Highlights from KTFA Monday Night CC 9-12-16

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Highlights from KTFA Monday Night CC 9-12-16

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September 12, 2016
REMINDER … these are “HIGHLIGHTS” of tonight’s CC.  Please refer to AggieDad’s full transcript (which will be available later) for complete details.

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice!  We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26:  I have been called to Jury Duty tomorrow.  It my patriotic duty and I may need to serve starting this Wednesday.  So, stay tuned … plans for our Wednesday night call might change.


Frank26:  We have a lot to share with you.

There are no super heroes of intel.  There are many to contribute.

There are not veins of gold in Iraq … there are mountains.

Oil squirts from the surface.

My teams and I have been waiting for Iraq to meet with the IMF.  They met with them.

WalkingStick has been guiding you with articles.

Delta and I would like to tell you that the translation has been lacking.  Much has been hidden in Arabic.

Obligations that were place on Iraq have been accomplished – except for 2 things.

The IMF met with Iraq this past week and told them that in order for them to receive any more loans … they have to do 2 final things (that they have not done).

The IMF told them they must finish the financial reform!  This is SERIOUS family.  You didn’t get to see this in the articles.  The meaning wasn’t included in the translation.  Must be finished BEFORE NOVEMBER!

Allak is saying the very same thing – is he not?

The only thing that is left … which the IMF is demanding that they do BEFORE NOVEMBER!

We are going to study this tonight.

The GOI is actually gone right now.  It’s a continuation of EID … the sacrifice feast.  All of this is listed on the CBI website (in Arabic).

The Internet was missing all of that last week.

Iraq must finish their financial reform.

The CBI is giving you their step-by-steps.

This information is HUGE!

The IMF told them they would help them … but they must lift the zeros.

Would you not agree that they are INTERNATIONAL?

IMO – it’s Iraq’s turn to finish the IMF’s demands of the GOICBI.

Yes … I do combine the GOICBI.

The economic reforms are before you … to a degree … the Fat Lady who sits in front of you (that I refer to as MOSUL) … she serves a purpose … and the GOICBI will follow these orders.  Let’s see what happens after EID ends.

The CBI said they would lift the 3 zeros (before 2017) – but that was BEFORE the meeting last week.

This is in the CBI back-office website in Arabic (which was not fully translated while I was gone).

I do not have much respect for WF.

As you saw in the news … WF was caught doing some bad things.

For the longest time WF has told you that the IQD was a scam.

WF now has a digital display … (no the IQD is NOT on it YET) … but WF does not make any money exchanging money (right now).

On Dec 1, 2008 … I told you that Chase would stop selling the IQD on the 20th.

I taught you the chain of command.  B of A, WF, and CITI … that has created the bridge.

I am not here to criticize WF … but I believe they are about ready to do some things with currencies.

The CBI has more money in their reserves than they have reported to you.

58 Billion that you see in the articles IMO is not correct.

They tell you now that they have 10 Billion MORE than they said.  (I don’t think they were surprised).

The IMF has got involved with the PRICE of the BARREL?

If you’re going to borrow money … a commitment … (a wedding ring commitment for life) … gives them loans that will commit them for life.

I told you in February of this year … that the barrel of oil will fall about $45.  Look at your notes.  Now you see exactly that.  The IMF has the right to stick it’s hand in the 2017 budget of Iraq because they have made loans, and will continue to make loans … because those loans will be made forever.

There was a rider that they used.  It has to do with the citizens portions.  The HCL has been used in Iraq for over a decade … but only ¼ of it.  Abadi activated the citizens portions on the day that I left.

With the rider that is in the budget … the IMF is looking at very closely … because they want their money back.

I believe that this will be a 5 year period to help the citizens get back on their feet.

Mosul is loud with the media right now … (on time) … yes, it still is a battle … but not to the degree that they “paint-it”.  My friends tell me they don’t feel endangered as much.  Looming battle?  LOL

How are they paving new roads in Mosul if things were not improving?

The media tells you that Mosul is a war-torn area.  So be it.

Strategically … Mosul is not that important.

They say that terrorism is going away … which the IMF wants … but IMO … that is being well protected.

We are blowing up ISIS … blowing up their money … the oil tankers they sold.
We told you that on Sept 9th there would be something of great interest to us.

We are now 3 days later … would you not agree that the articles are so overwhelming … that you can’t even keep up with them.

Right now, Abadi is becoming more and more involved with the citizens.

Before EID started, Abadi went to the citizens (via TV) and told them “good times are coming for you” … “prosperity is coming” … and announced that he was going to do the economic reforms.  He told them he would appoint new cabinet members that would not steal from them anymore.

