Mnt Goat News Brief October 19, 2016 - Part 1 of 2

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Mnt Goat News Brief October 19, 2016 - Part 1 of 2

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(Thank you George for emailing this to Dinar Recaps.)

Mnt Goat News Brief October 19, 2016 - Part 1

Hi Everyone,

I am very sorry for the long news letters. I really tried to make a new format and simplify it, even calling it “News Brief”. But there is much more to tell you than a date and a rate and so this has been and will continue to be the purpose of my news letters – to bring you No Rumors, No Hype, just the FACTS.

I also want to say I may simplify as I bring you some of this news today. However, you will get my point. I need to keep the news letter to a minimum number of pages.

I hope everyone is watching the drama being played out with the battle for Mosul?

As we waited months for the battle to begin, we are now seeing it being played out.

But there is much more to this battle that meets the eye and I think everyone should know the real facts, the truth and significance of this battle. For to use the term “battle” in much more significant than in reference than just to the battle to rid Iraq of the so called Islamic State terrorists (ISIS).

Instead you should be aware of all the FACTS and you deserve to know. Since the news media in the west does not want to cover these facts (or refuses to do so on the account that it is a dominated Democratic run news media channels), I will then bring you this news today.

First you should know why the battle to free Mosul has been held up for so long. Many of us questioned this and asked why they don’t just attack and get it done already.

Read what I present today carefully since, as you will see, it is much more involved than you imagined.

USA needed an updated Status of Forces Agreement in place
When ISIS attacked in force in 2014 and began their drive to take Iraqi cities, the current prime minister Nori al-Maliki had no choice than to raise the alarm, even though he was instrumental in the first place by allowing his Iraq troops to withdraw and leave strategic equipment in the hands of the enemy.

Now since the 2014 Iraqi elections were in play he needed assistance and had to choice than to reach out to the USA for help. Since Maliki was never concerned with building up a proficient, trained military during the 8 years of his administration, he did not have an adequate army to repel ISIS in the first place. Instead he planned to use the Iranian Kud forces to do his fighting to show the rest of the world that Iran is needed in Iraq as the ”big brother” and should remain in close ties (a puppet state) with Iraq in this respect. This all was very contrary to the overall plan for the region and the country by the PTB. Can you see the conflict?

So in 2014 Maliki was told that for USA troops to come back the USA needed immunity and an updated Status of Forces Agreement. He refused to give them both.

Actually it was not until the new prime minister in Maliki’s place, that it was finally negotiated.

Finally this did occur but by then ISIS was now well rooted and digging in for months already. Province after province was overtaken. It seemed there was no stopping them. It seemed these terrorists would get their Islamic State of terror after all. Oh -wait a second? This was reserved for Iran so Iran too had to step in and help rid ISIS from Iraq. This was done not so much to help Iraq but to help Iran again yet more territory and influence in Iraq. Especially more important now that Maliki was no longer the prime minister. Do you see it now?

So eventually the USA did make the needed agreements but these agreements were difficult and needed “kid gloves” to manage. You see it was not just the Abadi government in Baghdad but also the Kurdistan region that needed to have solid agreements in place as to how to handle the new USA occupation of Iraq. The dirty word of course is “occupation” and this must never be used. I will tell you flat out that there are five (5) USA military bases to be occupied in Iraq for a minimum of 10 years. This was part of the agreement to return to Iraq and lead the coalition. The USA is there to stay until the Middle East mess with Syria and Iran is resolved.

How do they protect the almost 2.5 million citizens in the region during this battle?
This is the tricky part. They needed to set up camps and have shelter, clean water and food for these people. Another refugee movement out of Syria or Iraq is the last thing the international community needs.

How will they fill the “gap” created when ISIS is defeated?
Gap you might ask? What gap? Since ISIS occupied the region in and around Mosul they set up their own government and security forces. They “occupy” the region. So when they are gone who will provide these services? Does Iraq have chaos again this region? The coalition forces must be careful that the Iranian Kud forces (also called Iranian militias) do not step in and occupy it. This is of course the main reason the Kud forces from Iran are helping in the fighting against ISIS. They hope to gain an advantage whatever and wherever they can in Iraq.

