Mnt Goat News Brief for Wednesday Oct. 12

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Mnt Goat News Brief for Wednesday Oct. 12

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Such great news just keeps pouring in. It is moving so quickly it is hard to keep pace and read it all. So let me highlight it for you today. I will try to keep it simple and brief.

Revealed in a parliamentary finance committee of the Iraqi parliament member, on Monday, that the Iraqi prime minister, Haider Abadi, expressed his willingness to send the Kurdistan Region staff and entitlements of the province's finance federal budget salaries, noting that Baghdad is waiting for the arrival of specialist from the Kurdistan Region technical delegation to discuss the details mechanisms of the recent agreement between Erbil and Baghdad.

Today I bring you news that is all very good for our dinar investment and points us to yet even closer the accomplishment of the IMG goals for Iraq that are needed for an excellent report card in the mid December review timeframe by the IMF.

So we are seeing news of the first phase of the implementation of the e-dinar as the technical staff has arrived in Erbil. Hurray!

Remember the e-dinar? I talked about this weeks ago. Well Iraq is now entering into the first phase of the project implementation as announced this week. I feel this is the beta test before they open the e-dinar up to all of Iraq. This will mean an end to the corruption associated with payment of salaries and maybe some of the funds will not get in the hands of the people.. This all good for Iraq and is yet another  one of the goals set in the MOU last January with Iraq by the IMF. It is nice to see these items being implemented one by one. This is exactly the progress we need to see.    

We also heard in previous news they intend to load each card with up to 10 million dinar ($8,400+ USD). Can you see impact does this has on a later decision to bring back the currency of Iraq? I will tell you more good news in this direction in this news letter today.

Article follows.

According Roudao network media reporter, sinker Abdul Rahman, that "from scheduled today 10/10/2016, that is the electronic system applied in the distribution of salaries Kurdistan province, this way citizens of iraq will receive staff salaries from the bank, as Seddon prime minister and his deputy , named for the first time, and will be applied to this system in all parts of Kurdistan region, starting on October 19 ongoing. "

Correspondent Roudao he added that" after the start of this project, will be able to any person receiving salary if not an employee. "

He pointed out that" in order to enable the employee to take down his name, you must first fill out a form, and then be recorded handprint, as well as eye, where this information will be record in the electronic card that will take over staff salaries use. "

The Ministry of Finance of this project, and in order to prepare for staff e - cards, is equipped with 76 centers, 271 nets for this purpose. It is noteworthy that it will be the opening of registration centers, in any governmental institution , with four thousand employees, and the project will continue for a period of 3 months. (why just 3 months and not indefinitely? This tells me it’s just a Beta test. What happens after the 3 months are over? Are they planning some major change? This brings us to mid January 2017)
Article Ends
More news…

IMF for Member States pledged to the International Monetary Fund to revive global trade and promote government spending and the removal of restrictions that inhibit the business sector in order to support growth. The pledge comes across as the most senior financial officials around the world have expressed fears public anger toward trade and globalization in the annual meetings of the Fundand the World Bank in Washington.
To me this is so very important because it is telling us that global financial officials want the dinar as the means of payment for ease to trade with Iraq on an international level. Oh- but how can they keep going to the auctions to exchange dinar for dollars to conduct trade? You see they must get out of their “closed economy” and the financial experts this week told then this must be done and be done soon. How much longer can they wait. I want everyone to shake the dust off your memory too and remember that Iraq goes for a review before the WTO on their application for full membership in November.
I also want to remind everyone there is extreme pressure coming from neighboring countries in the middle east with Iraq to get out of this “closed economy” as it is hurting their trading partners. So its not even just the  international financial community but neighboring trading partners as well.
The Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Region, wants a new resolution for the money withheld for items falling through customs and taxation.

According to separate statements to the ministry, in response to Twilight News, it was circulated to commercial banks, forcing citizens and traders to pay the money deducted from taxes and customs in cash up to 85%.

The ministry's decision, too, that the remaining 15% received money from concerned the decision over the instruments used in payment.

