Aggiedad77 and KTFA Members Early Tuesday Morning 9-20-16

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Aggiedad77 and KTFA Members Early Tuesday Morning 9-20-16

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Aggiedad77: Let me read between some of the lines that may appear to cross one another here...(see article below) .again in conjunction with last night's CC....Frank is spot on once again....this meeting with Obama and even with the UN are window coverings.....they disguise the true meetings that happen in the hallways or the sidelines" of these two events in DC and NYC.....

.Abadi openly admits phase three of Mosul in "mid-August".....yet all we see is the fat lady sweating in the chair in front of us.....these side meetings where the meat of this trip will take place....these side meetings where the media is not allowed to penetrate.....where we are only told what tiny morsels they want you to hear....that is the true place of business....

Out from under the microscopic watch of the media hordes....where conversations are not monitored......information is exchanged....passed more freely.....thankful though are we for the hints that are given....the eyes that pick up on so many details without letting on.....

Aggiedad77: Abadi reports on corruption in the manner of discussion about sackings of ministers....replacements.....therein lies the true and real reports....Mosul...fat lady.....they are in the limelight....the fat lady she sweats because of the bright lights.....but she sits unmoving.....meanwhile.....Abadi is "indisposed" at the moment....but you checked....he's not in the men's room.....

Somewhere there is a small and lonely conference room....a "side line"....that is where he is parked....and the real information is passed....wait for it though....guess I better get off the couch.....this is a repeat of prior episodes anyway.....a long career of these kinds of meetings in other's all the same...only the faces change....

IMO. Aloha Randy

Don961: Report: this is what will be discussed in New York Abadi

2016/9/19 02:13:47 PM

Since his arrival to the United States, talk about the relationship, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Washington returned to the forefront, despite the fact that the visit is a private Washington, but to the state of New York to attend the General Assembly of the United Nations conference, especially after the announcement of unofficial meeting will bring together Abadi Obama on the sidelines of the conference.

It holds Abadi files such as arming, financial support, and the war on Daesh organization, and with him wherever he traveled, given the upcoming battles for the Liberation of Mosul, and the financial crisis experienced by the country since the first quarter of this year, dragged down oil prices.

The visit Abadi to New York is the second of its kind since he took office August 2014, after the first visit last April 2015, not counting meetings that brought together Abadi Obama, which was marginal often, most notably the seven major states of Berlin summit, which placed Abadi time position embarrassing, the White House said at the time that he "inadvertently".

Meetings on the sidelines of the conference

In similar conferences, usually held on the hold side meetings conversing through which combined the issues carried by the Conference or the other side edges, so to open new channels through which participants can express what's on their minds.

He says Strategic Studies Group in Baghdad Director confident Hashemi's (and 1 n News), "The General Assembly of the United Nations Conference is an annual conference, the President of the Republic is attended on previous occasions, and not the prime minister," noting that "the most important in the conference is meetings Side convened by the conferees, and with regard to Iraq, the post-Abadi at the conference represent the utmost importance. "

He adds Hashemi, he said that "al-Abadi holds an important and extremely dangerous files, tries from which to succeed in their investigation, the most important preparations for the battle of Mosul after it was determined the zero hour," adding that "the meeting Abadi Obama on Monday will be important to discuss left the subject, which is trying to The military operation that would uniqueness of the fragile coalition of Iraqi political class, and lets other countries trying to enter the Iraqi territory. "

Explains Alatrateja that "Abadi will press the United States on the one hand, and try to hold a meeting with Russian leaders, to put pressure on Turkey after the agreement on Turkey's withdrawal in the last Petersburg meeting," adding that "the economic file will be present to visit al-Abadi, although the states Iraq donor had given the amount of two billion dollars, but it's still looking for more. "

The Prime Minister al-Abadi has announced the launch of the third phase of the liberalization of Mosul operations, mid-August, after getting rid of fronts task such as Fallujah, and biting land and villages in the south side of the county, in conjunction with parking Peshmerga on the northern connector bodies in preparation for battle.

Foreign Relations: Mosul Stokhadd up most of the discussions Abadi

For its part, the parliamentary Foreign Relations pointed out that the liberalization of Mosul file will take up most of the discussions at the conference Abadi General Assembly of the United Nations, noting that preparations for Iraq and the United States and the international coalition is the most important in these discussions.

The committee member said Razak al-Haidari's (and 1 n News), the "liberation of Mosul of important files to be discussed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi through the side of his meetings on the sidelines of the conference, including in respect of preparations at the military level of Iraq and the international coalition led by Washington" file.