So agreements were made with Kurdistan and the Baghdad government as to how to set the new government and to whom will provide the security and take over the region. We see that the Kurdistan Peshmerga forces will remain and occupy the region. This will remain in Kurdistan territory.

Coalition Needed Time to Buildup of Forces
In an election year it would be political suicide for the USA to commit a very large scale of forces in Iraq all at once and make a formal announcement like they did for the 2003 war.

This does not mean the USA is not committing these troops anyhow. But it is how the USA is doing it. The troop buildup process instead has been slow, without any fanfare, to staff up the USA forces in Iraq. Also to use mercenaries where possible to do the dirty combat work so their dead bodies do not go on the official body count records for the military. We are seeing more and more uses of this trick of the USA military.

We have seen exactly this strategy play out. So how many USA troops are now in Iraq? The USA has almost 50,000 combat troops in Iraq. Can you believe it? Do believe it. It is FACT! Of course many of these units are classified as “training” and “advisors”…….lol….lol……

Remember only 125,000 troops were used in 2003 so you can see where they stand to fight only about 5,000 ISIS? Do they have other intentions too for use of these troops once ISIS if gone from Iraq? Will they use Iraq as staging area for launching raids into Syria or perhaps a full scale attack. Personally I see the full scale attack coming in the very near future.

Also remember that in 2011, when the USA pulled out of Iraq, almost 50,000 troops were involved. So you can see the numbers don’t lie. So Iraq is now almost back at pre-2011 pull out levels. Oh- wait a second - the general voting public of the USA should know these FACTS.

No Rumors, No Hype, just the FACTS!

Who Gets Credit for the Victory over Mosul?
Even though the coalition forces, mostly coordinated and planned by generals of the USA, the USA soldiers are really doing the bulk of the dirty work. Pre-ops have cleared must of the way and gathered intel and positions for the coming battle. This was all accomplished by the USA. It has been determined that Iraq must use this battle victory for publicity to show that Abadi is a strong prime minister. It is also needed for Iraq in general to show future investors Iraq can protect and supply the needed security.

But most importantly in USA too is using the upcoming victory for his parties political gain:

1)Make up for USA mistakes in the December 2011 pullout.
Why did he have to pull out? Was it the inability to get a Status of Forces Agreement? Why could the USA not negotiate a new agreement? Could it because the USA SUPPORTED Nori al-Maliki as prime minister for a second term? We know Maliki wanted the USA out so he could play out his Iranian shenanigans. So is it just matter of coincidental events, as the current USA administration would like you to believe, or could all this current chaos in Iraq and the Middle East have been avoided if the USA had a stronger foreign policy? I always say NO EXCUSES and if you are in charge you must take full responsibility and take the repercussions of the aftermath of your decisions and actions.

2) Use the victory for political gain in USA
(I have showed you hard evidence of this many times in the news articles I presented over the last couple years.

As you may remember I have said this many times also- If you were to point a finger at any couple events that have been the primer and responsible for almost all the problems in Iraq from 2009 –through 2016, we have to say that it was the USA and the incompetence of the current administration.

So what were the events that the current USA administration demonstrated the lack of foreign policy over this period by:

1) USA inability to negotiate a new Status of Forces Agreement for Iraq, due to supporting Nori al-Maliki once again for a second term,

2) not having a clear plan for filling the gap in Iraq after withdrawal of USA troops in 2011 since a new status of forces agreement could not be negotiated;

3) USA not backing up Iraqi president Talibani and the no confidence vote in 2012 to get rid of Maliki at that time. At this time Talabani came with a group of delegates to Washington pleading with president for support to get rid of Maliki. The president refused.

Remember if it were not for these last 8 years of Maliki administration (2007-2014), Iraq would be 8 years ahead of where it is today. As we are witnessing now the progress Abadi has made in the short time in office we can see the renewed hope for Iraq. Once the corruption and the “will” to clean up the corruption and support the true democratic principles (constitution of Iraq) Iraq can now move ahead. We witnessed a recent attack on Abadi as the opposition trying to assassinate him. Can you imagine the turmoil if this attempt was successful?

In short do you want to know why you are still waiting for the RV?
My advice is blame USA president and you now know why I am saying this. I described my opinion and FACTS above.

