF BABEL: The world’s tallest building is planned for Iraq

Designs and plans have been drawn up for the world’s tallest building. Its location? Basra, in the south of Iraq. Designed by architecture practice AMBS and described as a “beacon for Iraq’s future,” at its highest point the proposed Bride will stand at 1,152 meters. The construction will be made of four conjoined towers, the tallest of which, Tower 1, will stand 964 meters high, with a 188 meter high antenna.

While this will make it the world’s tallest building, its architects say that their priority when designing was altogether different. “That was never the ambition,” Marcos De Andres, director at AMBS Architects, told CNBC in a phone interview. “It was to build the most advanced, sustainable… vertical city,” he added. “It’s the most logical way of doing it… a conjoined system of towers that are connected horizontally. It’s the most stable structure.”


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