(this article above again has IMF written all over it. Iraq must implement a and enforce a customs and tariff program as a means to collect revenue if the IMF is going to loan any more money to them. This article is telling that in the Kurdistan region not all the money has been collected in the process used previously and now the IMF wants changes to the system and 85% paid in cash upfront )
Long-Presse / Baghdad
Izzat Customs Authority, on Monday, the opening of the customs centers around the capital Baghdad and the provinces of the center to ensure the fulfillment of tariffs for goods imported through Kurdistan and prevent the banned them over, and promised that the non-application of a uniform tariff means having "Jmarkin in the country and the collapse of the economy," and while confirming that the center customs yellowish achieved revenue of $ 39 million during the first three hours of opening, likely to bring significant revenues in the coming days.

(So we see the application of the customs and tariffs too elsewhere in Iraq)
Also in the news.

Will Iraq enter the WTO this year?
Article follows
Alsumaria News / Baghdad

Announced that the Ministry of Finance , Sunday, she has discussed with the World Bank on the challenges facing the Iraqi economy, noting that he hoped presentation of these studies and discussions on the Council of Ministers before the end of this year for approval. (note: not at the end of the year but sometime prior to the end)
The ministry said in a statement received Alsumaria News copy him that " the head of the Ministry of Finance delegation Fadhil Nabi Othman discussed during their participation in the annual meetings of the Bank and the international Monetary Fund with the head of the Middle East at the World Bank Farid Belhaj and experts of the World Bank working in Iraq diagnostic study of the Iraqi economy prepared by the World Bank."
Article Ends

What does this article mean for the RV?

We know Iraq is about to enter the WTO as full ascension member. To be a member one must have a globally tradable currency. Do you see the effort being made in this direction? Do you see how Iraq may become a full member of the WTO before the end of 2016 and what this may mean? What we do know is to be a member of the WTO a country must have a tradable currency. Not trying to pin a date to any event, just saying.
The Federal Court ruled on Monday declared unconstitutional decision of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to cancel the posts of three Vice-Presidents of the Republic. Later the next day news came out that this decision does NOT mean the three presidents will or must be reinstated. (Personally I do not see much impact until the next elections, as they will probably re-elect new deputy VPs if they do every fill these three positions again. More than likely one deputy will be elected at that time and they will amend their constitution prior)    

So far the only fall out from this decision is that Lyad Allawi announced he will not return to the position of vice president. How will this play out in the coming days for the other two VP positions? We know Nori al-Maliki would luv to have his immunity back. Something that he lost when he gave us this position. Let’s wait and let these issues develop in the coming weeks. Maliki may try to make waves but will not succeed.

Next lets us look at the article I am presenting below. This is a very important article because to is informing us of the status of some very important laws we know must be implemented prior to any RV. I have marked in bold.

So where does the 2017 budget stand?

Many of these so called intel “gurus” keep trying to pin an RV date the passing of the budget. Didn’t they learn from previous years mistakes? Believe me folks there is absolutely no connection, other than the IMF and the WB would luv to see a budget that works and is being managed properly prior to any RV as part of economic and financial reforms.  

Article follows
{Baghdad} Euphrates News revealed the legal committee member of the parliamentary Salim Chawki, Tuesday, that the Federal Budgeting Act of 2017 will be on the table in the House of Representatives next week.

Treasures Media / Baghdad , the parliamentary finance committee confirmed that the continuation of the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund and behind the delay in presenting the general budget law in 2017 in the House of Representatives, and noted: "The increase in oil price adopted by the government behind the financing of the budget deficit that." Said committee member Jabbar al - Abadi in statement , "the state budget is still, up to the cabinet and then returned to the Finance Ministry, because there are additions and developments related to the price of a barrel of oil."
Said Shawki told {Euphrates News} today that " the Legal Committee to adopt a number of laws of the most important of the Judicial Authority Law and the Supreme Judicial Council and the prosecution of the Federal Court."

