KTFA Highlights & Excerpts 10-05-16 Part 1 of 2

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KTFA Highlights & Excerpts 10-05-16 Part 1 of 2

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Don961 said (Post #11) WS # 272 last thread :
No interventions work of the central bank

* there are those who question the existence of interventions work of the central bank and the lack of control it?.

central bank is more institutions in the Iraqi state bowing to internal and external oversight, there is internal control and there is a committee independent audit from outside the central bank of people , professionals , accountants and lawyers, and there is an international audit office is one of four offices to scrutinize the world,

in addition to the Board of Supreme Audit, either external oversight is being conducted by the international Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the financial action Task Force, and the US Treasury, as well as the US Federal Bank.

http://www.alsabaah.iq/Article.....?ID=124241 broken link

IMO ...That's an awful lot of eyes scrutinizing the CBI's every move !!! .... Talk about Big Brother !!!

Internal controls
Board of Supreme Audit ( BSA )
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
World Bank (WB)
Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
United States Treasury (UST )
United States Federal Reserve (the Fed)
Secret Squirrel
etc. They will not get away with anything !!! ... IMO

Frank: Thanks WS All i want is for them to return all the ................. COOOOOOOOOOOKIES !!!

Walkingstick said (Post #50) Achieve: the central bank auction of civil and banks as a conduit for money laundering and the smuggling out of Iraq

Judges specialize money laundering issues revealed that millions of dollars were smuggled out of the country by traders and bankers and fictitious companies and money transfer .

Muhsin ligature judge defines money laundering achieve this crime as "legitimize the funds of illicit origin, to make them look legitimate image using several methods ."

He bandaged in an interview with one of the media outlets, "that" of these methods to carry out import fake and convertibility of the dollar abroad and the use of other people . "

He added that "it is through open small accounts in their names and the distribution of these amounts on their accounts for the fragmentation of the amounts and make them look small and then assembled in another account the various transactions and conduct of which or transferred out of the country, without having to these conversions commercial purposes is illegal ."

According ligature that " the central bank sold dollars to achieve two purposes, the first exchange companies weekly share that these companies are selling to the purports to travel for treatment or tourism for less than the market price , " adding that "some companies sell the dollar on the black market and provide copies of travel tickets and passports fakes . "

He added that " The second purpose is for the purpose of importing the private sector through currency auctions , " noting that " the image most frequently for money laundering in Iraq , speaking through an auction sell the currency at the central bank and that the fact that the perpetrators of embezzlement and bribery crimes and charging commissions to deposit their money in accounts at private banks ".

He pointed out that " a deal gets with people representing the facades of them and recording General trade names companies and then applying to enter the auction sale of the dollar under the pretext of covering the import of the private sector 's needs and transfer millions ofdollars into the financial accounts abroad without the introduction of the goods against which will then be their dealings suspicious without commercial purposes or legal . "

He stated that " the mechanisms established by the Central Bank to sell the dollar through currency auctions are open merchant account at Ahli Bank in order to get what he needed from the central bank after submitting a request to buy the currency strengthened lists the purchase of goods and clearance from the tax and import license from the Iraqi opposition ."

Ligature and explained that " the process of buying the dollar to be between the National Bank and the Central Bank in order to cover as requested by the customer ."

And that " the legal obligations imposed by the central bank to private banks under the law in accordance with the principle of [know your client] , where is the responsibility of those banks to verify who deals with it and need to know whether the customer any merchant can take place , such as the import process this and has the money or is it a front for cover sources funds owned by criminals . "

Ligature and he adds that " the facts indicate that the merchant provides documents and forged documents and lists and fake permits by private banks to buy the currency check request and converts it to the outside

He continued that " the incident is exposed after the specified period of three months , a period that are imposed on the client after submitting permits stating that the goods have entered into Iraq, and there is the central bank approached the customs department and then be revealed forgery and conducted the court investigation ."

Ligature and return to the principle of [know your client], saying , "the bank 's verification of the ability of the client to repay his trust, and if he found the inability to inform the Central Bank during the 15 - day discourse that there is a suspect." While denied " the registration of any case of this kind against any customer", he saw that "private banks have become an easy conduit for money laundering operations ."

He added , "Under the facts before the central bank for as long as the full cast blame on private banks and this is not true; because the latter is not a government agency and that the sanctions Ttoulha administrative only ."

He stressed that "oversight and audits buy the currency to be later and after the loss of funds withdrawn , " calling that " the checks carried out by the exchange process ."

He called ligature to "put in place mechanisms to check the validity of the bills and make sure the customer 's account and the fact that the required amounts Is it to cover imports by the private sector or for other reasons ."

He cited that the "crime borne by the merchant and all the people who contributed to feeding their account and the bank that its obligations has not been implemented according to the law of money laundering ."

