Work: the inclusion of all beneficiaries of the subsidy new peace

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Work: the inclusion of all beneficiaries of the subsidy new peace

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BAGHDAD / morning / Wafaa Amer
  Including the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, on Wednesday, all recipients of Social Protection Law No. 11 of 2014 increment prescribed under the new peace subsidy after the emergence of Social Research of the Ministry of Planning and the results, at a time when «UNICEF» Organization announced support for Iraq by about 550 thousand dollars to contribute in the implementation of the rest of the paragraphs of the Law on social protection Aljdid.oukal spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem in a statement «morning» received a copy of it: that «the ministry has completed the inclusion of beneficiaries of social protection network requirements of the new law», adding that «the ministry will continue to exchange social benefits in accordance with the peace old, to be specific differences Exchange's new peace covered the beginning of the month of October 2016. »

He explained that «the Ministry of Planning has recently agreed to the inclusion of 166 thousand new advanced electronically subsidies comprehensive social protection out of 1,000,500 thousand advanced, adding that it will be the rest of the names of applicants check consecutively to start the coverage of them eligible actions».

He pointed out that «the approval was that the committees Social Research conform to the specifications approved by the Ministry of Planning as a criterion for the inclusion of the reports, adding that the amounts will be spent upon the completion of the exchange procedures at the Ministry of Finance, hoping launch next month».

He added that «the ministry urged through text new beneficiaries messages to review the issuance of smart card centers after having to conduct audits and matching information and update the registered beneficiaries data according to the department database to delete people who are not eligible and then issuing figure networking for new covered», adding that «the ministry issued about 60 000 No. plexiglass was on Atherzlk 4800 issuing a smart card so far ».

He stated that «new names for covered include, along with applicants electronically also the poor who have been bringing them under the program (national protect me), which includes the destitute and homeless poor people who are homeless and can not promote their transactions», indicating that «the ministry has allocated the number (1018) (ether, Asia , Cork) to report cases of corruption in the social protection body. »

He said Labour Minister, Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani said in a statement «morning» received a copy of it, he discussed during a meeting with a delegation from the Organization of «UNICEF», support the important social research to prepare a database of beneficiaries below the poverty line, revealing provide the organization in support of the Commission on Social Protection about 550 thousand dollars for the implementation of the rest of the paragraphs of the social protection law.

He pointed out that he also discussed the social situation of the poor families of the study, articulating that Iraq will be the first countries in the region that will take place this study, and will employ the law at the same time to address the needs of poor families who will be under the umbrella of social protection.

The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs said while chairing a meeting of the Commission opinion on the importance of audit work by monitoring humanitarian cases dealt with by the ministry through social networking sites and satellite channels.


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