He noted that "some of these laws came to the stage to vote into law the public prosecutor of the Federal Court, either law the judiciary is heading to the first reading. "

He added , " we are waiting for the federal budget this week the law to work on them, while oil and gas law is still in the corridors of the government has not arrived yet, in addition to modifying the justice and accountability Law. "  (seems there is a dependency on the 2017 Federal Budget for the HCL and the Justice and Accountability laws. Could the budget be the hold up then on these two important laws?. Oh- but many say that HCL is all done. Really? Then why have we read recently about 4 articles on this topic telling us it is not yet completed? Just more evidence I bring to you today. No Rumors, No Hype, just the FACTS)

The voice of the House of Representatives in the 22 of the month last September on a draft judicial oversight body and submitted by the legal Committee in view of the changes taking place in the period following the issuance of the judicial supervision Law No. 124 of 1979 and to keep abreast of changes and compatibility with the new legislation and to ensure good performance in the judiciary and components. ( so in this paragraph they are telling us also the hold up for the legislation dealing with the judiciary changes/amendments. Seems they needed to have a parliament oversight committee review the laws first and have been on this since last 9/22).
More news…

More loans to Iraq?

Article follows

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Affirmed the financial advisor to the prime minister, Haidar al-Abadi, said Monday that consultations fought by Iraq with the IMF and World Bank mission, resulted in getting loans is estimated at $ 4 billion over three years, while between it saw the agreement on the support of government's reform program, including help Iraq to overcome the dependence on oil and combat corruption problems. Adding that it "will allow Iraq access to soft loans from the bank international estimated four billion dollars over the next three years.

(why would they be doing this is they didn’t want Iraq to succeed. What will be the payback for the World Bank in the future? Folks there are vast market opportunities in the middle east. It is like a wild horse, all they have to do is tame it so they can ride it. Get it? )
Article Ends
More news…

Just today a press release that a press station is being established to cover the upcoming battle for Mosul. Just another sign the beginning of the end of ISIL in Iraq is close at hand.
Don’t read the articles…really?
So we can clearly see by the news I bring to everyone today that reading the articles is necessary and it should not be matter of if you should read them but rather keeping up with the news and remembering what you have read so you can apply it later when you hear other news. Then connect the dots. The picture of reforms being played out is happening right in front of our noses and this is all necessary to position Iraq for the near future. Remember too this all should have already taken place over the 8 years of the Nori al-Maliki administration but we all know what happened there....don’t we?
This way you can see through any phony news/articles and ask yourself what is going on. The fact is you are really smarter than you give yourself credit for….lol…lol…

Then let is all shake out and put the pieces together to get the entire story. Sorry folks this is the process. It is tiresome and it is challenging. There is no “spoon feeding” like babies in this effort. I am trying to help everyone by bringing my news letters to you. With my many years of gathering and analyzing information for the military in the past it has come very useful towards this purpose.
I also am desperately trying to help many see through these fake so called “intel gurus” who confuse and mix you up more than anything else with their phony intel schemes. Oh- they sound convincing too and put religion and praying into the mix so they really get your hooked. They draw upon your good will and sympathy like vultures on road kills. Then later you find out their intel is nothing but nonsense. Yes- you later find out the truth but must ride the rollercoaster one more time first.
So my plea to you today is get off the rollercoaster and stay off it. It is not necessary.
Personally and quite frankly I have only found 2 really knowledgeable calls including the following (No rumors, No Hype, just the FACTS). Many have asked me for other good sources. Well…here they are:

Many thanks to BGG and his gang Hutch, Mr White, R Cooke and moderators for all their efforts. Also Joey and Vic from Gatekeepers calls who I have also followed for many years. I do not know what we would do without their common sense approach to the news. Thanks Again guys. You are definitely part of the solution and not the problem!
BGG calls replay 1 641-715-3639 passcode=528733 calls are random when news is sufficient. Seems to be mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Calls concentrate on articles as excellent source of news mostly focused on the currency and some political issues, IMF goals, WTO, WB and CBI. Tries to stay focused on Iraq. Very, very good call.
Gatekeepers Call concentrates mainly in the politics of the middle east and helps us to connect the Syrian crisis to Iran and Russia to understand and get the big picture of how it all impacts Iraq and our investment. Very, very informative.
Personally any other calls I can not recommend and would ignore. Not to bash anyone but this is my opinion from being open minded and listening to everything out there.

I keep telling you the points to watch for in the RV process. Don’t get confused and the news from Iraq will guide us through it.

No one person can pin any event to a date for the RV. Just follow the trend Iraq is heading in and you can what is on the near horizon. It is all very good news.

Auf Wiedersehen

Luv to ya all,

Mnt Goat


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