Frank26, Aggiedad77 and KTFA Members Thursday 9-22-16

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Frank26, Aggiedad77 and KTFA Members Thursday 9-22-16

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Aggiedad77:  Recall the conference call from Monday I believe Family.....Abadi would be reaching out to the IMF...the US....and the World Bank for support of their Economic Reforms.....they would be sitting down with the international world asking for their support as well.....

Indeed this is what we see rolling out of this trek to the US.....these exact things.....

Let's be extra watchful for what happens upon Abadi's return to his homeland of Iraq..... could be very exciting and good...maybe even gooder for all who have a stake in this rate here of course.   Aloha  RAndy

Walkingstick:  Echoes of New York: World leaders praise the achievements of the Government of Abadi

BAGHDAD / obelisk: a source close to the Iraqi delegation stressed to the work of the General Assembly of the United Nations, on Thursday, the prime minister, Haider Abadi, had the support of international support so that it .could impose a vision and a national strategy away from interventions parties Since the arrival of al­Abadi, to the United States, she returned conversations about the relationship of the Prime Minister, in Washington, to the forefront, despite the fact that the visit is a private Washington, but to the state of New York to attend the General Assembly of the United Nations conference, especially after the announcement of .

unofficial meeting will bring together Abadi Obama on the sidelines of the conference Quoted by local media, the statements of figures close to the facilities of devotional delegation, followed up "obelisk", saying that "global leaders with whom he met Prime Minister Haider al­Abadi praised the achievements of the government in the political, security and economic aspects, and considered that it has made great strides in the management of the country, in under the big challenges faced by the addition to the problems that hit the vicinity " . of Iraq

He holds Abadi files such as arming, financial support, and the war on organizing Daesh, with him wherever he goes and he goes, given the upcoming liberalization of Mosul battles, and the financial crisis experienced by the country .since the first quarter of this year, dragged down oil prices While praised the administration officials and leaders of nations participation in the General Assembly of the United Nations, currently being held in New York, the performance of Abadi and expressed their support for him as well as to provide the necessary support if needed ", Link


Cleitus: Frank..., last night on the cc you stated, "I believe that is why Abadi went over to DC to talk to the USA... and assure them that everything is ok...and they will get it done BEFORE the elections. There will be more meeting....  We believe from this point on...RIGHT NOW...the 21st of September... until October 30th... we believe this to be a window to explain how they change their value."

My question Frank is this; is it possible that Abadi will delay as much as he can before our election (without infuriating the IMF) to make sure obama does not take credit for anything good that is going on now in Iraq..., especially with the monetary reform.

Anything not soon enough to help obama get the US Budget Bill passed before October 1st would not look good for obama. Obama does not want a government shutdown on his watch especially on an election year?  If there is a shutdown or a delay in the MR this would be a favor returned by Abadi to obama by the SNUB seen around the world several months ago. What goes around comes around!  Not being political...,  just thinking about ALL the timing of things coming together. 

Frank26:  In my opinion A loves his people more than he loves o.
In that same opinion A obeys the IMF long before he obeys o

Aggiedad77:  More from your CC last night.....Frank touched on this very subject I from his this article....things are being stepped up with Iraq now.....what I want to see is the action that transpires upon Abadi's return from the US....hopefully before the weekend....he has the fortitude and the necessary ability to put the best spin on things for Iraq and the for Abadi...IMO.

Frank26: A is Reporting and asking for Economic Reform help ..................... As the calendar of Iraq was Moved Up to accommodate an Article 8 position with the IMF. 

ZERB:  when Dr. A returns from the USA HIS FIRST OBJECTIVE IS TO.........  .........  ......... before he returns to the US in 1st week of Rocktober!


SlappySquirrel:  Install a new governor of the CBI? 

Give us Mosul? 

Lift the value of the currency?
Be article 8 compliant and get accepted into the international community with Lagarde, Jim Yong Kim and Obama at some type of ceremony?? 

Just taking a few shots at filling in the blanks. Did I get close?

Frank26:  Even if You used grenades or horse shoes......... You hit the thought's dead center..IMO.

Walkingstick:  Thieves Development Fund for Iraq (DFI), when the trial?

Last updated: September 22, 2016

He was thirty years of age, has just graduated from medical school, he was eccentric to hold psychic persisted, claiming religious, national, and that American troops entered even jog it, to conquer Bohoudanha, to become a slave servile of the invading forces, but turns from a doctor to a contractor, millions of dollars have , one of the contractors was the poor who shared funds Iraq with American soldiers, under the delusion and lying addresses.

Talk about some of the Iraqi contractors with a lump in the hearts of people, a class of contractors had stolen Iraqi money, Bhmaah reconstruction and construction, these bad category grew Brda invaders milk, where it was Bremer's project is selling illusions to the Iraqis.

