********** Decisions of the special meeting of the Iraqi cabinet

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********** Decisions of the special meeting of the Iraqi cabinet

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Baghdad -arac Press October -4: The Cabinet held, on Monday, a special meeting chaired by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to complete the discussion and approval of the remaining important decisions of previous sessions as well as emerging topics.

To protect the public money , the Board decided to download the officials and staff of ex sums cars discharged in accordance with specific rules set by an ad hoc committee and on the basis of the Law of the sale and lease of state property taking into account the Year in 2013 Vmadun, according to the statement of the Information Office of the Speaker.

The Council of Ministers decided to establish the Office of the wounded Armed Services and popular crowd follows the Department of Citizens Affairs in each province to follow up the affairs of the wounded and submit periodic reports on their requirements, and to assign the Department of Citizens Affairs at the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers management and coordination of its business, along with the continuation of sections Citizens Affairs to conduct field visits in weekly and receive the injured according to the mechanisms in place, and the Office shall issue the electronic identification documents, and issue instructions to all the institutions to cooperate with them and to facilitate the completion of transactions and the coordination of humanitarian efforts with international and local organizations to provide assistance to the wounded treatment.

The Council decided that the wounded have priority in the distribution of housing units and low cost.

The Council of Ministers discussed the Maathir in the media about the imported rice was briefed on the Ministry of Commerce and Maitalq procedures for laboratory examinations by the ministry and global laboratories neutral and results of shoddy health and safety, the ministry said on follow - up measures.

At a time when the Council of Ministers stressed the full commitment to the conditions and standards for any imported material .vanh bears legal responsibility for any party causing material damage as a result of interventions outside the limits of its responsibilities and delay the receipt of the materials that laboratory tests confirmed the safety.

The Council decided to honor the junior team champion Asian football and the training staff and the administrative piece of residential land for free by hometown for the completion of which they gave to their country.

The Cabinet approved the regulations granting of the status of public benefit organizations and humanitarian relief .anthy (1)



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