The nomination of Maj. Gen. Luay Tbakjla defense portfolio

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The nomination of Maj. Gen. Luay Tbakjla defense portfolio

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Baghdad balances News

Early government source revealed that the Prime Minister handed over CV Brigade corner Louay Tbakjla to parliament, as a candidate for the portfolio of the Ministry of Defense.

The source confirmed that Tbakjla was close to the former vice president sentenced to death by the Iraqi judiciary Tareq al-Hashemi, a close as well as from his brother Amer al-Hashemi.

The Loay Naji Saeed Tbakjla was a pilot with the rank of Major General.

Previously, former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki rejected his candidacy for the defense portfolio in his cabinet on the second run Rebekah MP Jawad al-Bolani, and Brigadier General Hamid al-Obeidi, David, and Major General in the current army Medhat al-Obeidi.

He was competing Tbakjla until the last hours of General Hisham al-Darraji and he was Coalition, led by Iyad Allawi, the national candidate. It ended 29 / tc nترشيح-اللوا-الركن-المتقاعد-لؤي-الطبقجلي-لحقيبة-الدفاع


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