Haidari said, "Despite the existence of open channels between Obama and al-Abadi, but visits that is of extreme importance that can be achieved through direct meetings between the parties, and discussed at length, and that may not Tgestha other means of communication," noting that "the details barbed editor Mosul would take up much of the visit, including the views of the Turkish and Iranian about editing Mosul, and the participation of the popular crowd or not, the fact that these issues need to understanding with the American side and chock countries of Iraq. "

It seeks Abadi for approval by President Obama to provide Iraq with equipment and US advanced weapons including drones and Apache helicopters and combat various types of ammunition, with examining the possibility of postponing the payment of amounts of weapons obtained by Iraq from the US side, because of the financial crisis.

In addition to the security situation, the political changes that have taken place at the government level in Iraq, including the ministerial changes, and the sacking of Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, who like the United States, is expected to be present also in the Abadi dialogue with Obama, according to followers of the Iraqi political affairs.


Aggiedad77:Good Morning WS.....I noticed your highlights when you first brought this article forward.....apparently it may have missed the scrutiny of others tho......the fox is getting control of the hen house it would seem in 2017.....only in this case it is a good thing.....

Control meaning that someone will be holding Iraq accountable for every paper clip they use, for every piece of paper that is run through the copy machine....for all salaries paid.....that money MUST go to living...breathing real citizens....not some imaginary uncle or cousin....

There is a new sheriff in town and his middle name is accountability...and his second middle name is anti-corruption.....perhaps he is from Texas where two and three middle names are common.....the transfer of a war budget into something that resembles peacetime......will Iraq even recognize such a thing....

Well the IMF will help hold their hand through this huge event.....thank you sir....for this and all that you do and bring to the KTFA table. Aloha Randy

Walkingstick: 2017 budget analysis table

19-09-2016 Written by: Raed al-Hashemi

Iraq's budget for 2017 has been completed by the government and will the parliament be sent to at the beginning of the month of October for discussion and approval, and valued according to official statements and more than a hundred trillion Iraqi dinars amounted deficit of about thirty trillion Iraqi dinars it has been adopted in the preparation of the price of a barrel oil with a value of $ 35 and the amount of three-card export 1,000,880 bpd.

When a simple preliminary analysis on this budget, we find that the proportion of the deficit is greater than the budget of 2016, which totaled deficit of 24 trillion dinars is an indication that the next year will be difficult for Iraqis and will continue the austerity of the government policy in all sectors,

and what distinguishes the budget in 2017 for previous budgets two important things first it will be under international control, where would follow instructions and IMF conditions imposed on Iraq when given the UN the loan, allocated to budget support, the most important of these conditions is to reduce costs and increase revenues, especially non-oil and increase the tax base and the multiplicity of taxes and reconsideration of the high salaries and the fight against corruption and focus spending on three important sectors of health, education and the ration card.

The IMF will monitor the application of the budget and the conditions set by the results of this monitoring will determine the size of future cooperation with Iraq, and the second thing is important in this budget, it will be a transitional budget from the war budget to peace and build a budget,

because the signs of eliminating Daesh terrorist and edit usurped cities have loomed on the horizon as a result of victories and championships achieved by our children in the battlefield, and this means that the enormous sums that were spent in previous years to sustain the momentum of the battles will turn into spending in other aspects of the most important relief to the displaced who are expected to numbers of up to three million displaced people and the reconstruction of cities liberated and that has been the destruction of infrastructure by her terror Aldaasha, as well as open projects and units of new productive for the purpose of providing new job opportunities for the people of those provinces Kalmaaml agricultural, schools, universities and commercial markets and fields for the purpose of achieving economic where growth after the recession that hit for years occupied by Daesh, as well as government spending portion of these funds to repay debt and large retained from previous years.

Required from the government and parliament to take several measures to reduce the difficulty of the brunt of the year 2017 on the Iraqis and at the same time, success in meeting the conditions the UN imposed on Iraq, and this action is to accelerate the elaboration of food to increase the financial revenues to non-oil Scientific plans to supplement the public Moanh and reduce dependence on oil as a resource sole of the budget,

You must activate all the sectors in which to achieve this, including the tourism religious ones, agriculture, industry, trade, and support the private sector and private, and to take serious measures to eradicate rampant in all institutions of corruption and this procedure alone, I think, if it is applied honest and real structure Sarphi budget huge sums of money that go to pockets of corrupt eaters haraam wealth and land, as well as the government and parliament to take decisive action in the accounting Naklh and lagging companies in the implementation of government projects, whether local or Arab or foreign.
If the government and the parliament were not serious about taking these procedures will be the year of 2017 the most difficult years for the Iraqis.


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