Jubouri: We seek to establish the Federal Court Act

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Jubouri: We seek to establish the Federal Court Act

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Stressed that the victory of Nineveh achievement for all Iraqis
BAGHDAD / morning

The head of the House of Representatives, Saleem al-Jubouri, the pursuit of Parliament to pass important legislation, noting that the Federal Court Act, occupies a large area of ​​importance for impairing the needs of citizens.

This came during a speech, on Saturday, at the Third International Conference of the Arab Union of International Arbitration, indicating that «the Council seeks to improve the work forensic qualitatively, especially in recent years by working to raise the transparency index in the execution and open the doors of the relevant departments regulatory institutions and on led by the House of Representatives to straighten out and pay off the work of the executive institutions. »

He Jubouri, to «keen Parliament and from the first moment in the current session to support all kinds of legislation that are in the Iraqi interest of the individual in general and justice in particular,» and he hoped «one passage of the most important legislation of compromising public and private rights which the Federal Court Act in addition to other laws ».

Among al-Jubouri, in his speech, he said that «justice starts from the sober type of legislation based on the principle of equality and human rights and public freedoms through the implementation process relating to the ministries of justice, in particular».

He added that «the victory that will be achieved in Nineveh does not belong to one, but is an Iraqi victory in the widest sense of the word meets underneath it all sects and nationalities of the Iraqi people from Zakho to Basra,» said al-Jubouri said «final choice is certain is aligned civil state away from each recruit seeks to impose the hegemony or guardianship of those non-citizens organized and approved by the Constitution and the law. »



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