Tribute parliamentary oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil

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Tribute parliamentary oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil

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Tribute parliamentary oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil

5/10/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Shaima Rashid

Described the members of the House of Representatives of the Federal Government and the Kurdistan region reach a new oil deal as «the beginning of the end for the outstanding problems between the two sides», revealing other visits and meetings between the two officials will take place during the next few days, while noting that the new agreement will be included in the draft budget law Finance for 2017.

The MP from the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Masood Haider that the visit of the Kurdish delegation headed by President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani to Baghdad was a successful testimony of observers internal affairs, noting that this visit has opened new horizons for cooperation between the province and the center pave the way to resolve the outstanding issues between the two sides problems.

Haider said, in an interview for »Sabah»: The «talks included all the outstanding issues with the participation of institutions and ministries concerned, particularly in relation to the side of the oil», adding that «the next visit will be complementary to the first and represents the beginning of the end of the problems and outstanding issues between Baghdad and the region».

Haider stressed the «need to pay attention to the suffering of the provincial officials who have not been paid for some time, especially the Peshmerga are part of Iraq's military system.»

In turn, drew the Kurdistan Alliance Fares Brifkana that this agreement could solve the outstanding disputes, between the center and the region, noting that provincial officials and personnel of the Peshmerga forces have not been paid for months.

He Brifkana, in an interview for »morning», that «the visit of the Kurdish delegation headed by president of the region has been very successful because it has opened up new horizons for the cooperation of the parties confirmed their mutual desire to develop all the outstanding issues between the two solutions», indicating that «another important visit will be followed by delegations specialized particularly in the oil side during the coming period.

 » Furthermore, according to the Oil and Energy Committee member of the parliamentary Zaher al-Abadi that a new oil deal has not been reached yet, adding that the talks serious and continuous oil and there will be a final agreement in the coming days.

 Ebadi said, in an interview for »Sabah»: the «Previous oil agreement between the center and the region has been disabled and discuss a new agreement ensures the continued granting of the Iraqi government to the region's share in the budget of 2017 and allows at the same time that the proceeds of sale of the region's oil goes to the federal government and oil exports through the pipeline toward the North oil company Ceyhan », pointing out that he« will be another agreement on the quantities that will allow the region to be exported as well as the amount needed from the region's oil for domestic consumption. »

Abadi said that «the agreement with the province has benefits beyond the budget as it will benefit the stability of the country», adding that «the region is suffering from internal economic problems including non-receipt of his staff for their salaries».

Abadi added that «the agreement will consolidate the relations between the center and the region on the grounds that we are in a unified Iraq and be the beginning of breakthrough to resolve the problems, and will provide important financial resources of the federal government and the province.»


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