********Iraq to the whitelist financially

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********Iraq to the whitelist financially

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Iraq to the whitelist financially

9/26/2016 0:00

The highest international working group certificate
BAGHDAD - Tariq al-Araji
It's time to reap the fruits of the work done by the government of the reforms and the Central Bank of the economic measures, as it plans to highest international group to monitor the movement of money globally to remove Iraq from the gray list to the white world that confirms the confidence of Iraq financially.

Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords said in a statement »Sabah»: The «central work on activating the Office laundering money and give him the powers of the administrative and fiscal conservative and full independence after undergoing rehabilitation operations capabilities with international support and coordination with international organizations».

He said it was «expected to qualify this thing Iraq to get out of the black danger zone, which was threatened them to get out of the gray, which is currently classified where is warned area and move to white in January, according to the Financial Action Task Force (fatf).»

The FATF known as «an intergovernmental body with the task of studying the techniques and trends of money laundering and financing of terrorism, preparing and developing policies to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism, both domestically and internationally.»

Keywords noted that this step increases the confidence of the world in Iraq, financially and economically, in addition to contributing to reduce the fiscal deficit, indicating that it (Transitional) came after government reforms and the central bank.



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