Frank26 and KTFA Members Wednesday Morning 8-24-16

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Frank26 and KTFA Members Wednesday Morning 8-24-16

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Theresa:  THANKS DELTA!!!!    Small Metal categories=fills!! God bless you

LLee:  WOW.....thank you!  If I recall correctly from following Frank for years now with his studies. This is major! Correct me if I'm wrong, these small metal categories are fillers?! Which is one of the process if the completion of the RI process leading up to the RV. This is a part of the "The shut the front door" moment!!!!!   I don't post much, but I had to respond...   OH MY! 


Ibnnews3August 23, 2016Iraq News , The Latest News , Headlines , Security0
Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, "The Battle for Mosul Alasthoudarat very reassuring, and that the victory was a foregone conclusion the help of God."
He said during his meeting with the Kuwaiti press delegation, accompanied by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate pro-Lami today, "We are dedicated to securing the necessary protection of civilians in Mosul and its environs during the liberation battles, and have prepared the necessary plans."
Obeidi and accept part of the liberalization of Fallujah and Ramadi, Hit battles and finally Qayyarah and other areas have been liberated from the control of Daesh, military tactics used by military units in these operations.


Magliteparty:  In my line of work we have a technical term for this.  It's called a...clue.  I think there's no need for confession.  I've seen enough evidence.  Even a detective can figure this crossword puzzle out... You guys do great work.  (See article below)

Frank26:  Yes Friend ............... For this is the definition of WARP SPEED of the MR ........... Once they give You MOSUL !!!
FRAMED in a TIME of our last .............. 2 by 2 by 2 with THAT ONE extra added week that would take YOU .............. In the first part of September as we requested ............. To touch a day of the 9th that we SHARED with You and said was a day of interest to our STUDY .................. Solidified NOW by THEIR words to pass the 2017 BUDGET before the ........... 10th of September.


I was concerned that so many of You walked by this .............. Last night.

For THIS was NO ............ Caca........... To be avoided.

DESSERT? Oh yes ............. But very limited ................

Take care ................. Of each other KTFA FAMILY .............. i Look forward to joining the few tonight to ........... TEACH.  KTFA   Frank




Don961:  New talks between Iraq and the IMF early September about five billion dollars loan

Author: HH, ZJ

Editor: BK, HH 08.23.2016 17:52 Number of Views: 919
Long-Presse / Baghdad
Financial advisor to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi revealed on Tuesday for a new round of talks between Iraq and the International Monetary Fund early next September, and while stressing that it will focus on the special standby credit arrangements with a loan five billion and $ 300 million, to support the budget, and what has been implemented economic reforms and fiscal governance, favored the possibility of taking the second and third installments of the loan amounting to fund about two billion dollars year-end 2016.
He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The delegation headed by the Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, featuring a group of senior government officials and experts from the ministries of finance, oil and Planning and the Central Bank of Iraq and the Office of Financial Supervision will meet with the IMF mission in the first days of the month of September next in Amman, Jordan. "
Saleh added that "the first phase of consultations with the IMF will discuss the implementation of the standby credit arrangements under which Iraq will receive five billion and $ 300 million agreement, as a soft loan to support the budget, during the period from 2016 to 2019," noting that "the loan will allow Iraq's international financial umbrella dolly and support form of soft loans to bridge the funding gap of at least $ 15 billion spent mostly for reconstruction and economic development. "
Saleh continued, that "consultations with the IMF would also review the findings of the joint agreement and the requirements of the success of economic reforms, and paced made by Iraq in the field of public finance and the general financial activity in the country's governance, especially the countless number of employees and retirees ghost who receive government income violation of the law, and the statement of the results reached by BSA in this regard, "pointing out that" the Iraqi delegation will be shown to representatives of the international Monetary Fund over the government's concern with financial regulations, especially new law, financial management and regulations relating to anti-money funds crime and terrorism laundering law. "
Salih stressed that "the Iraqi delegation consultations with the IMF mission will also focus on topics related to the principles of the federal budget for 2017 and other topics relating to the presentation of public finance data in accordance with international standards in the government's offer of financial statements to enhance disclosure and transparency in the financial management of Iraq's capabilities," adding that "Iraq has received the second and third installments of the Fund's loan amounting to nearly two billion dollars, or slightly less than that, out of the loan at the end of the year 2016".
Iraq and delivered by mid-July 2016, about $ 634 million, represents the first installment of the IMF loan, immediately after the IMF Executive Board approval, in (the seventh of this month), on the standby credit agreement with Iraq, noting that the term of the loan is five years low annual interest rate of one and a half percent (1.5%), and that the number of payments is 13 batch stretches over 36 months.
The United States of America, confirmed in (the twentieth of April 2016), that the economic reforms the Iraqi government began to show the effects of an increase of non-oil imports, indicating that the Iraqi government's success in reducing the budget deficit means obtaining a loan from the International Monetary Fund worth billions of dollars.
The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), in the (26th January 2016), that Iraq has agreed with the International Monetary Fund for long-term soft loans for the implementation of development projects, noting that the fund is among other conditions, government expenses, and modified some procedures related to economic policies, while counting economist that "the most important" of those loans is to know the amounts that will be obtained during the year 2016.
The International Monetary Fund agreed in the (13 January 2016), to finance the deficit of the Iraqi budget through clouds of hard currency reserves, which led to the reduction of those reserves from $ 59 billion October 2015 end, to 43 billion during the current year 2016.  Link
ThunderHawk: We discovered yesterday the mechanism of Singapore's blockchain and it's parameters
Today we witness it continuation with forward momentum...