According to the judge of money laundering, " the punishment of those responsible for causing the bank in this type of crime is a misdemeanor , a penalty merchant themselves ,but they may reach their right to life imprisonment if it is proved that the amounts allocated to support terrorist operations ."

It was to be " the central bank often imposes fines on banks that do not abide by the instructions of their clients auction sell the currency , " noting that " the violator to pay the price difference between the value of the dollar in the markets and bought from the central bank ."

And he finished by saying that "the court over the door to receive reports of these crimes ,including the reporting of money laundering office, in addition to control of the Directorate ofthe banking and credit at the central bank through conducted by committees , audit and inspection, as the court receives Sometimes reports from informants ordinary " .

And completed by saying that the "court of inquiry has completed dozens of money laundering cases and referred the perpetrators of money laundering crimes to misdemeanors and criminal courts ."

For his part , says the cover of integrity and money laundering Radi Fartusi judge in a statement to "eliminate", that "our courts to deal very seriously with this kind of issues and resolving many of them ."

Fartusi and continued that " the delay in resolving the case of some who , for reasons not related to the elimination of including non - completion of the administrative investigation of the relevant authorities ."

He criticized the "lack of identification concerned about the amounts purchased by private banks when conducting the administrative investigation, as well as the amount of damage achieved as a result of money laundering ."

Fartusi also complained about lack of "Check those actors permits and invoices submitted by the banks and customers before their participation in the foreign currency auction ."

One of the strange cases before the judiciary, Fartusi said that " a young man of only 25 years , which recharged his account of $ 10 million and although it works taxi driver after checking with him turned out to be the interface used by one of the parties for the purpose of laundering the funds and turn them out of Iraq

Don961: This is something else .... explains the mechanisms used to launder money and move it out of the country ..... from the currency auctions .... applying for access to the auctions by using bogus import companies ... dollar is used for importing goods .... make a bunch of fake transactions .....

so to fend off suspicion , they open a bunch of small bank accounts and spread the money around to make the deals look small... that get consolidated thru the leaky banking system into another larger bank account

... then transferred out of the country .... or do the same type of fraud by coming up with fake passports under the pretense of travel .... and getting the currency that way ... what is it ? ... they are allowed to have $3000 for travel ? ...

​ if they get caught , it's only a misdemeanor offense .... unless it can be shown the laundered funds were used for terrorism ... then it's life in prison ....

the example above of a 25 year old taxi driver who made $10 million bucks by allowing his bank account to be used to pass money thru ... can you believe it ??? .... can you believe all the cash that has passed thru that country in the past 13 years ?? ... if they used that creative energy for good , imagine the possibilities ...

What a book this will make when the agencies uncover all these schemes .... recover the unbelievable amount of money that was stolen ... and put it back into the treasury ??? ...

makes ya wonder just how high the currency value can go !!!.... and where it will settle .... highest in the ME is their stated goal .. compared to what Mr. Investor saw on the WF bank screens recently for other currencies in the region ... IMO Don961


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Re: KTFA Highlights & Excerpts 10-05-16 Part 1 of 2

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KTFA Highlights & Excerpts 10-05-16 Part 2 of 2


Upstart: BUDGET QUESTION........ Billions or Trillions ?

​I listened to the Livestream recording of the Monday CC and heard Frank say 90 Billion. Also clearly saying that the budget is in Dinars. I accept that is "huge" as Frank said. However, is it right ?

The reason I ask is that I read the Frosty notes and they confirmed what Frank said, but this morning it has changed in the main CC notes.

Here are two excerpts from the notes posted on page one of this thread, posts 3 & 4:

If the rate is in the budget … like we feel that it is … then the rate will be released before the budget is released. It is a 90 Billion Dinar Budget, and I’ve told you, they are only expressing the figures in dinars and not USD’s. THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If the rate is in the budget as we feel that it is….then the rate would be released before the budget is released……it is a 90 trillion dinar budget and I told you they are only expressing the budget in dinars not USD….this is huge.

The simplest way to make sense of this and be able to come to any conclusion would be to see the source of information that leads us to draw these conclusions. I am not concerned about a rate being in the budget as it can all be revised at any time to reflect a change in currency value. But the 90 Billion/Trillion can be checked and verified, presumably.

Can anyone point us in the direction of hard information, via a report or document, to confirm the budget figures.

My reason for asking is that, over the years, I've watched certain groups in Dinar Land get excited about the budget, suggesting that it can only work in conjunction with an RV. Whilst I firmly believe that we are VERY close to our goal, I am still cautious and like to be sure of my intel picture.

Frank: Upstart, Friend .............. i know very well what i SHARED. What You seek can easily be found and heard clearly in the MONDAY CC ............... Not in the M CC NOTES.