The Development Fund for Iraq (DFI) was established in May 2003, by the authority of the director of the Coalition Provisional been recognized, in accordance with Security Council resolution Nations United 1483 and after the dissolution of the CPA in June of 2004, was delegated to the US government by the government of Iraq to manage the development Fund for Iraq, made available for reconstruction projects funds, and the US Department of defense administration of the said fund on behalf of the US government, has been the withdrawal of the authorization as of December 31, 2007.

Were transferred hundreds of millions of dollars in the largest airlift of funds, declared purpose ages, but what happened was the biggest operation to dispel the Iraqi money, and with permission from the American Accounting Office, which conducted a subsequent review of the reconstruction projects, which was under the supervision of the American forces, as it is pulling 21 billion dollars from the fund, but the inspector general confirmed that there is a $ 8.8 billion has been spent without Exchange or documents documents showing how to dispensing, although it cursor Kmbalg disbursed at the time of Bremer, as it has been disbursed $ 7 billion, according to documents containing problematic and breaches concerning matches, as there are other amounts worth up to $ 25 billion had entered development Fund, and spent in security projects and other military equipment, the total amount under scrutiny reach $ 61 billion.

But how to steal money, and where it went Fund for Iraq funds, and why Iraq's money was stolen?

* Increase business costs hundreds of times!

I remember the story of my old friend said: I asked an American committee in 2006, age School sat down, the contractor and the work of the study required only that the cost of ages required is eighteen million dinars, and has a five-million net profit, was presented by the American side, they said to him what these numbers Statistics! They said to him IMDB Id zero to become the sum of one hundred and eighty million dinars them half! I agreed strongly and joy! With Iraqi money that is wasted and stolen Bodh day.

Baptized the US side to the implementation of the crusty, such as dye schools or distribute bags or build a fence or age Quay and this will be compared to the cost of doubling the hundreds of times for cost realism, to be shared with the contractor, and so dissipated funds between gaseous authority does not care about money Iraq and contractors are not the conscience and values there is no fear of God.

Thus we have become extremely rich layer, as a result of their participation in the American side waste of Iraqi funds, and the fact the dream that we wish achieve is out until the gesture of the Iraqi judiciary to follow up on our money that sumptuously by muggers.
* Exploiting the American side of the brats community

Once told me Professor blessing (a professor of Arabic language) for the tragedy of their region, he said: it was in our youth is unemployed, was called Bhrama clothing abounded Sergath for clothes washing, and after 2003 closer to US forces, and became working with them, coming to them from the market what they want, and it seemed It takes ages Construction of the neighborhood, such as the age of a school! Or building a theme park! Or paving the street! As days turned into a big ogre, it is today the owner of capital Contracting billions company! Came across the money is divided between the American forces and the thief washing, for the realization of fake turn cost hundreds of times for the natural cost.
Why the silence on these thieves for the day? They carousing with money of the Iraqi people? Why they are not held accountable Where did they get this singing obscene? Today contrast and a wide layer of people living below the poverty line and the need exists, the poor of their money stolen by these dirty class.

* Review and professional audit is our demand

It is an issue neglected so much, not followed up by the judiciary and the Office of Oversight and Integrity Commission, although they belong to billions of dollars in Iraqi funds, even if they got in another country for the fallen government and regulatory bodies, but I got a revolution to return the looted money, We urge the opening of this file via the base assembly data from these contractors and traders, and restricting what they own, with the American side claim the papers and documents pertaining to the realization of the ages they have made, and inventory the stolen money, then ask each and every one of these thieves amount that he owes, otherwise turn to the courts, this needs to discourage the Audit Bureau The Commission on Public integrity and media pressure.

The wait for the patch, and people will not keep silent about his money stolen, what is lost rights behind demands.

Frank26:  As CC said ............. This is the next meeting with Iraq and IMF........... In the first week of October.  


Frank26:  BTW this 22nd until the 30th of October ................ They will have two more meetings.............. This is the first as we SHARED last night

Also BTW ............... Not sure why so little reaction to the last Two CC's ................. Maybe absorbing it all in. Last night's CC was at a different Level of STUDY. IOO ........ It was the Soul of the MR of Iraq.

But IMO ................. Enough SHARED for now.


Frank26:  Indeed ......... IOO when A returns ......... Much will be said of much that has been done.

Samson:  Abadi discussed with the International Monetary director of the implementation of economic reforms and diversification of resources

22.9.2016 9:21

Discussed the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, on Thursday, with the Director General of the International Monetary Fund , Christine Lagarde, the areas of cooperation between the Fund and the Iraqi government. 

A statement by the Office of the Abadi received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, " The Prime Minister received at his residence in New York , Director General of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde has been researched and follow - up support for the International Monetary Fund for Iraq through to prepare the credit agreement and the government 's efforts to rationalize the budget this year and next year.

" the meeting discussed support for Iraq in the implementation of economic reforms by the Iraqi government and the Iraqi economy , diversify sources and support the private sector.


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