Abadi: edit city of Mosul on doors

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Abadi: edit city of Mosul on doors

Post  Admin on Thu Oct 06, 2016 12:04 pm

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News confirmed Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi that the "liberation of the city of Mosul Conception Daesh terrorist gangs on the doors."

A statement by the prime minister and the Euphrates News Agency {} received a copy of it, that "Abadi chaired the thirteenth meeting - the second session of the Supreme Commission for coordination between the provinces, which was held in the capital Baghdad."

He called on the Prime Minister and the Conservative members of the provincial councils "to cooperation and integration in the transfer of powers properly and thoughtful for the success of this experiment, which emphasize continue in order to serve the citizens."

Abadi said that "the goal of the government service of the citizen and that local governments have an important role in this matter, pointing to the importance of self-moving possibilities in the ministries and provinces to overcome the difficulties and to provide services."

He pointed out that "the international community viewed Iraq as the rest of the right way and stronger than before, indicating that some had wanted to bring out the army three years from some of the provinces before and now everyone is sheltered by a safety valve."

"The liberalization city of Mosul on doors and we have edit rights of terrorism Aldaasha is the highest aim, noting that terrorism wanted to achieve win-win situation through the media bombings in Baghdad and we have measures in this regard."

And "The fiscal challenge continuously due to lower oil prices and our planning for the coming years, not one year or an electoral period, but the work for the benefit of the country and its citizens, pointing out that we have reduced government spending by 50 percent, which is good in spite of the war we are fighting."

He called investment authorities in the provinces to cooperate with investors and give assurances to provide safe environment for them in order to provide employment opportunities and development of the country and reduce dependence on oil.

Abadi stressed the importance of extending the rule of law with organized crime gangs and others are dedicated to security in the provinces that are exposed to the threat to its security battalions and there are requests from some provinces and we have responded to them.

We and Prime Minister of the absence of foreign fighters are fighting with our heroine and the coalition forces are functions of training and counseling and reinforcement and logistical support and air cover.

Abadi renewed emphasis on the rejection of the presence of Turkish troops, indicating that there are contradictory statements of the Turkish side and does not have any request from the government to advance their incomes thanks to the House of Representatives to support the government position on the Iraqi situation is uniform is very important .anthy



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