Planning initiate new five-year development plan preparation

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Planning initiate new five-year development plan preparation

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  BAGHDAD / Ahmed Abd Rabbo
   It embarked on the Ministry of Planning in cooperation with the views of the government and the private sector to prepare the new five-year development plan for the years (2018 - 2022), certain differences from the previous five-year plans.

He said ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra al-Hindawi said in a statement to the {morning »: The ministry in cooperation with the ministries and representatives from the private sector, began to develop the first touches to a plan for a new five-year development (2018 - 2022), revealing the formation of committees for this purpose in accordance with the various sectors, including its membership of members of the House of Representatives, university professors and competent personalities.

He added that the plan will be different from its predecessors, given the circumstance of emergency experienced by the country from the waves of displacement due to the entry of terrorists «Daesh» to some areas, and the decline in financial revenue, as a result of the deterioration of world oil prices, pointing out that they would put it a priority for the government to get loans international.

The five-year National Development Plan launched by the year 2013 the ministry, for the years (2013-2017), focused on investing the different economic sectors.

Hindawi pointed out that the previous plan included large projects in various sectors of the economy, but the financial crisis and the lack of allocations, made it difficult to implement the plan items in full, noting that the new plan will focus on maximizing the fiscal revenue, and to move the process of administrative reform and financial institutions of the state and the fight against corruption.


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