The IEX and all digital platforms MUST be operational for the planned transactions ahead...
Family IMO this is the core that defines the process which make the MR a digital reality for the collective....

UBS leads team of banks working on blockchain settlement system
Swiss bank UBS (UBSG.S) is leading a team of four of the world's biggest banks developing a system to enable financial markets to make payments and settle transactions quickly using blockchain technology.
UBS has developed a "Utility Settlement Coin" (USC), which is a digital cash equivalent of each of the major currencies backed by central banks, such as the dollar or euro, rather than a decentralized new digital currency such as bitcoin.
The USC would be convertible at parity with a bank deposit in the corresponding currency, making it fully backed by cash assets at a central bank. Spending a USC would be the same as spending the real currency it is paired with, UBS said.
Blockchain projects such as this have the potential to shake up the settlement system used by banks, under which transactions can take several days to finalize and which costs the financial industry $65-$80 billion a year, according to an Oliver Wyman report last year.
"Digital cash is a core component of a future financial market fabric based on blockchain technologies," UBS Investment Bank's head of fintech innovation Hyder Jaffrey said.
The Swiss bank first launched the concept in September 2015 with London-based blockchain company Clearmatics, and has been joined on the project by BNY Mellon (BK.N), Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE), Santander (SAN.MC) and brokerage ICAP (IAP.L).
Blockchain works as a tamper-proof shared ledger that can automatically process and settle transactions using computer algorithms, with no need for third-party verification.
Because it does not require manual processing, nor authentication through intermediaries, the technology can make payments faster, more reliable and easier to audit.
Similar systems are being developed by others, such as SETL, a London-based start-up run by City grandees, while some major banks are working on their own projects. But this is the first time big banks have teamed up to work on a digital cash settlement system.
Financial regulators are still trying to assess the implications of blockchain - also called "distributed ledger technology" - and whether it could meet technical, governance, legal and regulatory requirements.
The World Economic Forum said in a report this month that more than 90 central banks are discussing the use of blockchain, and estimated that 80 percent of the world's commercial banks would have initiated projects using the technology by 2017.
"The practical use and implementation possibilities of central bank digital currency is rightly becoming a hot topic in the financial service industry," Deutsche Bank Global Transaction Banking Chief Digital Officer Edward Budd said.
"It raises questions, and possibilities, over a fundamental market structure principle: who can have access to central bank money and how," he said.


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