Interior sets new mechanisms to fight corruption

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Interior sets new mechanisms to fight corruption

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BAGHDAD / Taha Hussein
It called on the Interior Ministry to the need for concerted efforts of all national, political, religious and public efforts to support the plans to fight the rampant corruption in most of the state institutions.

Senior agent of the Ministry Aqil al-Khazali said in a statement to «morning» on the sidelines of the workshop organized by the ministry under the slogan «policy of good anti-corruption challenges and creativity of confrontation» Wednesday that the ministry has taken several important and decisive steps to eradicate the rampant corruption in the joints of the ministry, he represents a threat the challenge great for all the efforts to stabilize the security and political situation of the country, noting that the threat amounts to a level that posed of Bdaash and al-Qaida and other terrorist groups, because it is based necrosis state from the inside, stressing at the same time the need to be applied all the theories and plans and studies that offer by professors and researchers specializing in this area

He said al-Khazali said the steps taken by the ministry, representing each change the number of advanced cadres and security leaders and follow-up joints bugs and sag and spread awareness among the employees of the ministry culture, through the statement of the risks of corruption and shall devolve upon the fate of the corrupt, stressing that all the corrupt will be prosecuted to the get punished it deserves.

He said the work on anti-corruption mechanism should include several steps starting from the educational process, through religious discourse, which unfortunately has had a negative impact in some cases, through the work of some of the affiliates of the religious system by finding the justification and rationale to legitimize

He said al-Khazali, said the most important challenges facing the process of fighting corruption is to try many politicians and clerics to provide protection for mischief, he said, adding that the ministry has been plagued by mass honest weak or strong rotten, which constitutes an obstacle to the ministry officials to choose the right person and place it in the right place, because this equation, therefore, important challenge is how to put the will of the interview
To deter corruption.

Khuzai and pointed to the need to highlight the positive aspects carried out by workers in the public sector and confirm their role in the delivery of services to citizens to be an incentive for them to give more and to be a role model by others, praising the efforts of workers in the ministry, especially present them in the battlefields and who making dearly for the safety and security return to Iraq
And the Iraqis.

For his part, the inspector general of the ministry, Mohammed Mahdi Mustafa »Sabah« The workshop was preceded by steps toward combating corruption, the ministry began a scientific vision of working to diagnose the defect and find out its causes, to be in which position needed to start the reform process launched already for more than a year, the ministry reaped the fruit of plans All Asadh.bgdad / Wafaa Amer

Baghdad Provincial Council declared an end to the project of «Saqr Baghdad»-mail, and direct ultimatum to the executing company, in order to stop the work by all the checkpoints, because of well-founded suspicions of corruption and legal irregularities.

He said the security committee in the council member Saad logistical in a statement »Sabah»: The National Security Council, the form of the recent government committee composed of the ministries of interior and defense as well as intelligence and intelligence, in order to project evaluation, referring to the number of meetings held in this area. Logistical explained that the committee has prepared a report to evaluate the project after studying all its reasons and its aspects, and confirmed that light that the project (unsuccessful) and suffers from a lot of mistakes and suspicions of corruption, so it has to be revoked the fact that the citizen bear the expenses without any security justification or legal, pointing out that the Council Accordingly held a meeting of all the blocks, committees and voted unanimously to cancel the project and to stop the work done, as well as taking legal action to sue the company executing him, directing a final warning them they insist on work done in spite of the Council's warning to her, especially after the lifting of documents to the Commission integrity prove the corruption that marred the project, and now the Council pending the role of the judiciary to decide which legal.

He stated that the Council and in coordination with the security authorities, decided checkpoints, which continues to operate it and take the collection of the citizen of 15,000 dinars, accounting, calling on all citizens of the owners of the vehicles to inform the Commission on the state of the control asking them to connect the project, being formally arrested, so the work done is violation of the law, according to the logistical.

On a related matter drew the logistical to the absence of any relationship between the traffic Zhamat which is currently taking place in the capital, and between the plans and the security measures taken Balsetarat, noting that overcrowding is caused by pressure on the transport network, especially in the hours of the increase in commercial traffic, students and staff taking place in the week, warning to the streets of the capital, designed to accommodate 200,000 vehicles only, however it is now being used for the transit of more than 1.5 million vehicles, in addition to this that the population density of Baghdad, amounting to 7 million people, but it's up during the day to about 9 million people, because of the delegations of the citizens of the provinces Other them, he returned to regulate the conduct of heavy wheels, trucks and identified at certain times, is helping to reduce Zhamat taking place in the streets of the capital, Baghdad.


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