Maybe in the end result this was a very good thing since was Iraq really ready to move to an international currency?


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Re: Mnt Goat News Brief October 19, 2016 - Part 1 of 2

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Mnt Goat News Brief October 19, 2016 - Part 2 of 2


​Maybe in the end result this was a very good thing since was Iraq really ready to move to an international currency?

Did Iraq first need banking laws, to rid itself of the corruption and get all the other necessary laws in place, i.e. tariffs, HCL, Accountability and Justice, etc.? I don’t have all the answers but I do know that Iraq would have been much better off without Nori al-Maliki at the helm and we must put the blame where it belongs for the USA supporting this guy. It just seems a waist of 8 years to me as a result.

Just one more thing on this topic.

Does it seem strange to you that you can overlay the years almost exactly of all the trouble in Iraq under the Nori al-Maliki administration with the same period during the current USA administration 2008 – 2016 ?

Articles Follow:

The restoration of Mosul, the process is going faster than planned

[Oan- up]
Announced the US Department of Defense [Pentagon], "The restoration of Mosul, the process is going faster than planned." ( of course the battle is going much faster. The Special forces and Navy Seals took out all the ISIS leadership and they can’t get reinforced supplies. The USA already did all the dirty work months prior to the invasion)

He ruled out a Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook in a press statement "carry out the American forces in any new role in the attack waged by the Iraqi army to restore the city of Mosul from Daesh." (of course they have to tell us this since this is the policy not to use USA forces in combat unless fired upon. This way they are seen only as advisors and trainers. Same old policy like during the initial days of the Vietnam war. The next couple statements say it all)

He added, "The Americans in the rear lines of the front and serve as a consultant to support the Iraqi people."

He pointed Cook that " Americans are playing again advisory role, an aide to Iraqi forces role, and most of the US forces in Iraq is not close to the front lines. " He stressed that" a lot of American soldiers on missions to provide advice and logistical support. "

The liberalization city of Mosul operations launched in the early hours of the day Monday, engaged in battle army troops, and counter terrorism and federal police, and the Peshmerga, the PDF and tribal crowd, and the international coalition.

And achieved the joint forces during the first hours of the operation , which he called the commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi by coming Aaninoy] progress in the axes different and edit several villages and an area of 200 km.

The battle of Mosul under the leadership of the Iraqi government
BAGHDAD / Sky Press: ah
He confirmed the US State Department, on Tuesday, the battle of Mosul under the leadership of the Iraqi government, noting that the United States did not play any role in determining the start of the process of "liberation." (of course they will continue to pump this message out to the international community. They have to….lol…lol…but we all know differently don’t we)

He said ministry spokesman Mark Toner in a press statement I followed "Sky Press," "We have made clear that this process is under Iraqi leadership, and we do our best to provide them with all possible support." ( really? Iraqi leadership? Are you sure its not the USA ground level command post and operations center controlling the battle?)

For his part, White House Press Secretary Josh Ernest said at a news conferenceTuesday that the United States can not be expected timeframe for the end of the process of "liberation of Mosul" selected. ( you know exactly how this will play out. They will declare victory at the end of this week as Obama needs this victory immediately to shore up the candidate for the 2016 elections over the Trump campaign)

He added that "to liberate Mosul strategic importance in the international coalition's campaign against the organization, given the size of the city and its location and importance, without elaborating on the possible participation of US ground troops directly in battle." (of course they don’t since this would not look good for the noble peace prize winner – president Obama and the upcoming elections)

Iraqi Official Gazette published law banning the Baath Party

Secretary General of the outlawed Baath party Azza Alldora- EM
Shafaq News / The new issue of the Gazette of Iraq call (4420), which included a number of laws approved by the House of Representatives and approved by the Presidency of the Republic,most notably the ban on Baath entities racist and terrorist parties and party law.

The general director of the facts of Iraq circuit full Amin Hashim, in a press statement responded to the Twilight News, the number is (4420) included the prohibition of the Baath, entities and racist parties and terrorist and Takfiri number and activities Party Law (32) for the year 2016, explaining that the object of the enactment of this Act to prevent the return of dictatorship once Other.

