Democrat: Erbil and Baghdad have agreed to restore the disputed areas to Kurdistan

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Democrat: Erbil and Baghdad have agreed to restore the disputed areas to Kurdistan

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 14, 2016 10:36 am

Thursday 13-10-2016 | 8:12:00

Twilight News / announced leader in the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi government agreed to restore the Kurdish areas outside the region "disputed" to the region.

Said Democratic Leadership Council member Ali Awni in a statement to the party and seen by Twilight News, he said the strength of the Iraqi army crossed the areas controlled by the Alپeshmrگh forces crossed the Mosul Dam.

He pointed out that Awni not return Alپeshmrگh troops from the liberated Kurdish areas was a condition of the province to allow to cross the Iraqi army from areas controlled by forces Alپeshmrگh to participate in the liberation of Mosul process.

According to Awni it as well as non Alپeshmrگh withdrawal from Kurdish areas, those areas back to the provincial authority is another condition to accept the passage of such a force from the Iraqi army.

Alپeshmrگh Iraqi military leaders and talking about the liberation of Mosul operation was near and that all troops have begun to prepare for the operation.

The connector has been exposed in June of 2014 to the invasion by the terrorists, "Daesh" after the sudden withdrawal of the Iraqi army of them, including zap terrorists and seized control of large areas of Nineveh and Salahuddin, Kirkuk and Diyala as well as Anbar in the west of the country.


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