Our TRANSCRIBERS do their work for FREE as a GIFT to KTFA FAMILY................. As They Themselves even caution You that the best thing to do is LISTEN to the CC recording.

After thousand to even up to millions of WORDS graciously transcribed by our volunteers for the last many years ............... To find a few mistakes is only natural. Even Logic states this is an innocent error.

Now ........... "Can anyone point us in the direction of hard information......." Yes ......... i did ......... Please enjoy. LOL ........ Even made last M CC short. i will be shorter tonight ........... About 5'9".

Aggiedad77: My apologies for the error.. Aloha Randy

SlappySquirrel said (Post #86) Wow, Bozo #2 Tayyip Erdogan (Turkey President) is really trying to be a thorn in Abadis' side. He claims that if Iraq retakes Mosul, all the citizens (refugees) would pour into his country from Mosul.

I just saw a report on reuters that if Turkey doesn't leave Mosul, there will could be a regional war between Iraq/Turkey. Now, I highly doubt the situation will escalate that far. I just find it interesting that Tayyip is almost like trying to take credit or something.

What's the deal with this Bozo and Turkey/Russia Frank??? Seems like another Dictator I.e. Qaddafi, Saddam, Maliki, and now Tayyip...Another question If I may, do you think Syria could be a potential investment years down the road??

Frank: MONDAY CC ................ SHARED that IMO BOZO #2 (i like what You called him BTW) shows up at THE END of Mosul campaign to take false credit on helping. This defines Turkey's Character.

As to Your second question ............. NO !!!


Frank: The budget is in Trillions of Dinars but written in millions of USDs. If they go 1 to 1 ................ This would not be confusing.

Gfulcher66: Any thoughts on this administration in the USA not wanting this to take place (many obvious reasons) being the final hold up?

I see the other G20 nations trying to circumvent this and make an end around so either way we will be blessed but it effects the timing IMO ...

Pmac: Gfulcher66, All IMHO. What if... the USA was both the driving force to RI / RV... AND the reason behind what we call "delays"?

Back when this whole Iraq invasion started, there was a plan. A Marshal Plan. We know this plan well because we (USA) invented it after WWII. In fact, Wikipedia has summarized it this way... "equivalent of the Marshall Plan is often used to describe a proposed large-scale economic rescue program".

Large-scale Economic rescue program huh? This whole thing shouldn't come as a surprise to the rest of the world then because we've done it before. Frank has even said that it's a 10 year deal.. and he's not the first person I've heard that from either.

We can draw a speculative conclusion that it WAS a 10yr plan with Iraq when the IMF gave them the green light in 2013. Is that 10 years from 2003? Oh ya... it is isn't it. Kuwait was accomplished in just under 10yrs (barely)

Let's just say for a moment, that MGM (largest casino ownership in Las Vegas) decided to takeover all of Reno gaming operations from other gaming companies / owners. Now Reno is broke, not extremely profitable, and let's also assume it's about 20yrs behind Las Vegas in technology and infrastructure. Let's not forget Reno has a small militant group running around causing major headaches and siphoning off the gaming money from the Casinos.

Only with the 90+ years of experience in operations can MGM take the entire gaming of Reno to it's full potential, maybe even make Reno more secure than Vegas itself. But what if MGM had a PR problem and no one would want to go to Reno if anyone knew MGM took over the whole thing just to sell it off at a higher price later?

And of course corporations everywhere in the know see what MGM was doing and are literally waiting at the California border with contractors, professional services, and technology... which all benefit the quality of life bringing huge profits to the Casino's

MGM would hire the best mercenaries teams to route out the militants, invest heavily into the Reno police department to protect their Casino's and be present for the media events, and finally replace most of the local officials who preside over neighborhoods where the militants were allowed to operate. Finally there's the casino staff themselves.

Once MGM takes over fully, they immediately look to change the gaming tables, upgrade to electronic slots, and install HD surveillance equipment... all while threats and some examples are made to get rid of the Gaming Directors down to the dealers (literally).

Have we totally taken over Iraq yet? No (technically), because Mosul is on the "list" of cities under control of ISIS (Fat Lady)

Are the currency auctions still taking place in their current form? Yes, which in turn enriches the pockets of many unknown to us... but known to US.

Will MGM (USA) owners allow for Reno (Iraq) to fully open to gaming that is played on crooked machines / tables / dealers? Not ever.

MGM might be a corporation run by people we consider to be "crooks", but they surely won't allow for Reno to operate in the capacity to which led it to it's current state..

The US will not allow Iraq to be a failure. This RI / RV event has to be an Iraqi victory so that the world trusts IRAQ... not the USA.

We don't care if people trust us or not... but the money games we play are.... even if it takes longer than expected.


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