Frank26 and KTFA Members Tuesday Afternoon 8-30-16

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Frank26 and KTFA Members Tuesday Afternoon 8-30-16

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JeffD:  Hello everyone, forgive this question because I know it's been asked many many times but due to my work schedule and trying to get things fixed at home I have not done much thinking. I know that the RI stands for reinstatement does that mean that it is to come out at 1 to 1?  After this the RV would follow?  Again please forgive my question.  You can pm or post. thanks

Militia:  It is my understanding that the RI is "Re-In-statement" of the IQD to an international level. That is still imo within the Fiscal year time frame of this Calendar year 2016. That being at the beginning of Oct 2016, therefore, possibly prior to that time logic suggests a change could come before that.

The RV or Re-Valuation being in or around the beginning of the Physical year of Jan 2017. It then would float to find it's true market value, imo over time and possibly even in quarterly segments. So from the CC it was suggested that Iraq is presently doing business if you will at or close to 1:1 already (Contractor(s).


Militia:  That is based on what the GOI is doing in regard to the HCL by paying salaries from oil sales to groups of personnel. The "Rider" in the HCL allowed for this to happen, hence, the HCL was and is done, just not implemented for the collective (I read Citizens.) as a whole.

CC also suggested that the HCL wasn't needed to pay those salaries any longer, thus, the Citizens should be looking forward to their share and soon, if not in process already (Qi Cards).

The CC suggested to look for more on Mosul, as security and stability (Fat lady going on a diet.) or Liberation is on the way. With her skinny again (lol) and ready for the Prom (Financial Reform), the banks should be geared and ready per CBI to go Electronic country wide, thus, we see the inclusion of the talk again about the 50k and 100K along with the lower denominations including fils.

We should all get by now that those larger notes are for large banking transactions and to help reduce IQD note count in Country. Lower denominations don't work at 1166, eos or imo, they would be using them now. They aren't.

We are also told that there will be a quiet period for our studies. I don't think that is a coincidence. I believe that from plenty of news hounds have shown that the IEX platform (high speed and extremely transparent  is in "" test mode and presently trading, just not all inclusive (you and I) and ends on 09/02/2016 a Friday going into a long USA weekend.

That said, we are still looking for a new High Independent Body to be replaced above and beyond Ministers.

I read Shabbibi has an appointee picked out already and it is a timing issue to play his hand. Lets not for get that Abadi has said he wants the budget for 2017 before the 09/10/2016 time frame. (One article if anyone has it? It suggests the first few days of Sept, imo..)

All of this latter mentioning coincides with our KTFA Team Captian (Frank26) going in sort of a Stealth mode and I'll bet for safety and sensitivity reasons in regard to our investment.

No need to rock the boat in calm waters so to speak.. Cuz, when the water is already rough it is safe to move about..  All in mho

MBAGrad:  If Frank says that nothing is going to happen until at least January 2017, then I have to take that as a factual statement because I know that he does his due diligence with his research.

Until Frank says otherwise, I'm looking for Iraq to turn their currency on this year in one of the "3" following manners:

01) The Lifting of the three zeroes (That would give us a rate of around $0.90 cents)

02) HCL (That would give us a rate of around $1..17)

03) The swiping of the cards (That would give us a rate of around $1.13)

All of the above in my opinion but it also happens to be the opinion of another individual in Dinar land who also has a long history of studying this investment and who has never deviated from the above.

If any one of those three scenarios occur, the referee will signal "TOUCHDOWN".

Again .... All in my opinion.

Frank26:  I am not running for any political office .......... BUT MAN I SO APPROVE THIS POST !!!    KTFA   Frank


Samson:  Ebadi: I will present the interior and defense ministers to parliament after Eid al-Adha

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the ministers of interior and defense will present to parliament after Eid Aladhy..itb


MBA Grad:  Captain Stall is on a roll today

First he's playing games with the Amnesty law and now he's playing more games with the ministers.

Let's see ... Eid al-Adha starts around September 11th or 12th.  That's outside of Frank's timeline from his conference call last night.   Didn't this putz already name a new Defense Minister or is that just a temporary appointment?

I don't know Frank, my timeline is still October and I'm sticking with it.  Right or Wrong, we'll know soon enough.

Today is August 30th ..... take your time Abadi, there's no rush is there?


Jay : MB...IMO...Think of it this way. Being voted on after EID doesn't mean they can't work now. IMO..Voting them in is a formality.

OOOOR... Its a (LOOKY OVER HERE) and they vote them in early.
As for amending the AML...again. worries. The important thing is that it is A LAW NOW!!!!!!....
Remember O has nothing for his Library of Congress.
This IMO<<< will be done BEFORE election day here.
IF not...and it is after election day,,,, IMO, means that H is and has always been the plan to be our next Prez.
So basically, if we are done PRIOR to the elections then we stand a good chance of H NOT!!!! being the prez..
Obama's incompetance  of his 8 years is our saving grace...imo...MEANING...Thanks to him, this needs to be done prior to the elections. So H can ride the wave. At least until WIKI releases their BOMB a week before the elections...HAHAHAHA.
This from reading between the lines and out-rite statements and teachings I came to understand from Frank.
ALso think of it like this......We have no CC's after Wednesday. (AS PER FRANK>>>MAYBE NO DESSERT). I quote. Franks said....(BECAUSE YOU WON'T NEED ME).
Plus no Team Chat for 2 weeks...???...===...IMO... Teams cannot tell us because of the time FRAMED in this upcomming period is SENSITIVE. He (Franky Cannot say what he wants to say until its public knowledge or Teams say its ok.
DUDES & DUDETTS...I"M SOOOOOO HAPPY WITH WHERE WE ARE...rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-

We should all be doing...snoopydance_ So Relax and watch the MR unfold before our eyes @ LIGHTENING, WARP SPEED.  LOVE YOU GUYS... ALL IMO.


Militia:  I am with you Jay! I noticed he did say too, that the USA is pegged to the Dinar now. No one else is.. Powerful statement on the CC, so in this time framed, we are watching light travel.

Frank26:  CC NOTES form last night said ......" A needs 2 more Inter and Defense and Blah Blah Blah."  They will come weekly.


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