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Abadi: Approval of the liberation of Mosul plan soon

9/28/2016 0:00

He called the Kurdistan region of transparency in the oil file
BAGHDAD / morning
Refer Dr. Haidar al-Abadi Prime Minister setting the start date of the battle of liberation of Mosul to the readiness of Iraqi forces and international support. At the time called the Kurdistan region to follow the «transparency in oil export», the detection of a visit to the region's president, Massoud Barzani, the end of the week, while criticizing the withdrawal of confidence from the minister at this time.

Battle of Mosul
The prime minister said at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday evening: «There are limitations to the date of starting the process of liberalization of Mosul: the readiness of security forces and international support for Iraq in the field of training and specific weapon that you need the battle, in addition to the human side and the order of the displacement process of understanding edit citizen» .

He said the «plan is still the accurate details, and possibly agree to the soon», describing the liberation of Mosul Plan B «animation where Plan A and Plan B», citing the calculated from the enemy movements and the movement of civilians, as well as the movement of other parties that will affect the plan .

Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces called for the indifference of the dates launched by some, saying: «edit Mosul plan determined by the commander of the armed forces exclusively in accordance with specific data», warning of the threat of terrorism to the countries of the world.

He also noted that «security challenges and fears that hits the terror capitals in different parts of the world», pointing out that «the world looks to Iraq into admiration for his ability to liberate their land and face the financial crisis and provide battlefield requirements and minimum services and appreciate the patience of citizens in the face of challenges».

Cohesion and national
Abadi stressed that the cohesion and unity are the only way to overcome the difficult phase of liberalization of the land and economic reform, noting that the world is now describes Iraq «state started moving towards success», praising the editorial process Sharqat was quick and swift and with minimal loss of life and infrastructure.

He added that «the international support for Iraq is important after Mosul», explaining it by saying: «terrorist threat after the connector will remain a security and support of the world of Iraq's threat is important in the field of training, arming and restructuring of the State financial backing and international expertise in the fight against corruption and the movement of money», describing corruption b »scourge the world that you need to deal with the global institutions to follow the movement of funds from their source. »

Edit land
Abadi said the most important thing in the liberation of hand Qayyarah is people wanting the state security organization, warning of attempts by some to block the release of Mosul «so as not to open the fall of the city files and the collapse of the five teams without a fight», stressing the importance of cooperation between the state and the citizen as a standard basis for success ».

He also expressed his refusal to impose agendas of the House, reminding that the Supreme Audit reports go to the House of Representatives without having to pass on the prime minister according to the constitution and possible accounting in the light of these reports, calling on the House of Representatives to «apply the law to its members first, there are lawmakers wanted to eliminate», pointing out that the world wondered how the sacking of ministers in the shadow of the financial crisis and the battle to liberate the land, adding: «but Pena them the nature of the political process in Iraq and some Tveselathma in any democratic system».

Turkish intervention
Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, expressed surprise at the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's statement on a false declaration to the timing of the Battle of Mosul, saying: «Turkey does not have any role in the liberation of any city, village or Iraqi stubble, and there is no ground mission editor cities non-Iraqi forces forces» .

He pointed out that «Iraq has asked Turkey for police training in Turkey, and did not respond to it as she was their aid logistics shy», told the Turkish leadership: «We are neighbors and the presence of Turkish troops on the ground in Iraq is not at the invitation of the Iraqi government, a violation of Iraqi sovereignty».

He added that «the government does not want to clash with the Turkish forces and the presence of concern», calling on Turkey to be aware that «Iraq and the world do not allow decisively subject of Mosul after 100 years, and this is what the world's leaders said in New York, and that the international alliance between Turkey is not part and the presence of Turks without NATO approval who are part of it », calling on Turks to apply the standard that shot down a Russian plane that penetrated over their seconds on themselves, indicating that Iraq does not support the PKK conflict PKK with Turkey's internal affair Turki not entered Iraq him.

Barzani's visit
With regard to the salaries of provincial employees, the Prime Minister said: «I call for transparency in the oil-exporting region and the money source of oil through Ceyhan suit or just 17 percent for the province within the federal budget superiority».

He said the «accounts in Baghdad, transparent and accessible to everyone, and it must follow the same style with the oil region», wondering «in the provincial government and a parliament where you go oil money? .. It must be that the numbers are clear. Oil is not the property of the provincial government or the federal government, but is the property of the Iraqi people. »

Abadi called on all parties in the region to «clarity» in the oil file, indicating that «the government does not want to give a chance to Daesh after the blows suffered, and this« message Aouselnaha world leaders », adding that« the Iraqis want a unified Iraq ».

He argued: «I spoke with Kurdish leaders, and their intention to secede .. Here, I ask that you do not want so what's secession referendum ?, hoping to reach agreements with the provincial government on the outstanding issues, some of which dates back to the nineties of the last century.

Regarding the upcoming visit to the region's president, Massoud Barzani to Baghdad, al-Abadi said: «The visit arranged for her for some time and will take place this weekend

Withdrawal of confidence
And withdraw confidence from ministers, he asked the Prime Minister: «Is interest sacking of the ministers of defense, interior and finance minister? .. We live in a financial crisis and embarking on a battle to liberate Mosul, this case is not healthy».

He called in the event of a vote on the dismissal of Ministers, to be public, not secret, only if the subject of the vote is a national security and secrets of the country », he reiterated his call to the« continued cooperation between the executive and legislative authorities as a matter of understanding between the authorities ».

He also expressed his commitment to the success of the House of Representatives, while calling to get away from the miscarriage, stressing his support for any real questioning is far from the political interrogation.

The reshuffle
And the reshuffle, Abadi professional stipulated in the Cabinet without regard to the independence of the candidate, membership of the party, stressing the importance that the minister is working «to serve Iraq without regard to the sound of him or did not vote responsibility means responsibility for all», adding that «the choice would be for more the possibility of candidates », valuing the House of Representatives with the cooperation of the previous ministerial list.

Cabinet meeting
And the Cabinet meeting, stressed that the meeting witnessed their last respects to balance and adjust the price of a barrel of oil in proportion to reduce the deficit, while the meeting witnessed dues peasants Exchange 2016 decision, citing the saying: «important agriculture and create jobs and maintain economic yield instead import ».

He said the Board directed the Ministry of Finance to provide the money, pledging to develop mechanisms for farmers to avoid them resorting to intermediaries, which takes some profits, pointing out that the meeting also saw compensate poultry owners who vandalized their poultry to combat the pandemic flu, with the lifting of the social safety net benefits for males from 50 thousand to 100,000 in minimum and raising the upper limit of 125 to 175 widows and raise salaries to 225 thousand, while the government was directed to the collection of electricity by the private sector, noting that a large part of the billions wasted burned in electricity and fuel file.

He stressed the importance that the proportion of consumption with the collection and stop overtaking on electricity, accounting for higher consumption, citing the success of the project in some areas in the field of collection and reducing consumption of twenty percent.



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