He said the Director-General: The fight against terrorism No. Device Law (31) for the year 2016 reported in this issue, noting that the purpose of the enactment of this Act to effectively address the terrorist operations that target state and the citizens and their property, also included a number (4420) of Protocol No. System (4) for the year 2016

(Folks this is WOW news - So the parties law is now in effect! Hurray for Iraq! Good bye Maliki! So now you see why the Dawa party announced just Monday they were going to choose a new leader for their party, thus getting rid of Maliki. This has to happen if the Dawa party is to remain in existence and even this is questionable now due to these new laws.)

Urgent .. Abadi: we adopted in 2014 an agreement with the Kurdistan general budget

Twilight News / said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said his government earlier agreement with the Kurdistan region in terms of its share of the federal budget was adopted.

But as long as the share of the Kurdistan Region formed a problem between Erbil and Baghdad, and haunted for many years the nature of the relationship between the two sides, which has driven the region to the threat in more than one occasion independence.
Ebadi said in a press conference held by the Council of Ministers building, said the nature of the problems with the Kurdistan accumulated since the nineties and even after 2003, and for 2014 we adopted a budget in place an agreement with respect to the share of the Kurdistan Region.

"We hope to reach a full consensus on this subject, and also seek to unify fiscal revenue."

The Iraqi government has reached an agreement with the government of the Kurdistan region of Iraq by the end of 2014, requires the extradition of the Kurdistan region of at least 250 thousand barrels of oil a day to the federal government for the purpose of export.

It also includes an agreement to export 300 thousand barrels per day by the Federal fields of Kirkuk province, the government through the oil pipeline in the Kurdistan region.

The text of the agreement as well as according to the statement on the allocation of a percentage of the Iraqi army's budget to the Peshmerga forces determined on the basis of population ratio, as "part of the Iraqi security system."

Articles End

(What does this last article tell us? Again mazing news since it is telling us FINALLY they settled the 2017 budget differences and can get the budget finalized. But more important for us and the RV they also now have the Kurdistan Pershmerga army too in the budget for the first time ever. Also for the very first time they have a unified consensus on how the fiscal spending will take place. This in itself is amazing news if nothing else today this would be the icing on the cake…lol…lol…This is all part of the needed security to protect Iraq. Also we can see the acceptance of the HCL coming soon as a result. Remember the HCL is needed for any RV to happen. I don’t know what Abadi has done but I hope he can keep the momentum going. This is all very good news.)

(Also with the article above I want to mention again what I have been telling you about the main dispute between Baghdad and Kurdistan. It was all about the Kurds pumping more oil than necessary to meet the budget. It was all about article 140 and the disputed oil rich lands mainly of Kirkuk. So they had to pump more oil since the funding provided from the past budgets was not enough to support the extra expenses of fighting ISIS. They were extracting it from the Kirkuk oil fields. So now we see the Kurds agreed to the budget amount of oil 250 thousand barrels for the overall Iraqi budget, then also 300 thousand barrels for Kurdistan alone to come from Kirkuk oil. This is just what Kurdistan needed. Watch Kurdistan literally TAKE OFF and MOVE AHEAD very quickly once ISIS is out of the way).

Also you must be cautioned as we still are hearing many of these so called “intel gurus”
pumping their falsified intel once again of an imminent RV situation today ortomorrow. I can
assure you they have absolutely no factual basis for their claims. Most of their hype is
predicated off of bank screens and rumors from the banks personnel they call their “sources”.

There is one really nasty source that keeps cycling falsified information and they must be rolling around in laughter over the fact that some really is dumb enough to believe it and pass it on their conference calls. I will not mention any names but you all know exactly who I mean.

I too get a very good chuckle when I hear it on these conference calls because I know of the
perpetrators and know what they are doing. Can’t ever say I did not warn you!

I will tell you once again that we will hear news from the Iraq CBI prior to any change in value to the currency as they will have to FIRST announce the project to delete the zeros progress to its citizens. This will be our clue. This we watch for first to happen. Then we need to see the re-education process to begin again since it has been a year since they last educated the citizens on it. They must re-educate the citizens again and during this timeframe there will be tons of information pouring out of Iraq on this topic. Don’t believe me? Just wait and see.