The CBI back-room is full of info in Arabic.  WS has been giving you articles … IMF is likely to occur stability of OIL in Iraq … $43-$45 a barrel.

There are line items with dates … all to complete for the IMF.

The supply and demand will cause them to sell more dollars … but the IMF is showing them how to put a stop to this.  “Dirty-floats” – Iraq is guilty of .

The IMF is not pleased that not everything has been done.  They must finish their financial reform, and they were scolded at the last meeting.

Any oil that goes thru Iraq has to go thru their budget.

The IMF needs to know exactly what is going on with their money … because they want to be paid back.

The IMF dictates what you will and will not do with your currency to get loans from them.

Negotiations / talks need to come to an end.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

There will be more meetings … but I pray that they will soon end.  Take note of that.

Iraq will meet with the IMF in October … hopefully as a final conclusion.

All loans require money upfront … a payment schedule.

ALL OF THIS CALL IS IN MY OPINION … except what you have seen in the articles posted on our forum.

The IMF told them in this last meeting … this is how you are going to do this.

Parliament could stall these negotiations … saying that they don’t have enough funds to cover the loans … but the IMF has heard enough.  They are demanding the reforms … then they will get the loans.

The IMF does not want any more waste of time.

By next year, the barrel of oil might be up to $50 or more.

OPEC and Iran have agreed to freeze the production of oil – to increase the price of oil.

This will also help them with their credit rating.

Let’s pretend that the price of oil goes to $43.  Anything under that … they will be in the negative.

IMO – not again.

A “unified freeze” in the middle east means that Iraq cannot sell any oil to make up their deficit – it might work – it might not work.  Time will tell.

Allak said that by the 1st quarter of 2017 … that they would only be using the IQD to make ALL payments.  The MCP in the auctions is evaporating, isn’t it?  It’s a slow process.  They can’t stop them overnight.  But you do see the gradual decline of the MCP (multiple currency practice).

Iraq continues to lose money everyday because of their exchange rate.

Mosul is for a “correct” census.  Maliki made a mess over there.  Citizens scattered everywhere, and now there is a great need/importance to bring these citizens back.

1.5 million Arabs were displaced in the Kurdistan area.  They need to return.  IMO, this is an point of discussion last week with the IMF.

They need to deal with Article 140 and the HCL.

Kurdistan and Iraq need an agreement.  I believe this has been done.

The population of the providences determines the number of seats within parliament.  There is more to this than how much the citizens will get … it affects the government.

If we don’t allow the Fat Lady to sit in front of you … the people are coming back.  Our newshounds have shown you these articles.

What are the numbers for the HCL (for the citizens)?

One of the questions on the old census was “what is your religion?”  Many didn’t want to answer that because of Maliki.

Saddam redrew the lines/borders – moving people around – giving more power to him.  This will not happen again!  The census must be proper.  All must go back to where they belong – which will lead to proper placement for parliament.

Mosul and Fallujah – that is why those cities were needed (secured) … so that the people could return.

Many providences were corrupt.  Representation must be equal – like a democracy to remove corruption.

Is there a battle over the ministers?  No.

Maybe after the elections we can deal with Zabari.  We will not waste time now.  They will leave the files alone.  They must finish their financial reform.

No more changes until all matters are resolved!

Remember … the IMF … is the same thing as saying the United States of America.

Can you imagine if they tried to change Zabari right now?

After this EID “vacation” – the IMF wants these demands met.

The IMF wants them to lift the value of their currency … FINISH IT!!!

The Kurds will never give up the fight – so stop the internal fighting!

This is why you don’t see Abadi fighting Maliki right now.  It would delay the monetary reform.

Yes, we created Maliki (the monster) and we should have removed him a long time ago.  It is what it is.

Maliki turned on the USA the day after we put him in (with Blackwater)

The USA cannot step in to remove Maliki right now.  Let him run is jaw off … he is useless … powerless … but he can sure cause problems.  If we removed him … just watch explosions inside of the Green Zone.  He is suicidal … nothing to lose.  After the dust settles, then GOI, go after Maliki.

The IMF has told them nothing is more important than finishing the financial reforms.

The CBI back-room is in Arabic.  It’s all there.  The system goes down for hours, while they post new items from various meetings.  Please understand, one word (translated incorrectly) can completely change the meaning of an article.

The financial reforms must be completed BEFORE NOVEMBER!  I’m not giving you a date … that’s what it says on the CBI website back-room in Arabic.

