KTFA Monday Conference Call Highlights 10-3-16 Part 1 of 2

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KTFA Monday Conference Call Highlights 10-3-16 Part 1 of 2

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Re: KTFA Monday Conference Call Highlights 10-3-16 Part 1 of 2

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KTFA Monday Conference Call Highlights 10-3-16 Part 2 of 2



Post From KTFA
Notes By FrostyTheSnowman

KTFA Monday Conference Call Highlights 10-3-16 Part 2 of 2

MR. INVESTOR – I think that from what we know, for some unknown reason, the IQD being the catalyst for all of them from what I understand, and I think pretty soon, it’s going to have its day and the IQD and VND will be in the first basket.

FRANK – Ah, you beat me to it. I was going to ask you if you read the Chinese newspapers?

MR. INVESTOR – no, I don’t.

FRANK – the Chinese Yuan has been put in the SDR basket. Do you think the Yuan is supporting the other currencies that are in that basket … or do you think that the currencies in this basket are waiting for someone to “support” them?

MR. INVESTOR – I don’t know if these currencies will stand alone or if they are relying on China and apparently the Elders and the Dragon Family to be the catalyst to make this happen. I don’t have the answer to that.

FRANK: I’d like to share my opinion on that. So, Mr. Investor, did you get a chance to ask them the 2nd question that we talked about earlier today?

MR. INVESTOR – no I did not.

FRANK – if you could ask them that question, that would be great. Do you think that this bank manager has dinars?

MR. INVESTOR – during our conversation, I politely asked him if he would be willing to take a look at this as a personal investment. I showed him some things … and his eyes looked like a deer caught in the headlights, as the lights went on as he realized that perhaps he could get involved in something like this. It was actually comical. I don’t know if he does, and I didn’t ask him … but made the suggestion to get some.

FRANK – Thank you sir.

Family, that was rather enlightening.

Now, about the BONDS … in my opinion, it does appear that the USA will not back up the BONDS that the GOI wants to sell. Why? Do we blame Obama? I don’t know if we point fingers at any particular person.

Remember, back in December, the IMF told the GOI that they were going to help them – if they raised the value of their currency. Well, here we are … upon the prepuces of the monetary reform … and Abadi saying they have done everything … well … IF … you have done everything … they get LOANS don’t they?

I have not seen the CBI website show me a new rate for the IQD. They have not changed it officially. They can talk, and make all types of claims … police their country … deal with corruption … but DO THEY WANT THE LOANS … the 640 Million Dollar Loan. They will get that WHEN they raise the value of their currency … and if they don’t … they won’t get the BONDS.

The US Congress will not back the bonds because they don’t have a handle on the corruption. They just have ONE THING left to do … and they haven’t done that.

We are sticking to our guns. No loans, no bond support until they raise the value of their currency.

This is not bad news. This is fantastic news! This is mom and dad putting their foot down!

The economic reforms and the monetary reforms … BOTH OF THEM … are of EQUAL VALUE.

When you see in the articles and they refer to “REFORM” … that means “REFORMS.”

Another important thing happened over the weekend – that many people missed.

Iraq went through a National Reconciliation Day … THAT WAS HUGE!!! Do you know what that is?

That’s like our 4th of July – on that day, they told the citizens that they have plans … Mosul … surprise and peek. Abadi received the full plan for the liberation of Mosul. Mosul will soon be given to them. National Reconciliation Day stands for unity, and on that day there was a lot of agreement within the GOI and what they said to the citizens. That they put up a front that IRAQ IS UNIFIED.

Yes, Mosul is eminent, and the Kurds were cut into Mosul – but I don’t know the parameters of it yet.

So … 300 countries have been Black Listed because they helped steal money out of the auctions. That’s great!

What I’m about to tell you, I don’t believe you know.

This is of course in my opinion … the US Treasury just put their hands into the CBI … and it goes hand-in-hand as to why Congress will not back the Iraqi bonds (due to corruption still going on) … but the US Treasury has reached into the auctions to do a CHOKE-HOLD on them!