So this re-education process is the very first part of the transition to the new international currency. At this time the rate will remain a 1:1 meaning a 25,000 (three zero note) will have the exact same value as the new lower denomination 25 note in USD under the existing value of 1188-1190 rate. $25 for $25 Get it! Sorry folks. No RV yet! The citizens of Iraq will be encouraged to exchange their bulky 3 zero notes for the easy to handle newer notes and coins.

Later down the road however, (no ones knows the exact timing), once they have collected enough three zero notes in exchange for the lower denominations, the CBI will have no choice than to increase the value of the dinar. But they can’t wait too long and I believe it may be just a matter of a week if not days.

They have not yet announced it but they will have a specified time period when the older 3 zero notes will become illegal tender to the general public IN IRAQ ONLY (thus the average banks will not honor these notes and citizens will have to go to a special CBI office to exchange them).

Remember the citizens in Iraq use dinar and will exchange dinar for dinar not dinar for USD so they will NOT get rich overnight, unlike many in USA think will happen. You must stop comparing Iraq impact of the RV to what will happen to the western world. Two very different impacts. We are investors…much different. There will be no long lines at the Iraqi banks either for the exchange process. These kind of statements in the past have been soo ridiculous, perpetrated by these so called ignorant intel “gurus” and their nonsense. Also all this hype with 800# and this rest of the “crap” is nothing but nonsense. There will also be NO lines as any banks in Europe or USA for exchange. Just because you may be in a forum talking to a circle of investors in the IQD does not mean there are millions and millions of investors. Most investors have very small amounts of dinar usually gifted to them.

The three zero notes will remain in circulation even after the revaluation for up to 10 years and like the new 50k and 100k (also three zero notes) will be used for inter-banking transactions as they will be needed for international trade on large scale deals if Iraq is going to be using their dinars for international commerce as one means to pay its bills in the future and get off the USD (as they are now forced to use in their “closed economy”). Can some of the 50k notes have slipped out in circulation to the general public already? YES- but this does not negate the overall plan for the future of these denominations. You must stay focused on the overall BIG plan.

This is the reason for the recent new 50k bills and the expectation of the new 100k bills coming out in the near future also prior to any RV. Get it? So here is what happened in the recent past:

The RV was postponed again in 2015 and thus this is why they had to postpone the launching of the newer 100k notes. Why have these large 100k notes in circulation prior to the RV when their use is limited to post-RV timeframe? It is my firm belief that the CBI did in fact intend to RV early 2016 (getting ready in late 2015) and postponed it 1 year, till early 2017. However, in the meantime the CBI was gearing up for the RV in October-December of 2015 prior to it being “officially” postponed. The process for the 50k notes, however, was already launched and it too was abruptly stopped when the “official” announcement of postponement was made. They even told us in October the 100k notes were coming soon, then later told us they were being postponed indefinitely (meaning till the RV). So you MUST be in the right mindset to connect the dots and see what they do and what they say to figure out what is really happening. You must REMEMBER EVERY LITTLE DETAIL. Of course conversations with my CBI contact help somewhat too.

You must be watching for these events and not worry so much about this other “crap” you are hearing from all these so called intel “gurus”. If they would only read my news letters then they too would know the process and realize just how foolish their news is. Many have read my news letters but still cling to their nonsense and refuse to change their minds on what they pump out to you. Do you know why? BECAUSE MY NEWS DOES NOT SERVE THEIR PURPOSE.

Since they are always trying to sell you something and use their falsified intel to hype you up and keep you hyped up to come back to their conference calls and forums so they can try and try to convince you over and over again to buy their products. They also get paid for clicks on their sites. Have you noticed how they advertise first then follow it with the intel? Go figure!

So you can get excited now if you wish but personally I do not see the excitement until I first see these signs I have described in this news letter today. This information comes to me directly from my CBI contact and so you can believe some idiot intel “guru” if you like (who has never been right) or believe the FACTS. It’s your choice. When we begin to see these signs it will happen very fast.

Have you noticed how every once in a while the CBI reminds us with a news media broadcast that the project to delete the zeros is still in progress. They throw us a little bone just to remind us it’s still going to happen. Sometimes they give us a new timetable too. We know the newest timetable given was for “early 2017” and so we watch and wait in anticipation.

Auf Wiedersehen
Luv to ya all,

Mnt Goat


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