Transparency Initiative conference in Baghdad are looking at oil and gas sector governance standards

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Transparency Initiative conference in Baghdad are looking at oil and gas sector governance standards

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Ali Abd al-Salman, 53 2016-10-23

And civil society organizations and journalists held the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Workshop specialized research in the oil sector management and control of resources and activate the initiative of transparency within the Oil Ministry and in cooperation with specialized international organizations and methods.

Dr. Alaa Muhyiddin Messenger patron of the initiative and the supervisor of the specialist said the workshop. Iraq is seeking through his membership in the initiative of transparency in the extractive industries to establish global standards in the global oil and gas sector governance, enhancing transparency, which is based on the right of the citizen to be informed on how to manage its natural resources. We have made in this area great strides taken root from which new standards, Iraq became one of the first countries in the dissemination of detailed and accurate data on oil and gas production, as well as revenue and cost of production and development plans and increase production, and the nature of the contracts signed, the mechanisms of contract and other such things that the state, which is forbidden for a citizen to know, or to inquire about the former regime, but is also currently in all the neighboring countries and in most oil-producing countries, gas and minerals secrets. The initiative was passed in Iraq six annual reports has become an authoritative reference to the House of Representatives and civil society organizations, ministries and other social events.

Said Dr. Alaa Messenger Muhyiddin, facing the initiative in Iraq, a major challenge in obtaining reliable data on the status of the extraction sector in the region because of the region's policy Altktmih, and due to a sharp dispute with the federal government because of the oil and gas law, with the region for informing the central government on the production and export, and the contracting with foreign companies and the policy on returns received from the companies.

He noted Muhyiddin, these workshops is aimed at informing the House of Representatives on the achievements of the initiative and the important role that is incumbent upon the Council to undertake, with the aim of promoting and strengthening the initiative through the enactment of legislation obliging the government and corporate commitment to the initiative of transparency in extractive industries standards.


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