The economic and investment commission discussed drafts of four laws in preparation for approval

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The economic and investment commission discussed drafts of four laws in preparation for approval

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October 20 , 2016

Committee on Economy and Alastosmarojtmaa headed by MP Ahmed Salim Kanani Chairman of the Committee held on Thursday, 10/20/2016, to discuss the drafts of the four economic laws in preparation for submission to read and Alaaqrarkhalal the next House of Representatives sessions.

And the Chairman of the Committee Ahmed Kanani during the meeting that the draft laws that have been discussed (Project Statistics Act for the purpose of lifting the second reading, the enterprise Agency Regulatory Act for the purpose of lifting the first reading a draft Iraqi Commission Act to adopt in order to submit it for the second reading, the draft second amendment to the Law of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce Law No. (43) for the year 1989 for the purpose of submission to a vote. "

Kanani said that "The Committee to accelerate the legislation of nature Economic laws and investment addressed the relevant authorities in the Iraqi government for the purpose of speeding up the completion of economic laws and the terms of the adjournment of the House of Representatives in order to acknowledge the shortest possible time."

He stressed that "most of the economic laws, which allocates the Commission is a very important laws as they relate to the country's economy and the development of fact, the investment and secure new revenue to the state treasury sources, as well as a project of Statistics Act, which delayed legislation period we see a very long and it is time for approval being Ciofaragmaa data that depend on it the government in the conduct of its affairs, preparation of future plans. "


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