You saw 2 auctions … but what you didn’t see that was Sunday’s auction … extremely low … we got a hold of it … the numbers are decreasing aren’t they. Do you understand that the MCP must stop?

Tomorrow, sometime in the afternoon in Iraq … Abadi is going to talk to the citizens about Mosul on Iraqi TV. What do you think he’s going to say to them?

The accountability and justice law is secondary to the amnesty laws. You are about to see them, and they are important because it brings Iraq together. Maliki never used this law – because he never wanted to be accountable.

I believe that tomorrow, Abadi’s speech will talk about that.

They are not being very transparent with the media anymore – that’s why you’re not getting this information.

Are you ready for this? The ACCOUNTABILITY & JUSTICE LAW, and the NATIONAL RECONCILATION DAY … has EVERYTHING to do with the monetary reform of the IQD!

The IMF gave them BEFORE NOVEMBER … if they wanted the LOANS … and now the BONDS. We are NOT deviating from that!

US Congress will NOT back them up until they raise the value of their currency – (of course they won’t say it like that) --- but that is it.

This is why DELTA wanted to come on our forum last week to post … “CODE RED!”

Auctions are dropping significantly … getting lower and lower … because the dinars in the country are becoming less and less.

The auctions are being policed – causing less dinars.

Iraq is following the IMF – regardless of how long it takes.

In my opinion, the GOI has less than 18 things they must accomplish.

The CBI only has one thing to do … raise the value of their currency.

I told Delta “no” – because I wasn’t ready for him to post that just yet.

We’ve had emergency conference calls … but we’ve never used the color RED in the manner that I promised you that I would.

When they do raise the value, IN COUNTRY … they will qualify for ARTICLE VIII through the IMF. OUTSIDE of the COUNTRY … it will come to you. Wait for it.

Or … if they accept ARTICLE VIII at the very same time, then they may raise the value and release it at the same time … but we don’t know. It may take up to 3 days … it may take up to a month. That’s why I tell you … TAKE YOUR TIME!!!

It depends on what the IMF does with the laws, rules and regulations of business. Inside … YES … in my opinion … it will be 1 to 1 with the USD … but that is a neutral event INSIDE OF IRAQ because they are still using the USD’s right now, and in Iraq there is a shortage of physical cash.

Inside Iraq, they have no choice but to use the USD – until they raise the value. And yes, in my opinion, the lower denoms are in position, waiting for the value to give them life.

If the rate is in the budget … like we feel that it is … then the rate will be released before the budget is released. It is a 90 Billion Dinar Budget, and I’ve told you, they are only expressing the figures in dinars and not USD’s. THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is China bringing the strength that the IQD needs … or is the IQD bringing the strength to a basket that is filled with other currencies that the Chinese Yuan has just joined?
IMO – I believe that the IQD will not be put into the basket, it will be used to support the basket. That is how powerful the IQD is.

The Chinese Yuan is not even ready to be among the BIG BOYS … yet.

Yes … it is a big currency BUT it is too brand-new.

The currency has only been used for 10 years – globally.

There is no other powerful currency on this planet like the American Dollar.

The increase in oil is for their credit rating.

Oil is going up … from 37 to 43 to launch the budget … and now within the next 3 months you’ll see it hit $60 … then to $120 … and then back to $60. They’ve agreed to control ISIS.

Now that ISIS is under control, profits must go up. This is a plan.


​Back in May … we told you that around September that gas prices were going to go up.

This Wednesday … it is possible that I may need to talk to you about Mosul depending on what Abadi says tomorrow or Wednesday.

There are 4 central banks … one in Baghdad … one is in Ebrow (sp?) … one in Basra … and one is in Mosul. 10 banks were blown up by ISIS in Mosul. This money. Where is it?

I hope you liked your conference call tonight.
I believe that Basra will be the next financial center of Iraq – just like Dubai.

Call ended in prayer.

** After the prayer ... it was mentioned that it appears that Julian Assange of WikiLeaks will release information regarding the fact that Hillary sold arms to ISIS


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