At the meeting in Jordan, the IMF told them (Iraq) to stop stalling.  Iraq (some of the GOI) is trying to play dumb.  They need to lift the 3 zeros or they don’t get the money!  These are loans, not charity.  The IMF know what’s in the reserves.

Family, think heavily, think strongly about what I’m about to say to you.

If Iraq was not ready to complete the financial reform … do you think the IMF would be asking them too?

The meeting in Jordan didn’t talk about ISIS, Mosul … it was about the ability to repay the loans.

The IMF is more than SCREAMING AT THEM!

Zabari got is *ss chewed out!  (all in my opinion)

Just before they went to Jordan, Abadi went on Iraqi TV and told the citizens that all reforms are implemented.  (HCL)  Ta Da Freakin’ Da!

Abadi didn’t talk about terrorism.  He told them this just before EID.

The IMF only wants them to do 2 things … financial reforms … monetary reforms!  That’s it!

The IMF will not allow them to fail at this!

They were told they would enter the international theatre by the 1st quarter of 2017.

Think about this profoundly … there has always been a change in the IQD in the month of April.  Except in 2003 and in 2004.  They had slight increases on Sept 21st and 22nd.  When are they coming back from EID?  Let’s see what they do.

Interesting … you can go into the district next to Mosul … but not Mosul.

The IMF loan will improve their credit rating.

The finance committee guy (Jabutti) [sp?] asked why they are stalling the IMF.  He told them to stop it!

Abadi is also pushing the financial reform (you’ve seen the articles).

The IMF is sick of meeting with them over failed excuses.

When Iraq is pressured – they move at the speed of light … just like they passed the Anti-Money Laundering Law when the IMF told them too.

Iraq is under great pressure right now.

The LD’s (lower denoms) are waiting.

About 90% of Iraqi’s use the US dollar.

They are ready to lift the value of their currency.

Remember when Maliki was trying to steal the DFI funds?

The US told Turki to hide the money in special Swiss accounts – because they knew Maliki had intentions to steal it.

68 Billion shows on the CBI spreadsheet in the DFI funds!

The former minister of Iraq (5 years ago) said that they had 134 Billion.  Obama allowed them to use some of those funds.

Do you think that the IMF is going to ask Iraq to finish the financial reforms IF Iraq didn’t have the ability to do so?

This DFI money is ready to support the financial reform.  TA DA!!!

If Iraq doesn’t get the loans – we will never see the financial reforms … and they must FINISH BEFORE NOVEMBER … BEFORE THE ELECTIONS!!!

I don’t care who wins the elections.

The new president will have some amazing money to do some pretty serious things.

The IMF and the USA will look like fools IF they don’t finish this off before November.  US look foolish … I don’t think so.  This is why the IMF was upset at the meeting in Jordan.

Let them come back on the 18-19th and let’s see what they do.

How can Abadi go on TV and tell the citizens that they are going to finish the financial reforms?  The CBI is under Abadi’s control --- NOT Maliki’s.

Even Barzani from Kurdistan told the Kurds … “prosperity will soon be yours.”



We are BEYOND MOSUL!  They are paving the streets in Mosul.  The Fat Lady is losing weight.

Abadi said … “we are solving the financial problems.”

Dr. Shabibi was not in Jordan this last week.  You don’t put 2 CBI governors in the same room at the same time.

I’m curious CBI … you tell the citizens to come into the banks … because you can give them loans now … but HOW are the citizens going to repay those loans IF they don’t have a job?


WS wants you to know that a lot of the sites are publishing articles that are old/rehashed.

This is part of the confusion.

“International theatre by 2017” … the IMF said they would help Iraq do that … IF they did the financial reforms.

Did you read the article where Iraq was coming to meet with the US Postal Service?  (That’s one example of “International”).  Any international banking requires a postal service/address … not the internet.  Certain signed documents/contracts/loan documents must be physically mailed.  

Remember Hillary Clinton?  She’s got some oil contracts, doesn’t she?  Would you like to study them?  You can.  Fascinating isn’t it?!!!

I never said that Hillary was going to be President.

In December, I jokingly said that when are done studying together … two things will happen.
#1 – they will tell you there is life on Mars.  The rover when it moves on Mars, it shows traces of ice/water.  There is a polar cap on Mars.  There were rivers on Mars.  Where there is water, there is microbial life.  That is all over the internet now.

#2 – I  told you that in the end … Hillary will be there … and she has been all over … hasn’t she?

When we tell you that you are going to see something … there’s a good chance you will.

I pray that you’ve enjoyed this conference call.

Thanks to our teams for the knowledge!  

Call ended in prayer.


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